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December 22, 2016
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April 13, 2010
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August 24, 1955
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CLASSIFICATION UNTRY East Germany Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/04/13: CIA-RDP80-00810A007900750013-2 iS REPOFR- Ls .r.~ So` iu isportatioi' aitL:y a"~: 'Zta ikfurt/ C ~LUATION PI AC.F OBTAiN 7E OF CONTENT. E OBTAINED__..__ -ERENCES . 4 DATE PREPARED-_ 2ES _ - a ..ENCLOSURES (No. & TYPE) md'~ !ARKS ~I 24 iiu; ilst 195x' 1,, in June 1955.? two Soviet trans ortat on con.t ?o agencies were in 25X1 existence in Fran:cfurt/Oderg nanely the ;-ovictskaya iro i fi Y C': mill a Uprav-lonye {Soviet Traci ;ortation Control i_,c as .e .s) (scj) av the Frankfurt rnarshallin, yard., a:nd the soviet ali_road `lr~ ncport 'ti , ? Office at the Frankfurt/Cder pivoen-nr e-, tat? omt,a it _ ) ;e re thatt ' he latter office was better infosrmed on beat ._t i ad ta;.l s rcilc.uc: ~a no authority of command over t he :;Ku. From teleSihone th Rus:.ian interpreters attache) to RID :,e li ? info _. ed that a Soviet transpcrtation office ryas sl::;o in existence there,,' 20 the SKU oa: located on the second. floor of the operations k3 aif_C,a_IF; at t e Fran :'z urt I, ars'tlallin yard an(+ used thr o o 'f ilce roa Z" ephen extensions as3igned to the off :ice .,,ere "0.5-11 (com i' n in o icer) g 52 J; nd 524. The telephone; connections had been e: -.b l .fished by th;! - G Wi t seal adi:.inistration~.2 The of i'icers o ' the r:'Pict' and their dependent-, lived in an, restricted area ca soothes teas: e , The i)1'i t to c-] extension the _ J. i?_lv c'-! o", ` ?1c ofJ ~-~d):"lOiiextension C1'~ the ac. 5,12. :.ail For the agency 1`Ja d Lr wtect th:cot.1f< ',he `.io'v]_~ iG~n t ida .AJ:a on Push min street in Pr::nkf urt and w s u iw i R c k n to th aisenc:,.`, by :.ioviet soldiers armed with sumach 110, ". neo s\li letters were annd receipts had to uo made out for 3:Q Officers attached to the ;:'U included: Lieutenant Colonel Krasowski, Lkijcr Kuberkcnr Captain tatkiewiecz Snior Lieutenant ~Ovayannikav;" Fier ,t. a;Tetr Senior Lieutenant One clerk and one driver besides four interpreters w ere also assirneC? to the 6:KU.3 The Soviet soldiers of the ? e 1C; ore C' ub~_? .: ].`1;., ins: nia on teei:i' can an" their left arms with r(" :L ._ bs1o it. Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/04/13: CIA-RDP80-00810A007900750013-2 ,25X1 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/04/13: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA007900750013-2 The 7 '.KU at i r ni:furt/Oder is so:-._e sort ci far:. ,:x .cz agency for li e, ' military rail shi -Ments to and from the USSR. inco:nin;; trains are broken up nd the frs:i ;htcars for,aarded individually or in grouts. Trains tte the U:i R are assembled at i'ranki'urt/Oiler by the :;KU. Records for military S i :dents are exclu`::ively kept by the co; Hardin, off cor of the :ii Lt bo by telephone about any inconin shipment :;hich crosses the Oder bridge. On the basis CI L' records ke: t in his "flan ollbuch 1955" the ;a ,;.~ inuavizuzl cars of ~ n , the incor, in_.; trains are fora:?rded to in?iic .dual places of destination. 1 'he distri':yation of the cars is entered in a ss :'ecial book made out for the inters reter:. The p , :es of this hoot: are numbered -..,nd when all paces are zaritten up the :lock is ta.iicen in this book the b :ipments are on y ri _rked ..ith index numbers and s 4ment record numbers. Interpreters are unable to deter_.ine the t; A::t; of ;ocds involved from these nu.:.bers. If :ohi;;n nt record numbers are ille;.;ible, the in eru:reters at the >KU in ?:rankfurt,~/Coler call their courter? part at the soviet transportation control headquarters attached to R-3D B?arlin. This communication is established over the railroad tole hones sy ter.; The tele >hone extension cf the soviet :agency in Berlin is e;9/237 155- Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/04/13: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA007900750013-2 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/04/13: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA007900750013-2 ,were asoined to this agenc It is the :scission of the soviet Railroad Transportation Office at the ?rankfurt/Oiler y as:;en_,cr station to direct shi!,ments arrivin>! from Brest-Lit to their destinzticn in the (,'::it .the a: ency is also ini'cr:j:ed about all sh2;unents dispatched from, the malt to the The :,oviet" Railroad Transportation Office is located on ass` opposite the [jassen,C,-er station, One .soviet lieuton:zntlcolonel, one 1nw?or;~ and trio senior lieuten::,nts 25X1 LComment. It i?, bcl eved th.t the JKJ is a military w ency, .ithin the German military trar_s!;ortation system, such fo.^.'1:ardin agencies were located at major marshalling yards and had thv: mission of forwarding indiviuual cars or trou_..s of cars bolo-,% tr;.in strentith. It is quite possible that the SKU was directly aosi,ned to a central agency in Berlin. The Soviet Railroad Transportation Headquarters mentioned by source may be fiela office of the CentrLl Soviet R:i1rr.aa Transportation headquarters in 3erlin, soviet r:.,ilroc.d transncrt