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December 21, 2016
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June 24, 2008
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July 6, 1955
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Approved For Release 2008/06/24: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA007500290008-3 CuS.YWTR1 - LTLUATICI'L CLASSIFICATION SECA-T 25X1 x''.::1t G? zyayxv E OF C0II TEW Dr,`J, CSTAIN"jD. . 1ENCES. A 2m 25X1 r 7 F-ANCLOSURES E No. & X634? This is UNEVALUATED nformation- --?r?-' ~:~..,~.., u?"'r k r3 do f '(JOrlb ('a g e was obse ~'ve C'ur:?q the I95 5j and in articular the fella-wiza" notod.. 25X1 ~ (G.m 8l 3rs.o Born ing rrv,- practiced by js`i fir, t? .., 40- E2!Jvu?t 0700) 3 W- .,.t>iiuere fly`inrg side-b,c~7)p Cr.t;?24d fr' .'.:. the .;'".i'Eihe.yS at a xi ),oW ' c, .t lute of between 800 and 19000 motor and (crosn lf~ of ea;' Tt;) to Dept e Cnted d,_ram?es in Jaaezz `;+G~ra: it c~Ww.rf,oi~s.z 0/ o r e -n :al. 25X1 ;,,^,Gweea he 3 aircraft was one wirl- -West of Gt3.^ 4 G'' fig zters in close -orden-:, zcs. distance of 19500 to 2,,900 lae ?;er- flow :_ n to the c~ : ~ is o ."ithout turning to tht; ? e or iA;- . r she _.. t Cu? ylve :x.xt c1o..ea forma Lion to about 400 ?ete:.:l :here ez eh o::' he. dropped 2 bo_:b:;ro about 11 to 13 seeoad.S elapsed ra eas-: until t;;lW detonations were heard. The plcce of Ca 1/0,,:; about ...5 km from the bomb Mnge? The bom::s were suspended undez the la?_ng:, b^tcroeu the xx..?,~.ary fuel tanks and the fusela, e; under the fist third of the wir. ; vln.,:n seen from the fu, elage 0 l'a;s for bombing the ; r ^s r again clurchec . to -6, he altitude of approach and then crossed over the aary'e is head:.ng west Atcut 8C0 meters west of the targ to the formation di aor,sod and the aircraft individually banked and made a gliding app:: rE ac.a to the ground ta::gets. At an altitutde of 400 to 5LO ruetere., they first aircraft began. to ft e from cannons at the tank dunraiea. Four o S^. rounds being fired were heard twice before the aircraft again rlimnted to 80t) o r l 000 rlr a,ers , The second and third aircraft repeated the sane pro ec.u:-e. 24ien. the 3 aircraft had attacked the ground targets with aircraft ar?rma.eent, th..:,y assraebaed i close-order formation west of the firin~a ran 'e fl crossed over the target area another time and then headed northwc sto A short time after the 3 jet fighters had disa~:pee od from view,,., the next f1iht appeared,, It was occasioncal% obsor~-ed that Ci-uring the first -.` `Lack the jet fighters individually drroa;ped 2 'btJiN_-- ore r no '` c,:r ets rand subc`equently assvr bled in t. n a e .._"a 2 fib f aircraft we ;ons? Daring all attacks it w !).a >Xted L%:.a the 4 e k; L'.:fS ~>d to 0C about rieters fox bor;e,.n', a, 5 1`.r C o'r 3,7 C exercises lasted until t_aac on the right 4vti e U a~ a)+::4}a2c,t+C ly -ach win',,,", . .,. _ 0-f and _._..._..... ~ s..a. ve3c"C that 6l., Approved For Release 2008/06/24: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA007500290008-3 Approved For Release 2008/06/24: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA007500290008-3 Bi;CR b . 1 and 27 ,`.iaLro I1-1.0s *,ich flew in formations of 3 and 6 dropped time bozibs frog. 40 to 50 meters over the targets. The bombs detonated after about 30 sedcnds. The Il-10s on 17 Lay had red propeller hits and on 27 1,7ay yellow propeller hubs. The targets located in Jagen 104 to 106 and 112 to 114 were represented by tank dummies some of which were painted green while others were still unpainted. No radar target reflectors were observed* 25X1 Between 0730 and 1245 on 30 May, ;,LiG-15s or U-LIIG-15c apjroached Kwcr.1ersdcrf bomb z%n;;e at a high altitude from the northwest. The aircraft alternately flow in t0; .kUOne of two or thx'+8ti, banked over Ku.nersdorf and then Wiyjdually altOsd, dorm over the bomb ran-e. Sett^een kilo. eter markers 3a5 4, thq alrora.t alternately "ired from aircraft weapons and dropped b.:44? Between 2200 and 2400 on 8 June, heavy detonations were felt in ape enberg. The cause of the detonations could not be dete.~,ained, 25X1 JComment. The practices observed over Kummersdorf borib rane a ,,-,tee with previous obdervations. The boiif s were suzj.ended under the wings bet::reen the auxiliary fuel tank and the fuselage of the L iC-15s as has previcusly been observed in Koethen. The I1?l0s with red propeller hubs belong to the GA itegt in Brand enbubg-Ind.ustriehafen and those with yellow propeller hubs to the CA Rent in Uoeber tz. Approved For Release 2008/06/24: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA007500290008-3