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November 17, 2016
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July 24, 2000
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February 20, 1958
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Appi~ed Forlease 2000/08/15 :CIA-RDP8018320200080040-3 S-~~~t~~-~-E St~Ad~tl' C?Y Stl~? TIQ~S A~?I1 ACf I~ TA9CE~ BY G'~IAIRAi~i~d ~SI~~1~3AI. AWJARD QA.;ES 7Q ~EBRLdAR~f lgb$ SlF~. ~iQ. ;31~i3a dated ~9 pia 19b; C~-9, Intelligence Analyst FBI, ~I, ~ p Saaxg- a zn E~1 each year some 2CEU,QQQ nam~a ch~c~s ar?a inc~exedp typed on 3 x 5 cards, 'chew microfilmed. Suc~gestear pxopos~d that these b$ microfilmed at the start grad the print. be indexed area ~seds thus avoiding the mana~al typing. 25X1A T23i~ suggestion triggered a drastic reform. Rxsc. Soc. ~15.Q? ward biased on Iratanaible Benefits in the Recota~taeradationa ~l~.ght-li~aiteci category. Rs~ard a S~1b.a0 award granted. ~ ~ ~~ St7QG.. ~vQ. 3195a dated lE ,dune Igh7 GS-11D D~9Dc affiee,r 25X1A EEO I~7/P Summary a The suggester proposed a aaodification of the RI Division?s indexing paocQduras. He proposed that the analyst preparing a new index card include a small sytabol avhera the near Material adds nathing - the.~~eby eliminating request for a nonproductive ite~,. Exec. Sec. $lQ?QO award based on Intangible Reraefits in the Recoramendatioa~a Slight--limitard category. Avea~d s $lOzt7t3 ward granted. ~~~ S6JC~. Pia. S2C94t dated la 3une 197 Gs-~ll, Intelligence officer 25X1A Suaay $ ___.The suggester made taro proposals a (1) require originators to number cables 4~nd rota ca~aeth~r or not Sndoxing is required; ~2~ change the RI fog to inm clods a square for the file nuatbers and index instructions. Exec. Sec. $1(3.OQ award based on intangible Benefits in the Recon~endationa Slight-limited category. Award Approvec~~ao~~tel~ea~e 2000/08/15 :CIA-RDP80-00832A000200080040-3 granted S-E-C-R?E T ~aApproved For F~Fease 20`/08/15: CIA-RDP80-00832A0000080-3 k~inimal Award Cases Canto. 20 February 1958 25X1A SUGG: 2~1. 58-52: dated 5 August 1957 QCI, DI?/I -11, Graphic Illustrator , GS-9, Graphic Illustrator Su~,raary : Taco suggestex~s proposed pre-printing a 50Q-600 word list of saost +~oaz~or~ly used words to case in handling rush orders for graphic axt work. Exec. Sec. Letter of Appreciation to each suggester. Recommendation s Award ~ Letter of Appreciation ~ ~ ~ 25X1A SIJGG. IJO. 58--97a dated 24 June 1957 !YB X3.42 (GS-ll), Photographer Printing Services Division, +~L, DD/S Suuary s The suggester proposed an improved catch arc earsera copy boaxds to allow clamp to ~. de closed. Exec. Sec. $10.00 award based on Intangible Benefits in the Recott>~endation : Slight-limited category. Award x X10.00 award granted. 25X1A SBiaG. AIO. 58--302s dated 28 Au ust 195? G6-5, 1~! Microfilm Supervisor Printing Services Division, OL, DD/S Su~amary : The suggester proposed a device to support one leg of the tripod of a Model E Portable Microfilm Camera to allow fil~ting of Kardex trays. Exec. See. X10-~25 ac~ard based an Intangible Benefits ~n the Recoa~snandation : Slight-limited category. Award a $15.00 award granted. Approved For Release 2000/08/1 ~,~~F~80-00832A000200080040-3 = i4`pproved For Rase 2008/15: CIA-RDP80-00832A000'080~-3 S-E-~C--R-E-T ktinieaal Award Ca;.es Contd. 20 Februaxgr 1958 25X1A 25X1A SUC3G. i'a{}. ~i&-~~8: dated 22 Nover~bog 1957' ~~: CS-7, ~CUl188nt5 Analys?~ 00, FDD, DD/I S?az'Y a The suggester proposed that the marked copies of Russian newspapers received by Ft~AfBU be retained its-tact in the files and the unadarked copies be used for clipping Puapases. Exec. Sec. Letter of Appreciation Recomo~endation : Aw~~rd a Letter of Appreciation ~*~ SU~+ Ato. 58-304: dated 15 Jaqual 1958 : ~-13, Acting Chief, Emp3ayee Activity branch 4S, DI1,/S Sutnmaty s The suggester proposed that the dark colored steel piPes~ protecting fire hydrant in the Quarters .Eye parking lot. be painted yellow and red reflectors added to minimize possible accidents. EXec? SeC? Letter of Appreciation Recorm-endatian : Award a Letter of Appreciation Approved For Release 2000/08/15: CIA-RDP80-00832A000200080040-3 S-E-C-R-E-?