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November 17, 2016
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July 24, 2000
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July 1, 1958
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25X1A 25X1A 25X1A Appr ed For Reease 2000/08/15: CIA-RDP80-d 832A00@M0080007-0 SUGGESTION AND RECOMMENDATIONS TO THE CHAIRMAN 1 July 1958 SUGGESTION NO. 2198: dated January 1956 2633: dated 29 October 1956 GS-121 Training Officer CI, DD/P A. Summary of Suaaestions 2198 - Suggester proposed that employees be furnished adequate cover information when they are given checks drawn on confidential fund accounts. 2633 - Suggester proposed that an abstract of or reference to Noticed be issued with all checks drawn on con- fidential fund accounts. B. Discussion 1. These suggestions pointed out that sufficient information was not furnished an individual being given an Agency check drawn on confidential funds. Based upon data furnished from the Comptroller's Office, each of the above cases were closed. The Comptroller's memos to SAS were prepared in the Technical Ac- counting Staff; Unvouchered Payroll Section states this topic was not discussed with them. 2. The suggestions were re-opened again by SAS this month purely as a result of a UV check we received on an award case which had a slip attached stating: "This check should only be cashed at 1407 Alcott or deposited in your bank account." 3. Conversation with Chief, UV Payroll Section, brought out the followings a. The practice of attaching slips was started in March 1953 by the UV Payroll Section. b. UV Payroll Section attached such slips on all UV travel checks. c. Some Divisions, with well staffed Budget and Fiscal Divisions, stated they understood what the employees should be told regarding cashing of the checks. Con- sequently, they requested UV Payroll discontinue attaching the slips. This was done in the case of FE Approved For Release 2000/08/15: CIA-RDP80-00832A000200080007-0 SEC."IrET t ''I-'T Approved For Rele,, se 2000/0 tIA-RDP80-00 832A000200080007-0 Suggs. No. 2198 & 2633 Division where the suggester received two checks and did not receive sufficient explanation re- garding negotiation of the checks. d. UV Payroll Section did attach slips in many other components -- depending on arrangements made with the Budget Officers. e. Because this conversation brought out the fact that employees were not always given proper instruction on negotiation, UV Payroll Section will henceforth attach slips on all checks. 25X1A C. Recommendation of he Exegu_tive Secretary 1. Not in line-of-duty (GS-12, Training Officer) 2. $20 award based on Intangible Benefits (Slight-Limited) ~FXIAAward - as recommended by Executive Secretary above. Approved For Release 2000/O8"A-RDP80-00832A000200080007-0