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November 17, 2016
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July 24, 2000
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January 1, 1957
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Approved For pease __ 5-:CIA-RDP80-00832AB00200080A.37-7 BUHMATIOH t A astbad of stoditying standard microfilm oawras to permit accurate sutostic photoelectric cutting of Xenemc prints* IYTRODtICTIOH$ In mass preatduoing paper prints from alorotila, continuous Xerographic and pbotograghio printers are rapidly replacing older step- by,-stop, frame.by frowsC M ds, due both to their greatly superior epee. and (in Zerograpbl) their as* of inexpensive 2O pound sulfite paper. Ir. order to obtain swelmua -tilittation of these fast printers, however, some means of automatically cutting the rolls of tinishod prints into in- dividual prints- snot be ptrosided. While a number of actonatio cutters for conventional "wet processa use exist, they have not been used for continuous printer obappiai due to the nature of the process 3 THR PROBL * In trans-by-tram printing, only the desir+t d s~.ib , s c t eu t we (&. g. a ens PO O of a dint % is inolud ed in the -final print o AU ex- ! r.t....Cirst blar4k film and un ssci film area r .e.sk off. As dash t ramp is ee xpce e d a small lamp and mask arrangement s imul'. one az ly ezpoa --s a rectangular area along the margin of the roll adjacent to the frau etY perpendicular to this length of the roll. After prooess;tr? and dr tz;gr, pbc~'tc-el~ }ri4~ ?~eenre the roll may be chopped me irxdt'ridual prints by a con's rolled autonstio cutter, since t.Le cutting ms 'k produced on the msr ?l. 2r+ a urlform intense black area -- the 2P such arcs a c the margin due to the making., in oont inuous printing this is impossible. Not only the document is printed? but also the background area, as smell as ail clear tress of the microfilm between eid around each frame. This results in, ea:L from of the roll of prints having non-uniform black areas at unpredict- able intervals. Tb. tea ty of the gerographle printer to re reduce heavy solids oe~stpo41 the problem by doubling the amber of these black areas, reprodpaing onl le Midi * d trailing edges of each ono. In addition, no practicab3a, dependable rathod has been d*vlaod Read xocant odu.. A s S i rig a cutting mark onto the - both filsaand roll am a continuously, no framing is done - P gU4OE3TgD 34LUTZOit In aPPr~lok !u~ bulk year it 9 i~??' stod by. the ui4erSig, x printing by any govsrno4t agency is produf3_ the con roi or that sgene', a eta -rd prose Use could be adopted, involving a si.mpl* modification of Agency oaaeros. This adjustment consists of resetting the film pull-dOWU clutch, decreasing the amount of film trsrea ported wi the each exposure. As a refineat, the viewing (framing) arrangement cein to ad us tad to coinoido, it desired. Tice result of this . t u, t ! nt to to e~ji.miaate the clear film between trance, aim* each from will overlap cry small, amount 'upon its nst&bor. In addition to eliminatireg spurict Ls ; ~mle, thus permitting automatic photoelectric outtir by standard Mmsiatnas, this system incidentally has the virtue of of ecting a slight saving (approxisa tely ) of ;1iorol11a,, sines the images may be more c:loaely spaced. It was further sui v ted that a' out tt g mark could be included in t tm microfilms from by positioning a blaOk.imam ? predeternived width withirr, the copy area, but ,extending transversely outward. The oofabiae t ion of - `t3312tates this sugge##PAtxirepsW~e b/0J ?"JR~ rj th t3T th4 r ei. roducing or card tiles,, sirroe five or more ca s, a t.o with its own. Approved For RsLease 200-0/08/i =:- CLA-RDP80-00832Aee0200080037-7 1 writ;. 1?a*~x eay be photc gra~~r.~,3 e.A ?:r , +t tr4; ra,per j r1r a -`. + d-w t~-atte :-raz.e*. wi U b+ tom, 1 t*~'A ~*t r?~ ~~~ c a y, i11i.'.tx 11) 1.a o W110 s ..:1, 4a:. ~~ ;Op rfNiRt4i reduot.tGre s:y> t'l~4 :lMGry r'e,>r .r,,IorL.e'z^tr :;rt:a tYY` Y AT .. - .. . ' t s ~r e~ t ::;a .,i g,~ c sue . ,. , ~.... ~ ; , 1 r 12.x: a ; t is x a 4 r ' e u' ~ 9 t ll C } y~ TL ? t t ? y t }++~ y'2$>.~i 1M %., a \ R~LW~ }.Vi~1 1 r 4FN+~1.,~~... 1c t.c P.i~ y e ll Tb.S1~ 111iLill A1'$.ut % Si me tke 4 3~ 4et l cue wort, *trot ar t`s{ if Leete t.kve proven ver7 le t?~S t?''~- Step ar*r 1#etrt thkon t, XIx%1 ,egetn y m1crQt 1L equip ant la e,c cordar.te tb*ra ew'th.; *"-V! "- ti reported that, c thsr goner next ajrerl.le? a %m f x?2,1 fw1 nk c t, tt ttlitetion of t;A sya ver44 * uU s- It nt egea h ern y b 3 ,1* .lvsry of out tlr equipment deaigr* c to handle t e d In Xerogrsp iiC reprodue 1 On. Triel rune w*te on c a;,d st wzk f ov ls` 2a euttiDg equipment eero bSph1y eettef*etct`yti .c i _~ . r cry tt* aightt was tested on the Cutting eyi..piie#tt wh c': rr1in bimi ar results. Approved Fort telease 2 010, /a5 ~GIA=R 3Q-00832 00O Og080037-7, EVALUATION OF EMPLOYEE' INGESTION TO: EXECUTIVE SECRETARY. INCENTIVE AWARDS COMMITTEE ACTION RECOMMENDED (VATS ADIOrTU PT F R USE INDICATE ACTION t. z? . O ADO ALREADY IR t-FCCT OUT TMIS OIIOBEITIOM *ARtt ROVED CMITRIOUTtOM. (&-WZPV A'1 .0V) RECOMMENDED BY 3. DISAPPOOVIO FOR ADOPTION. PLACING ACTION A. ALREADY IN EFFECT AND NO PAST Of V"Il t501117,0011 U'Attt Ao0t0 CORTRI$UTION. ( M MIt OF a T 'Y ) NUMBER IN BOX S. t-O . REObIPC FUNT1490 S 4. OT"CR (Arg11PV 1MO5) r7l 7. RIFER BUBOEETION TO RU[ASONS FOR RtCOM. NDATION In order to guide the incOntivo Awards CORM %;; in rking final dctcrednatlon, an analysis of the anticipated first yyear's av and/or ether benefits .immld be beun hers. It o lliic.ble. indicatetand ex lainlbelow opro. p i disposit en a savings as (1) alletarnt savings, (2) iftersoood resources saved to some other neeessasy'activity. If sugpation contains intan iblt value, such as morale, safety. ete., pleas indicate the outset of the area ebloh you think the attggast on will offset. i.e.: the to- mediate arcs. offiau> Ilia. eysllia, #Ittasit additional skeet if met* apses is needed. aussfttu~a e 3003 bra bfsfln ?ed and is in ua uI the Pri ti*_i 1. Services DiVisiO*L, tt 1$ a : quf~ II&Itft is ez'1.4 the Priatin Services Di Pis itul to fir self' r tboir p U ti on ot eli.erofi m inc. This sni- a ti f Will bring s a :BaI1nI* in 1sb iii % boo* cases : (a) the mic'rct'tla is being VX0ftMA an a p'' 'T typ canwe much as ttw hear>rMk Mt Lim W-AA . or " $" aw ( ) the r sultiarlg i t ot'L]ri i. ., X*t'OX ZIVyf1.e. $.i .i.1Jf a'CU pri-ate tt- of ;~rodU o. VT: Ln t11 recently been shWUV& tr r .1 a.ae11y. It 14 now p sr .t,s?',:c, ut I. iA t .i..lt 8U$"st6UW, to, trills prints $ utowat 1*.U y of B. ape' .. FLl 2. At the prosy krkw of of of r rel..sble -' mass of (. cuttixlg o t Ise pr1ute, an It in ft-It that Lr co sLi bir t- e glut t t {,t, Xti.,~=_ vtU b volut not only 011*. to other - rr nt L u1 c ci alert inl. asers of urcfilf k s. ptil ,o &f> wo,11. 3. Lone full . . %ial i. -A- ( ) t alect~c is L3vl~ + b ,1 of #,1 l turf G =k; ne F 1' IrtA y both a rs a over** , bum btlea t& rec+ rl+Led. At tom'" Vropo* ti t reaor* in .y cainerati so tLL :s e i VW41A age { CuIpments Of t" typs W, 1:1 '0- U. bell 6444 to : 1.3i7A it tere a pl1esbLe. sti*n b &1s;< b4er W_ on ti "'4itIC py:'# .e d ' r }' 1 tv ;, ' ' f. i B t so tr. .t I atic r L :h- ~t'1 . 'ill rlletlt.ie 1~say.`t ext In the event t* t.&se r, OAS *its; , , ktr.';n it"I`,r9ti et ,J I,t 35t fir.- in, c6p? ry t i d i1jizas,te t that ' . stiitlaz iu of p r i ti:; of #i3 ii. f f y'?=* rl ', } .t 'v e. mua I is111