SUGGESTION NOS. 1376, 1847, 1937

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November 17, 2016
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July 10, 2000
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January 22, 1957
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*Owo~ *d Approved For Rease 2000/08/15: CIA-RDP80-032A0002070029-7 22 January 1957 Suggestion foe, 137691847: 1937 2 '11 Date of Suggestions 12 October 1954 25X1A 25X1 A Date of S estions 2 May 1955 \ % 4 DD/P Division 25X1A 1931 I.O:: GS-12 Date of Six estions 14 July 1955 OVDCI, Cable Secretariat Clerk GS -4 A,, Summary of the suggestionst Suggesters pronoaed procedures for handling "hot" teletyped CS information reports? Evaluation of the Concerned 0 'fi&L; Chief,, Records Management Staff on 28 December 1956 stated the following," "Suggestion Nos., 1376, 1847 and 1937 have all materially contributed to the vaatiy improved procedures which are now in effect for handling "hots" teletyped information reports,, These now procedures and forma which were installed about seven months ago have resulted in the complete elimination of all follow-up CS~Reports to each PD (Proli*ina.ry Disn semination) Report ("pat" Iaforaatt n Reports disseminated in the most time manner n2ssiblaL. i6ea ~p t e sup l. sertted, bwa rw dd cg ,dimtribution These p edree ash. forms have resulted in a minimum roveable savings of $75,000 during the first six months of operation:, These are man hours savings only of DD/P reports officer, typing and editing personnel. Ntny other savings are yet to be accounted for, sore of which go outside CIA into all of the IAC Agencies. We have not yet determined the exact contri- bution ratio for each suggestion in relation to the overall package of improled procedures and forms, This can be done ag oon as the complete savings have been determined," trmendation of the Executive lesWms o1- t( 1 . Approval,, Dr (1) Interim award of 4100 for each suggestion (2) them when final figures are available on (a) total annual Jv '"Y' savings resulting from the suggestions (b) exact d-" ,.proved For Rele Ibd / IC?iw[ b `083')46 6n0029-7 SECRET (C)= R) Approved ForIease 2000/08/15: CIA-RDP806832A000070029-7 S'3ggestion Nos. 137691847, 1937 (Cone t) 25X1A NC? - The 5O,OOO ann . tangible savings would norm lly represent a total cF,ah award of $775:, In this instance we have recomm? mended the awards be kept low to allow for adjustments when It is possible to determine the exact contribution of each suggea-jr and the final total tangible savings:; Approved For Release 2000/08/15: CIA-RDP80-00832A000200070029-7 R Approveddor Relse 2000/08/15: CIA-RDP80-00A0002070029-7 Suggestions Nos. 1376, 1847, 1937 25X1A The $150,000 annual savings was arrived at as follows: ~. S D/C/RQM/DD/FP on 17 May 1956 furnished us .an estimate of the man hours in each grade devoted each month to producing CS Reports. His estimate was based on estimates furnished by area divisions. The average work month was set at 21 days to avoid fractions of days. 2. Average production of CS Reports 1 January-30 April 1956 inclusive was 3,210. Average monthly PD production for this period was 460, or about 14.3% of the CS production. 3. As all PD's are followed up by a CS report and under the new TD system all CS follow-ups were cut out, initial savings represented 14.3% of the monthly cost of CS Reports. 4. Initially, the total man hours and their costs spent on CS Reporting were as follows in the January-April 1956 period. GLADE MAN HOURS PER MOUTH BASE HOURLY WAGE MONTHLY DOLLAR GLUE 15 134.4 $5.58 $ 749.95 14 264.3 4.96 310.92 13 701.4 4.32 3,030.04 12 20074.8 3.64 7,552.27 11 3,454.5 3.07 10,605.31 9 5,594.4 2.62 14,657.32 8 142.8 2.39 341.29 7 2,536.8 2.18 5,530.22 6 829.5 1.96 1,625.82 5 2,192.4 1.76 3,858.62 4 1,516.2 1.64 2,486.56 3 ___L47 Q 1.53 19,588.5* 51,973.23# 25X1A suggested that since this was an estimate that we round it off to 19,600 hours. This is an 11.5 hours dif- ference. We computed these 11.5 hours at the GS-9 hourly rate of $2.62 and obtained an added cost of $30.13. This, added to $51,973.23 gave us $52,003.36. Approved For Release 2000/0?il?f.CIA-RDP80-00832A000200070029-7 Approves For F(ease 2000/08/15: CIA-RDP80-(`32A0000070029-7 4. The annual labor cost of CS Reporting (Reports personnel-Headquarters only) is $52,003.36 x 12 months $624,040.32. Based on the original average monthly pro- duction of 3,210 CS Reports, the average annual production at the January-April 1956 rate was determined to be 381520. By dividing $624,040.32 by this figure (38)520) we established an average labor cost per report of $16.20. 5. The new TI? system has been in operation for over 6 months. The total volume of both-total CS Reports and the percentage of TD's have climbed. For the June-November 1956 period, CS report production ranged from 3500-3900 with 4,000 produced in November. The average for 6 months was 3750. The i0 percentage ranged from a low of 14.6% in July to 31.05 in November. Average percentage of TD's was 20'. 6. With an average monthly production of 3750 reports the annual production has Jumped from 38,500 to 45,000. 45,000 x $16.20 $729,000.00-annual labor cost. 20 of $729,000.00 is $149,445.00. We rounded this figure off to $150,000.00 the base minimum annual savings, labor only of reports personnel. Chief, Forms Management Branch 25X1A Approved For Release 2000/08/15: CIA-RDP80-00832A000200070029-7 Approved FdV elease 2000/08/15: CIA-RDP8 0832A0Y0200070029-7 ~,IA I nwum USE QIY Sugges tion No. STATINTL I )ate of Suggestim : 19 1955 dffise of Pere el See t%ry Stenogr 16 A. SLUMWXY Of the Suggestion: Suggester proposed that a fQ be developed which eou]d be used instead of the memo tin triplicate) which is now used fur requesting pissian from office of verity for attendance at outside activi- ties such as courses, eonventi,nn s, etc. STATINTL B. ia'` 40m tios of the Coneerneed Office: On 27 Dea er 1955, the chief of the PA-mords ceent Staff stated the following : "on the basis of the Suggester' s re o ndaticsn s this Staff developed Fora No. 879, Cuttside Activity Clew ee I to The use of this forms ha been approved by the Office of Security., and Regulation been revised to provide for the use of this form in h era. subject a scion therefore has been adopted. nWhon imixl ntedd to the fullest ex cnt s this au stio n will simplify the preparation of about 3vOOO clearance requests a ua3.lr4 In addition,, the use of a . form should assure that requests are cos- plated poly and submitted th xg a riate officials a An s* and of $35 is therefore s nded based on intangible benefi of a limited degree applicable on a lcsamal basis. C. Re'cc radaticu of the eruti ve ; !e- ` : Approval. Award of $35 basedon ints ible benefits (li t - aal.) . CIA IRT%ML USE ONLY Approved For Release 2000/08/15: CIA-RDP80-00832A000200070029-7 Approved Fdelease 2000/08/15: CIA-RDP80832A0000070029-7 2i January 1957 CIA I iAL USE 01UZ Suesticn 160. 19s8 STATI NTL Dente of SuSgeatican: - 19 ' 1955 Office CC DW/S A0ointment Clerk CB-5 SUMMWY of tba. -tion: tester p opuses tba roxto Mw- 570 (Request for P e- 1 nt ) edtaa1 ftwd mUou and 259 (Vedic" Mtion Request and Repaart) be and want ed in caa:bon interleaved snDp-out se o Do Evaluatitn of the Concernad Office: See mttaebed 'equation of Cbief, Rsaaoe4 )bne ut Stafff, 7 Jaaumxy 1957? C. Aee tion oft the Rteerittive SeOreitB : Appsavela Cash end of $ko. ($20 fear to ible savirw of $3150 plus $20 for inter ible saving--limited:--slight ). CIA IPA AL TBE GILL! Approved For Release 2000/08/15: CIA-RDP80-00832A000200070029-7 'S LETTEREX TO MAKE ~~~.~.... - .... ~~~..~ ..-.~~.~~~I~$a 1l_lt->IY ARE EVALUATION OF EMPLOYEE SUGGESTION TO: EXECUTIVE SECRETARY, INCENTIVE AWARDS COMMITTEE SUGGESTION NUMBER 1946 'Chief, Records Management Staff I. ADOPT FOR USE. (DAIS ADOPTED INDICATE ACTION t. ALREADY IN EFFECT OUT THIS SUGGESTION MAKES ADDED CONTRIBUTION. (SPECTl7 ESLOW) RECOMMENDED 8Y S. DISAPPROVED FOR ADOPTION. PLACING ACTION. 4. ALREADY IN EFFECT AND NO PART-OF THIS SUGGESTION MAKES ADDED CONTRIBUTION. NUMBER IN BOX S. REQUIRE FURTHER STUDY. (SXISCMSD DATE OP COIfPLSTIOM ) 0. OTHER (SPECZR' D .Of) I J 7. REFER SUGGESTION TO _ In order to guide the incentive Awards Committee in making final determination, an analysis of the anticipated first eeaarr''5 savings and/or other benefits should be shown here. If applicable, indicate and explain below pro- posed id sposition of savings as (1) allotment savings, (2) increased output at same cost or (3) application of resources sated to some other necessary activity. If suggestion contains intangible value', such as morale, safety, etc., please indicate the extent of the area which you think the suggest on -will affect. i.e.: the im- mediate area, office-wide, Agency-wide. Attach additional sheet if more space-is needed. Employee Suggestion # 1948 proposes that Forms No's. 570 and 259 be printed and constructed in carbon interleaved snap-out sets. The Medical Office and the Records Management Staff sire in complete accord that the suggestion has merit and are taking the necessary steps to initiate complete adoption of the suggestion. Delay in evaluation of this suggestion has been due to the Medical Offices in:lecision as to whether Form No. 259 will be a 5 or 6 part carbon interleaved construction. In May 1956, Form No. 570 was converted to a carbon interleaved snap-out.set construction from a cut sheet form. Form No. 259 'frill be converted as soon as formal request is received from the Medical Office. ? 4. The procedure of stuffing carbons, jogging, inserting, alining, adjusting and unshuffling carbons is quite time consuming. Approximately 192 hours' minutes can be saved annually in typing through the use of carbon interleaved sets.of these (2) two forms. Based on the salary of a GB-4 typist and a,total of 30,000 gets to be typed, 192 hours of the typists time can be saved amounting to ;315.04 annually. The attached paper depicts the method which was used to arrive at ,his savings. 5. Although the tangible savings are comparatively small, the use of the interleave carbon sets will contribute appreciably to the morale of the office. It is recommen that the suggester be considered for an award based on the tangible savings and the ?rPted intangible benefits. ('. If at the time Medical Office submits their request for converting Form No. 259) it is determined that the savings will be greater than what has been depicted in this evaluation, a supplemental evaluation will be submitted, recommending an additi award. CONTINUES ON ATTACHES SHEET - --- - 1 NA U UA NW 3TVTtTA1pa a January A1p957 or RCk16, RovW-00832A000200070I029-7 FORM NO. REPLACES FORM 37.1640 Allllb L'f7 ,s,,,, ru ^ uesn (l3) Approved For lease 2000/08/15: CIA-RDP80' 832A00 00070029-7 16 January 1957 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY Suggestion No,, 2184 Date of Suggestions 21 December 1955 STATINTL Office of Communications Depo Chief GS=24 u~of 98 uggeati.ont Suggester proposes a method whereby pouch material. may be transmitted through the open mails. STATINTL B. Evaluation of the Concerned Office; Chief Cormunications Security Division stated that in his opinion a need exists for such a systems The big problem is to engineer equipment that would be email enough and sey ehough to operate so that the more inaccessible and small stations could use it, The research and development to determine feasibility of such a system could take several years, 9ASt= At the present time the Office of Comrunicaticns has the suggestion and its evaluation,. They plan to determine if a need exists in CIA before sending the idea to NSA for re- search and develonrrent, 0C will keep the SAS informed as to final disposition, STATINTL 1 ~ latter of appreciation to 8uggesterv ad C o Recommendation of the Executive Ssecre tam; Because of the lengthy processing period involved (several years) we propose the.following: k Suggestion No. 2181, on our reccrda Nubject to reopening when final disposition of uggestion is deteririned0, s CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY Approved For Release 2000/08/15: CIA-RDP80-00832A000200070029-7