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November 17, 2016
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July 19, 2000
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December 23, 1957
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Appved Forelease 2000/08/15: CIA-RDP808321Mb0200090021-3 25X1A U.,.-,.c s'1 c? ,, sr;?"'.; L4J4;: c,1.S 5$= %,ii TIC dPrd ,fi?4' 2 25X1A f - #.:... x~i,' 1s.~ e;Cs aEv;z copy c f the YFii ft if!'veneir'?'v' r,,_ Jt ^ .? a Ci and that . this I.1 t be r it es: in Was ;' c;ton to deterrmin j if the consign- ;m 1?3 , ludes sign'. ficarat woz rs not aIready in t -1-v USa If toe calls attant -M to itnms -aorth res u inq ?.t should not be too difficult to & to n access to he books long =ugh to photo- graph ti-hem ae i no new Soviet technic a2 'o4klG rearm to hard a a .t3su. ,t: o the suggos ? i. coon it is hel f ?t ed that the 25X1A inventoAll-y s ? t tdi`reve-al ooth :s of 'En"i-,elliganca interest re Soviet 31ans for- B. Summary of valuatiops "This infoxmation provided by the reaues`t.or is of interest to the CIA Ljb ary. It Is the sort of information that could v-xq/ r : i ixav. come as a requirement request. ng information. 25X1 C if the suagester wishes further information on his sug- gestion (request for information) it is recommended he in- quire after I July l957 since the Chief of the Near East Section is not due back until after this date. I do not believe this suggestion makes and added contri bution,. It Is in '.;,.ct9 a request for in-formation." 25X1A Appro Reilease`20.0010 P80 00832AQQO2QOQaeQ21-3 25X1 C 25X1A Apapoved Fo iRelease 2000/08/15: CIA-RDP8 083$ 00200090021-3 Sugg. No. 29i5 Conte . for information and that the Chief of the Near East Section, Library of Congress, on tour in the area will be asked to look into this matter. It is 1ier?efore suggested that this case be closed out as a result of this report= The suggestor? should be given mimi- mal acknowledgement for calling this announcement to our attention.. line extensive efforts the CIA Library and other U.S. Government agencies are undertaking to have as complete coverage of USSR publications are outside the purview of this paper; tey are.. vo.iuminous and exhaus lave. It is our considered opinion that the has- received very few, if any, WSR publications not available to us throug.h other, more efficient channels. The suggestor should be told further that if he wishes to take the time, he should consult with the Chief of the Acqui- sitions Branch, CIA Librarryy,. (Ext. 548) from whom he could re- ceive a thorough, informative briefing on the entire USSR publication collect-.on program. C. 5u+c a tiJ Awaxds Sta 9o ee The Staff's roco tmeu'acation of Won-Adoption was concurred in 25X1A by committee members However, Mr. 25X1 A jjjMWdvqdFbpft'1@A9bi2GOO/O8/15: CIA-RDP80-00832A000200090021-3 Ap%oved Fo" elease 2000/08/15: CIA-RDP8 083 00200090021-3 C-C--N-F-I-D-E--N. T-.1-A-L Sugg. No. 2915 Contd. "This suggestion was of interest to the CIA Library and was responsible for certain action. hMoreover,in paragraph 3 of his memo dated 17 Sept. 1957, the CIA Librarian states, The suggestor should be given minimal acknowledgement for calling this announcement to our attention.' In view of this, I believe the suggestor should be given a small award.' On 12 December 1957, an inquiry to the Agency Librarian brought the reply that he felt the suggested check of books 'in-was 25X1A routine and did not contribute or change established procedures or plans. He said such suggestions occur frequently from all levels of the Agency and the Library is always grateful for the interest as well as the proposal, whether f-'uitful or not. He explained that his remarks in paragraph 3 meant to express or acknowledge the appreciation of his office and to encourage continued interest and cooperation. This explanation was relayed to - who maintained-that 25X1 A he still believed the suggester is entitled to an award and that the Committee should vote on it. He believes that the suggestion prompted the library to take action. D. Line elf ~7n, a AUJU Not in line-of-duty. (Geographer) Reromnaenda t aka o E~~s3 v Seeeta? Next Action to be decided by Comimittee0 F. Dec .:b?.on of Carp:_ tae Adopted ,_, Award ,~_Letter of Appreciation .Not Adopted 25X1A Approved For Release 2000/08/15: CIA-RDP80-00832A000200090021-3 C-0?-I -. --I-D-E--N-T-I-A-L