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November 17, 2016
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July 19, 2000
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May 7, 1957
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. ! (._ ?:iS I T i ON JESCR !PT 1 :,,),i ApprovedirRe ase 2000708715 ,.7CIA-RD +fa, . . IDENTIFY DED POSIrIO,BY TIT'I., TION NO. Clanskficatilx, ::,1,17-vev ACTION _ B. CAD 222 1 05TI ELF C. INITIATING OFF Cl 9c. 25K1 0E.02PATII,N CO , (totter Oingrrvar).1. GP. 9. ORGANI/ATIONAL. TITLE Of POT ION (IT 1.,5y/ Offie4 flogr-tive Cu (Zhdriver) day 11. ORGANIZATIONAL LOCATION OF POSIIION A OFFICF Otri** of Locisties B. DIVISION OR STAFF Printing Serviopo lAvision C. BRANCH D. SECTION E. UNIT Offset Mott:ogre/0bl twine* ahift!f DFSCRIFTION OF DUEIT. 1.5PRf.IANn OVTip RU.PONSIPTIAII-5 NAME fl EmPLOkY,L IFr ,c I F " Z. CERTOICATION'. iVt1rIP vACANCY This is a complete and accurate Aescription.of: the duties and responsibilitleA of this position EAAPIMYEC ' DATE 7511A Al a journaress Offset Negative Cutter (raver) plate mart through assembly, stripping, etcitini,_establ and sixiler work. - 1* ;Wilms galena layout aiagras,/"Dunnies!, end, SP IRO on `final r.teults dNsired, 2ae1udLn6 the $ectrir xequ.rei'ta or +44 the necAtive or positive i.terial produced by 0.004 Ihu) OaPhoias Plaai Orderly 'progression of bora to permit others to engin in their neck with possible delay, figures quantity, size erringsm#4, posher of sheet., tri,n n 'sgins and *piquing required. Siteuebs k1wot on color ,seperilti r..jgtiailer t. ea map., line halftone 44vat1141 ving strationo SePsrates tni42%,14411*414 are 0h adjoining sheets* r4,44:(14::kor ;470; toapt:11:= to co.puti 3' - li( Patchwork prOw to"r4 a ,i4.141,A4 e of spsOiricationa lr? als difficult correction or ohangesitac1udini ,...!,! ,._-,, link tea are on presses and tts *rasa of change are not ilteltiiVO. negatives and .positives of artwork ,neceriar,i to"tho PredUttion ,ox halftenavals celerproreqa 'work. Ncrep te emulsion side of filr ta,prodtce tint*, outlines lhalftonce to atinleate tone in haekground; rules-Ln lieevrapaire blemishes , ., , , deteseineS Cho poaition end perceatsge of halftoneicroSsns for various colors* , , FORM m. No. .1117 fIrptAcrt. FJPV 7! NqiCP m, ! &42-7" - Approved For Release 2000/08/15 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000200090029-5 ? SECRET Approved For Release 2000/08/15 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000200090029-5 h. Marko uicopy for Axidauce of platemsaer and others working upen Jobs including prolamin and bindery sorters keeps work arca ordoriy, sharpens needles, knives, sato" and perforate other duties se say b. required in tbs preparation or material for offset and letterpress production. (Offset Sensitive Cutter (Paw/Aver) helpers perform assigned ports of the jearnernan work in accordance with the trulning they have ',mitred and are advanoed as they demonstrate capability to the 5th year. To advents above %blear rots, thoy most demonstrate tall journeyman skill atom a rear et sere at the 5th step and a journeyman position must as svallsbio.) IL SPRY-1MM SWUM AND iltix fryD 1. Suporvision Pacsivods pkyrk assignments aro rooetrod from the Wench Toren= or a lournoymen in charge of the work with sposificestiona on ths kinit at murk to bo dons* auidelines include )113 en4 OPO.etyle manuals awl the criteria for *killed work in the trade Supervisors provide spociflo guidons* es unusual assignments or OR problems arising in completing aseignomatea ?Supervision Rxerciseds. Assignesnts nexy"incled* sopervisiee and tSsining over operatives, ap?rentices or others.. Thom) assignments can tet nolo for training purposes, or expediting production, or for cituations *ere safety, accuraoy or other /actors require MAGTO than one individual to perti? gloats in the unrk4 flfl4VI**tO for thie.titIo aro fOnnd in Intorla4uslifiestion Standards 25X1 A SECRET Approved For Release 2000/08/15 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000200090029-5