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November 17, 2016
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June 1, 2000
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March 26, 1954
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ti 1 UNCLASSIFIED Approved SECRET I..ON 1140, INNININ -- - - - - - - ROUTING AND RECORD S EET INSTRUCTIONS: Officer designations should be used in the "TO" column. Under each comment a line should be drawn across sheet and each comment numbered to correspond with the number in the "TO" column. Each officer should initial (check mark insufficient) before further routing. This Routing and Record Sheet should be returned to Registry. FROM: INCtNTIVE AWAwla>~ NO. Ct?INMlTTI~L~' 29,114 CUFtlle HA#.t_ DATE 2 1954 TO ROOM DATE OFFICER'S NO. RECD EWD'D INITIALS COMMENTS 1. Chf/ESD Wing E Curie 2. DAD/P 223 Curie 3. AD /P 217 Curi e 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. to. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. FORM NO. 51-10 APR 1953 SECRET ESTRIQ.T~p_._-?-- -~QdF"^ CONFIDENTIAL RESTRICTED UNCLASSIFIED (40) Approved For Release 2000/06/19 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000100080004-4 Approved Fc telease 2000/06/19 : CIA-RDPSQ,40832A000100080004-4 AGENDA SUGGESTION NO. 24.E 406 SUGGEsTIOPJS TABS,A tMu Approved For Release 2000/06/19 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000100080004-4 Approved For`RIease 2000/06/19 : CIA-RDP80p/832A000100080004-4 Employee StU-MOSUO-1 NO- 2144 A. Stamm? ofs this Su estion: The suggester proposes the use of a three panel double hinged cardboard planning device which can be readily secured in an ordinary safe or safe file and yet is of sufficient size for constant office planning or conference briefing. It is further proposed that the panels be manufactured in three different types: 1. All sides blank 2. Non-photographic blue line graph paper on all sides standard divisions) (1" and 0.1" 3. Six month blank celendar on three inside surfaces. (Three-year ref- erence calendar printed on the reverse of first panel) Some suggested uses are: Tables of Organization, Station Organizations, room and space allotments and studies.9 operations on attached maps, operational M.a.. ra natic prescntations, briefing materials, day by day administrative planning and controls, f1cr and management planning. Some security features include: Can be folded to r.t the ordinary safe file; can be transported from office to office in corridors with: no risk of casual viewing. B. Evaluation of Concerned Offices: E cerpts from evaluations supplied the Com^ittee by the below-listed Orfices .follow: "L- The suggestion made in Employee Suggestion No. 244 has some meri.t,, Its use, however, is :Limited to such things as administrative planning awl control, flow charts, graphic illustrative charts, organizational charts, room and space layouts, or other material needed for briefing individuals or small groups. Such planning panels would have no purpose for use before large groups where the material must be .blown ups for easy viewing. "2o No Justification can be found throughout the Agency to substantiate the claims of volume use stated in the last paragraph of the suggestion." (Note: Refers to Informal estimate made by suggester who cannot be expected, In view of security considerations, to know of actual use) "3. The points of advantage stated by the author of the suggestion under FATTJRgS are well taken--especially the factor of BSecurityu, which must be so meticulously observed within this Agency. 1: '4. The suggestion comes under an Iufficient or convenieitit administrative tool' rather than an economy item It would be very difficult to prove a dollar saving of any merit." The evaluation further continues with regard to specific,. recommendations on the constructions of the panels, type of paper and procurement, with a final Approved For Release 2000/06/19 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000100080004-4 Approved For release 2000/06/19 : CIA-RDP80--000832A000100080004-4 r"'2k4 statement that "The entire Agency should be circularised on the availability of the panels and standard type work sheets for use in same and where they can be obtained." Lo sties Officep: "It is believed that subject suggestion has merit, however, from the available information, this Office cannot at this time recornend its adoption. Prior to determining whether or not the suggested item should be an Agency stock item, it would be necessary to know the anticipated initial and re- plenishment requircments--Agency wide. Accordingly, it is suggested that a few samples of the suggested item be manufactured and made available for in- spection by Agency components together with a request for information regard- ing the requirements mentioned above." In a later memorandum dated 3 November 1953 following the receipt of sample panels obtained by the Executive Secretary, additional comments were received: "...Considerable thought has been given to advertising the suggested items and making them available for insxlection at the Building Supply Room, however, it has been determined that results from such action would not afford the neces- sary information. It is believed the primary consideration to be made is the determination regarding the usefulness of the suggested items. The last para- gtaph of subject suggestion indicates that the planning devices are being used within the Agency. In order to obtain the required information upon which an evaluation may be based, it is suggested that the O&M Service be requested to perform a study to determine whether or not the suggested items be (a) con- tinued in use or replaced by substitute items available from stock, (b) pro- cured on as needed basis by the using component or components, (c) procured for Agency-wide use and made available as an, Agency stock item." The suggestion was again referred to the O&M Service in keeping with the above recommendation of the Logistics Office, and the further evaluation in a memorandums dated 10 November 1953 was received: "..oTher' appears to be nothing new in the resubmission to influence a change in the conclusions reached at that time ...It, is the opinion of the O&M Service that if any panel boards are ordered for stock they should be of durable construction with provisions to attach a separate working sheet suitable to meet the current problem. It is appreciated that the initial cost would be greater but it is firmly believed that over a period of time the durable construction and detached working sheets would prove more economical," C. Note: This suggestion is being presented to the Committee in order that final disposition of the suggestion may be-made. Since It appears that the sug- gestion may have Agency wide use, it is believed that the Committee, being representative of the major components of the Agency, would be able to de- termine potential use of the proposed panel. Approved For Release 2000/06/19 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000100080004-4 Approved For Release 2000/06/19 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000100080004-4 'ig. 1 Specification For Executive Planning Chart Blanks roe panels hinged to fold both ways. s Three hinged planning boards to be prepared in three different ways: Fig.. #2 - Both sides blanks rod quality bond paper with bin a buried in card- board filler. (Fi g. 5) Medium card- board weight stock. Pig. 2 Fig. 3 Fig. #3 Graph line 1*1 with O.1" lighter divisions printed in ion-rhoto4raphLe Blue. Other specifications same as above. Approved For Release 2000/06/19 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000100080004-4 Approved For Release 2000/06/19 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000100080004-4 Fig0 4 AV -LI 9-U Three gear calendar on back of first panel. Fig. f?~ m Calendar planning, six month (blanks) Three-year reference calendar on reverse of panel A. Printed in medium grayo II Envelope 141' x 22." for filing of charts (folded). Filing information upper right section, Linen hinge Cardboard filler High-grade bond Fi 5 Fig,, 6 Approved For Release 2000/06/19 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000100080004-4 Approved Fa .Release 2000/06/19 : CIA-RDP8"0832A000100080004-4 knployee Suggestion No. 406 ASinznas-v of thcz Su eg~t?ian: The suggester proposes the development of a program whereby Career Service Boards interview individual employees periodically and in special cases upon request of the !employee. The suggester believes that such a program would enhance the morale of the individual wort employee in the following ways: a. The interview would give the employee the feeling that he is not forgotten, but on the contrary every effort is being made to utilize him the posit- tion he is best suited. b. The employee could be guided in plan- ing for future advancement-what are his future. prospects, courses of study he should follow or any other advice and guidance the Career Ser- vice Board representative may offer. The Plans., Research and Development Staff, Personnel Office, has supplied the following evaluation to the Committee: "1. The proposal that a representative of the Career Service Board interview individual employees periodically regarding their career interests and progress is consistent with 25X1 A the principles established in governing the career service program., sat. At the present time.. however, there is little uniformity among the various Com- ponent Career Service Boards with respect to the methods by which they carry out `i err career planning responsibilities., In some instances., members of Component Career Service Boards currently make a practice of such interviews. 25X1A Approved For Release 2000/06/19 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000100080004-4 Approved For Reuse 2000/06/19 : CIA-RDP80-00U2A0001000$0~904-4 -2 cs tQ3 The suggester might be advised that this suggestion is related to internal practices of the Component Career Service Boards which are not governed by uniform rules and that he might wish to approach the Component Career Service Board with which he is associated with respect to this suggestion." This suggestion is being presented at the recommendation of a Committee member in order that it may be discussed by the Com- mittee prior to final disposition of the suggestion,,, Approved For Release 2000/06/19 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000100080004-4 Approved For Release 2000/06/19 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000100080004-4 Suggestion Ro. of Sue-Sestion CONFIDENTIAL Evaluation of Concerned Offices 622 624 633 CONFIDENTIAL The processing and Records Di.vtsion, Personnel Office states that by law a person is entitled to a change in his legal residence provided the proper notifications on his part are made. The Security Office states that employees under unofficial cover should not be in CIA buildings so commercial photographers are proper source for obtaining Passport Photographs-, Acquiring necessary professional equipment would be costly to the Agency and probably could not be fully justified on the basis of the sma11 number of requests received for passport photographs. The Records Services Division states that when the Records Retirement Program advances to the point where retirement is made at scheduled periods, offices generally will be requiring boxes only once or twice a year. It would not be advantageous to have the Building Supply officers maintain a stock throughout the entire year. The collapsible boxes are stapled at the Records Center to give rigidity for easier handling and longer usage, and if they were kept in the B5019 this would not be possible. Approved For Release 2000/06/19 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000100080004-4 Sucgester proposes that legal resi- dence be unalterable during overseas tour of duty to reduce Agency travel costs as employees return from over- seas for home leave. Photographs for visas and passports be taken by-the Agency rather than commercial photographers to effect savings in cost to Agency. Archive boxes be stored in Building Supply offices in lieu of storage in the Records Center in order to reduce the amount of courier service re- quired to deliver the storage boxes to the requesting offices. Such a proposed plan would result in ef- fecting savings and increase efficiency. oved For Release 2000/06/19 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000100080004-4 Su gestion No. S rv of Sugg stion C0WDE ' z F, Evaluation of Concerned Offices 638 A Government tie line extension be utilized for providing Federal employees with information on the correct time and weather forcast, 640 Suggester proposes that students in 25X1 A training at - be required to leave their Departmental ID badges at Headquarters as an Im- provement in security measures, 641 Salvage of the one-quart, amber- colored bottles used in Agency photographic laboratories to effect savings, 646 Suggester proposes that cover sheets for cables be made in three separate colors for ACTION.. INFORMATION and CONFIRMATION conies to nravide for easier identification, The Logistics Office states that in view of the indeterminate non-recurring installation and en- t'ineering costs and increased recurring monthly rental costs of the additional equipment required to provide the proposed service, no economies would be affected through acceptance of this ourgestion, Calla of this nature are usually personal rather than official and should not be made from Government telephones, The Security Office has informed Committee that this procedure is already in effect, The Logistics Office is not aware of any A&encq requirements for reuse or resale of the vhoto- graphic bottles, Remington.Rand, the vendor, does not want the return of the bottles on a "gift" basis. The Management Improvement Staff, Comptroller?s Office states that past Agency experience has shown attempts to identify a specific type or clagai ficatio?? of dcr`ti'mant with A, *apee fi c cn1 nr. has proved impractical for n?erous reasons. C' g li L Approved For Release 2000/06/19 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000100080004-4 red For Release 2000/06/19: CIA-RDP80-00832A000100080004-4 SECRET awe stion No. Su=ary of Suggestion 649 651 656 A mechanical device be attached to Agency telephones enabling the called party to distinguish outside calls in order to improve telephone security practices, Sugester proposes that with the acquisition of covert space and prior to occupancy, administrative personnel designated to take charge undergo a thorough irdoctrinat{on a to proper maintenance and operating procedures. Such a proposal could result in decreasing costs in this area of Agency operations. A proposed "Leave Record" card for Arrency employees to enable them to maintain their own ain ua1 and sick leave records. Concerned Offices The Lodstles Office states that the telephone company has advised that this could not be- accomplished because any noise, clicking or otherwise superfmrosed on a telephone circuit would be audible to the calling isarty as well as to the party called, `-his tends to eive some people the impression that their conversation is being recorded or that the line is tapped. The Logistics Office states that written irstructionz,, coverage in the Administrative Support Course, and proposed real estate regulations and real estate handbooks cover recesoary instructions in the case of safehouses. The Comptroller's Office states that many employees do not w5sh to keep a running record of leave balances themselves. A system that will give leave balances to Time and Attendance Clerks each pay period s s no beine eonsldered, Approved For Relea 06/19 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000100080004-4 ease 2000/06/19 : C1A-RDP80-00832A000100080004-4 ;gestion No o - Sumparv of Suggestion Evaluation of Co tcerned Offices 660 662 666 Attach inexpensive aluminum foil reflectors above and behind radiators to obtain better efficiency in heating Agency buildings. Suggester proposes a program of security awards to be presented to CIA employees with perfect security records over an ex- tended n riod of time; for example, five years, in order to increase security consciousness,, The suggester proposes the procurement of toilet tissue of good quality for improvement of employee welfare and health. The Logistics Office states that some improvement in heating efficiency would be realized through application of this suggestion. Some undesirable factors, however, are: high cost of installmment objectionable appearance, di'ficulty in clearing (would trap dirt), damage to walls from stapling, etc., and periodic and washing of wal..s would be hindered. The Security Office states that some Agency com- ponents have a ereater degree of exposure to ros- sibi.e security violations; therefore, ?o commend employees with perfect five year security rec- ords who have very little chance for a violation would be unfair. The administration of such a program on an Agency wide basis would he too expensive under present budgetary limitations and is not considered desirable, The Logistics Office states that procurement of toilet tissue is a function of the General Services Administration. A program was recently established to standardize on certain items of procurement as an economy measure. Toilet, ti 9sLv-%' being one of these items, Is currently purchased in one grade and is considered acceptable as long as it meets the specifications of GSA. Approved For Release 2000/06/19 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000100080004-4 Approved F' A00/06/19 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000100080004-4 Suggestion -Wo Summary of Sugee?~, stion 672 673 #"09 Suggester proposes that a card system on weights "and cubes of communications items be set up in a central location to increase efficiency in planning the best means of shipment. A training program be conducted for lift and tractor operators in order to increase efficiency and safety methods in the handling of this e7uipment, Suggester proposes that amendments to Regulations be made with pen and ink rather than inserting newly printed pages. This would effect savings in the typing, printings paper and ink required in printing up pages of amendments which have only a few changes to the page. Evaluation of Concerned Offices The Office of Communications stated the inclusion of weights and cubes in information filed in the Communications and Eni'ineering Requirements Branch is a project begun some time ago, The Logistics Office states. that personnel have been trained in the proper use of tractors and fork liftsa Posters and special bulletins have been posted in conspicuous locations and continuous safety sur- veillance is effected by all supervisors. The Regulation Control Staff, DD/A, states that "Pen and Ink" changes are too inefficient to be effective, "Printing dollars which could be saved by the suggested method are considered to be offset by the cost of the total clerical hours required to record changes." Delays in posting changes by the pen and ink method would result in the use of outdated regulatory issuances." Approved For Release 2000/06/19 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000100080004-4 suggestion .No.' . 677 494 Approved For Releas SwM of Suaeestion The suggester proposes that a Stop-and-Go light be located at the turnstile at the door to the restricted area in Q Building, in order to prevent accidents oc curring when the turnstile appears to be released, but is not, The sufgester states that in his office Ouro Clear Multilith typewriter ribbons are used once and then discarded, thus resulting in inefficient use of these special ribbons. The suggester proposes that the color selector be reversed in order to utilize the lower half of the ribbon, thus making it into a "two-time" ribbon. CIA-RDP80-00832A000100080004-4 Evaluation of Concerned Offices The Office of Current Intelligence states "The turn_ stiles were installed primarily to control the rate of access of personnel to the restricted area, thus allowing the OCI Receptionist time to verify approval of such personnel to enter the area... The problem posed in referenced suggestion is usually caused by impatience of personnel enterinp, the restricted area or last minute: rushes and the installation of a light system would in no way alleviate this situation., The Management Improvement Staff states that only two types of ribbons are used in the Agency for multilith typing, One is a narrow, onetime paper ribbon which is used only on ISK electric typewriters and cannot be reusedo The Multilith fabric ribbons, however, may be used any number of times and are not to be discarded after one use. They further state that in offices where Duplimat Masters are used only oc- casionally the special ribbon is'put in the machine to type the master and then rmoved, and'the regu- lar ribbon is reinstalled for other work, "It may be that the suggester has seen this done and merely assumed that the ribbons were being thrown a." The Logistics Office states that the practice of discarding these ribbons after one use should definitely be discouraged, since the !iultilith Ribbon costs about 75 cents while a the averago t~..s ~~ writer ribbon costs 25 cents or less,, Approved For Release 2000/06/19 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000100080004-4 Approved For Release 2000 IA-RDP80-00832A000100080004-4 Suggestion No, --- 685 685 St naxa of su t,estionCONFiDENTIAL iM Installation of a buzzer with pu11 cord attachment in Agency shuttle buses. It is also suggested that route maps be placed in the buses showing the regular stops and flag stops, plus the route taken. These suggested measures are proposed for improvement in efficiency of shuttle transportation. Evaluation ofConcerned OffiCea The Logistics Office, states basic idea worthy of commendation; however, "approximate cost for procuring and installingbuzzers would be $50.00 per bus,, and due to the.-dictates of economy, such an addition does not appear feasible." Due to the "rush" hour traffic in the Washington vicinity, it is sometimes- necessary that the bus routes be changed, but-the "stops" remain the same. In view of the necessity for changing the routes, it appears that the driver could supply more timely and accurate information upon request. published schedules designa- ting the bus stops have been distributed throughout the Agency. 686 691 Suggester proposes that Form No. 38-8 "Staff Duty Officer Check List" be reduced in size from 8" x 12P" to 8" x 51P. Since existing in- structions limit the number of rooms assigned to a Staff Duty Officer for checking, only a maximum of 9 out of the possible 36 spaces are normally used. This would save paper, print- ing and storage costs. Suggesier proposes the move of com- ponents of DDJP now quartered in -Tempo Buildings 1, J, K, L and Quarters ye to the vacated 1nergency Hospital. This would relieve crowded - conditions in the temporary build gs, lead to more efficient opera- tions, higher morale ' and economical .ding maintenance. The Security Office advised that Form No. 38-8 is brig revised to include a section of in- structions covering the proper procedure for closing, locking and checking combination lock safes. This will leave space for 18 rooms to be checked by a Staff Duty Officer. The Logistics Office states that DD/P activities occupy a total of approximately 267,000 sq. ft. of net usable space in Build- ings I. J, K, L and Quarters. Eye a The General Services Administration has advised the net usable space in nergency Hospital amounts to only 27,000 sq. ft. In view of the vast difa fcrence in net usable areas, the proposed move to the ' nergexncy Hospital Du3lding is not con- sidered advantageous to this Agency. Approved For Release F W3iNt1IMRDP80-00832A000100080004-4 Suggestion No. 694 696 697 700 Approved For Release 2000/06/19 St mazy of Suestion Suggester proposes a plan for enlarging Q Building Cafeteria by moving the locker room and recep- tion, room to other locations and removing the wall of the supply room at the rear of the cafeteria. I The installation of Tampax dis- pensers in all ladies' rooms as a measure of improvement to health & welfare of employees. Such a con- venience may reduce amount of sick leave taken. Reopening of the 17th Street en- trance of I Building providing a more convenient and efficient en- trance to CIA employees. Standard Industrial Card File Forms ,(No. 60-34) be printed on 8"x1 3/4" sheets for use by the Industrial. Register. Since the lower half of 65Z of the 8"x10" forgas are not used. the unused portion is cut off for ease of filing, thus causing a waste of tale and paper. z00832A000100080004-4 Evalulation of Conce-?ned Offices The Logistics Office states that "The suggested plan to enlarge the Q Building Cafeteria has been considered on previous occasions and was deemed unpractical on the basis of the-expense involved. The existing fire-wall separating the cafeteria from the adjoining Eiployeesf Locker, Room and the Supply Office would have to be re- located in order to effect the expansion as rec- ommended. In addition, it would be necessary to raise the floor level of both rooms to coincide with that of the cafeteria." The Logistics Office states that "Recent experiments on the part of Public Buildins Service, the agency; responsible for providing this kind of service in public buildings, discloses that the demand for Tampax is not sufficient to justify the costs of installing and servicing the dispensing machines,". The Security Office states that arrangements were already made for the reopening of the 17th Street door of I Building prior to receipt of the suggestion. OCA states the present 8"x1O" ICF form was developed in response to the need for more space than was available or, the original 5"xS" form. Estimates of the use of the lower half of the MY form run as high as 80%. There is little waste of paper since the blank paper that, results from cutting down the 8" A011 form is often used up as scratch paper. The IC? form is sometimes used as an identifying cover sheet for a document incorporated bodily into RI files, and thereby protects the document and makes it easier to handle. Approved For Release 2000/06/19 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000100080004-4 Approved For Release 2000/06/19 :CIA-RD 232A000100080004-4 Suggestion No, 718 719 Surrnarsr of Su!gestion The suggester proposes limited distribution of k riployee Statement of Earnings and Deductions (Form 34?45) in lieu of the present pro- cedure of distributing a copy of Form 34-45 with every pay check. Many employees do not retain these cards for their permanent pay rec- ordo By distributing the forms only (1) with the initial pay check of new employees, (2) when a change in pay status occurs, (3) regularly with each paycheck only for those who submit specific request for it, the Agency would effect savings in paper, ink, printing costs and man-hours. The suggester proposes improvement of safety conditions in the corridors of M and Q Buildings by removing excess equipment located there in order to assure clear exits in case of rer9 gencyo Evaluation of Concerned Offices The Comptroller states that consideration was pAv to limited distribution of the notice to empioVees of the breakdown of their paychecks at the time the present system was installed. It was determined that the distribution of the form would have to he made at least to every employee having a charge in pay status during the pay period, A comparison between the present system rind the suggested meth shows that the latter method would be more expen- sive, require more personnel man-hours, and mizht necessitate overtime work in the over-x1.1 pay- rolling operation, The Logistics Office states that safety measures require that all corridors and staff rwel.1s he kep : ci.ear of surplus materials? Frequently, however, it is necessary to leave equipment and oPfice supplies within the building after a major rove has been accomplished until the necessary paper work can be re red and forwarded to the It is doubtful that this pro.- cedure can be improved without ert a ng1 s ng + he accountability records, 25X1A Approved For Release 2000/06/19 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000100080004-4 Suggestion No. 724 729 731 Approved For Release 2000/06/19 : CIA-RDP80; Semi' of Suggestion The suggester proposes the use of translucent globes with 200 to 300 watt bulbs in lieu of electroliers which require 750 to 1000 watt electric bulbs in M and Q Buildings. The present lighting system lowers the efficiency of the air-conditioning unit, thereby impairing employee morale and welfare. The suggester proposes a procedure for conserving heat in Agency buildings in order to effect savings in fuel costs. The suggester proposes that hand vacuum cleaners be made available to Divisions for cleaning typewriters. This would alleviate sending some of the machines to the factory for cleaning purposes, thus saving man hours and time lost to clerical personnel due to the absence of the type- writer from the preemises. Evaluation of Concerned Offices The Logistics Office says the heat generated by the lights in M and Q Buildings requires 25% to 30% of the air conditioner capacity. This situation could be alleviated to a great extent by the substitution o$ fluorescent or lower incandescent fixtures of the direct or semi-direct types. P35 officials contend, however, that the expense involved does not warrant such extensive corrective measures in temporary structures, even though an appreciable reduction in electrical power consumption would be realised. The Logistics Office says that the suggested method of effecting fuel savings is not considered feasible by PBS heating engineers, since it would not enable a readily accessible control of heat during intervals of sudden weather changes. Reduction of steam pres- sure to diminish the supply of heat has been found to be impracticable in most systems supplying Agency buildings. The Logistics Office states that typists and stenogra- phers are instructed on the cleaning, oiling, and cov- ering of typewriters upon entering on duty with the Agency. Any cleaning and repair outside of first echelon care is'the problem of the typewriter repair man. Typewriters are not sent to the factory for cleaning, since this function is performed by our Agency repair shop. Approved For Release 2000/06/19 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000100080004-4 Approved For Release 2000/06/19 : CIA-RDP80-00832A00 Suggestion No, 736 743 765 summary of s~u2Res CONFIDENTIAL Evaluation of Concerned Offices A suggestion has-been made that Agency employees handling opera- tional funds in the field be bonded by an insurance firm, This bonding would be done at the em- ployee's personal expense and would insure the Agency of recovery of funds for which there is no satis- factory accounting,, The suggester proposes that Agency telephone number be changed since it is such a difficult and lengthy number to repeat back each time the Agency is called. This should enable the operators to answer more rapidly and with less effort, The suggester proposes that letter-size messenger envelopes be procured for Agency use, These would be used for small-sized correspondence such as IBM cards and let.. ters and would therefore prevent rumpling and wrinkling caused by use of the large envelopes presently stocked. This would also result in a savings in stationery costs,. DD/p Admine states that most cases where funds are un- accounted for occurred under circumstances where we could not reveal the details for security reasons; therefore, no recoupment would have been possible, The Agency would have to pay the bonding charges since they already do so for some Finance personnel, and it is felt this cost would be in excess of any amount recouped from shortages. The Logistics office states the prorosed change is im- practical for the following reasons: Executive 3-67.15 ,is our published number and is the first of 45 incom- ing lines presently assigned to the Agency, In order to receive calls, sequence numbered lines mus+ he available so that incoming calls may search for an idle line into the Agency switchboard; i.e., anyone calling EXecutive 3-6115 has access to EXecutive 3-6116 through EXecutive 3-6159, Therefore, if we change our first or listed number, we must also change the se- quence numbers and there are not 45 new sequence num- bers available for assignment. The Logistics Office states "existing and planned stock messenger envelopes, size 12 x 16 and 10 x 15, respec- tively are adequate for transmission of forms and cor- respondence," The 12 x 16 envelope stock is expected to last through June 1954, at which time rcplac ant stock of the smaller envelope will be effected, Approved For Releas~ 0 1 /~l1 : A-RDP80-00832A000100080004-4