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October 6, 1955
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Approved For Release 2008/01/10: CIA-RDP80-0081OA008100880001-8 CEMTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY This esaterlal eetahse lnSaressUea ateettog the Rational Defense of the United States within the meaning of the Espionage Laws, Title 18. U.S.C. Sees. 7911 mad 7f1t, Use I aaleslost or revelation of which in any manner to an unauthorized person Is prohlbited by law. S-.E-C.R=ET DATE OF INFO. PLACE ACQUIRED DATE ACQUIRED A. 20 September L~ a Large elements of the Third Shock Army,, with artillery and engineer units of the GSFG, assembled between the Elbe River and the Dessau-Berlin Autobahn for fall maneuvers. a Elements of the First and Third Guards Mechanised Armies assembled in the Weisswasser area. Engineers from these Amiss assembled in the Maehlberg area. $ There were presumably divisional exercises by the 25th Tank Division.. the Sixth and Seventh Tank Divisions and the 20th Guards )bohani.zed Division. Individual personnel shipments were observed crossing the border in both directions. a Empty personnel shuttle trains were available at several posts. The KVP summer training program was near completion. It appeared possible that there would be a major fall exercise in Saxony which would include elements of the three mechanized divisions and Soviet troops. A considerable ==bar of personnel in the area of the Korps Nord were detached to aid in the harvesting of crops. The KVP was presumably dissolved fran the PDI. The reorganization of the MI was begun. a Thirty motor vehicles were, observed leaving Jena on S-"-RAT (Not.: Washington distribution indicated by "X"; Field distribution by "#" East Gsraangr Weekly GB Sta^saary DATE DISTR. NO. OF PAGES REPORT 6 October 1955 REFERENCES SOURCE EVALUATIONS ARE DEFINITIVE. APPRAISAL OF CONTENT IS TENTATIVE. The following is a stay of information on Soviet and East German military 19-29 September After 19 September 1925 September Early September Late September No date of info Approved For Release 2008/01/10: CIA-RDP80-0081OA008100880001-8 Approved For Release 2008/01/10: CIA-RDP80-0081OA008100880001-8 2. route toward Schwarza, 19 September : Two shipments, totaling 29 Tm34?s and three SU 100?s, were entrained in Zeitz, 24 September s Two shipments., totaling 37 Tm34?s and three SU1009s., were detrained in Zeitz, 25 September : Eight rocket launchers, 12 x 57 mm anti-aircraft guns, 8 x 120 n? mortars and 40 trucks were returned to Zeits from. the Zeitz Forest area, 24 September : Approximately 60 vehicles, eleven gu% and eight heavy mortars were observed entering Weimar road installation 8502/03 from the west, 23-24 September s Several columns with approximately 100 vehicles, including some with signal units and 10 JS-30a, were shipped to Jena from the direction of Schwwarza. Because of maneuvers., the crops in the area southwest of Jena were allegedly harvested prior to 6 October; units from Zeits participating were expected to return prior to 15 October,l 22 September : The Gera Artillery Brigade was at its post. 18 September s An engineer unit with 14 amphibious vehicles entered Naumburg installation 8382. 20 September $ An advanced detail of the 57th Guards )btorised Rifle DivisionQe Howitzer Artillery Regiment arrived in Hamburg,, 20-26 September : There were no major exercises at the Kindel training grounds; however., motor-vehicle numbers of the 57th Guards 1-btorised Rifle Division were observed there. Officers O families from Naumburg were occupying apart- ments at the southern edge of the training grounds, 19 September 22-23 September 23 September 25 September t An artillery unit was unloaded in Haldeneleben. $ Three military shipments went from Eberawalde to Altengrabw. s An engineer unit with 120 motor vehicles including 60 T) pontoons., 12 DUKV (sic), eight motorboats, and heavy military bridge equipment left Engineer Camp E in Rosslau an route toward Streets north of Roselau. s Two military shipments with anti-tank guns went from Schwerin to Nedlitz. After 29 September s The area south of Brandenburg was restricted because of fall exercises.2 3. AMA IS-PAS A 4 0 14 September : Engineer units were in the Dessau -Akan training area. S-F C-RAE-T Approved For Release 2008/01/10: CIA-RDP80-0081OA008100880001-8 Approved For Release 2008/01/10: CIA-RDP80-0081OA008100880001-8 -3- 19 and 23 September: On both of these days, one military shipment went to Rietschen via Koenigswuaterhausene 21-26 September : Two military shipments,, including 37 railroad cars with tanks, went from Luebben to Hoyerswerda and Rietschen. 20 September : A military shipment with armored vehicles left Grimma on route toward Koenigabruecko 22-27 September : The 7th Guards Tank Division left the Warder- krkendorf camp en route toward Tiefenbrunn=Luedendorf via Jueter- bog. After 28 September : Billeting equipment and ammunition was loaded in the Zinna Forest and shipped toward Wittenberg. 26 September : Two military shipments went from Wittenberg to Kusetrin.3 4. : 19 September 21-22 September 23 September 25 September 24,2E and 27 September 30 September 1 October : Columns with tanks and trucks were shipped from the direction of Prenalau toward Hammslspring. $ Columns of the 25th Tank Division arrived at the Vogelsang kaserne from the south. : IL-281s were observed flying over Templin. a One military shipment with 14 tanks arrived at Templin from the direction of Eberswalde. a On each of these days, one military shipment was unloaded in Templin.4 : One shipment with 14 DUKV (sic) amphibious vehicles arrived in Templin from the direction of Ebersralde. : Tank columns with anti-tank guns, anti-aircraft guns and mortars, which arrived at Eberswalde and ?reieawalde from an undetermined direction, were loaded for shipment to Templin. 5. Seennd Guards ~Le1,iw4 ~d Army 6. 24 September : The Neuruppin post was occupied to capacity. Prior to.23 September : The Wittatock training grounds was unoccupied. Fouri h A i 71.,?. Corner 19-20 September : Three military shipments, with vehicles and equipment, went from Altengrabow to Wildpark. 29 September A mortar brigade arrived at Rathenow from Altengrabow by road and rail. Approved For Release 2008/01/10: CIA-RDP80-0081OA008100880001-8 Approved For Release 2008/01/10: CIA-RDP80-0081OA008100880001-8 -4- 30 September : One ahipwnt,with elements of the 18th Light Howitzer Brigade, went from Altengrabow to Rathenow. C. Wiana: 13-14 September 15 September 21 September 23 September 25 September D. 4 September 7 September 16 September 25 September 26 September 21-24 September 28 September One shipment with 21 armored personnel carriers and one shipment with 24 x 100 mm anti-tank guns were loaded in Bernau. : One shipment with 54 x 85 m anti-tank guns came from the direction of Cottbus and was headed for the border. : Ones shipment with 80 x 120 mm mortars went from Rathenow to Frankfurt/Odor. : One shipment with 128 mortars, allegedly of 160 me, and light track-laying vehicles, cams from the direction of Cottbus and was on route toward Frankfurt,/Oder. : One shipment with nine tanks came from the direction of Frankfurt/Oder and was on route toward Cottbus. : Fifty boxcars with personnel went from Dresden to Brest- Litovsk via Cottbus, a Fifty boxcars with personnel went from Brest-Litovsk to Frankfurt/Oder via luestrin. i Forty-seven boxcars, with approximately 1500 men wearing red- bordered black epaulets, departed from Dessau on route toward Oranienbarm. : Forty-eight boxcars with personnel went from Frankfurt/Oder to Altengrabow. : Fifty-five converted boxcars, one kitchen car, and one coal wagon were shipped from Schwerin to Kuestrin. : Forty-seven empty converted boxcars were assembled in Weimar. : Four empty shuttle trains were assembled in Jueterbog; one was assembled in Templ.in and two were assembled in Eberswalde. Prior to 1 October : Two or three additional shuttle trains were assembled in Eberswalds. 23.4 September : Final roll calls or demobilization ceremonies were held in Altengrabow, Neuruppin;and Schoeneawalde. E. 6 September : Elements of mechanized units from the Oranienburg concentration camp were observed in the Gross Schoenbeck and the Lehnitz Forest areas. 9 September : The Karpin Second Mechanized Regiment returned to its poet, after a twelve-day exercise in the Ahlbeok Luck w-Rieth area. 13-17 September : Vehicles and umpire officers from all of the Karpin units were detached for exercises in either the Dresden or the Weisswwasser area. Approved For Release 2008/01/10: CIA-RDP80-0081OA008100880001-8 Approved For Release 2008/01/10: CIA-RDP80-00810A008100880001-8 After 23 September : There were allegedly additional detachments of personnel for large-scale exercises in Saxony. 21 September : The training activity of elements of the Prenzlau Metori~ed Rifle Division continued in the area north of Pasewalk. 27 September : The Altwarp Anti-aircraft Regiment was expected to return from Kuehlungaborn. 15 September : The 1955 GST summer training was completed. From a total of 18,600 participants approximately 5,800 were promoted to the rank of Gruppenleiter in the GST0 1. During the period from 19 to 24 September, there were presumably exercises by the 20th Guards Mechanised Division between Ohrdruf and their posts. It is possible that there were additional exercises. 2. The Third Shook Ariy was probably still assembling for fall exercises and was not expected to cross the Elbe River before 1 October. 3. There were pr+esnmably joint exercises between elements of the First Guards Meohanised Ai and the Ninth Mechanised Division in an area beginning at Weiswrasser and extending toward Muhlberg. There was also an undetermined type of exercise of elements of the Third Guards Mechanised Army in the area between Baruth and Wittenberg. 4. These shipments were presumably for the 25th Tank Division's exercises. 5. These tank columns were presumably for the Sixth Guards Mechanised Division 's exercises. S-E-C-RoE-T Approved For Release 2008/01/10: CIA-RDP80-00810A008100880001-8