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November 17, 2016
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July 10, 2000
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May 22, 1957
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*Vol Approved For Release 2000/08/15 CIA-RDP80- 32A000200070005-3 22 May 1957 25X1A C~FT?rAT. SuggeAtiw No, 2+99 Date of 8 tics: 28 AU cast 3:956 Garb Printitiag I. Pith1a 4 Asst" ;r 0 8-7 GRRg,/Dwcartow 1Y~ . aeog r~phsr as-21 A- of Bre Samestiem: a .1-1 gh"eatere used that the scans stteebed to- negatives be s rued to D+sp rodUUthon vhere they eau be weed o again. (Wiwau n3.ti-cd1o&*d maps =4/or black and wbite mmjea a duced In proem i' at the reprodation plants, they require, a min1mum of three and a taaadimm at tats Priatinag plates. Tai Ir to bold derma the number of **Ian on the multi-colored vaps and to distin- guish between the black tones an the black and vbite maps, s series or acrmw a*e &ttaehd to the negatives before the printing plates are made.) Thais saving these screew wauX cut costs. B. Eva3aaiatium. of Baia arcrrscr! NfrY lIW elr 9 A wOA11.r.-CMce rned Office: Chiet, Certo Division, Office of Research a Reports on 2. Apz'11 1957 stated the forting: "T met with the two eu geaters of SQag6e8tios NO. 2499 and discussed the rather ccWl" situation in ca?aie able detail. ~ aewade v}tth s As a result #yo~f waral meetings, further er'checks ~veree majar contributor to the AiS prWaat- it i s detA iuined that a possible salver operation cou3A be initiated whereby negative scream wb z1d. be returned upon the c+awoop3.etiou of the pro3eatt ,. "The logistics at such a paroposa.L appear to be somewhat etasimp3rrac and vould have to be irorksd emt an an later-agency basis "it is stiU believed thaat tbe Suggestion deals With a pro- part of the ea plc roes' ass d s aponsibilitie so 166- sib37 the ee*14ye es should be aooadended for broadening the eppliaati on of an established procedure." M MIS thief, Carto l Division Informed us that it tams been srranged with other agencies to bring about the saving of-:these sct'eaxas Uhaumer possible c. R~atiau of thaw Sz utive SeSMtarj: AV . V . raftl. Yetter of A eeiation for each eugSeat?rr 0 proved Fol fk6lease 2000 p RDP80-00832A000200070005-3 Approved For?Release 2000/08/15: CIA-RDPBd!0'0832A000200070005-3 22 May 1957 CIA INTERNAL. USE ONLY STATINTL Suggestion No, 2634 Date of Suggestions 30 October 106, 4` ' Office of Scientific Intelligence d 0 Secretary GSA A. ZM=JjLAh%.& C. gester proposed r t tho Hectograph Masi - Forff- 800a ~fVd sajia - s the front and back sheets fastened t the both rather than the top for more accessible aief, Records Management Staff on 24 April 1957 stated the followings "Our-5 November 1956 evaluation of this suggestion rece wended that it not be adopted on the basis of certain advantages to making corrections after re- moving the raster from the typewriter. The race 4 iondations stated in this evaluation are still valid. However: since evaluating this suggestion we have learned that there is equal preference among Agency -typists for correcting masters ,f,= removing them from the typewriter. ."Accordingly, we are redesigning Forme, 800 and Boca to meet both preferences. Typing guides similar to those now at the tottom of the forms will be printed also at the top. This will permit typists to take full advantage of Forms 800 and 800a whether they in- sert into the typewriter the top (closed end) or the bottom (open end) of the master. "the revised masters will not be available until after the and of this fiscal year because of a lack of print- ing funds. However, I feel that the Inevitable use of the suggester's idea justifies granting her an award now of $15 for intangible benefits of a slight nature." Approved For Release 2000/08/15: CIA-RDP80-00832A000200070005-3 CIA INTERNAL. USE ONLY Approved For Ueease 2000/08/15: CIA-RDP80-QQ1832A000200070005-3 ,MTAg Szaggmstlor was closed out in D cea r 1956 by Round Robin sugge sti rn disapproval procedure based on 5 Novembor i9:' i evaluation of Rocor s anagarrent Staff. It was reopened on 24 April 1937 by the Records earn :gent Staff, Approval. Award of $10425 based on itr tan jih1e &bE?r fits (slight-1I Itod) CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY Approved For Release 2000/08/15: CIA-RDP80-00832A000200070005-3