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November 17, 2016
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July 10, 2000
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May 14, 1957
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Apdved For%R6Iease 2000/08/15: CIA-RDP86'832A000200070007-1 1J Mqy 1957 CIA INS - ?RNAL USE ONLY auggosticara No, 2929 STATINT Date of Stoation: 16 Marcia 1957 DD/I oCI/CkS Clark Typist GS-5 Bo Evaluation of the. Concern Office: to prevent typcpalters from sl~i.diing off Wiest car proposed ~ tC ~~s ` .tom miles. ab0n9 Aa kry- of the . es Chef, Records Manageront Staff on 3 April 1957 stated the follov.ngz "Investigation and discussion with the suggester revealed that this skidding was caused by the slipping of typevrxdter pads on which the typewriters rested? Aaoordingly# this Staff asked the suggoster and a Building Supply Officer to test the effects of glueiaag pads to the boxes ziti$a a few spots of rubber cement, Both found that this prevented the pads and hence the typevrriterss from sUppi..ngd "It is therefore recommended that this corrective measure be publicized in the office of Logistics Supply Bulletin and through Building Supply Officers. C r tingeut upon this publt. city we rocaornnsend that the suggoster be granted a mi nia2a award for pointing up this problem and working with us on a solution," The Office of Logistics on 29 April 1957 made the follow' i statements the iO "The recommendation contained in the evaluation suggestion will be included in the next Sapp u g titian of the Executive SeseS Approval. Award of S: L042$ based on xtasngible ,benefitso (slight-1tmi t ed) z CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY Approved For Release 2000/08/15: CIA-RDP80-00832A000200070007-1 Approd For Ruse 2000/08/15: CIA-RDP80-02A000200070007-1 14 ` 1957 CIA INTF,I{AL USE ONLY Suggestion No. 2950 STATINTL Date of Suggestions 22 March 1957 Office of Co troner Cle c e GS-5 A0 of the Str estop, Suggesterr proposed the use of a combination ink and pencil typewriter eraser b *& -- U, Evaluation of the Concerned Offices: Chiefq Records Management Staff on 9 April 1957 stated the fol1cwiv9u "From a representative sa sling of opinions we estimate that about 25% of headquarters typists prefer to correct car- bon copies with a softer eraser than that used on originalsa TUB poll therefore substantiates the suggestergs r a,- t:ion for a combination ink and pen typewriter eraser with brush, "This Staffs howevers does not concur in the eraser designed by the suggestero We recommend, insteadd the use of an eerser presently stocked by the Federal Supply Service,, but not presently used by CIA. 1h t eraser is described as follows on page 108 of the Stores Stock Catalogs Three-ply octagonal or hexagonal typewriter with brush, Middle layer of abrasive rubber for eraeft i typed copy; and two outer layors for erasing carbons. Stock no. 7510-286.61.670 e therefore recointnend that this eraser be stocked in lieu of the wbee ype abrasive eraser (Stock No 7510162. 4024) now available in the Agency supply room0 Contingent upon this action we recommend that the suggester be gxanbed a $15000 award for pointing up the need for this type of eraser." CIA INf AL USE ONLY Approved For Release 2000/08/15 CIA-RDP80-00832A000200070007-1 Approved For ReI se 2000/08/15: CIA-RDP80-001 A0002U0070007-1 CIA Ti't` ~:RNAL USE ONL! Se e+stti n ,'boo 29.50 (CDn$t) The Off-tee of statements L*gistjcs on 29 App . 1957 Fade the foUoi (5 NActic , All be izaitj ,ted to stock the Su este t eraser ter 1 ~ 7/7.510,2 86-6167) and to dLB00Utiaaur,? the wheel type eras (Stec* A -o 7/7 .(- -40210.11 t+~ atie of t1w Executive Secret ApPro"'.- Award of 0-625 based 0' i at b .e e tg Approved For Release 2000/08/15: CIA-RDP80-00832A000200070007-1