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December 21, 2016
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September 11, 2008
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September 7, 1955
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..~ .^rnfnz ArtM(Y r%r.vWr%i Approved For Release 2008/09/11 : CIA-RDP80-00810A007900600012-9 INFORMATION REPORT . CD NO.' 25X1 i'csa i Soil ItiveittgatJAM ;for jilleged Cpnw t4 of a vuol D acid a Chemical Pla=tt MW name y w d stated that a l^rge fule duip was to be constructed there on orders of the Central Office for Petroleum Production. (m) 2. During the r.eriod from January until?.pril 1954, soil investigations for a construction rrjject located near !rostken (S 54/AA 95) were executed by several brigades by the State Geological-Commission. The new project had the desi,*na tion ';'ytwornia: Chemiczne (chemical production) and "as to be located in the wooded area between Dombrowsken (S 54/A 95) and Ostrokollen (s 54/A 95) on both sides of the roadwhth connects these two r.laces. It was rumored that an ammunition depot for the Polish armed forces was to be constructed there. The area which covered more than one square km was surrounded by a fence constructed by civilian corkers of state construction firms from Allenstein and .arsaw. Following a constructi n rlan -?hich had riready been available, the geologists had to make five drillings ur to a de;-th of 20 meters for each rroject. In the srnring of 1954, and aprronch road which ran northward was built from the :'rostken Dlugossen road. Rail connection from the Lyck - Bialystok line as planned. The bridge across the Lyck diver :?as under construction. 3. In April 1954, the cork at the construction site was done by the civilian workers. A cantonment had been built for these workers in Prostken and another one northeast of Ostrokollen. ie@td AWMW ci li clothing who came from '.Varsa.w repeatedly inspected the construction site in tfie anring of 1954. Construction material -as unloaded at the Prostken railroad station. Residents in Dombro^~sken stated that Polish engineer units had. searched the area for mines in 1953.1 4. In the snrin of 1954, a large installation, called ::ytvornia Chemiczne (chemical -roduction) which w-s surrounded by a wall ~-s located in the wooded area north of 131.a AU~ota (P 54'S 84), southwest of Bydgoszcz (P 54/J 09). The installation was connected with 8ia4s Blota by a road which led toward north -!cross the -'ooda. The area of the insta~!l, `ion a construction site near B*aunsberg (':; 55/' 22). The sot). had bash drilled up to a depth of 25 meters. The construction site which was it as located in a wooded area east of Regitten.(w' DAT$ DISTR. September 1555 NO. OF PAGES 2 BtJPP1.j3jEN'[ TO REPORT #0- Danzig 25X1 1. In late 1 ',, employees of the State Geological Ccs issiorn in stated th-t soil investigations for a large fuel dump had been executed at Approved For Release 2008/09/11: CIA-RDP80-00810A007900600012-9 Approved For Release 2008/09/11: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA007900600012-9 COi3FWL; TILL included scattered concrete buildings, about 20 x 10 meters which were sunk in the earth. The buildings projected about2.5 meters above the earth surface and were covered with earth on their sides. The installation allegedly manufactured explosives in May 1954. Personnel of the state construction f m in Bromberg were employed at the instllation.2 CP. is the state organizatiop for ftel supply. The construction of a suupIy dump in thiit 4wea is teportedor the first It is 25X1 possible that a large.,tump is located in that area immediately west of the dividing line between the .two railroad gauge systems. Since the change of the railroad gauge makes time-consuming re-layin >ork,ecessarx end the gauge charge railroad stations would probably be expose 'to^ir raids, the Soviets are attempting to establish a surply basis in the area of Brest. It is consequently believed that this dump is being constructed at Sov%et request rather than for the Polish armed forces. Comment. Vague information indicated that a former Berman ammunition 25X1 ?ith a storing capacity of 20,000 tons of ammunition was located in the area of Bydgoszcz (Bromberg). The sizes mentioned in the report allow the conclusion that the dump possibly is the former German ammunition depot. 1iU... ??'_: i:iJ' __$ $ Approved For Release 2008/09/11: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA007900600012-9