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November 17, 2016
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July 10, 2000
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May 23, 1957
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Apprd For Fease 2000/08/15: CIA-RDP80-632A000 00070011-6 23 My 1957 CIA I1 ARM USE Y SuMstion No. 3045 Date of BuggeStiana 25 A$11 1957 STATINTL Pessonae, Raoocrdts aed Services Div. Appt. Clerk 00-5 stibat flea attaabmd - .-V, t4 S a -j B. Ev u tion Of the CouDerned Office a On 6 MW 1957', the Office of Personnel stated the folhving: 'T'hat procedure outlined in this to a e1 otion vas put ito effect at tlae suggestion of afio fly STATINTL was the originator of the attse ration. is an Ap -ointaant Clerk in the Traasaotiona Section of Records STATINTL and Se4rvSCes Divisioaa. WThe servings In applying than stow eaaaamt to the time required to type the information cc the Fora 52, vbich is s4Fproxi- State9y case minute per ram at an avavege of 40 of time foarms per k. "on, or about, 1 dime 1957, the font t of the Imam 52 viii be changed to cOnfom with the nev Plexoariter flyet -m of Pre- paring F 50 and 52. When this system is installed, this rubber stop All not be neceasezya" 'ther fo1Zanap with wravealed that the ail eetd system er111 be in effect for oe about a mranth before the ftaxavriter System viii preciude its need. She ,seam a small, cash award four adoption of the !dean CO Ras ticui of th@ Executive S!!EetaMs Approval. CC x acrd, of $10. based CO- Intangible, , amvinga 0 CIA MUSH M. USE OW.Y Approved For Release 2000/08/15: CIA-RDP80-00832A000200070011-6 STATINTL DESCRIPTION Of SUGGESTION SUGG1 (Attach a 'tonal ahaata If nacaaaary) - veleese 2130108/15-CTA-RDP80-00832A00011-6 As t::e Status Unit in our division !:as taken over the typing cf the Notification of Personnel Action SF 50, the Atrc;iritnent Unit sim- ply ceapletee the Request for Personnel Action, SF 52 with the appro- priate remarks. There are always two remarks th-' have to go on the SF 52 that I feel could be made on a stamp. They are: Subject to the satisfactory eo:niletion of a medical e)amination. Subject to the satisfactory completion of a trial period of one year. And DOGE CSEOD: LCD: SCD: PSI DUE: The first statement could be shortened in the to read: Subject to medical & trial period,as the Statlxs nit understands that this would be an abbreviation. The lines i-. t,:e iR tter statement are for the dates that we would write in according-.y. The stamps would pave the time of havi-L to write these state- ments out each time by simply stamping them on. -?'+RM NO. ^(714 ?:[PLACES 37-144 1 OCT 4 NI CW ^AY It USED. Approved For Release 2000/08/15: CIA-RDP80-00832A000200070011-6 Approved For Re dse 2000/08/15: CIA-RDP80-00 1A00' 00070011-6 COIWID IAL Suggestion No- 3073 25X1A Date of Suggestion: 24 April 1957 D0/P P1/RI/NU A. ~.?st on: See attached. B. MM&!ation of the Concerned Office: Clark as--5 23 MOW 1957 Chief, RI an 6 *W 1957 stated the following: 'The Idea Of a st"?p fair umbering documents which we assigned ~slaBh' or 'X' nuM e r is an excellent etagg tiona This viii speed up this particular paraceda , rake the finished product neater end reduce errs rs 'While exact savings cannot be oabm1mted until the dump is put into use, and also becatwe this wwk tau tuates, it is Seumslly be3.ieved that of the time involved should be p4neda Ding the month of Ail 1957, forty-mitre (49) hours vem used, mostly by a puft QS-5 mph, to accaWlish these ahangee by hand. Sbe could devote any time saved to othmc itivitiesn RI void, estimate the benefits to be of alight dfe and loceal application ($n.,00 ? $50000)0. 'RI viii ivlement this xugsestiacr by .placing an ardw for two (2) adjustable rubber hand staaps, with the necessary rum bra of vheela and type eha re cters, esaentially as proposed. This office appreciates and w elcoaress an idea sttoh as this one.* t 22 May 1957 telephone eonversation with Chief, RI: Re admen that savings can be considered tangible tether than intangible. c o R t elation of the Eze utive Secretes -p 0 Cash word of $550 based cftaDgible savings Al _ $1I 3l~ ti88 ( w5 ? $1076 Per how X 588 h i saved per year : Api4 d? P r CONFII NTXAL 00/08/15: CIA-RDP80-00832A000200070011-6