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November 17, 2016
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July 10, 2000
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January 16, 1957
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Approved For Releas` '2000/08/15 : CIA-RDP80-00832A00026470030-5'wi 1.6 January 1957 CONFIDPWIAL Suggestion Nc0 223?' Date of Suggestions 2 February 1956 Office of Central Reference Information Control Officer GS-9 A. SSA of the S estiont Suggester proposes that a directive be circulated to all offices of the Agency warring them of the seriousness of the removal of documents which are sent through the batch system. He stated that frequently an office which wan second or third on the routine routing never got to see the document because it had been pulled by someone on earlier routing. ftaluationn of tte concerned Offiyces On 2S T ecerr ber 1956, LSD/T (.Armin) reco ended' an award of $100 for intangible benefits (local-moderate) See attached TAD/I Notice pip has value, C Reeom ion ,..jbg_jbceutL~aex~a Approval, Award of $100 for intangible benefits (local-moderate) for adoption in the DID/I component, 2. SAS Close the case. 3. SAS send to DDS and DD/P for evaluationo( .dam ~' 4? Re-open if DD/ or DD/P feel that suggestio Approved For Release 2000/08/15 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000200070030-5 Apprved For Rase 2000/08/15 : CIA-RDP80-00832AOV20007005 Cowm1 IAL Sagimitid t /! Kati" Dotl 39 ottobei . i S6 UVO EgE+EpITI 1B R G OBE WWI on xDO4 iw 1. The epsvAittoue ticv at 1r%te3.23gSnse spatsiial, ft m 1eee1pt to fj diep0iltt ci , is & reipc hi3.ity or *11 xi as of CZ&O ) 1tlp]* saaPies at &FMAAO rise cbtaiaed a ve paesiblet and routtug be)* to a mudna ai eseb pima o 'tai au a 3JNa, so tetatnt ec?slr1aiszte sesrt+ived tbat i*t.rr we b'4iaad A*3A vp. Ilya vaizs. at loft oc s iaf mo-ttcc is eui1y vitiated T been mated tc. ft au+e ft]cyedb 20 The CIh IOr+ezy ie v aioTfila d l VIAOa1 ' all intsaarametiswn a fd CIA, Statle, Am # Navy, and Air Fcuc43ea Filmed me-tearie is idi ntifieed by a aeve3 digit nnlaabw pe ed by We Sett. "DO' or "C" stew d on the tam a the doems+uto Thiaoret"vrer i routed *am at a dosur,enzt with a "C" or AD' 21 ' eboia3 se"O 03 a of that existowe outin g, eta drat it is rem vi11, be ia?dicimt d cc the dot alms of a at. .3as ts, yr abi n can be *eWL in the Libavy (it is uevur "out an jam") or ftam vbid1 a et icn pptata mega: be d i;aiwd picas it3y f"m Roan 21*0, K fOS.,E3 tr 350'0' th>s s >O 01iE 'eA Sbmm an a 1yst evav *lip a ma 3cad Ub ,r em Cw a ecg with friar routivs .3 o T o Inou" V i e a d i t i c i badUeag o f i tad ftcumonftw no i+Tt a oe cc iriivi . will hai1d a > .ta as for i thw` a naxlmn tva wwkiss derya s Men a doeument U laa dt to tw next as ipient on with the eya l c f the rel+e+ateing office. The eiveeti- a of w y tee that rewAm.s that dommats be. Ated is only as tot es the iomn of tale ire"; make It. Deputy MmetwJIMMmme Approved For Release 2000/08/15 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000200070030-5 (it is tasted that at 93m1Notice be isoued by the otbi Deputy