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December 9, 2016
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July 19, 2000
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December 12, 1957
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Apprgyed For Flt lease 2001/03/30 : CIA-RDP80-017632AQ9/0200090031-2 U-S-E 0-N-L-Y eUMMARY AND RECOMMENDATION FOR THE COMMITTEE 12 qeeveber 1957 STATINTL 3V.ZUESTION NO. 58-130; dated 19 September 1957 11111111111111111, 65-13, Geographer ography Division, ORR, D4/1 .?9111marY of eSucares:i:i qn Lce attached cony of Suggestion. Supoestion,Awards Staff Note On 20 April 1956, $10.00 was paid toIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIof Finance Division for Suldestion No. 2151 which proposed eliminating hazards el protruding i: hoses, extinguishers' and water valves. This suggestion was considered a duplicate of Suggestion NG. 2151 an tha t'oliowing explaination given the suggester tobeA 19574 sTA-riNTL 'The Offic:e of Imoistics has been in the process Of mak- ing a se.enevy eed euch hazards and correcting them.. as .soon ae. possible. It has already installed soma in Buildings 1, 39 ? 4111,6 L es a result of a suggestion." G. Summ,,aly.of_Evaluetione ? On 30 October 1957 the Suggestion-Awards Staff using this document as a management tool forwarded the suggestion to the Office of Log5.st1cs saying; "Attached is a (closed) suggestion , Leegarding protection over a projecting pipe. Do you plan to put ; ehields anyplace besides I. J. K9 and L? Attached also is a i copy of our le7ter to tha suggester." . , On 21 1-kewm?Ar 195 the Office of Logistics informed us that , they had aoopted the idea. They commented as follows$ , to your ounseion rearding subject item, safety guards eave be enu mill continue to be provided in _my Agency occupiee buildina where existing conditions require such install- atf.ens, eelety Officers/OS, SMP Pranch Personnei/OL and Pubic ieJf_luinos service representatives continually check all ieJiLd!rees the intereet of eliminatim safety hazards. In e:IA employees premotly report the existence of haz- orAeus /_-71.eerns.fer eorreetivo action. Approved For Relee101/0300 .1,4:94.A:Rp!';8t0-9q48_1*000 031-2 Appreyed For Rase 2001/03/30 : CIA-RDP80-0/432A0416200090031-2 C-I-A I-N-T-E-R-N-A-L US-E 0-N-L-Y Sugg. No. 5B-130 Contd. For your information the device described in the sugges- tion cannot be installed because it could delay access to the control valve in the event of an emergency. A galvanized irun rail has been installed at the location in question to elimi- nate the hazardous condition which previously existed. The installation of the guard rail came about as the di- rect result of Suggestion No. 58-130." D. 'ADP (11-PYIY Stabs Not in line-of-duty. (Geographer) E. EM.S.V,vq_5qPPOVY!.?-A9A2PmeD0a#911 Acknowledge contribution of suggester with Letter of Apprecia- tion. F. DecIV9n.PfS9AMI-tte.9 oeb 11Award Letter of Appreciation Adopted Acet Adopted 1112-71ft C 0-vvgli2 STATI NTL Approved For RelqaAe_x203_1431311A414.KARMA,0832A000200090031-2 Approved For Release 2001/03/30 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000200090031-2 .414.114Pop.u. ft DESCRIPTION Of SUGGESTION (Attach additional shoots if nee aaaaa )) SUGGESTION NO. 3C) -151 tha-staoks of the CIA Library, across the hall fres Zoos 100M914g., there is a pipe aseeably that projects into a pasagemay: Although the traffic that moves thru the passage to the periodical stacks is not heavy, the projecting threaded rod is still a menace. A person accideMtsaypemhed against it, or falling against it after slipping cue met floor or tripping over periddicale stacked an the floor, could injure themselves seriously. It is not highly important, but the threaded rod probably causes damage to the Olathe. of thome who brush against it more than a fan times a day. Aeassiag that the neat of. wavinuthe .plpe 1141014W mold be Pirekteittribi.itVelastostoorgiovieleitedie Pretestor et solid rubbers wood, plastics or possibly metal be prepared and fitted over end of the threadrod, that projects into the passagewey The protector *mad be slipped eft when it is neeessary to work the valve wheal and it would not interfnre in any way with the fmnetions of the pipe assembly. 2 ? _1 Pe,44. IW) There may be some projecting rods or pipe. elsewhere (unn other Avner buildings) that 'meld IWO protestiom.altbough none have thus far come to our attention. L .= 7. .60.9 FORM NO. ^44 otc4LAcE4 37.144 I OCT 54 4 WHICH MAY Se USCG. Approved For Release 2001/03/30 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000200090031-2 (47)