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December 21, 2016
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September 26, 2008
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November 23, 1955
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Approved For Release 2008/09/26 :CIA-RDP80-00810A008500040009-8 CENTRAL PNTELLIGENCE AGENCY This material contains information affecting the National Defense of the United States within the meaning of the Espionage Laws, Title 18, U.S.C. Secs. 793 and 794, the transmission or revelation of which in any manner to an unauthorized person is prohibited by law. COUNTRY `East Germany SUBIECT Weekly OB Summary DATE OF INFO. PLACE ACQUIRED DATE ACQUIRED REQUIREMENT NO. RD REPORT - DATE DISTR. NO. OF PAGES The following is a summary of information on Soviet and East German military activities received prior to 21 November 1955s A, General Recruit training was conducted in installations and on post training grounds, Firing exercises by individual tanks were carried out?at Letzling Heath. The annual troop rotation program continued. Tank shipments from the USSR were resumed, 1, Two movements of tank practice firing details were noted: on 31 October from Hillersleben to Peitz and on 2~1 November from Rosslau to Haldensleben, 2, On 9 November 25 BA-61~' armored scout cars were .loaded on flatcars at Doeberitz. 3, The following tank shipments from the Soviet Union were noted: Date Rou~tin Cars 4 November Brest Litovsk~Klotzsche 2 converted boxcars i.7 flatcars, E~axle 6 November Brest Litovsk-Trlittenberg 2 converted boxcars 17 flatcars (load exceEding standard measurements) 9 November Frankfurt/Gder=?Vogelsand 1 converted boxcar 21 flatcars STATE ARMY 23 November 1955 Approved For Release 2008/09/26 :CIA-RDP80-00810A008500040009-8 __,~. Approved For Release 2008/09/26 :CIA-RDP80-00810A008500040009-8 Dater Routing Cars 13 November Brest Litovsk-Neustrelitz 2 converted boxcars 22 flatcars, 6-axle C. East German Military Activity 1. Except fQr small arms record firing on ranges and employment in gathering the harvest, the KVP remained within garrison. Officer candidate examinations were held and discharges granted at Pinnow and Altwarp. 2. Combat groups (Kam~f~ruppen) received instruction in the light machine gun. This is the first report of this type of training. Approved For Release 2008/09/26 :CIA-RDP80-00810A008500040009-8