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August 11, 1955
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C{~UNTR'~--..,,..~ f Approved For Release 2009/08/20: CIA-RDP80-00810A007900630011-7 Doeberitz Airfield EVALUATION DATE OF CONTEN DATE OBTAINED REfERENCES PAGES 6 ENCLOSURES tn~o. & rrPE> REMARKS DATE PREPARED 11 August 1955 This is UNEVALUATED Information 25X1 OBTAINED Between 15 June and 8 July 1955, the following courier aircraft tools off from Doeberitz airfield: Date Number and Type Heading Toward of Aircraft 15 June 1 Po-2 Falkensee 16 June 1 Po-2 Wildpark 1 Yak-14 Wildpark 20 June 1 Po-2 Falkensee 1 Li-2 Wildpark 23 June 1 Yak-14 Falkensee 1 Po-2 Falkensee 24 June 1 Po-2 Wildpark 29 June 1 Po?2 Wildpark 1 Yak-14 Wildpark 1 Z1-10 Brandenburg 4 July 2 Po-2s Wildpark 8 July 1 Po-2 Wildpark The following landings of courier aircraft were observed at; Doeberitz airfield: Approved For Release 2009/08/20: CIA-RDP80-00810A007900630011-7 3ECffieT NOfF'OR'N Date Number and Type Coming from the a of Aircraft Direction of 16 June 1 Li--2 29 June 1 Yak-14 8 July 1 Yak-14 ~~~Jildpark about 1900 The following air activity and aircraft were observed at Ik~eberitz airfield between 25 June and 8 July: 25 June. Between 0830 and 1400, Po-2s made individual local flights at altitudes of about 200 meters. Up to ei ht t were aloft at the same time. About 32 i observed during ~ by I1-lOs at an altitude of about 350 meters were made. Thf: aircraft were aloft for 40 to 45 minutes. 15 June. Betv~~ -~~ ~"~` n v -dual loc"~ 'l~.ghts 16 June. Between 0810 and 0820, I1-lOs made local flights. Between 0825 and 1800, about 65 individual take-offs and landings at intervals of about 1,200 meters were made by Il-lOs. Up to 6 I1-l0s were aloft at the same time. Most of the aircraft involved in air activity had yellow markings on their tail units and prope:ler hubs; the remaining had medium blue markings. Flights were made individually in wedge formations of three and five aircraft at altitudes of about 350 meters in formation~afte duration of fl approach fligh or about 10 minutes. The nutes. The aircraft made.?~ ~- hanf;ars at the southern section of the field and simultaneoue:ly-dived from an altitude of about 300 meters to 5~finetera. Approaches, dives, pulling out of diveg, and pulling up of formations of Il-lOs were made at the same course without banking. The distance and interval between the individual aircraft of the formations was about 60 and 40 zneters respectively. Each formation dived repeatedly. Aircraft involved in air activity were refueled by two 2-axle tank trucks operated by .double-hand pumps. Eight men each were employed in this procedure. and propeller hubs. 25X1 involved in air activit had allow mark n of ~, 3, 5, 6, and 12 aircraft were made as on 16 June. All aircraft 2 June. Between 1307 and 1800, the same flights in formations A total of 83 take--offs was counted. The aircraft 25X1. were a o t or about 45 minutes. 24 June. Between 0800 and 1300, 16 take-offs for individual local flights, which lasted for about 25 minutes, were observed. 27 June. Between 0830 and 1400, it was observed that individual take-offs for local flights, which lasted for about 25 minutes, were made. SEIQiRET NOFORN Approved For Release 2009/08/20: CIA-RDP80-00810A007900630011-7 Approved For Release 2009/08/20: CIA-RDP80-00810A007900630011-7 SECRET NOFORId 30 June. Between 0730 and 1830, 48 individual take-offs for local flights were counted. All aircraft involved h d on their tail units and pro eller hubs. 2 July. Between 030 and 1300, the same air activity by Po-2s was observed as on 25 June.,, if 7 July. At o545~ two I1-lOs individually took off and disa,ppesred from view in the direction of Ketzing.Between 0645 and 0720, one I1-10 made a local flight. At 0730, 12 Il-lOs with yellow markings took off for individual local flights. The same air activity with local flights of about 25 minutes' duration 1 sted to d. ht aircraft were simultaneousl al ft (Between 1300 and 1830, I1-lOs practiced flying in wedge formations of three, five, and six aircraft at an altitude of about 450 meters in the vicinity of the field. These Il-lOs made approach flights to the hangars at the southern edge of the field. chile approaching, the formations disassembled and attacks were made individually or in elements of two. They dived from an altitude of about 450 meters to 50 meters. When the aircraft pulled out of dive~~they made a sharp bank and zoomed again. About 90 percent left banks and 10 percent right banks were. made. On the average, the aircraft were aloft for 25 minutes. Air activity involved all aircraft which were usually parked at the field. The planes were refueled by two 3-axle tank trucks operated by hand pumps. Six to eight men were employed in this proc edizre . 8 Jul` Qt about 1900, one I1-10 approached the field comi~ag from the direction of Nauen. This I1-10 made three low-level att+~eks at the hangars at the southern section of the field. After pulling out ~ of diveg~ the aircraft banked sharply while zooming. 17 to 20, 25. 26. 28. 29 June. 2 to 6. 8, and 9 July. There was no air activity by I1-lOs. 1 2. The following I1-lOs were parked at Doeberitz airfield duri~zg the period under observations 36 I1.?lOs arrar~ed in two rows of 18 aircraft each, with the noses opposite each other along the spur track at the northwestern section of the field. 7 I1-lOs arranged in one row with noses pointing to ttie south, parallel to Hamburger Chaussee at the northern sectioiz of the field. SECRET NOF~RIT 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2009/08/20: CIA-RDP80-00810A007900630011-7 ? Approved For Release 2009/08/20: CIA-RDP80-00810A007900630011-7 SE6RET NOFOR~T The following aircraft were observed in front of the hangars at the southwestern corner of the field: 3 MiG-15s wars propped up between 15 and 20 June; 4 MiG-1'Ss wars propped up between 23 and 30 June; 2 MiG-15s were propped up between 2 and 9 July. Between 15 and 20 June, five aircraft of unidentified types, which were parked with noses pointing to the flight control station, were observed in the southeastern corner of the field. ' 3. No changes of occupation of the Richthofen Kaserne was observed until 15 June lgg5. Between 15 and 20 Jur_e, the occup~,~ion strength increased by recruits which arrived by rail from the direction of Oranienburg~Wildpark. According to shipments observed at ~Pustermark- Ort, 300 to 350 recruits arrived. They were quartered in t},~e western and southern sections of Richthofen Kaserne. This kaserne had an estimated strength of 3,000 men after the arrival of the recruits. 2 sentries and soldiers enterinb and leaving Richthofen Kaserne wore black-bordered blue epaulets with air-~#'orce insignia. The sentries were armed with carbines. It was estimated that about 10 percent of the personnel seen during the period of observation were officers, about 30 percent NGOs, and about 60 percent recruits. During the period of observation, about 95 percent of the windows of Richthofen-Kaserne were lighted after nightfall except f~~r the renovated sections of the installation north and west of this athletic field, which were still unoccupied. It was noted during the period of observation, that 180 to .?00 recruits and since 20 June about 300 recruits daily left the kaeerne and marched to the northern portion of Doeberitz airfield a~t Hamburger Chaussee. The recruits were trained in firing and received basic infantry training without weapons. Between about 1000 and 1400, and between 0900 and noon on s:~,turdays, about 120 recruits, wearing boots, service trousers, and b123ek shirts, received athletic training attthe newly constructed athletic field immediately west of the dismantled temporary building No~l. 4. During the period of observation, no changes of occupation `vere observed at Hindenburg Kaserne. 5. The test stand located at the repair hangar area at the nori~hern portion of the airfield was irregularly in operation during daytime and even up to midnight. 6. At about 1000 on 7 July, two boxcars and three flatcars with side racks were observed at the spur track near the fuel depot ai; hhe field. These railroad cars had already been unloaded. sECR~r I I 25X1 NOFORN Approved For Release 2009/08/20: CIA-RDP80-00810A007900630011-7 Approved For Release 2009/08/20: CIA-RDP80-00810A007900630011-7 SECRE'P NOP'ORtd 7. In late June,. walls of loose sticks, about 2.5 meters high, were s~rected at the northern edge of the field along Hamburger Chaussee. These walls obstructed views to the airfield. 8. At about 1100 on 6 July, a movable twin-barrelled AA gun, probably a model 1941 25-mm AA gun, was observed at the searchlight emplacement at the southern portion of the field. All drivers and assistant drivers wore black-bordered blue epaulets with air--force insignia. 10. Between 6 and 20 June, minor air activity was. observed at Doeberitz airfield. Individual aircraft or formations of three to fow^ made local flights. On 20 June, the total of about 50 I1-lOs were still observed at the field. Four single-jet aircraft were parked in front of the hangars at the southern portion of the field, while the two larger double-jet aircraft still remained at their 1~arking place. The type of the latter aircraft could not yet be idexxtified because of the distance of observation. 11. During tr~ious nights between 10 and 20 June, 5 to 6 searchlights were in operation. It was not observed if aircraft were involved in these exercises. 12. Since about 14 June, both test stands at the field have again been in operation. Personnel of the NSKK-Kaserne were apparently employed at these test stands. 13. On 17 June, five railroad tank cars were shunted to the airfield on the spur track at Hamburger Chaussee. These tank cars were emptied into tank trucks,which carried the gasoline to an undetermined fuel dump. 14. At about noon on 4 July, about 30 I1-lOs, which were parked outside the aircraft revetments, were seen from an open gate at Reicoha Stra;sse. 15. The following air activity at night was observed at Doeberitz airfield: 4 and 9 June. At about 2300, night flying was practiced in the Doeberitz - Schoenwalde - Staaken area. e. Two jet fighters approached the field coming from t:he direction of Schoenwalde - Velten. During air activity probably with Il-lOs, three test cartridges were fired by heavy 9A guns. No searchlights were in operation. SECRET NOFORN Approved For Release 2009/08/20: CIA-RDP80-00810A007900630011-7 ,, . Approved For Release 2009/08/20: CIA-RDP80-00810A007900630011-7 SEGRE,T June. Five to six approaches were made by aircraft, prof>ably I1-lOs, which came from the direction of Schoenwalde via Falkensee. Two detonations each were heard and flashes were seen when the aircraft approached the field. The planes disappeaz?ed i.n the direction of Priort. omment. There were no changes in air activity and occupation by the ground-attack regiment which was transferred from Bra.ndenburg- Briest to Doeberitz. The information that yellow markings~in. ~ addition to medium-blue markings were seen on aircraft! supports ~ . the assumption that the various squadrons of a unit are marked -- by various colors on the propeller hubsf while all the aircraft had yellow upper edges on their rudder units. Comment. The arrival of 300 to 350 recruits is probably connected with the beginning of a new course at the technical school, which usually begird in the fall. SECRET NOFOR.~ 25X1 Approved For Release 2009/08/20: CIA-RDP80-00810A007900630011-7