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December 21, 2016
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June 19, 2008
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August 11, 1955
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Approved For Release 2008/06/19: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA007500340009-6 ULAbbIrII:HIIU114 S_E_c R- TI CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY REPORT INFORMATION REPORT COUNTRY SUBJECT PLACE ACQUIRED DATE OF INFO. East Germany DATE DISTR. 11 August 1955 Manned. Expansion of the Schkeuditz Site of NO. OF PAGES the Lain Administration for Industrial Require- ments THIS DOCUMENT CONTAINS INFORMATION AFFECTING THE NATIONAL DEFENSE OF THE UNITED STATES. WITHIN THE MFF.NING OF TITLE IN, SECTIONS 793 AND 794, OF THE U. S. CODE, AS AMENDED. ITS TRANSMISSION OR REVEL- ATION OF ITS CONTENTS TO OR RECEIPT BY AN UNAUTHORIZED PERSON IS PROHIBITED BY LAW THE REPRODUCTION OF THIS FORM IS PROHIBITED. NO. OF ENCLS. (LISTED BELOW) SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. i0-e" t I Zwick auersurasse DrOW!en 3 , 'the Central 3esigning Off e? i a inference at entatiVes of 1*0 Nola , is, t st1'~t for Industrial, WbUib rte `!Require MntaC#=uW lid 18} sa vae~ a!` ~- { (~ the WW s'pI'~ of e- Interior j perttct this ocaaston, th f. r pros t$ De i fte-,.,= : *-Sued Mme, instructed that Schkeuditz airfield is to be expended in the nor Use -- It'1$noV known, however, whether this expansion-concerns the airfield proper or c njy t be) installations located suchsas VEB Masehinenfabrik Schkeuditz. It 'was _ stated that 'the Schkeuditz instal~at1 ,,should in the future be expanded to dE the same size as the Dresden-Hellerau pr jai, 2 The representatives of Bau-Union Sued w re adv sed to include expansion work in Schkeuditz in their futureop1anning. D't t1sdjinstructionsSre-announced.for the.. near future. 25X1 ~ -- 25X1 1. Comment. I 4,14 Uar ied but for t2 * main Administratio!' *P at SI $* 4 et & . 1 Al '" STATE ARMY CLASSIFICATION' S.E_C-R.-E-1 NAVY X NSRB DISTRIBUTION 7Tl AIR 1 I ` FBI Approved For Release 2008/06/19: CIA-RDP80-00810A007500340009-6 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2008/06/19: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA007500340009-6 CLASSIFICATION C ji. IiNTELLIC UC 8GE CV, REPORTL INFORMATWIMRIEVOWT Ccr:I ; . COUNT ' SUBt7~c PLACE ACQ1.1RED East Ger,,~a-ir ,4 c r, c3'1. DATE DISTR. P1arxndd ' ansion of the 8chkead.itz site of NCB, C PAM, the _ t in t'4ra istration_ for -Industrial Require- -M OF ENCLS. (UMD BELOW V% el~- .., llPtO1 TC REPORT NO. 'TK TO P Pc WO THIS DDCOiV tI 1ORTAIRS INFORMATION AFFECTIRC, THE NATIONAL DEFBHSE 07 THE RM11f1tOTAT~riTH THIS IS UNEVALUATED INFORMATION v?a fWf Z:'541s tisv _z; `.:ftj-tee on 4i.1..I`2.3t2f:Y`Sl;ravS2 "1"" Z;r.C'r;` ` )..1e't~:~ i ` u I ,..! ,a a c rAx r4et +:e o t- which representatives of the Main Adminis on for 94 cns r,~ents . f e ) &hd z pr e. atilvez of L; "3t e 1 # of i f iatetr,v of 'c , ; ,n a i PS c~ ' tt~i. i!!..' : ? 1 th n T;Rter9. ar) participated: On thi.~: 'occasion . 'the L '".atc~ were Y1n%,raO$ed t,hat 8t:iakeyztfltz ai,rfi':+,e1a is to be A.4mded?Iaa the near faztiArwy t k4l not I r,n 4" p '~c g i1 r; 1ethov `;hts"e an a1 on "canoe ???hey` f'i4 r~x rer:ar n,.icb as -flas t rae `?.brf. c'? 8c~fa~sp~a..?ftt r . i c&ted. them now' 1 ~,.;s. c.a+ +~ gal&; ;,h !~hk n i:t ,T.;ista1i t1on .Ythou d?: f.t~,#h& ftt r~ he a perdtd`ty> say+:~r 1 ' t ILLEGIB a,~ 4adeh,llt~rra 11. August nua. tde ex+,.;srs?~arl In wer advi ed to Y... c.?3 i : -. . . 1 3~:talled instrus.t-ions wearo an'-vwm,:-A t: work being carrie ? oat ..c a' ., r zn F.;. a r~ fo; ~f3 du ;tz'i4. ? : ~; x1 rex etz s t :Sctkeuditz ? ri~j at 25X1 1:55 5X1 25X1 ILLEGIB CLASSIFICATION 8-E-C.-R -Z' TJ STATE NAVY ARMY AIR +l'id 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2008/06/19: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA007500340009-6