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November 17, 2016
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July 10, 2000
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January 22, 1957
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V"011 *WO Approved F *Release 2000/08/15: CIA- RDP80-00832A0 100070026-0 22 January 1957 Suggestion No. 1053 (See Suggestion No 1102) Date of Suggestion. 6 July 1954. STATINTL Secretary GS-6 A. Suutm x of the Svg eg etion2 Suggester proposes that mazrila transmittal crnvelopes have an outside slot or window? perbepa the size of a 3' by 5" card, a new card could be inserted in the slot each time it was used and thus avoid unnecessary waste. Ba Evaluations of the Concerned Offices: as 28 July 1954 evaluation by C/AS/OL recommended disapp- roval. (Attachment A). be Suggestion disapproved by Incentive Awartks Committee at meeting of April 1955, c4 Suggester notified of turndown by SAS letter of 20 April 1955.0 dA Records Management Staff did a study on envelopes in 19560 The window envelope idea has been adopted, with the approval of the Office of Security. f. RNS recommends the award be shared Q SugE action No 1053 to get 113 of the award and Suggestion )o4 1102 to get 2/3 of the awards, (See attached evaluations from Chief,, RL dated 29 November 1956 and 16 January 1957 ) C 0 l r lend ioaa p _ the Ea ecutive, Secreta 'yz Approval, Gash award of $75. ($75 award represents, 13 of the total. Mash award of $225 recommended for this sug., gestion and Suggestion No, llo2?) CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY Approved For Release 2000/08/15: CIA-RDP80-00832A000200070026-0 ROP8TU0832A000200070026-0 ATTM~~GQ~~15 : C A LU V 1653 r TO; Executive Secretary, Incentive Awards Committee FROM: Chief, Administrative Staff, Logistics Offic ACTION 109COOMPO CHECK APe OPRIATE BOX: 0 Adopt for use. J suOiiestion already in effect and me part of eugsestlon makes added 0 Disapproved for adoption. contribution. = w tien a1reedy in offect but 0 Requires further stu* saw added contribution. (indicate below the expected date of completion). offer (p1. ae opacl ty Ile sect ion Media ? UPS" ON In order to gr1de the Incentive heard ? t ?o oa king na ? or. s M , an sn rs o the c p? ? first year .6 savings andl?r ether bMSfItI should ss ak?os kern. If applies Aler indlsat? sn1 esplais below pro- r?as?d Output at soon soot or 431 application of I ss posed disposition of ?avIngs as 111 alletint savings, III resources bawd to sews ?thor ssaessa-y Ntivlty. If auggastlas sostalss latesillle valve, sock as ewral?, safety, estlest will offset, I.e.l the i?iw?diste area, su h i k sltneed t e n etc., please Ineicatelthe ?Attst off dt the area his?kt y 0" th 1. Lt the present tier Building Supply Rocs are stocking.two sizes of rtiessenger chain envelops to be used for intrs-genoy silt . The" items adequately serve the functions referred to in this suggestion. 2. 3uggestor should be comsaecided for his interest in this program. DATE STATINTL ow oo. ~, pprove or Release 2000/08/15: CIA-RDP80-00832A000200070026-b"l ~ so" Approved For Release 2000/08/15: CIA-RDP80-00832A000200070026-0 `Y 1, Sri F: w'?`:'~{: 1?, +o,. .T1;)1 ~~',!'. :, 'ma ng a!e 4 t2 f .:y . '3k3'v Y ~, t ~ i 3 & tr :A~s 1.1,,. 1i>ur _..a #' fi tY ~T w ?, 2Y cu314'~$i it'} ' 'tA t;hang are na + ilex f' a MFR 1' e1F?' i4 provide .0` , ? 4G. Sses On, the f +L`.z~ Up: T1r1.' { opticsu Of t.ho "#S' and button- fastene.r. i'athe?,.. 11 'y. _ '. ~$Ir. ~ :k'!tP+ -~.C7 ~a? 1? L~.T9 YSF.atr; fiZ a.'~1*r'1 i~`i~;'Rih^: 3.c xj i; $:.ion t. 'mdird w E?l Y/ 1~Csl)#;~' on th,% ?E34Yif of the ,. >l;c s `xli a.l. Use B'L".:1?"4` s j" zit r" V gf .~ t x' }:,..zl wi n t:hf' apprap " f4. t?zE?'3, ill and ? 't'._i#i . is u "c p ~~p&; ~: _ i bra .fir rx e?na.;_ w o .F w :EPit thv, Tl,ev? 0311 "~ k' 5 [}E: 1~. S =~ t3~'i 74:0 ~ 3 ~.. air as lkdF?,'t E't~trs:`: 'i?7t'e~ .n ": ", Ceui n tta..~ ??:' 1`l..ash] ~::c: _.f%Etd I73i1'J _, to tF1} X':C4T1"C1sT"i'tlk>,? ~f ::x" #).f3 ..4.`.'i' ' ''Af:t.LYy?3_ 6g1i prfo!{"$ 3d ,&..: #, >':?X.8 o.f`d l c#t 61r i.l -Fr>zs. ~ r rsxe. t:. c ~ ~ r1gt Th? c ns t .t uc: t on; will art th~tii1 7f t t". t?.9 x+31' 6",: yat?cA: STATINTL STATINTL Approved For Release 2000/08/15: CIA-RDP80-00832A000200070026-0 - EVALUATION OF EMPLOYEE SUGGESTION w+* Ne.103 TO: Executive Secretary, Inoentive 11,1Ns Award a ? Colmlittee Chief, $.oo:ea >rlua$nesnt staff CHECK APMO-*IATE Nxi ? M apt for osa. {e11 ealllsa+r Is ethst as1 .l4s'R~I IptTe 40" Milled K aINPO AWi ter ~LM. p m e~N ? Cam, `Iles~r iii ether Olit Q *,111"! io-ther tltlly _ ` (tlnieste a.I.w we Jet! of cube st Ies). MW Otani t f ion I. erd?r to #1111? too Isc?nt v. Aeards t ?? 1:4014,61019 "a ?fs * M, an abot go of the ? c ps ? first years saviwis awilor ether -?s?flts Morl# she" hare. If s/*lIaatls, iwd1Ne? SW ?spl?101 below pro- posed dlsp?sltlM of savings as 111 Allotment soviw#s, III Iwsl?as4 output at salsa east or Iii sp,ilestloa of resources saved t? sass other see?sear asttvi If sr sstlss s teiss I.towii#I? tai s11cs as morale, safety, et l I /1 l c., f ess? n ?str the ?stalt ?f the area si sh 1W tIsI li the IN#tIM will sffNt, I.?.I the to sdlat? area, effls?-.lde, 4ency-.I1?. Attach e411t1Msl sheet if more $pass Is 4N/N. A decision has been holes to teats tiro shanges in the Chain Zlrvvelops s V 1. Secure the envelope by the use of *Str4g and Dutton" thus eliminating the we of adhesive tape for sealing. Afts, /nggestion 1102) 2. A "vindpv" type envelope viii be sscurily att/lslsod to the Main Znvelope for the purpose at holding the Courier -U 4;4* Readdressing the envel vile not be necessary in mash uses a It Coarlier Receipts are not used, it will be necessary to place an mess sheet or card in the vindov envelopes I is estiwted that at tbaso two obsAws OW-WA out the s ion of 91"42" (561 TSB sad 10"4399,) plain Irai3~11 as by ! to the anticipated l r line of the l t in enve d0t e , S1 y+Mlrly esoumption in chain envelopes shoos rise r~t-;r Itttid o-io rover, tbf400 of th111 nor n ,enrviops vill double thereby reduotag tbs esl te4 toiLr awt*G t etie].spss to s oaieately $2300 In addition, there v*3l be an i eti able dollar saving in sealing twttsrialsplus a man hour saving in perfcr hag the 0011 ft sperationo . As the dollar savings to be realised froso the ~Isde is the Main envelops must be *m ualod as a esrwtpllste a it to No WW SMW awed be spli two va" 0? MT, Aw 4M n am for Dansstioe 1102 (String arad tm US UADd Of ate' of +~vltla STATINTL 1E 16 January 1957 _ S?TATI NTL Approved For ReI se 20-AIB00200070026-0 JIM NM Isyl 00832A000200070026-0