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December 21, 2016
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Approved For Release 2008/03/27: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA008000740001-4 This material contains iaformatiom asaotlms the Aatiaaal D.f m.. of the United Hates within the meaning of the slapionase Laws, Title is. U.S.C. Bees. 793 and 794, the t aasmiWlam or rev "Um of wbieh in my meaner to an unauthorised person is prohibited by law. COUNTRY Rest GermRW SUBJECT Weekly 05 8em nary DATE DISTR. 21 September 1955 DATE OF INFO. PLACE ACQUIRED DATE ACQUIRED A, Be RI~ REPO NO. OF PAGES 3 REQUIREMENT NO. RD The fo3loniag is a I SXy of inforaatioa on Soviet and last Gem" ai1itary activities reoaived prior to 20 lepteaber 19551 Prior to the siddis of Septeaber, there Vase ao aeJor 8ovist eaersisss. The RVP training activity rsnaias aaoh$mis4. Theis her bass istsasified sslplo0raeat of, the =TP psrasml to aid is the hsrwstinf of stp.. 1. %Us% were eaiiassrias eaersises mar 1111Ildolstadt oa the Sails liver. Prier to 33 NSptsahsrs ft bulk of the 20th Osards irsbsaisad Divjsios was still in the Cbrdruf araaj sent elements Vera still is the isits ?crest. Prior to d Septembers The headquarters for the signal hnd engineering battaliaus of the 29th Guards Ibtarised Riff. Carps was any from the 11 --g post. 2-8 Septembers Elements of the 57th Guards lbtarised Rifle Division were located as follarss The 170th Guards 16torised Rifle Regiment was at the 1amoburg pat. Ths Tanis Self-propelled- gun Regiment was at the Wsisssnfsls post. The 174th Guards Motorised Rifle Regiment was not at the Weisssnfsls post. The Gun Artillery mat was way tram the Las,gensalsa post. Elements of the Division, Other than the 170th Guards Motorised Rifle Regiment, were not at the erg poet. I AK LX AIR I #]a HI AK Approved For Release 2008/03/27: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA008000740001-4 Approved For Release 2008/03/27: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA008000740001-4 -2- Tbe b.adgnartre was aot at its pat. 23 art 5 Om/tuba~ i'b rs was . m ayoar osrois? bNwoa .sonata is Swd am ?t,m"1lm tbo iib. River. 10 i ptwb sh Mn 201k aak ArtlUwy trip. w? still at Iat.liag 6 RLSNBNM 0ar~ist 1wMrL..t ~ at the mbwmd to allsai]aboa. .JLO r' ? i o d c t.i! bulk sap the b a& the Jb~ ~1i~ariss Rills Di~t.ioa nor. at thar pats. 7 d ptMbos ? NN~ot 0 s 1RS s field ON ra..out !!m Wildpark to Imp1.^r.sI At H 00 poes, 0 s 152 m gm 1~.MILM~.~, las M&.w b sboe, V..a rlwird is $s rnwia ad M Mwr r . EMI&A .1 tb. X11 OIL/ -is 4 Npla`.? T bI s% SNOW M./ N *i~NN pest. T'b. of on ON" lM~i~ vu still mw !~ lb. Ibtu port. 44 u /.pt.^b.~ s "llm wells $61%p a . i .~.i r '"'L..ii.t' r'te'' 33 p plsaks h ,~., - s a*liii.. .^it N w Rr.rta.lit. ?" rbPrrllr .mow to 12 Approved For Release 2008/03/27: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA008000740001-4 Approved For Release 2008/03/27: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA008000740001-4 12 August 12 Septembers 7. 9 2-5 Septembers 14 Septembers 8. 1 Septembers Two tank de 1"k CZ AK iir+a40 3 Septembers 2-6 Septembers 7-12 Septembers 6 Septembers 11F Septembers C. Arrival of Tanks 12 Septembers D. P 01HH?ZL 2-7 Septembers 10 8epbsabsrs 9 Septembers s. g 3 Augusts 2 8epteabsrs 9 8rpbgbers 9-10 Septembers 2 Septembers There were two shipwsts with anti-aircraft artillery units fraa tnastris observed in Justsrbog. The 36th Bridge Building Regiment hold exercises east of Roselau on the Elbe Rover, and south of Dessau on the *Ids River. A train, consisting of 38 bozoars carrying engineer troops and a nuabor of flatcars carrying seven trucks,.was loaded Cos tank detail was seat frwe Istaling Heath to Zeits; one from Istsling Heath to Jam; and our teas ILtslifg Reath to Cra,ink.1. One task detail was. out lrba Ltsling Heath to Dresden Pristswits. detail was sent from Wustrav to Dosberits. One tank detail, with three J8 ` talks 'aud' vo JSU 122's, was sent frog Doeberits to Wuitraw, and am identical tank One tank detail was seat fraa Doeberito There were two ship vats, which p osusabiy included 16 T-54 tanks, fras. Brest-Litovsk to Altroppin. Bonsai, fan ly us*, to carry personaeter ooni irted back to freight-parr 'botsars is the WLtteabsr9a and One husdeed and fifty soldiers with baggage and without weapons, wore seat fro. soh germ to ? Haws. The personnel exshays, ossder' of the Third Shook Amy in hkgdebwg was still uaedov~pibd. The b U& Of the 8trNaab>il .Aarti!Aireraft Artill sy Regiment was transferred to a a;rr easap for fi)iag praotioes. The Weissentels fbtoriied Iitrl, ' glasa4 !Esq'Mr4 ,f'as exercises in Thuringia. X a eta of the Preasba. Mlbt*issd *tfli'tvWsa k.iaforoe by corps nits, apparel y hold a U th',rl~' Psoswalk The 8eoosd hrohaaiisd rRegiment and bey c pi' the Potsdam Anti-aircrarb Aegirat, Mere back a 1ls post. Approved For Release 2008/03/27: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA008000740001-4