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November 17, 2016
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July 10, 2000
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February 19, 1957
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?400 %Id Approved *Releak000/08/15 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000200070020-6 e g:iNFIDENTIAL Seggestion NO, 2328 ary 1957 Date of? Suggestiont 20 April 1956 25X1A Office of Personnel Clerk.Steno OSelt ary of the Suflgestion: ?mo amgester proposed that numbered typing spaces be printed aJong the edge of Agency stationery to save typists from euese- tng the number of typing spaces remaining on a page. D?.. Evaluations of the Concerned Offices: Chief., Records Management Staff on 14 May 1956 stated the following: "This Staff concurs in the basic idea of providing typists with those typing guides. Presently they are on paper offset masters and stenciled,, and the Agency recently ordered hectograph mast,ere enich mill have these guides. However s it is only cone aIdered practical to print these guides on stationery or dup. licating nesters when it can be done simultaneously (and there. fore 'without added cost) with the printing of other material on the masters or stationery. Even in these cases appearance must be considered. For examples it mould not be appropriate to print space numbers along the edge of the letterhead stationery used by the Directors the Deputy Director and other officials? The one possible exception to this ruling on appearance is the U.S? Government Memorandums Standard Form No. 640 Since this stationery is used exclusively for interoffice corres- pondences I feel that it mould be propriate to print on the form an unobtrusive guide such as a single tick mark, Such mark along the edge of the paper would indicate to the typist thets for examples only one more inch of typing space rematned on the page," See attached evaluation of Chiefs Records Management Staffs, dated 8 February 19570 CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2000/08/15 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000200070020-6 ApprovAwror Relloke 2000/08/15 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000200070020-6 CONFIDENITIAL Suggestion No, 2328 Con' t) C, Recommendation of the Executive Secretary Approval, Award of $10425 based on inangiblo benefits (slight bonefit local application) CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2000/08/15 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000200070020-6 RMIOMMADOW 1.11 roved ZorRelease-2000/08/15 : CIA-RDP80-00832A0002007002r6 0 ceMemorandum. UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT TO a Executive Secretari, Si...L;:estion Awards FROM : Records Wina7ement S?aff DAT* 6 F..bruarv 11. ' Wiwi% p -ce Sucestion 23:7: Numbering Typing Spaces on the El7e Stationery. 1. In my memorandum of 29 Nov. 956 I recommended that the suggester be granted an avard based on adopting a modification of his suggestion, the printing of a tick mark on the Office Memorandum form (8F64) to serve as a typing guide. 2. I understand tat approval of this award vas deferred by the Suggeetion Awards Committee pending resolution of certain questions. Perhaps the following information will help. a. Only blue sp64 is stocked by the Federal Supply Service. It's price as listed in the Stores Stock Catalog is $2.20 per thousand. b. We do not recommend using blue 8,64 for the following reasons: (1) It is leas acceptable to agency typists anA officials. (2) Blank Blue paper would have to be stocked for second and succeeding pages. (3) Blue paper does not provide the best contraFt for microfilming. c. The Agency use about 270,000 sheets of vhite SFC4 yearly which we procure from the Government Printing Office. Our last order of vhite 11,64 cost $2.3a per thousand, or more per thousand than the price of blue src4 available thlic-1, the Federal Supply Service. d. added cost for printins-a tick mark on the SF i usel CIA would bc infinitesimal. 2. /n view of the above I n4min recommend adoption of this guestion. 25X1A Approved For Release 2000/08/15 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000200070020-6 25X1A Approvedirefr Rele 2000/08/15 : CIA-RDP80-00832A00006070020-0S 14 February 195? ODNFIDENTIAL Suggestion No. 2483 Date of Suggestions 9 August 1957 Office of pip, FI/RI Analyst 0S-7 A, Summ t_Ez_leAutgeatle.12: Suggester proposes that an Elliott.Fisher Writing Machine be used for making up all 201 file foleiers and for purposes where large type of lettering is reel:kited. Evaluation of the Concerned Office: Chief, RI on 22 January 1957 stated the following: "The Elliott-Fisher Writing Machine referred to in the, subject suggestion has been in HI approximately one (1) month. The testing of this machine, so far, has shown an advantage in a marked improvement in appearance and legibility in file designations placed en file folders. However, there are disadvantages in the machine in that production is limited to one employee as compared to the hand lettering method where several people could be placing file titles on folders at one time This limitation can result in backlog although the backlog now in RI is not serious on this particular item. 7he only way to pro. hibit accumulation of this backlog would be to have several machines? "RI is of the opinion that advantages offered by this machine would be of benefit throueh the 'clarity of print. ing, etc. However, any savings aea considered to be in. tangible and it is impossible to determine at this time any savings experienced in filincor finding time through the clarity and legibility of lettering. On the basis of the above however, RI is of the opinion that it would be of moderate benefit and lbcal application." C. Recommendation of the Executive ,3ecretarx: Approval, Cash award of $100.00 based on intangible benefits (moderate benefit-local application). Approved For Release 2000/08/15 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000200070020-6 CONFIDENTI4 ?%400) Approva For Riiiiirwase 2000/08/15: CIA-RDP80-00832th4200070020-6 CI Immumai um ONIX 20 February 1957 Suggestion No. 2486 25X1A Date of Suggestion: 15 August 1956 Medical Division Medical Technician ($-9 A. Smiryf the Suggestion: .Suggester propoml an expendable cardboard container so con- structed that vaccines requiring temperature below freezing and those requiring normal refrigeration can be shipped in the 4sme container.- B. Evaluations of the Concerned Offices: See attached evaluations of Deputy Chief, Administrative Support Division/MS, dated 16 Novetber 1956 and Chief, Administrative Staff, OL, dated 7 February 1957. C. Recommendation of tihe Executive Secretary Approval. Award of $70 for tangible savings of $1620., CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY 25X1A ,pte- 6 410, 30 J/1606 CI C/A t.) ? ArAJL"Ara -D) 4A-A-Yi .1,77 Approved For R lea e 2000/08/15: CIA-RDP80-00832A000200070020-6 PjL44') USA LETTSREX TO MAkk 171: its MY ARE ATTLove ur e gale-7t1UUTUIrr5"-CUrREMITOMMUDD2OatreZWA1121"114_:. ON NUNN' EVALUATION ut EMPLOYEE suO0EsTION 2486 TO: EXECUTIVE SECRETARY. INCENTIVE AWARDS COMWITTEE Flow Uni ifs Administratave illactnt?Obrteten Midiaal Staff ACTION RECOMMENDED INDICATE ACTION RECOMMENDED SY PLACING ACTION NUMBER IN BOX En I. ADOPT rem msg. (Oda AMMO I. 4LREAR7 IN Erracr seT rmrs surrotsTrom maxis mete CONTRIOVTION. (MPOCIFF SALOP) S. OISArreOvIO root Assertse. 4. ALREADY IN EFFECT ASO Ni rs.wr tr THIS WOOMISTIOR IMES ASSES CONTIIIOUTION. S. REWIRE FUNTWIN STINT. (COMM OATS OF COOPLOTION O. OTNEO (OPOCIFY SOW) 7. AUER suOSESTION TO REASONS FOR RECOMMENDATION In order to guide the Incentive Awards Committee in milking filial deterwlmallow. first r!or's sod/or otherbewoliteebswid be sheave here. II espliesbli. ...I.E. ii (I) alletment sowings, (S) lwaroaeod output at resources caved to some other necessary oetivity. If emiceatios cesitall%4101rr mialeiF. etc.. please indicate the extent of time ores Which yew think Mee ..i 1T ore's, office-wide. Asency.wide. Attach additional sheet if as. spots on aftslysis of the antleipated ladiosto mid explain below pre- sage seat ea (S) application of iLkli dAtt Summarising the evaluation of the suggestions sijiUl affect, i.e.: the la- 'aim, such as morale. I. wooded. 1. The container would save between three hundred and four hundred dollars a year in picnic boxes. 2. It eould possibly save thousands of dollars in perishable materials. nab as vaccines, serums, chemicals forsen food., etc., by longer refrigeration while emroute to destination. 3. It would save manAoure as it is a teo.inrone eontsiners-oapable of housing both frozen and controlled temperature biological for save days. Unlike pionic boxes it has unlimited space. It *allures Agency of proper refrigeration and responsibility from airlines. Material oan be shipped anywhere in the world with assured rafrigerat,on a minimum of six days and a maximum of eight day. 108,0116111 Is 1775(511 151(7 ItTAL -IOW ? atm it rrirr & 77). fjl Daputy Chief, Administretive Support Illev./M3 Approved For R lease 2000/08/15 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000200070020-6 rows no.240 REPLACES rOam sT.seall men is ONICH NAT SE USE,. 25X1A 1 1431 ApproveNsKor Re!hide 2000/08/15 : CIA-RDP80-00832A00*60070020-6 tuA INIERNAL USE ONLY Itteeutive Secretary, From: Chief, Administrative Staff,OL Incentive Awards Comaittee 1, Adopt for Use. (Date adopted FALL 1956) This sitggestion has been adopted and placed into effect in the band.- im of shipments of medical supplies requiring refrigeration. The necessary isplentetitntion has been aecomplished through the joint efforts of the Medi- al 0-1-fiee and neregonnel of this Office. Thing:dgfieutiov. vili result jn an, estimated savings of $1?020,-00 per year, welch represents ,the difference in eoat between the previous con- 4a1ner utilized wad the new container, a total of 68 shipments per Addition to the savings in containers, it is estimated the tangible benefits in reduced transportation costs dm to weight savings, will approxiante between $450 and $600 annually. Ibis Office is presently developing technical specifications for the new container and upon cmvpietion of 'written specifications, it is necommended that this suggestion then be submitted for consideration by other Government agenciet such. as Public Health, Department of Defense Medical Procurement Agencies, and any others which have occasion to handle shipments of 'medical items requiring refrigeration. 7 February 1957 CIA INTERNAL USE or= Approved For Release 2000/08/15 :CIA-RDP80-00832A000200070020-6