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December 21, 2016
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January 13, 2009
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November 3, 1955
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Approved For Release 2009/01/13: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA008300700001-5 INFORMATION REPORT I N FORMATION REPORT CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY This material contains information affecting the National Defense of the United States within the meaning of the Espionage Laws, Title 18, U.S.C. Secs. 793 and 794. the transmission or revelation of which in any manner to an unauthorized person is prohibited by law. S E-C-R-E-T NOFORN COUNTRY East Germany Weekly Air Summary REPORT DATE DISTR. 3 November 1955 NO. OF PAGES 2 REQUIREMENT NO. RD REFERENCES IL4 1. Aircraft Counts: Bautzen-Litten: 24 Yak-ll's and 2 Yak-18's on 20 October Brandenburg-Briest: No aircraft on 27 October Brandenburg-Industriehafen: 67 IL-10's on 27 October Briesen: 46 IL-28's and 2 IL-2's on 17 October 31 IL-28's and 1 IL-2 on 19 October Doeberitz: No aircraft on 26 October Finow: Approximately 65 MiG-15/17Is on 22 October Jocksdorf: Approximately 15 Yak-18/11's on 15 October Jueterbog: 22 MiG-15/17's on 16 October Koethen: Approximately 31 MiG-15/17's on 24 October Neuruppin: Approximately 35 MiG-15/17's and 1 IL-28 on 22 October Rothenburg: At least 18 IL-28's on 18 October Schoenfeld: 16 IL-2's, 5 PO-2's, 3 Yak-14's, 4 IL-14's and 2 L-2's on 27 October Stendal: Approximately 30 IL-10's on 15 October SOURCE EVALUATIONS ARE DEFINITIVE. APPRAISAL OF CONTENT IS TENTATIVE. The following is a summary of information on airfields and air activities in East Germany received prior to 1 November 1955: 2. Unit Dispositions: a. Briesen Airfield: On 13 October, 13 IL-28's and two U-IL-28's left Briesen airfield. These aircraft had been parked apart from the aircraft of the Briesen bomber regiment gince mid-July. After their departure, only 31 IL-28's remained at Briesen. S-E-C-R-E-T NOFORN observed at Brandenburg-Industriehafen airfield on 27 October. b. Brandenburg-Industriehafen: Thirty-two IL-10's with revious noted red markings and 35 IL-10's with light green marking were ARMY NAVY X AIR FBI AEC I (Note: Washington distribution indicated by "X"; Field distribution by ? ~ ? ? ? ~ r r + r r . r Approved For Release 2009/01/13: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA008300700001-5 Approved For Release 2009/01/13: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA008300700001-5 S-E-C-R-E-T NOFORN -2- 4. Personnel Movements: Personnel movements were observed at the following airfields: a. Doeberitz: Approximately 500 men left the Air Technical School in groups of 20 to 30 between 22 and 26 October. Most of these men, it was learned.. had been transferred to other units while some had been sent to the USSR. Some of the newly arrived recruits which had been stationed in a hangar were moved to the vacated billets in the Richthofen Kaserne. b. Finow: Approximately 90 soldiers departed from the airfield on 17 and 18 October. The fifty recruits which arrived on these two days were issued black-bordered blue shoulderboards in place of the black-bordered crimson shoulderboards which they had been wearing on their arrival. c. Briesen: Twenty soldiers departed on 20 October. d. Oranienburg: Approximately 150 men wearing black-bordered blue shoulder- boards arrived on 18 October. e. Welzow: On 26 October, a 90-axle, 950 ton train moved from Welzow to Brest Litovsk.3- 5. Fu-1Shipments to Oranienb_,g Airfield: 6 October: 22 tank cars from Boehlen 10 October: 12 tank cars from Ruhland 13 October: 13 tank cars from Ruhland 18 October: 20 tank cars from Ruhland 21 October: 10 tank cars from Ruhland. 1. The aircraft of the special unit of the Werneuchen Bomber Division pre- sumably returned to Welzow where they had been stationed prior to mid-July 1955. 2. It is believed that the airfield is now occupied by two ground attack regiments. The second unit is probably identical with the regiment which had been stationed at Doeberitz prior to late September. Both regiments had been temporarily stationed at Erfurt-Bindersleben during the fall maneuvers of the Eighth Guards Army. 3. Three trains from Gross Doelln and seven from Weizow had previously gone to Brest Litovsk. The shipment of 26 October indicates the completion of the retransfer of the unidentified bomber unit which had arrived in Welzow from the East in mid-July. S-E-C-R E T NOFORN Approved For Release 2009/01/13: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA008300700001-5