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December 21, 2016
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May 12, 2008
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September 27, 1955
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Approved For Release 2008/05/12 : CIA-RDP80-0081OA007900350005-5X~ CENTRAL INN I tLLIULNUL U t'a REPCR INFORMATION REPORT CD NO. COUNTRY SUBJECT PLACE ACQUIRED DATE OF INFO. Fast Germany fi M EL Freight Traffic 2?~ a icar SS h c^^,U 'Wdu ay .L P'i'Cf',_. S'77 .s CL s:.`a .''S:: r'''r} ,. -t.a.ii: car, 955- THIS DOCUDENT CO1TAISS INFORMATION AFFECTING THE SATIOSAL DEFatiSa OF THE UNITED STATSS. WITHIS THa m@ASING OF TITLE I8. SECTIONS 988 AND 794. OF SHE U. S. CODE. AS A8ENDED. ITS TRANSMISSION 09 F81EL- ATTON OF ITS CDISTES*TS TO 09 RECHH'T BY AN UEIAUTHOU1ZE0 PE8 O8 IS PUDUIS*TFD 13* LAW we REPROOUCTIOR OF THIS FOR8 IS PROHIS11190. DATE DISTR. 2 25X1 :'Member 1955 -w0. OF PAGES 5 NO. OF ENCLS. GUSTED BELOW) SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. THIS IS UNEVALUATED INFORMATION , --,,.--J 1 observed (sic) SPATE ARMY B boxcar, F/S _, G car,, -T,2y .~. JVL;C7. l?i of Cars 2`! 57 30F `?5 15 15 RRy L17) ;}: G G E.herswaT de Pirna Mersebu rg Zwickau. Bsrthelsdoif 52 F/S 20 F/S I, , y S e en e-z-g' 2 Wi?ttenbe rr' 30 SS and F/ iron sac :ions Wiederit s h Brest-Litovsk: 20 SS and F/S roa?-h n3r, and 1: .; ; L1 may;hinz parts 60 C cx.c Fral-,Z i ur .;J''0d-er Z:il tendon. 20 G pi;;' iron Grocd it;z 20 0 20 B cc tcz Dresden 10 B aonferrous gnetal s Berlin 25 B crndeter .pined Leipzig Brost, ,Lito-q's k 8 B paper Dreiwerder.. 15 F,/S machines Zwickau 15 F/S E 2.-f -art 25 SS and F/S Magdeburg CLASSIFICATION UR _~ ^ FBI D STF Gufloi? Approved For Release 2008/05/12 : CIA-RDP80-0081 OA007900350005-5 D' tc :.n Amber a rd, ft.'ype * 'T.o (i Approved For Release 2008/05/12 : CIA-RDP80-0081 OA007900350005-5 25 26/2( 30 SS and F/S 15 F/S 20 SS and F/S 20 SS and F/S 30 SS and F/s machines and machine ., par to J 25 SS and A / S machines and machine parts 12 SS and F/a machines` ahd machine parts 12 SS and FOSS Machine's and machine parts '.PT' paraidehyd? X0 0 50 B s0 B ammui tion 10 F /S siu?tal- sh'' e'u;s 10 F/S i0 F/S 10 F'/S 22 B ammunition 20 B co?,ton 50 G colze 30 C. pv.:.pwo :d. 20 V. machines and. machine parts 30 SS and. F!'S machines and mach-+_ne par'i;s 20 SS and F/3 mzk chinas and machine parts 20 SS and F/S ma shines t.nd ma shins parts 20 F/S 5c 7rie'; t: -c.cks 60 G ors 96 RR.y empty 50 SS and F/S rmma.::h :Ic-:s and 30 SS and. iron :pa_' t3 2' SS and F`/S 10 SS and F ;s crane e-?c?~'-,ions '10 :S va,; ,-X.--. S a-1:e 20 C. 20 C 60 G coke 10 B 20 B rye Frankfurt/Oder is gdeburg Ch .mnitt;z Dresden 1e ?seburg F. ankfu)?Gj 0dzr .''ia-o e3bt: +'`~, F'se.rk urtPOthw ;;Tagdeburg Wiederitzs h Ha' 1e Aga ,deburg Deessau B;Qes1-Litov k Torgau Ziitendorf Restock oip z:ig S tra l stand ,Mragdeburg Jilete boggy Zi7 tendorf pirna Zwickau M'.,.p,rsebu. ^g Co-;tbus Z Jtondor:ro ;t :'iestori ~~, elerseburg Ziltendorf 3 Franasfurt/Odor DSJ tv 6 Approved For Release 2008/05/12: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA007900350005-5 Approved For Release 2008/05/12: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA007900350005-5 26/27 20 i 20 Ili 20 25 w? y / ply too TIRANQ i ? i ~~' aI .: (.. tit 'J ~.;:_ t - - 27120 30 la, ilMS.!_.u.c r 4 machyr-S SO 23 92 and 0 9 ?.tna. ._ L 92 2':A o 20 Sr an l FIS Ac ciiinne v n& Magdeburg 20 3S d AS '_l)ar h.,..3...,'' Fri :ensaO enamel Ci'.' Z:..aars Thal o SUdWOxMWOd :i.c ipAU 20 ^ S -' r wy Aryl- ''rarilc irt// O ? t'_,*:._'Ig v' h clas 0 ior iii _l.? viy purposes--, 20 A and 7/2 iron 20 ::'/S 20 71: !0 ,,IS 1 C Y/ S 20 SS and FIS Va .linos s a hr`