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July 20, 2000
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April 9, 1956
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25X1A 25X1A 25X1A Approvesltici9r Releaste001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000301100002kfiu MET MEMORANDUM FOR: 9 April 1956 SUBJECT: Meeting of CIA Incentive Awards Board In accordance with the provisions of Incentive Awards Program, the CIA Incentive Awards Board will meet on Thursday, April 19, 1956 at 10 A.M. in Room 012, Curie Hall. FOR THE CHAIRMAN, INCENTIVE AWARDS BOARD Executive Secretary SECAET Approved For Release 2001/07/31 : m-rcIDP80-00832A000300010020-1 25X1A 25X1A Approved For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000300010020-1 Approved For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000300010020-1 STANDARD FORM NO. 64 TO ed,g ved For ill/erase 21/07/3 : CIA-RD-0832A00030 ,20 -1 ce IVIemoran um ? UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT FROM : / 4.4 SUBJECT: April Agenda 4 DATE: 19 Apr 1956 concurs with the recommendations of the Executive Secretary on the complete agenda. He would, however, like to have the meetings held in the afternoon since his duties with the Building Counnittee often involve morning work and have top priority over everytbingelse. 'bid him you would call him. mb Approved For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000300010020-1 Approved lReIeasO1IO7I31 : ctifv3pigkm32A0003ogivoo2o-1 *ftgr Suggestion No. 1721 Date of Suggestion: 12 April 1956 25X1A Scientific Intelligence IAC (Capt) A. Summary of the Suggestion: The suggester proposes that in all issues of the MLRA, EEAL, and other accessions lists, the tables of contents and/or abstracts are given in both English and the language of the periodical publication, such as Russian, Bulgarian, etc. Since the lists are especially intended for use by Government personnel, the inclusion of the foreign language is entirely unnecessary. Any user, if he has doubts regarding the accuracy of a translation, can order the periodical. Evaluation of the Concerned Office: On 1 December 1955 the Deputy CIA Librarian submitted this evaluation: "The CIA Library has now obtained approval from principal using offices in CIA for application of Suggestion 1721 to the Monthly List of Russian Accessions produced by the Library of Congress under Agency sponsorship. Benceforth, transliterated versions of the tables of contents of Russian periodicals will be omitted from Part B of the MLRA. "The Library of Congress has had two months of experience with the suggested change and continues to estimate that an annual saving of 5,000.00 will result. The change and savings stem from Suggestion 1721 and we recommend that an appropriate cash award be granted suggerster for his contribution." IA Note: This suggestion was deferred from 31 May 1956 Committee meeting in order to determine eligibility of suggester (military detailed at time of submission of suggestion--later and currently civilian employee with CIA). Mr. John Roth, Personnel Management Advisor, Incentive Awards Program, Civil Service CommissiOn, informed us on 19 June 1956 that the Legal Counsel at the CSC had ruled that suggester was ineligible for the cash award in this case. This ruling is based on the fact that the status of the individual at the time he submits a suggestion is considered governing his eligibility. This is illustrated by PL 763, Title III, Section 304(c) which states that a person who sub- mits a suggestion continues to be eligible for an award even after he leaves the Agency. If a civilian employee submits a suggestion and goes on active military duty, he is still considered eligible for the award because he was a civilian when it was submitted. CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000300010020-1 25X1A Nme Approved FOClease 2001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000300C4020-1 CONFIDENTIAL Suggestion No. 1721 (Cont'd) of the CIA Legal Counsel was contacted, and he agreed with the Commission ruling. C. Recommendation of the Executive Secretary: Adopt. The tangible savings of 455,000 would normally entitle the suggester to an award of 0150.00. A cash award cannot be granted in this case because of his military position (Captain, US Army, detailed to CIA); however, a letter of appreciation signed by the Director of CIA or DD/S is suggested, 2 46fAsli" 5X1A 25X1A ,'?r1101,10t.g Z1,ALAgat,;4,g, 15r,52:) 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A rriL1 L-' CONFIDENTIAL 'ffee41 Approved For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-R00-00832A000300010020-1 Approved Falligelease tilig1/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A00030040020-1 SECRET Suggestion No. 2319 Date of Suggestion' 11 April 1956 25X1A FT/RI Intell. Analyst GS-7 A. Summary of the Suggestion: Suggester proposes that the addition of the words "RI COPY" to the block stamp now in use in the Analysis Section of RI, would save the Analysts time and effort now spent in a double effort of using two stamps. B. Evaluation of the Concerned Office: On 23 April 1956 the evaluation of RI stated: , Chief 25X1A "This suggestion is worthy of adoption and RI intends to put it into effect, "Through Use of the one stamp rather than two, RI will real- ize increased output at the same cost plus other intangible bene- fits in the records control and identification areas as well as in the morale of the personnel concerned. Personnel performing work involving the use of these stamps are in the 05-5 05-9 level. While the stamp is 'Used on documents other than cables, the cable figure is the only isolated category of material upon which statistics are available; figures on ther material would have to be percentages of estimates. During calendar year 1955 the Analysis Section processed 145,611 cables. This figure will increase for 1956 according to current trends. Therefore, the use of the stamp as suggested will represent a savings in over 145,000 stamping operations at an average GS-7 level." C. Recommendation of the Executive Secretary: Adopt. Award of $15 based on intangible benefits. 0 Y/ SECRta 28 Approved For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000300010020-1 Approved For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000300010020-1 BEST COPY Available THROUGHOUT FOLDER 6/24/98 Approved For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000300010020-1 'Approved For Release' - EVALUATION OF EMPLO- TO: Executive Secretary, Tnomitive Awards Committee CHECK APPROPRIATE BOX: Adopt for use. 12:fOisapproved for adoption. Requires further study (indicate below the expected date of completion). 5 ST I ON-. ACTION IleXtmei000 ED Suggestion alms& In effect enel . no part of suggestIgn onkel aStioS ? contribUtion. C.:3 Suggestion already in stfect put _ . seam added coniileution.- . . ' cp. boOtaiolioer .(01easo._ section $ UCONNINDATI In order to guide the Incentive Awards Comm ttse .n as ng na ? arm no on, an an& ye o o c pa ? . first year,' savings and/or other benefits should be shown here. 11 applicable, indidate ead?emplein below pro- posed disposition of savings as (ii allotment savings, 421 increased output at same cost or 13/ application of resources saved to some other necessary activity. If suggestion .contains intangible vatted, such ss morale, safety, etc., pl 'ass looreat? th? extent of the area WO IC?) you think the suggestion will affectv 1.41.1 th? immediate area, office-wide, Agency-wide. Attach additional shoot if more space Is needed. , R c eferre is made to Employee's Suggestion No. 1.487,. recommending that 0 non-skid '.1.4. h.' utilized on floors of huildingm to prevent slipping. . a. This Office has been 10volved in problems.of this nature for many years, :Ind have .followed the efforts ofmenUfacturers to provide a wax that &mid be classifi "non-skid" .. . b. For a number of years, the Public Buildings Service experimented with, and manufactured its own wax for use in public butldings. :Within the past 'Liao (2) y,:ars, however, they were forced to discontinue their activity in this field at the Ir?71stence of wax manufacturers, who felt that it amounted to unfair competition by vernment interests. As .a result, GSA is now purchasizigka.sittgXe grade Of floor wax' 51-,e.-:ification basis through the /Were.' Bureau of Supply. Although the products this specification are not of the highest quality obtainable, 1W1.6. must ,I .ore to the practice of purchasing standardized items only.: . c.. Since P.B.S. movides-all cleaning and maintenance serilees for this, rt.:---!,- government agencies on a non-reimbursable basic, we are not in a Position to the selection of cleaning materials. d. We can, and do; remonstrate against improper aeplicatiom and buffing of '7.?:,,_.r wax. This work is perfOrmed at night, and OCCasibnally we hswe observed floor .t, tlorouEhly buffed, therefore. leaving a thick wax emulsion which is very ,111-T.ery. ,,,,-? . . . . The use of wax as a protective floor coating has been accepted for -Hen:, year. We can only recommend that personnel. exercise nOrmal-precaution in -,w-.7rfifnc floors observed to be freshly polished:. , f. Adoption of subject suggestion is precluded by the. facts noted tareta. . .. . . DATE FORM NO. ... JUN los, 25X1A oved For Release 2001 ? ? . ? 111111 ii I Lor: ECOTIVE SECR.cTML-.0,, I CENtIVE AWARIJ'alf:&f ice of Securi - bie .tft.o.Jtida-4046"0. ADOPT FOR USE. (DATE ADOPTED ANDIdATE ACTION 42. ALREADY IN EFFECT PUT THIS SOG#ESTION MAKES ADDED DONT8910,) RECOMMENDED BY 3. DISAPPROVED FOR ADOPTION.' PLACING ACTION 4. ALREADY IN EFFECT AND NO PART OF THIS SUGGESTION MAKES NUMBER IN BOX 5. REQUIRE FuRTNER STUDY. OUPSCTED DATE OP COMPLITION 3 S. OTHER WIMPY BELOW) 7. REFER SUGGESTION TO ADDED CONTRIBUTION. (OMBR couromr) REASONS FOR RECOMMENDATION ? . In order to guide the Incentive Awards COmmiiiee in making final determination, an analysis of the anticipated first year's savings and/or other benefitashould be shown here. If applicable, indicate and explain below pro- posed disposition of savings as (1) allotment savings, (?) increased output at samo.cost or (3) application of resources saved to some other necessary activity. If suggestion contains intangible value, such as morale, safety, etc,, please indicate the extent of the area which you think the suggestion w 11 affect, i.e.: the im- mediate area, office-wide, Agency-wide. Attach additional sheet if MOTO apace Is needed. DATE The Agency Safety Officer has reviewed the subject suggestion and the answer to this suggestion from the Chief,fAdmin Staff, OL, and concurs both Wth the disapproval and the reasons for disapproval. There is nothing further that can be added to the statements from the Chief, Admin Stdff, CL, by the Safety Officer. Siena-UNE or -1-1TiLa1IN0 OFTIcIAL-Crype new* and mho) 20 March 1956 25X1A CONTINUED ON ATTACHED SMILEY FORM NO. 24pprcNettftorRelease ou-uut3..szmuuu.suu0 1 C1020- t 1 MAR 59 ITNICN MAY BE USED. (41) Lt I '?Secretary Tngecttre Awards Committee NO. DATE 70: (Officer designation, room number, and -building) DATE FWO'D OFFICER'S INITIALS 25X1A r1A,C 6. 7. 9. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. FORM A I0 USE PREVIOUS 1 DEC 55 V EDITIONS I 1 SECRET Approved For Release 2001/07/31 : 1487 Jaa 31 1956 COMMENTS (Number each comment to show from whom to whom. Draw a line across column oiler each comment.) It is recommended that this be referred to the Safety Engirkeer for, his comments. It appears, thet the is an "accident hazard situitAion" which is not solved. I have discussed this with Mr. 1111111and he 000.411121, vith fiar 25 1A feelings on it. He will be gim aseist the Safety Engineer .111 eav way that he can. 25 1A Safety analysis should be accomp114 by Security. 2 to 3 This vsa inaftertently sent to Logistics, please prexet, as necessary. k. For reply aad return tern EAs for control CONFIDENTIAL A-RDP80-00832A CIA INTERNAL OGRE101110-1 I 1 25 1A 25X1A UNCLASSIFIED pOrOved For Rel2ise 2OP1r4 t a. 'Wien*: alutota if nice &&&& Y) Eye two cases of a Aryztri__, that a non-skid wax be used on the floors especially in the halls The floors were waxed last week and two people fell. I know of because I was walking with them but unfortunately was unable to them when ft happened. Neigher of these people were hurt but the slmdlar incident with more drastic results is not out of the Th Ici perhaps is not a matter of seCurity but does concern the welfare of all the c.uT.Icyees working in Quarters Eye and other of the temporary buildings especially wnich asphalt tile blocks .used as flooring. I mention Quarters Eye ecaur,e I have a direct knowledge of the hazards in that building. I understand 1-gulatio1 the use of such wax. If such is the case then the kind being 4ed sheLld Le Ulecked. ? FORM NO. ,44 646i4c[f 37.164 1 OCT 64 4 WHICN mAY EfE USED. tOFITINUED ON REVERSE Sib! b u6,3G Approved For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000300010020-1 25X1A 3 October 55 Shouldn,t this one be sent on to PBS. If there is such a thing as "non-skid" vaii PBS Should unite it into their supplies. Suggest' ile*Iles this one at one of our meetings. IIIIIIIIIIIII I agree the& Ude should be passed on the PBS. AgT,te aIto that this should he passed on to PBS. Approved For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000300010020-1 5i2 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A TO: (Officer designation, room number, and building) 2232 DATE REC'D FWD'D OFFICER'S INITIALS 303/56 25X1A FORM6 I USE PREVIDUS 1 DEC 55 Aypremietiptsor I.M.111111?' DATE ?307 ? 30 'iamb 1956 COMMENTS (Number oach comm?nt to show from whom to whom. Draw a Hne OCIVSS column after each comment.) b. Subject has departed for an overseas assignment. FE Security officer did not have an opportunity to discuss this with him. He is anew employee with the Agency. There seems to be merit in some of the ideas presented. FE/Security aligEMOV07t31[21 MVP AF1971134631/411111111 ISE ONLY UNCLASSIFIED 25X1C Approved For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000300010020-1 Next 1 Page(s) In Document Exempt Approved For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000300010020-1 OICUR: Sign-Aure 25X1A Chairman ? (, I am not entirely satisfied with the turn-dovn on this suggestion; it seems to sale a good deal of sense, and 1 believe it should be put -on an (may agenda for dissussion. 5/23/56 Approved For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000300010020-1 25X1A ApproveNicyr Releasit4001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000366010020311id SECRET Suggestion 2276 Date of Suggestion: 12 March 1956 25X1A Logistics Bldg. Slarpiy GS.7 Alsat. A. Summary of the Suggestion.: Suggester proposes that construction plans for a building at an overseas station be altered to allow for outside construct- ion of this unit rather than constructing it within an existing building. This proposal would afford more space and allow more air circulation and natural lighting. B. Evaluation of the Office concerned: The Office of Logistics of 7 March 1956 stated the following: "The construction of an adjacent building in lieu of con- structing a room in an existing building resulted in approximately 656 sq. ft. of floor space available for storage. "The estimated construction cost of $3416 and the actual con- struction cost of $2800, shows a saving of $616. However, the cost of the adjacent building would have exceeded the estimated $3416 had the same material been used and four walls instead of three been constructed. The present repair shop is by no means as fin- ished a shop as that originally planned. "Since storage space was a serious problem at the Station, and throng* this suggestion additional storage space was made available, it is felt that this employee should be given a letter of commendation or a nominal monetary award. Ihcentive Awards Staff Note: On 11 April 1956 we discussed this case with 25X1A with Logistics, who was evaluator of suggestion. He felt that even though there could be additional savings, they would be difficult to determine. He recommended an award of $35 based on savings of S616 plus $10 to $15 for intangible savings and morale etc. C. Recommendation of the Executive Secretary: Adopt. $35.00 based 2n tangible savings of $616.00 and $15 for intangible betifits (improved working conditions and morale). Total award of $50.00 recommended. SECRET 27 Approved For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000300010020-1 25X1A STATINTL Approved FOrKeleasev2401/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000300410020-1 CI: I .2ERNAL USE ONLY Suggestion No. 2265 Date of Suggestion: 2 March 1956 Communications Secretary GS 4 A. Summary of the Suggestion: Suggester proposes use of a very thin sheet of paper to serve as a protective overlay for mimeograph stencils. B. Evaluation of the Concerned Office: The Records Management Staff on 23 May 1956 stated the following: "In response to the request form Chief, Records Management Division the Supply Division ordered 20,000 sheets of pro tective overlay film to be stocked in the Agency supply system. This action adopts an adaptation of this suggestion. "The suggester recommended that typists in typing stencils should place sheets of tissue paper over stencils to prevent cutting out letter, Accordingly, we tested her method as well as several commercial products designed to improve stencil cutting operations. The film that we requested the Supply Diyisior to order provided the best protection at the least cost. "The suggester is therefore entitled to an award based on the following 1.. While she didn't suggest the best solution she brought to light a problem generally prevalent throughout headquarters. 2. The solution developed by the Records Management Staff will provide typists with a means of: (a) Producing better copy from the approximately 149,000 stencils used annually. (b) Preventing the cutting out of letters, particularly when stencils are prepared by electric typewriters. (c) Preventing the filling in of typewriter type, thus eliminating type cleaning. CIA INTEENAL USE ONLY Approved For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RIDFIT)0832A000300010020-1 Approved Fari?leasetail01/07/31 : CIA-RbP80-00832A0003006,0020-1 11"11/1 CIA INTERNAL USE CNLY "It is impossible tilw estilmte the exact savings that this suggestion will prlduce in headquarters and the field. However, its potential effect on stencil cutting operations appears to justify an award of'y20 based on the Civil Service Commission's scale for determining awards for intangible benefits." C. Recotia,enciation of the Executive Secretary Adapt. Recommend award of ",:,20.00 loased on intangible benefits. dA.4/ enID CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY -94 Approved For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RD -00832A000300010020-1 STATINTL Approved FolliKelease111001/07/34I:PCIALW181)-61MPATigli0300111,0020-1 Suggestion ?No. 224-3 Date: 17 February 1956 Compt. - Payroll Co-ordinator GS-5 A. Suggestion: Subject: Additional Compensation Hours nen the Time and Attendance Report was separated from the Payroll Change rotiee, a need arose in the Payroll Branch at the time when the additional compensation was audited and recorded from the Time and Attendance Report. The following example will best clarify the situation which existed and haw my suggestion alleviated the problem. Reference 1: This represents John D. Doe's Time and Attendance Report as it was submitted to Payroll. The present law allows a GS 3.4- to be compensated for 16 hours of overtime but John D. Doe . worked 2 hours. Therefore, he ws to be paid the maximum amount allowed by law. The payroll clerk is responsible for detecting cases of this nature, but without the apblication of my suggestion, he would have to memorie cases of this nature If this 7articular case was not detected, it would be submitted to the Machine Records Division with the routine additional compensation for computation. It would be caught, however, by machine process, and a representative from Payroll Branch would be called to check the particular case for payment. This means a delay in the .orocessing of payroll could. have been avoided by the use of the additional compensation hours chart. Reference 2: This is the same Time and Attendance Report as was described in the above paragraph except with the addition of my additional compensation hours figure (notice block at the top designed for its use). The payroll clerk would know immediately what to do without any question in mind. This suggestion was put into effect around November1955 and has not only been helpful to the payroll clerk, but has been helpful to almost everyone who comes in contact with the Time and Attendance Report. Attachment A: This is the chart -which I prepared in connection with my suggestion. IA Note: Executive Secretary will have a copy of chart referred to by suggester at Committee meeting. B. Evaluation of Concerned Office: On 31 May 1956 the Office of the Comptroller reported: CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY Approved For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000300010020-1 Approved FOrKelease4P01/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A00030040020-1 TaUOJJLY 1 o. (Ccrit'd; 2:2ocec1ure .jro)csod r 'C).e su3sester th ease was ac7.1.1...nistrat .vely ado-otecl and :vlaceol into efiect p -to the sub.A..,.ss.._on (pi the su.,:_;,:,estion to the Awarff..c Clomm_ttee. -.Te have luformally con.f=hea that this su.L,L,est:.o was SUj- zLtteCL ..)y the :rson who n-thall: yroosea the _C.ea oh wch the chan:ce ,?7,2ocedure was -.)asea. The ,yDU descr..:_ton of th?F, .riL.v.dual is not consid.ered to ie suffid_enti: 1.)road as to .nclude a -.)asie res2ons,.-sili.ty for t1L.s tyDe of C_AnLe in :)::oceclre. the-.L'efore, that the sua,ester s 2nt_t1e(1 to c:,-ecift Lo:' the suc;,sost_ori on an after-the-fact bas-a. 'It ..s esthinate,a that the rate of sa-rin:ss the ad.o7Dt:_on of this suestion will av):,..)ro:ziiiate 4(30 YJer C. Re codenciation of the -.] S.cretary: AcloDt. ,L(;) award_ 'oasera on savns o'f 2_00. CIA .11-.T_21T.,"?L OITLY cI Approved For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RIDF)300832A000300010020-1 Approved Fd*.klease 1/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000300N020-1 CONFIDENTIAL Suggestion No. 2233 // Date of Suggestion; 6 February 1956 /4 25X1A OCR/Library Cataloger GS-9 A. Summary of the Suggestion: Suggester proposes that the next revision of the Trans- literation Handbook include the Russian-Turkic languages. B. Evaluation of the Concerned Office: On 9 April 1956 the DDI (Admin) stated that the translit- eration tables included in this suggestion will be put into a revision of Transliteration Handbook which will be undertaken later this month. Suggest425.00 award. On 26 April 1956, DDI (Admin) submitted to the IA Staff, Minutes of the 68th meeting of the Subcommittee on Exploitation of Foreign Publications. Minutes of this meeting revealed that the Acting Chairman of this Subcommittee referred to this sug- gestion. C. Recommendation of the Executive Secretary: Award of $25.00 for intangible benefits. CONFIDENTIAL 26 Approved For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000300010020-1 Approved For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000300410020-1 19% Executive secretary: Incentive Chief: Central Cover Branch Awards Committee X Disapproved for adoption The present volume of Agency business: which would be submitted to such an individual to handle: does not appear to warrant adopting the proposed action. Telephone conversation with evaluator on 12 Jan 56 reveals that he did not necessarily wish to qualify his recommendation for disapproval by adding at present." He requested that it be removed. 25X1A 23 December 19% Approved For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000300010020-1 Approved ForReleabs001/07/31 : CIA4?13440-00832A0001191t100204, %we Suggestion No. 2216 Date of Suggestion: 23 January 1956 25X1A SSD/Covert -Records Clrrk GS-4 Summary of the Suggestion: 0 Suggestion proposes increasing efficiency and localizing control of Security Office files by modification of present system now employed in the Covert Records L;ection of the 36D, Office of Security by having all files that are in reference to a new case be pulled only after all processing has been completed, and immediately prior to the time for the File Analysis review. B. Lvaluation of Concerned Office: The Security Support Division, Office of Security on 7 February 1956 stated: "Thre proposed suggestion has been partially put in effect and is a beneficial contribution to the operation of the File Unit. Savings in time and/or money are difficult to evaluate inasmuch as the actual time involved in charging out files is not affected. The real saving is effected when a file which is already charged out is required, Under the new procedure, the search for thi:_; file can be limited to one place, rather than having to search in two or three different areas as in the past. This ,reatly expedites location of files, thus increasing efficiency and morale of iiivision personnel Although time saved by this procedure cannot be readily computed, it is recommended that the contributor of this sugestion be given a nominal cash award." C. Recommendation of the 1xecutive iSecretary: Adopt. 15 nominal award based on intangible benefits. 61,0R-ET -29-- Approved For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000300010020-1 Approved For Releasalle601/6f/3'PlalibF400BifiiA00030151'i0020-1casi Suggestions No. 1037, 1967, 2102 Date of Submission 1037 - Submitted 24 June 19543 1967 - Submitted 8 August 1955, 2102 - Submitted 28 October 195 Logistics, Storekeeper (Gen) D., Logistics, Gs-91 1130 STATINTL Logistics, Storekeeper, O6-4 A. Summary of Suggestions: All three suggestions were basically the same, They proposed that the Office of Logistics stock the center cores for scotch tape dispensers as employees were requesting new dispensers when center cores become lost, b. Evaluation of Concerned Offices: 29 February 1956 - Chief, Administrative Staff, Office of Logistics: "Current survey of this situation indicates the suggestion has been placed into effect and has resulted in the reutilization of 3,019 dispensers and an approximate savings of -w2,635. The dispensers without center drums have been collected over a period of approximately l years, and therefore, this savings should be computed in a like manner. "Arrangements have been made with commercial sources to supply stock of center drums, and it is supply Division's plan to furnish same to -Duilding Supply Officers who will, in turn, install the center drums on tape dispensers returned without center drums from using individuals, It is recommended that suggesters be given a cash award in pro- portion to the above savings." Adopt for Use. Incentive Awards Note.: 1, The oldest suggestion, (1037 was evaluated in July 1954 by the Office of Logistics. At that time they stated that it was their policy to do what was suggested; therefore suggestion already in effect. Suggestion ;1967 and 2102 were treated as duplicate suggestions by the Incentive Awards staff because of Logistics evaluation of 1037. However, the suggester of i:2102 called our Staff and said that the proposed system was not in effect. Further followup with Logistics revealed that the suggester was correct, At this point we sent suggestions to Logistics for re-evaluation, STATINTL 3. Chief, Supply Division, Office of Logistics, stated on 27 harch 1956 that this suggestion was not within job responsibilities of any of the suggesters. CIA INTLINAL USE ONLY Approved For For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000300010020-1 Approved For 'Releasarieti01/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A0003011.10020-1t., Now CIA INTIRNLL U6L ONLY Suggestions Nos, 1.37, 1967, 2102 Recommendation of Txecutive ecretary: Total award of ,:75 divided equally among 3 suggestars based on !,)70 for tangible annual savings of 41,756066 (263.5 savings for l4 years) plus to round off to a figure divisable by -6- Approved For Release 2001/07/Si 61V-kbi?4016683Q2Z)0300010020-1 STATINTL Approved Natelease-N*61/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A00030010020-1 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY Suggestion. No. 2210 Date of Suggestion: 13 January 1956 Security Secretary GS 7 Ai Summary of Suggestion: Suggester proposed that IBM Electric typewriter carbon paper #5211 be substituted for IBM typewriter carbon paper #520. (5211 rolls contan 10 feet more than #520 rolls) B. Evaluation of the Concerned Office: The Office of Logistics on 25 April 1956 stated: "Carbon paper ribbon (#5211) has been checked and consid- ered for possible adoption with the finding that it is of equal or of better quality than the carbon paper ribbon presently in use (#520). Future wocurement will be made for ribbon #5211 when replenishment action becomes necessary. Existing stocks will continue to be issued until exhausted." C. Recommendation of the Executive Secretary: $10 award based on $80 tangible savings. ? CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY 25 Aeor-aVed For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000300010020-1 STATINTL Approvedto/ReleaS.02001/07/31:CIA-RDP80-00832A000381Wif10020-4Le CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY Suggestion No. 2206 Date of Suggestion: 12 January 1956 Interim Assignment GS-it Clerk-typist A. Summary of the Suggestion: Suggester proposes that the 3 x 5 appointment cards, that are currently being typed in the Interim Assignment Section, be done by means of a rubber stamp. B. Evaluation of the Concerned Office: Evaluation of the Office of Personnel dated 1 February 1956 stated: "Consideration of the present suggestion has let to the conclusion that printed appointment cards will be both desir- able and practicable. Necessary action to design and order the forms has been initiated. This procedure adopts the spirit of the suggestion if not the form. C. Recommendation of the Executive Secretary: Adopt. 15 award based on intangible benefits. CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY 24 Approved For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000300010020-1 STATINTL ApprovecVr Releasee901/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A00030W0020410 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY Suggestions #11-14, #1949, #18081 #1833 11-W Communications Office trainee 1808_ Research and Reports geographer Gs-12 1833 Logistics Statis, Draftsman GS-7 1949, Current Intelligence IO GS-13 A. Summary of the Suggestions: Employee Suggestions 11w, 1808, 1833 and 1949 proposed the use of more permanent type "open" safe siGns. B. Evaluations of the Concerned Offices: The Office of Security on 22 September 1955 stated that they felt that use of a particular type of "oped'safe Sign was a matter of choice and proposed that Logistics be consulted for a comparison of cost; of the new and the proposed safe signs. The Office of Logistics on 20 January 1956 states that as a result ofsuggestion #1.8_11. it has been determined to procure a new "open" ald "closed" sign for use with safes. Arrangements are being amou to carry this sign as a regular stock item in the Agency's Supply rooms. . . 491A1thOugh the new sign being. procured was.ndt'specifical1y recomMended,by the suggester, the suggestion, as well as previous similar suggestions (No. IIW, dated Aug. 54; No. 1949 dated November, 1955; and No 18018dated November, 1955) serve as a contributing factor to its procurement. This Qffice recomMenda a minimum cash award for the four suggestions con- cerned. C? Recommendation of the Executive Secretary . A minimum award of $10 to the suggesters of 11W, 1808, 1883, and 1949. 4r?3 LeelaA!.,/ CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY STATINTL 000300010020-1 Approved Far4elease4a01/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A00030461,0020-1 .41111" SCT Suggestion No, F.2194 3 January 1956 25X1A Administration Officer GS-11 A. Summary of the Suggestion: Suggester proposes that the column headings of the Disbursement Voucher, Form 33-57 used with the Class flp accountings be changed. B. Evaluation of Concerned Office: On 9 May 1956, the Office of the Comptroller stated: "The present Class "B" accounting procedures are being modified and revised and the disbursement voucher will be revised for closer co nio mane e to the Cash Journal and thus will cause the financial transaction to be posted in a more logical sequence. 25X1A Whereas no monetary savings will result from the revision of the disbursement voucher,. Employee Suggestion No. 2194 will be accepted and the employee should be commended for his interest in improving accounting procedures." IA NOTE: Acting Chief TAS, Office of Comptroller, in a telephone conversation of 11 Nay 1956 recommended adoption with a commendatory letter. C. Recommendation of the Executive Secretary: Adopt. Letter of appreciation. SECRET Approved For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RDP 0-00832A000300010020-1 me Approved orFWeaseNieb1/07/31:CIA-RDP80-00832A00030640020-1 Nftri SUMMARY AND REOOMMSNDATIONS FOR THE COMMITTEE SUGGESTION NO. 2249: dated 20 February 1956 25X1A GS-12, Instructor OTR, DD/S -4tx_qt,?mgmstitm Suggester proposes that a regulation or notice, with Headquarters 25X1A and be published setting forth the ethical con- cepts involved in the sale of purchase of property or supplies to or from the Agency by Agency personnel., :511)21M-RLAKAMittgAi On 10 January 1957, a conversation with the Office of Logistics. revealed that, as a result of this suggestion, OL drafted a revision. 25X1A of to incorporate the suggester's idea. . 25X1A On 17 April 1958, Chief, Admin Staff, OL, stated: "As you will recall from our past conversations, we have with- held this evaluation pending the development and coordination of certain regulations designed to implement the suggestion. "This Office has submitted to the. Deputy Director (Support),, for 25X1A 25X1A coordination outside the Support Services, two proposedOMM which may be considered as Incorporating the principles of Suggestion 2249. Proposed provides for; 25X1A 25X1A "The proposed regulations have been concurred In in principle by the ADD/S and it is our belief that the provisions regarding the 'prohibition of purchases from, and sales to, employees will appear in the regulations when published. "In view of the above, it is recommended that this suggestion be considered as adopted and the suggester given an award based on intangible savings involved.' .In this regard, it is believed the .'Degree of Benefit' is slight and the 'Extent of Application' Approved Fiosr &Tate 266VbtaPlar nozwbonturAkdasgbkon"mmended- S-E-C-R-E-T- Approved For Releases1001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000304.010020-1 ?00, Sugg. No. 2249 Contd. On /1 December 19581 Regulations Control Staff advised us that 25X1A lave been approved in principle by the WS, but will be held until all other draft regulations in the "Logistics Package" are received. The entire package of regulations will then be coordinated with the DD/S. RCS states that it may take many months before the regulations are finally published. On 15 December 1958,in view of the long delay in getting the regulation published, Suggestion Awards Staff submitted this case to OL to determine whether or not the suggester's proposal is now Included in existing Logistics training courses. On 16 December, OL Admin advised this Staff that the data now contained in draft 25X1A has been discussed by various speakers in the past at all Logistics seminars And is included as an integral part of all Logistics training courses. 25X1A c- EUSMUXUPAKIWZ 1. Pot in line?of?duty (CS-12, Instructor ginance course0) 2. $75-150 award based on Intangible Benefits (Slight?Broad) D. ..2L9.1 kOlPileelf?C.fatattlft ....Adopted Award . ,..?..yot Adopts - 2 - Letter of Appreciation Approved For Release 2001/07/31 : C1-6.9p32A000300010020-1 25X1A Approved FOrOeleaseW01/07/31 : CI&Elpfft9214A2A000306111f0020-1 Suggestion No. 2190 Date of Suggestion: 30 December 1955 Research and Analysis A. Summary of the Suggestion: Nu? Intelligence Officer GS 12 Suggester proposes that a "sign in" system such as the fol.- lowtng would protect the "sensitive" personnel from char force, guards etc. This could be done by having employees sign in and . out on individual slips which would be dropped into a locked metal box at the guard's desk. These slips, approximately 3 x 5 in size, would have on one side a place for ID card number, date, time "in" or "out", and room number. This side would be shown the guard, along with the ID card. The signature would appear on the other side, and would not be shown the guard before the slip was dropped in the box. In this way true identities of CS personnel would not be readily available to the guards or to others. B. Evaluation of the Concerned Office: The Office of Security evaluation dated 14 March 1956 is briefed as follows; The idea in the suggestion is generally good; however, the Office of Security does not feel it is as serious as stated. They feel that suggested system is too cumbersome and that the additional work required to administer such a system would not be commensurate with the slight degree of added security thus provided. powever they feel that the employee deserves recognition for his suggestion as they do plan to take action which will accomplish nearly the same results as suggested. This Security plan is to place a heavy cover on the log sheet which would conceal all names already entered therein and expose only the next succeeding vacant lines. In addition they plan to reiterate existing instructions to the guards that they not permit anyone other than authorized personnel of the Office of Security to peruse the log book. Although we are not adopting the employee's suggestion as written, we do plan to take action which will accomplish nearly the same results. We therefore feel that the employee deserves recognition for his suggestion and recommend that he be given a commendation. C. Recommendation of the Executive Secretary: Adopt. Award $10* $25 based on intangible benefits (pointing out a problem and contributing to its solution, although in a manner ? fferent from that suggested). 2001/0 -RDON- 0832A0 25X1A Approved For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000300010020-1 Approved For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000300010020-1 DESCRIPTION OP`SUSSESTION tosh 4,40?domoi shoots Al noce5Nrry) 4444 *----44 - Approved For Release ?.001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000300Q10020-1 rMPOWON111114 ""' 1955 I would like to Suggest that the Deputy Director (Plans) with the assistance of the Deputy Director (5APPort) request the Department of State to establish a Passport Officer within the confines of CIL to process and issue passports. ' Ihe'immediste reaction at the lower level can be expected to be that State would never agree to suah a procedure. This Mae the reaction when in 1950 an Agency employee recommended that a U. S. Disbursing Officer be estab- lished in CIL to cut down the wetly waste of time in the processing and is- suance of U. S..Government checks. The sheer veight of the volume of trans- actices on checks made it necessary to establish a Ti. S. Disbursing Officer at a later date. Further, the Comptroller General has Itstablished a General Accounting Of floe Sight Auilitor ta CI to review gad act akirovpharsdi funds transactions. The above would indicate that nothing is impossible if handled at the proper level. CONTINVIO ON CCCCCCC OlOt FORM NO. ^414 44.4.4ccs 55.154 1 OCT 54 4 ONICN NOY ft WORD. Approved For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000300010020-1 (47) STATINTL STATINTL Approved4r6r Releatiore2001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A0003W010020-or1 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY Suggestion No. 2154 Date: 2 December 1955 OCI,NIL Branch Chief GS-13 A. Summary of the Suggestion: Suggester proposes that s?rectangular grass plot adjoining Building 9 on the northeast corner of that building be made available for parking area. B. Evaluation of Concerned Office: On 20 February 1956 the Office of Logistics reported: "With reference to suggestion ,//2154, this is to advise that the triangular area adjoining Building 9, suggested for use as additional parking area, is under the jurisdiction of the Department of the Navy and not this Agency. "Attention is directed to opinions rendered by the OGC in that Agency funds cannot be expended for the improvement of Government ground to provide parking facilities for employees. 'Under the above circumstances, adoption of this suggestion cannot be approved." IA Note: Further followup with of the Real Estate and Construction Division of OL reveals that perhaps Navy can expend funds for such a project. On 24 April suggestion was sent back to suggester for him to declassify and resubmit for interdepartmental referral to the Navy. C. Recommendation of the Executive Secretary: 1. Disapproval for CIA. 2. Refer suggestion to the Navy Department through CSC for consideration for Inter-Departmental award. CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY **S9' Approved For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-Rwg-00832A000300010020-1 STATINTL Approved FVeleaseV1501/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A0003000020-110 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY Suggestion No. 2151 Date of Suggestion: 1 December 1955 Finance GS-7 Bus o Accountant A. Summary of Smostion8 Suggester proposes that steps be taken to correct the present practice of having fire extinguishers, approximately 6 inches from wall, fire hoses hanging about 4 inches from the wall and water valves about 10 inches in the corridors of seme of the Agency buildings. In addition the valves are about 53' to 6' high which makes them about eye level and not abo70 head for most people. Possible steps for improvement are: 1. Build equipment back into wall 2. Raise it above head level 3. Cover it with sleorbent soft material 4. Publish literature warning employees of the hazards B. Evaluation of the Concerned Office: The Office of Security on 3 ?ebruary 1956 stated: "EMployee Suggestion -112151 as found by the CIA Safety Officer is fundamentally sound and merits consideration. However, the safety deficiency as specified in this Employee Sug- gestion has been under discussion before by this office, the Space, Maintenance and Facilities Branch, OL, and the Public Building Services, GOA. All have agreed that the problem is a hazard and should be remedied. Any suggested remedies to date, have not been implemented since the cost of such remedies would be high and could not be justified on the basis of reported accidents resulting fram the subject safety discrepancies. "Au a result of this suggestion, representatives of GSA, SB/OL, and the Safety Officer made a study of the problem and agreed to erect a test barrier in I Building that should eevent further in luries due to the location of the water valves. If this barrier is as effective as is expected, further danger of head injuries should be eliminated by installation of this type of barrier throughout the buildings. In the opinion of the Safety Officer, this Iggestion made an added contribution to the accident pre- vention program of this Agency." Recommendation of Executive Secret: Award 4520 based on intangible benefits. CIA INTEnNAL USE ONLY pproved For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-Rtea0-00832A000300010020-1 ApprovecFlp. ReleavA001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A0003141/111002044 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY STATINTL STATINTL t"./---- Approved For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000300010020-1 Suggestion No. 2137 Date Of Suggestion: 23 November 1955 Comptroller Accoutant G6-11 A. Summary of Suggestion: In August of 1955 the suggester suggested to the Office of SNIP to have a sign installed in the vicinity of shuttle bus stop opposite the main entrance to North Building to read as follows: "PLEASE FORM LINE FOR BUS" as so many employees were pushing ahead of those that had been waiting for the bus, consequently these employees who had been waiting were not able to get on and had to wait for the next bus, thus were late for work or scheduled appointments thru no fault of their own. After this sign was installed, the employees arrived on time for work without shattered nerves and with a much better disposition which was helpful not only for themselves but for their co workers, This sign has solved the problem at this busy shuttle stop. The reason this suggestion was not submitted in the Incen- tive Awards Committee at the time was because of the time element involved, something had to be accomplished immediately, thanks to the fine cooperation of the Office of SM&F and STATINTL who handled this request. B. Evaluation of the concerned office: On 4 January 1956 'an evaluation of the Logistics Office stated: "It has been determined that the suggester was responsi- ble for action taken by SM&F Branch as claimed. In view of the benefits derived from the suggestion it is recommended a minimum cash award be granted." C. Recommendation of Executive Secretary: Adopt. Letter of thanks. CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY 23 STATINTL STATINTL Approved For ReleaseV801/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A00030.1010020-'4.t CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY Suggestion No. 2096 Date of Suggestion: 26 October 1955 Trainins GS-11 A. Summary of the Suggestion: The suggester proposes that Agency briefcailea be serially numbered to provide positio identification of the briefcase when determining ownership. D. Evaluation of Concerned Office: The Administrative Staff, Logistics on 15 December 1955 stated l "This office does not concur with,the suggestion for the following reasons: A. It would be necessary to establish and maintain a file of issued serial numbers to insure that a number is not assigned to more than one of the items. The establishment of such a file would involve an unnecessary additional expend- iture of manhours at the the Building Supply Office. A briefcase is normally considered an item of personal equipment such aiclothing, pen and pencil sets, etc., and it is always the respensibility of the individual to ac- count for items of personal equipment per present Supply Procedure. "2. It is felt that from a Security aspect, it would not be feasible as no other Governmental activity uses a similar system; therefore) this Agency would be consticious by adopting such an unusual procedure" Disapproval for adoption was recommended. C. Recommendation of Executive Seggeftaa: Disapproval. CIA INTERVAL USE ONLY -51- Approved For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000300010020-1 STATINTL Approved ForReled4W2001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A0001,50100204IP CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY Suggestion No. 2009 Date of Suggestionl 10 October 1955 V3-9 STATINTL Carpenter A. Summary of Suggestion: Suggester proposes boxes for nails be attached to tables where caTpenters work. This would replace present system of using individual boxes of nails which are often turned over and "never seem to be at the right place" B. Evaluation of Concerned Office: The Administrative Staff/OL on 8 December 1955 state.: "The attachment for holding nails on the nailing table has already been installed atthe Washington Depot at which ap- proximately 4 men work. This practice of having nails in separate compartments around the table does not expedite work, neither does it save time as previously most of the uorkt carried their nails in aprons or in small boxes. "The convenience of having nails right at the pint the man is nailing and he does not have to worry about an apron or a box is more of a morale factor which tends to eliminate fatigue that may be brought about by having the weight of nails in afpron aroung his body, or from having to pick up a box and carry it to another location when he is sent eloewhere to work. "As brought out above there is no way to evaluate this suggestion from a monetary or time element standpoint as very little savings has resulted from its use at the Depot." C. 'Recommendation of Executive Secretant Adopt. 40 award based on intangible benefits. 6YI CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY -27- Approved For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000300010020-1 STATINTL STATINTL Approved F ig,....Release1111101/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000300110)020-1 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY Suggestion 2067 Date of Suggestion: 17 October 1955 Personnel A. Summary of Suggestion: Classifier It has been proposed that: (1) the Agency telephone directory be published semi-annually. (2) Clean out listings of employees who have left the Agency. B. Evaluation3of Concerned Offices: Part (1) is a duplicate of suggestion. ,.'1185 Part (2) The Office of Logistics on 21 NoveMber 1955 stated: "The Omolete listings cited are the names of for- mer employees of the Office of Personnel. The Administra- tirre Officer responsible to report such changes has been notified and assurance given that corrective action would be taken immediately. Disapproved for Adoption." 29 November 1955 the Incentive Awards Staff Per conversation with 11111111111 Office of Logistics: He stated that suggestion 4id contribute in the amount of stimulating action to correct errors in listings in Personnel Office. Stated that evaluation should have read -ItT1 suggester for his idea but believe it warrants no award." C. Recommendation of Executive Secretary: Adopt part two of suggestion. Letter of thanks. tl* CIA INTERNAL USE. ONLY -26- Approved For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000300010020-1 STATINTL Approved For?Releaseitm601/07/31 : CIA-RDP8:1-06832A0003015010020-410- CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY Suggestion No. 2075 Date of Suggestion: 12 October 1955 CS-9 A. Summary of Suggestion: The suggestcr proposes that leave balances be made freely available to all employees at all times without time consuming and costly memoranda of justifications B. Evaluation of Concerned Office: The Comptroller on 17 November 1955 stated: "This office has been engaged for some time in a study of procedures for the maintenance of annual and sick leave records of indi- vidual employees. One of the factors of which we have been mindful in this connection is the desire of most employees to have easy access to information concerning current leave balances; we realize that the present procedure for furn- ing leave balances is unsatisfactory from the viewpoint of many employees. "Any action that may ultimately be taken by. the Agency to make leave information more easily available to employees will be taken upon the basis of the above study. "In the circumstances no part of this suggestion makes any added contribution: and it is reco.mmended that it be disapproved." C. R.nnmmendation of Executive Secretau: Disapproval. CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY Approved For For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000300010020-1 STAT I NT L Approved FbeReleag001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A0003arg10020-1 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY Suggestion No. 2080 Date of the Suggestion: 13 October 1955 Management Staff Acting Chief 05-13 A. Summary of the Suggest!ion: Suggester proposes that the following Steps be taken concerning the handling of classified trash when it is removed from the build- ings* 10 Pickup schedule be varied from day to day so that the trucks arrival at a given point may not be so readily predictable. 2. That the trucks used for the purpose be provided with a steel gate to be closed and padlocked at all times when the truck is in motion or stopped to make pickups. (Suggester Observed that the truck is insufficiently guarded and trash was easily removable from the truck When it is stopped at pickup points.). B. Evaluation of the Office Concerned; The Office of Security on 22 March 1956 stated the following:, "Arrangements have been made for the installation of gates on the rear of the trucks, However, this is not the result of the ettached suggestion. This office requested the gates from the Transportation Office long before the suggestion was received. The delay is due to going through the proper channels and the waiting period for installation or possibly the assignment of a mew truck with gates already installed. "Until recently, the Building Security Branch had one (1) Security Officer assigned to the. Classified Waste Program. There was no slot on the TO for additional personnel, even though the volume of material and the nmiber of buildings increased considerably. As a result, we were somewhat vunerable on occasion. Our TO has been changed and we have been allotted. one (1) additional Security Officer who has been assigned to the Classified Waste Program. The suggestion had nothing to do with correcting the situation. However, it is the opinion of this office that the suggester should be commended for his observance of the situation, and his conclusions.' C. Recommendation of the Executive Secretary: Disapproval CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY Approved For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RDW0832A000300010020-1 STATINTL Approved ForRelease1le01/07/Mi a-,Fir80199pytT0300111010020-1 Suggestion No. 2060 Date of Suggestion: 29 September 1955 Clerk GS-6 A. Summary of Suggestion: Suggeoter proposes the following: 1. Some corrective action be taken about mud along the walk in front of 1, .1, K, L, Bids. 2. An overpass be constructed aczeoss Independence Ave. at the Cross walk coming from between K and L. Bldgs. B. Evaluation of Concerned Office: 27 January 1956 The AlertnIs,trne Staff, Office of Logistics stated: "With reference to part 1 of Suggestion No. 2060, an investigation made by this office revee4d that catch basin drains in this area were clogged and the over- flow of water caused the accumulation of mud. National Capital Parks has been requested to make periodic inspections to ensure that drains are kept clean and in proper working order. "With respect to part 2, the NationU Capital Parks informpa this Office that funds for the eonstructIon of an overpass across Independence Avenue are not av9,i1ab1e and that the National Capital Parks and Planning Commission would not approve ouch a project. Since part 1 of this suggeotion led to oOrrective action being token, it is recommended that a minimum Oward be issued. C. Recommendation of Executive Secretary: .Adopt - $10 award baoed on intangible benefits. CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY .25... Approved For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000300010020-1 STATINTL Approved Fo?pelease/g61/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A0003068.5020-1 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY Suggestion. No. 2042 Date of Suggestion: 16 Septenber 1955 Comma GS-11 A. Summary of Suggestion: It is suggested that file clerks remove all staples from any piece of scver destined for the files and which will be held in that file with a metal file binder. While no great savings of drawer space will result from such action, many drawers ehould gain from 2 to 3 inches of useful space, in addition to other advantages as easier removal and replacement of file folders. A little investigation revealed that most staples go into the upper left corner of most papers) which when piled on top of each other,eveate this bulge. This particular folder was meaaur- ed and found to be approximately 2-1/4 inches thick at the bulge! The staples were removed) the corner again measured, this time for a thickness of about an inch - and the folder is now flat and of uniform thickness. These surplus staples are enclosed. As can be seen, a single staple require a little room, but when piled on top of each other, add up to considerable waste space. B. Evaluation of Concerned Office: 17 October 1955 - Records Management Staff sThe euggeotor proposes a deviation from recognized filing systems in that it is considered practical to staple each unit of material consisting of two or more papers relating to a particular transaction together. Such maintenance techniques facilitate servicing with respect to filing and withdrawal for reference purposes. fat is recognized that the suggestor ha e uncovered a situation which on the surface appears worthy of investigating; however, such irregularities are normally isolated maintenance problems. The above was confirmed when a recheck with the suggeotor, via :theIV8ita,? revealed this situation exists in the suggestorhs working area, to the extent that 4.5% of the total file series are of the category involved. (2.5 ft. vs. 56 ft.) "On the baais of the unit cost for a legal size cabinet safe (237.29), a savings of '02.47 is realized for each inch of filing space saved. Using the suggestor's estimate of 56% of savings realized in the folder analyzed, an initial savings of 01.50 in his office would be realized. However, it is the opinion of CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY Approved For For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000300010020-1 Approved NroliteleaseVer01/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000300411f0020-1c0/ CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY Suggestion No. 2042 Cont. the undersigned (Chief, Records Management Staff) that such oavings would not compensate for additional maintenance e;Tenses ouch as removal of staples, assembly time in caseorwithdrawal for reference, plus the alteration of an ingrained clerical technique. In view of the above analysis, this suggestion can- not be favorably considered.fl C. Recommendation of Executive Secretary: Disapproval. 01A INTERNAL USE ONflY -48- Approved For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000300010020-1 25X1A Approved ForReleaseV501/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A0003084140020-110,r SECRET Suggestion No, 2045 Date of Suggestion: 20 September 1955 Commo GS-13 A. Summary of Suggestion: The suggester proposes that the codeeLsignation of the inherent steraity of each item of stock be included in the item nomenclature. If the inherent sterility differs with the procurement channel, the applicable sources and sterili- ties should be shown. B. Evaluation of Concerned Office: The Office of Logistics- on 2 December 1955 commented: "This suggestion cannot be favorably considered. Any attempt to indicate sterility as part of the nomenclature Would be misleading, as well as confusing, to the requisitioner since there are many factors involved in establishing sterility conditions for material. There is hardly a situation in which Logistics can definitely determine the "inherent" sterility of an item, as given by the suggeater, urtil the procurement channel has been determined. For instance, such c4mp1e items as office supplies may arrive at one time in commercial containers which would be considered as government sterile and the next delivery of the same item could come with government marLings on the containers, etc., which would allow only Agency sterility to be applied. Recommend Disap- proval for adoption."- C. Recommendation of Executive Secretary: Disapproval. SECRET Approved For For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000300010020-1 25X1A Approved For ReleaW2001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000/615010020.i CONFIDENTIAL Suggestion No. 2040 Date of Suggestion: 15 SepteMber 1955 ORR GS-14 A. Sumr!lag of Suggestion: The suggester proposes that in lieu of the present conferense-type briefings and debriefings, a tape recorder be used to record questions and requirements. B. Evaluation of Concerned Office: Office of Research end Reports commented on 14 October 1955: "This suggestion is disapproved for adoption, sinac ?t woulddiminish the value of briefings and since an alterna- tive, for those who do not wish persongilly to upend the tine for attending briefings under the present system, is already in existence. One major advantage of face-to-face briefings would be lost, namely, that the questioner can ask certain key questions and the develop additional questions based on the answers to the first. Also there would be little opportunity to develop an impression of the competency of the individual fom seeing and watching him answer the question-" C. Reconmendation of the Executive Secretary: Disapproval. CONFINNTIAL Approved For For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000300010020-1 STATINTL Approved For Re!eel/002001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A00031,01002040. ../ CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY Suggestion No. 2036 Date of Suggestion: 14 September 2955 Central Reference CS-9 A. Summary of Suggestion: The suggester proposes to reduce the cost of printing Form 60-41, CIA Library Loan Service Request and Charge Sheet by making the yelloq copy the same weight and content as the following pink and white copies and by eliminating all printing on both the yellow and blue copies except for the Charge Number and the sdow printing on both cops. B. Evaluation of Concerned Office: The CIA Librarian commenCed on 13 October 1955: "Prior to the receipt of this suggestion, an order was placed for a revised printing of Form 60-41. This revision has already incorporated the suggestion to the extent that all copies beyond the original will not be printed except to include some Isho(7.ow, printing on two of the five copies." C. Becommend,ation _Qf Executive Secretal,y: Disapproval CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY Approved For For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000300010020-1 Approved For Releat.W2001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000M0100204' . CONFIDENTIAL Suggestion No. 2020 Date of Suggestions 30 August 1955 .25X1A Comptroller GS-7 A. Ems/. of Suoestion: The suggester proposes that the Agency utiliee and make mandatory first class family plan tickets for domestic air travel. B. Evaluations of Concerned Offices: The Administrative Staff, Office of Logistics on. 01 October 1955 stated: "It is believed that in consideration of the fact that the Agency has, since its inauguration, utilized family plans for air travel, whenever possible, this suggeetion made no added contribution to Agency policies or apperattons. Suggestion already in effect and no part of suggestion makes added contribution. The Office of Personnel on 4 November 1955 comet-fled: "With reference to that part of the suggestion which recom- mends the issuance of a regulation requiring the use of the Family Plan, it has been, our experience that there is suf- ficient advance planning in much PCS travel to allow for planning travel for Manday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. However, there are cases in which cover considerations, types of . travel, and destination preclude adherence to such a rule. Consequently, we do not believe that such a mandatory reeuirement is feasible. Already in effect and no pert of the suggestion makes added contribution." C. Recommendation. of Executive Secretary: Dioanproval. CONFIDENTIAL -44- Approved For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000300010020-1 Approved For Releaetme001/07/31 : 9y9f1919.9,832A0003NIC10020-1L;, Suggestion No. 1995 Dateof Suggestion: 26 August 1955 25X1A Logistics, Supply Division GS-9 A. Summary of Sugg2stion: Suggest an addendum to be inserted along with copy of Purchase Order or contract to read: A. To effect prompt receiving of your shipment and processing of your invoice for payment, it is suggested that the following steps be taken prior to shipping. 1.) Our item numbers your part number and package quantity be marked clearly on all items in your shipment. 2.) Corresponding numbers and quantities as detailed above be reflected on your invoice or packing list. 3.) Show clearly on item, invoice, and packing list, all substitutions for original items ordered, (where allowed). 4.) The above should not be construed as a requirement, but as a suggestion only. 2. Past experience has shown that many man hours are lost by Storekeepers (Receiving) in properly identifying large shipments of small items. (For example, spare parts for communication equipment, automobiles, typewriters, and shelving, etc.). In many instances the Receiving Office must call upon the requisitioning office for technical assistance, which is not always readily available. Many times additional man hours are lost due to errors, which have to be corrected by amending the original papervork, again costing more to the Agency. 3. Most vendors allow discounts for prompt payment on their invoices. In some instances discounts have been lost due to reasons aforementioned. 4. Advantages: A. Educating the vendor to identify his item by marking to correspond with ordered item. B. An improvement in receiving operations and a saving of numerous man hours lost in. identification of items. ? C. Better relations with vendors, in that invoices would be promptly processed resulting in quicker payment thereof, Approved For Release 2001/07/31 : GEVROND104832A000300010020-1 -42- Approved For Releastut001/07/31 : CIA-RDP8O-OO832AO0031OO2O.41 CONFID7NTIAL Suggestion No. 1995 (Contld) D. Agency taking advantage of all vendor discounts for prompt payment, 5. Adoption of this suggestion should prove beneficial to all concerned." B. Evaluation of Concerned Office: The Chief, Administrative Staff/OL stated: (22 Yovember 1955) "Item J During the past several years similar arrange- ment of requesting contractor to show item number, etc., including stock number, was tried for standard stock items. This procedure did not prove to be very satisfactory and as of several months ago was dro7)ned. The basic problems ? involved were security/sterility, non-cooperation, and inconsistency. In some cases the contractor would not cooperate at all and flatly refused to indicate the item number, stock number, etc., while in other cases the contractor far exceeded what was requested and would indicate the ite,1 number, stock number and in some cases aclitin the stock number and item number on to the item itself, thus making it i=actical for such items to be issued other than on a non-sterile basis. "Item 2, chile this suggestion ha 9 some merit, it is doubtful that it would he worthwhile in view of past ex.2erience with similar arrangements." Recomend.a.tion of the Executiye. Sec,retf.rz: Disapproval. CO7FID-TTIAL Approved For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000300010020-1 -43- STATINTL Approved R:Uelease 1/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A0003001105020-1 CL1 INTT.LL US S 0:1Y Suggestion No,,. 1994 Date of Suggestion: 26 August 1955 Logistics, Supply Division GS-9 A4 Summary of the Suggestion: 'It is my suggestion that one of to methods or Possibly a combination of both bo used to eliminate possible waste eue to expiration or deterioration, Both methods are outlined below: Au Items with expiration or deterioration neriod mill be stocked at the lowest level possible. This level will be governed by both the normal three or six month requirement and the lead ti,ae required for purchasing, Quantities on hand as entered in the stock status renort will be broken down according to ex')iration dates. The catalogue notes those items with deterioration and exniration dates but insufficient attention is -D?de to these notes; therefore, it would be nreferable to limit the quantity of a item in stock and state in the catalogue under each item subject to deterioration that quantities ordered in excess of a set figure will be back ordered or deleted according to the discretion of Ch.ef, Logistics, -hen more than one requisition c .11s for substantially more of an item carrying exniration dates than is nresently in stock, then a partial shipment will be made to each requisition and purchasing will immediately institute orders to complete the s',ipm,nts nlus filling the minimum stock level0 vith the noting of exniratien dates on stock status reports; nroner stock levels, the governing of quantities requisitioned and increased back ordering, it is entirely nossi'Dle that no further vTaste will occur due to deterioration or exniration. B. Require that all installations using expiring items submit a realistic and basic forecast on all items subject to deterioration or exniration. Inform all installations that based on their forecasts, the Office of Logistics will purchase and stock on a quarterly or semi-annual asis If the installation fails to requisition the amounts stated in their forecast; then Logistics will charge their particular allot:aent for the unusea quantity unless they have been able to dispose of the item through some other channel." B. Evaluation :of Concerned Office: Office of the Chief, :iedical Staff states: (28 October 1955) "The Medical Staff Coes not feel that these nrocedures are appropriate in regard medical itemsu Although levels of Approved For Release 2001/076%: FIA,-Ripk'8O0gla8900300010020-1 -40- Approved Foeleasellet1/07/STICIAIREIPEO-130832A20030&0116020-1 Nue Suggestion No. 1994 (Cont'd) perishable drugs are maintained at as low a level as is possible, there is no way of determining the life expectancy of an item until it is received. "When received, the material may have a life potency of anywhere from two months to two years. '1hen requisitioning from the Armed Forces, items with long expiration dates are requested; however, this request cannot be honored at all times, and back?ordering does not necessarily ensure long expiration dates, In most cases, it would be more costly to return the material than to keep it, Therefore, in regard to medical materials of perlEihable nature, the Medical Staff cannot see how this suggestion can eliminate waste other than through procedures now in effect. In all Agency supply depot facilities, medical personnel are assigned for the purpose, in addition to other responsibilities, of ensuring rotation of perishable medical supplies." Office of Logistics,. Administrative Staff states: (17 Nov. 1955) "The situation described in this suggestion has been recognized by the Office of Logistics, and corrective action was effected a7proximatelT six (6) months ago, through the lowering of levels on all items having expiration dates. The cost of maintaining a central file of expiration dates on each item affected would be considerable greater than any. foreseeable loss occasioned by failure to use items within expiration dates. "In regard to reference "B" of the suggestion installations do not and should not forecast expendable items. The items under discussion are such that requirements are not normally firm enough to give quarterly or semiannual data on which procurement action could safely be initiated. However, this will not affect supply action as the items mentioned in the suggestion are readily accessible through commercial channels without undue delay. This suggestion would not improve the present procedure. "Suggestion already in effect and no part of this suggestion makes added contribution." CORecommendation of the Executive Secretary: Disapproval CIA IFT7RNAL 1157 ONIY Approved For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000300010020-1 -41- Approved F%peleaseN61/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A00030011.0020-1 #040 CONFIDENTIAL Suggestion No. 1973 Date of Suggestion 5 August 55 25X1A OSI/SAD Intello Officer GS-9 A. Summary of the Suggestion: Number 1973 propoaed that CIA/FDD Reference Aid. 29 of 31 March 1955 be downtoaded to uncicIssified and that copies be given to, all contract translators employeA by CIA. Evaluation of Concerned Offices: 0/DDI on December 30, 1955 stated: "One result of this suggestion, however, has imn to have FDD send a memo to the CIA Classification Control Officer declassifying FDD Refen-nce Aid No. 29 when the reference to CIA is removed. This was specifically suggested in 1973. This will result in wider distribution of this Reference Ai?a and it should be a help to all contract translators. It is difficult to put a monetary evaluation on this part of the suggestion but sug- gest the Board consider a =mine/ cash award." C. Recommendation of Executive Secretamy: Nominal award of *15 for a suggestion with intangible benefits. CONFIDENTIAL -94- Approved For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000300010020-1 STATINTL Approved ForReleate02001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A00080151002041i0 Nome CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY Suggestion No. 1960 Date of Suggestion: 1 'August 1955 WE G3-9 A. Summary of the Suggestion: The suggester proposes that a flashlight be made avail- able for the use of the individuals who at the end of each work day must perform the Division Security check. B. Evaluations of Concerned Offices: The office of Security on 22 September 1955 stated: The basic idea of using a flashlight as an aid in conducting the Staff Duty Check has some merit. However, from a practi- cal staudpoint, this office is of the ollmion that the initial and subsequent costs of equipment and replacement of parts could not be justified on an Agency-wide basis. Disapproved for adoptica," The Office of Logistics on 22 November 1955 added: "As the time of repair, replacement of batteries, and account- ing for this non-expeadable property would far outweigh any value to be gained, it is recommended that the suggestion be disapproved for adoption." C. Recommendation of Executive Secretary: Disapproval. CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY -39- Approved For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000300010020-1 STATINTL Approved Fo4pelease 2V1/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A00030001141b20-1 Date of Suggestion.1 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY Suggestion No, 1957 27 July 1955 ORE GS-9 A. Summamy of SlIagfstion: The suegester recommends improved coordination of divi- sion typing capabilities in ORE. Branches are to report; weekly and in advance; manhour requirements and availability for typing. The Division will determine work loads and priorities and allocate typing time accordingly. B. Evaluations of Concerned Offices: Office of ReDearch and Reports commented on 16 September 1955: "This suggestion makes no added contribution to division administration, Necessary pooling of resources is considered a normal part of a Division Chief7sresponsibi1ities." DD/I (Admin) added on 22 October 1955: "Although a formal system for the allocation of typing time is not estab- lished in every Division, nevertheless; it is a general practice to make every effort to make mximum utilization of available typing help." C. Recommendation of Executive Secretary: Disapproval. CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY -38- Approved For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000300010020-1 Approved Fofispeleasellet1/07/3titlikilpirN8A9:02220Anooyo3oosato2o-1 Suggestion Date of Suggestion: 27 July 1955 STATINTL 05-5 Case Officer A. SummeTI of Lyiaelition : Suggester proposes that the fence be altered along the north side of Tempo I, j, K, and L building to provide access to two fire alarm boxes and one fire plug for anyone outside the fenced area. At the present time these are within con- fines of fenced area and inaccetae to the general public and fire companies for whom they were designed, D. Evaluations of Concerapd Offices: 27 September 1955 - Office of Security recommends adopticr, of suggestion and requests that Logistics take ar,propiate action. 9 March 1956 - Office of Logistics states that proper action will be taken to effect necessary alterations. C. Recommendation of Executive Secretary: Adopt, $15 award based on intangible benefits. CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY -23- Approved For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000300010020-1 STATINTL Approved For Releittax 200y0MITIFTMI:klitS59-M92A00400010021k Suggestion No. 1940 Date Submitted: 18 July 55 A. Summary of the Sumestion: Wherever possible, modify forms which have to be mailed so that they will fit into window-type envelopes. B. Evaluation of Concerned Offices: Forms Management Branch Date& 18 October 1955: "When security permits, Agency forms are presently being designed to fit window envelopes, provided, complete facts relative to forms usage are made known to us when a forms action is processed- Comptroller's Office dated 16 January 1956: "This suggestion Iertaining to the use of window envelopes for the transmission of certain forms by the Fiscal Division- of this Office, has already been placed in effect. "The form that is used the most, as referred to by the sug- cester, has been revised-for use with window envelopes (reference roemNo. 853- 1 December 1955). It is estimated that the use of window envelopes in thie; activity by the Fiscal Division, instead of typing envelopes, effects an annual saving to the Agency of approximately $50.00. The principle of this suggestion may apply to other 'operations throughout the Agency and should be referred for general consid- eration. "It is recommended that the employee be commended for the initiative and interest shown toward the improvement of Agency operations and be given the appropriate award for the suggestion." C. Recommendation of the Executive Secretary: Award of $10 based on tangible savings. b?) CIA INTEMAL USE ONLY PAGE 29-A Approved For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000300010020-1 STATINTL Approved FoOelease1161/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A00030614020-1 CONFIDENTIAL Suggestion No. 1922 Date of Suggestion: 12 July 1955 25X1A ORR GS-12 A. Gum= of Suggestion: The suggester proposes the construction of an alcove for visitors at the entrance to the restricted area on the 2nd Floor NbWo corner of M Building so that visitors may tala to the receptionist without blocking traffic cit the gate. B. Evalutions of the Offices Concerned: The Office of Current Intelligence commented on. 26 July 1955: "If this suggestion is adopted, it will take space away from some other activity for the sole purpose of accomodating casual visitors who are required to stand back and permit free access t.lx),,re Center. It seems that under the present stringencle3 in the space situation, it i5 not wise to adopt this suggestion. The Office of Research and Reports on 14 October 1955 stated: "This Office does not believe the suggestion should be adopted." C. Recommendation of Executive Secretary: Disapproval. CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000300010020-1 STATINTL STATINTL Approved FoL,Release*O1/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A00030W020-1 its CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY Suggestion No. 1884 Research and Reports G8-12 Geographer Date of Suggestion: 20 June 1955 A. Summary of Suggestion.: Suggester proposes that a D/GL (Map Library Division) representative visit each room in Building 11 once a week to pick up loan returns of maps, atlas's etc, This would speed up return of loans and remind people to return materials no longer needed, B. Evaluations of the Concerned Offices: The Geography Divsion on 18 October 1955 reported that: "The standard practice of all branches in the Division is to return all maps whenever the project is finished-- that is to say, as soon as the manuscript is sent to Repro- duction. Everyone in the Division recognizes that there are a few maps, but only a few, in his map drawer which should possibly be returned, but since 1 January 1955 return- able maps in map drawers have been kept at a minimum, "The point of merit in the suggestion will be incor- porated into the standard operating procedure of the Divi- sion, To wit: the Division Chief will remind the assembled branch chiefs 4 times a year to please check their map draw- ers and return redundant maps." on 7 February 1956 stated: "The suggestion did serve to point up the problem and as a result the Chief, D/GG does remind his branch chiefs four times a year to return borrowed maps, etc. "The solution suggested, however, was considered imprac-- tical and was not adopted "If calling attention to a problem qualified an indivi- dual for award then certainly the suggester is entitled to a nomiaal award," C. Recommendation of the Executive Secretary: Adopt. Letter of thanks. Although suggester's proposed solution was considered impractical, he called attention to a continuing problem and caused provision to be made for issuance of quarterly reminders to return borrowed maps. (,,,---Approved For Release 2001/07/3fTtalikt#1*-M2W0300010020-1 STATINTL STATINTL Approved Fcg?peleasela01/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A00030040020-1 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY Suggestion No. 1870 Operations Branch chief GS-14 Date of Suggestion: 16 June 1955 A. Summary of Suggestion: Suggester proposes more effective use of bulletin boards and posted material i.e. each sign should be accompanied by a notice reading "post until fl B. Evaluation of the Office concerned: On 12 January 1956 the Office of Personnel stated: "Upon review, it is our opinion that the use of expira- tion dates to assist in insuring the removal of Obsolete material from Agency bulletin boards will be helDful. Accord- ingly, proposed Regulation , currently on condination, will be amend.ed to include such a provision. "While adoption of this suggestion will result in some benefit insofar as the maintenance of bulletin boards on a cur- rent basis is concerned, it is impossible for us to predict any actual monetary savings. In view of this fact and the suggester's own notation that no reward is anticipated, it is recommended that he be given a 'thank you' letter but no cash award." C. Recommendation of the Executive Secretary Adopt. Letter of thanks. CIAINTERNAL USE ONLY Approved For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RD141)-00832A000300010020-1 STATINTL ApprovedUy Releasej001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000310020-440 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY Suggestion No. 1857 Date of Suggestion: 7 June 1955 DrP/FI Deputy Chief Gs-13 A. Summary of Suggestion: Suggester proposes the installation of signs in the cashier's office for the Insurance Branch which will indi- cate which transactions are handled at each window. B. Evaluations of the Concerned Offices The Office of Personnel stated on 11 April 1956 that inch signs were ordered on 21 March 56. Although they had been planned for earlier, this suggestion is credited with bringing about action. No monetary aavings are anticipated but some increase in convenience to customers will be realized. C. Recommendation of the Executive Secretary: Adopt, $15 award based on intangible benefits. fit) CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY Approved For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80?6832A000300010020-1 25X1A Approved-far ReleaseuX01/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A0003041#10020-140 CONFIDENTIAL Suggestion No. 1855, Date of Suggestion: 6 June 1955 GS-11 A. Summary of the Suggestion: Suggester proposes utilizing a mechanical method for locating openings in the radio frequency spectrum. B. Evaluations of the Concerned Offices: The Chief, Special Register, OCR on 5 April 1956 stated: 25X1A "Since submitting suggestion, developments within the Branch have taken place which make it as difficult to evaluate now as it was last June, 25X1A 25X1A "Luring the past few months, the Radio Stations Branch has been in the process of revising its radio frequency usage file (a file of IBM cards maintained in order by frequency). While this revision is underway it is not possible to put suggestion into effect. "The Branch has been averaging four requests per month of the type (location of spectrum openings) to which idea is applicable. The original estimate of the time ratio of eight analysts' hours to one machine hour is still reason- ably valid. Due to some progress in developing procedures it has been found that analysts have been able to process this type of request in about one day as opposed to the two day figure given in the original presentation. If this new figure were applied to the average number of requests the saving would amount to 28 analysts' hours per month or about $85.00. "It is realized that the above re-evaluation is still theoretical just as was the original one last June. However, we are now even more certain of the ultimate usefulness of suggestion in servicing requests of a very important nature. About 50% of the requests are received on a 'crash' basis, thus the real value of each hour saved seems to be indeterminable. "In view of the above, and to prevent further delay in processing this suggestion, it is strongly recommended that 25X1A be given a reasonable, average award as suggested by the OCR Executive." CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RDP801.00832A000300010020-1 25X1A Approvedr Releamo2001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A0003.0010020 Cont. Suggestion 1855 25X1A On 1 Nay 1956 recommends award based on tangible savings noted in paragraph three above. 25X1A CONFIDENTIAL ODDI (Admin) C. Recommendation of Executive Secretary: Adopt* Award of $55 based on tangible savings of $1020 per year. CONFIDENTIAL -2 Approved For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RDP8N00832A000300010020-1 Approved FzieReleaseV1501/07/31 :a1A-MPSOAlb832A00030Mir0020-1Le Date of Suggestion: 17 May 55 Suggestion No: 1813 25X1A A. Surill.M.11_9f S110este2n) Clerk cs-4 With the help of a Ditto machine, one person could cover sheet as .any documents- as two persons an do entirely be hand; it would be especially helpful in the tioversheeting of large pouches when the field symbol and date wee the same on all the documents. All the clerk would have to do by hand would be to fill in the document number. Although the machines must be terribly expensive, it is believed the saving of clerical time would justify the cost over a perijd of time. D. Evaluations of Concerned Offices: 31 May 1955 the Evaluation of the Records Integration Division recommended adoption with minor modification. 26 August 1955 the Office of Logistics stated: "The basis of the suggestion is that large quantities of coversheets are required that Contain nearly identical information. All entries on the coversheets are made by hand or rubber stamp. This is a slow and time consuming process. "With the aid of a Ditto machine, it is proposed to out a master containing common information to many coversheets. This information is then printed on the coveroheets by the Ditto at a fast rate- of production. Information, such as document numbers, which is not common to all coversheets can quicy be entered by band. "It is not desirable to do this pre-printing at a centralieed printing facility because of the diversity of coversheets, docu- ments, information to be printed, etc.. "In terms of savings, if the Ditto can replace an employee as ieplied, the machine will amortize itself in a few months. Other than this, this Division cannot furnish more specific information as to Agency benefit expected from the adoption of the employee suggestion." 4 January 1956 The Records Integration Division stated "At the time the subject suggestion was evaluated in RI, an estimate of the savings involved was difficult to determine. Since that time, however, a spirit duplicating machine has been obtained and has been found to save approximately ten (10) hours per week of a GS-5 employee' CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RD0130-00832A000300010020-1 Approved For ReleasiA001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000311e01002NV Neal/ CONFIDENTIAL Sugc;estion No. 1813 Continued: Incentive Awards Note: 16 March 1956 a Telephone con- 25X1A veroation with ,Chief, RI/FI reveals that this suggestion uot within job rcxponsibtlity of suggestor. C. Recommendation. of the Executive Secretary: Award - 4;50 based on tangible savings of 015.20 (10 hours per week = 52091nnually X 1,76 G3-5 bade) CONFIDENTIAL Approved For For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000300010020-1 STATINTL Approved FzoRelease?11601/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A00030b040020-1le CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY Suggestion No. 1798 Date of iTT, tion: 11 May 1955 A. Summary of Suggestion: Suggester proposes that "Keep Off the Grass" Pdgne be posted on- the M.rcle in front of Barton Hall and other places in the area. Scientific Intelligence 05-13 Analyst B. Evaluation of Concerned Office: Administrative Staff, Office of Logistics,29 February 1956 stated: "It was determined that responsibility resta with National Capital Parks and that Agency has consented to furnish 0,nd install suitable signs prohibiting short-cuts where requir- ed. "The suggester is to be commended for his interest in the appearance of the vounds surrounding Agency buildings." C. Redommendation,of the Executive Secretaa: 4,22xi_r Thank you letter. CIA INTERVAL USE ONLY Approved For For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000300010020-1 STATINTL Approved Foriaeleaselt151/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A00030011.8020-1 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY Suggestion No. 1765 Date of Suggestion 28 April 1955 Comptroller GS-12 A. SumMary_of Suggestion: The suggester proposes that Agency be amenftd by adding "A physical examination is required of all dependents of an employee, Who are to accompany the employee, prior to overseas assignment." B. Evaluation of Concerned Offia: Evaluation of 5 may 1955 by the Medical Staff states subject suggestion coincides with a procedure which tea been recommended by the Medical Staff for several years. It has been periodically considered by the operating offices, but only recently has received any degree of support. Therefore credit for an original concept could not be given to the employee submitting this suggestion. C. Recommendation of Executive Secretary: Disapproval CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY Approved For For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000300010020-1 STATINTL 25X1A Approved ForReleasUp01/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000300010020-1 %111, 041104 Nri CONFIDENTIAL Suggestion No. 1731 Date of Suggestion: 14 April 1955 Clerk GO-5 A. Summary of Suggestion,: Suggester proposes that the work "Enclosure" be imprint- ed on all name check forms (of all egenpies) at ite!lower right hand corner. It is the present practiee to manually stamp "tncl" on each form. Evaluation of Concerned Office: Records Management Staff on ,28 February 1956 stated: "To adopt this suggestion as proposed would involve contacting at least 25 to 30 different agenciem consuming many man houts with no assurance that all of them would cooperate. HoTever, it was recegnized that the suggestion had merit and that there was a problem that should be resolved. The Simplex Time Recorder Co. was contacted to verify that a machine could be prOcured that would stamp "Enclosure" and number the eneleesures at the same time. This process would save an estimeted 134 hours annually. Based on the hourly salarv of a GS-8 clerk the annual tangible savings would amount to $320.26. "Chief, RI was briefed on the machine and he agreed that it would eliminate their problam. The machine is being proeured and the new procedure adopted "Basically the stamping process was not the eyggestione however, it is felt that the suggester did bring the problem to the attention of responsible people which resulted in a solution. The suggester Should be considered for an award based on the annual eavings." Ineentive Award? Note The initial cast of the machine used in thio new prosedure is 048; however the eeet was not eoneidered ih this case as the life expectancy of the machine is indefinite. C. Recommendation of Executive Secret: Award of *20 based on annual tangible savings of $32(J.26. CONFIDENTIAL Approved For For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000300010020-1 25X1A Approved Frio Releastio001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000304.010020-1ief CONFIDENTIAL Suggestion No. 1721 , Date of Suggestion: 12 April 1955 25X1A Scientific Intelligence IAC (Capt) Intelligence Officer A. Summary of the Suggestion: The suggester proposes that in all issues of the MLRA, EEAL, and other accessions lists, the tables of contents and/or abstracts are given in both English and the language of the periodical publication, such as Russian, Bulgarian, etc. Since the lists are especially intended for use by Government person- nel, the inclusion of the foreign language is entirely unnecessary. Any user if he has doubts regarding the accuracy of a transla- tion, can order the periodical. B. Evaluation of the Con.?7erned Office; On 1 DeceMbr 195 the Deputy CIA Librarian: submitted this evaluation: "The CIA Library has now Obtained approval from principal using offices in CIA for application of Suggeston .1721 to the Monthly List of Russian Accessions produced by the: Library of Congress under Agency sponsorship. Henceforth, transliterated versions of the tables of contents of Russian periodicals will be omitted from Part of the !LA. "The Library of Congress has had two months of experience with the suggested change and continues to estimate that an annual saving of $5,000.00 will result. The change and savings stem from Suggestion 1721 and we recommend that an appropriate cash award be granted suggester for his contribution." C. liecommendation of the Executive Secretary Adopt. The tangible savings of $5000 would normally entitle the suggester to an award of $150.00. A cash award cannot be granted in this case because of his military position (Captain, US Army, detailed to CIA); however a letter of commendation signed by the Director of CIA is suggested. CONFIDENTIAL ease 2001/07/31 : CIA-RDP8107-00832A000300010020-1 STATINTL ApprovedINII-Rele2001/69:/?1I:1612a6PgaZIA016 SuL,3estion Lb.ataf 0020-1 Sl .March 1955 (Resi3ned, OC/A Como/Tech GS-3 A. Sum:lary of the Su3a:estion: Sug,:-,ester :.)ro-ooses that the incentive Awards Committee alter the -printinL; of the Committee named on stationery; 'Dosters, sislas, etc. to follow the Jattern illustrated below: Committee for Incentive Awards B. :valuation of Concerned C2fice: -,3-Valuation of the Incentive Awards Staff on June 195.5 states: STATINTL The Incentive Awards Committee has also been :-..nown briefly as the Incentive Awards Board ( 2o- AuLust 1055). This STATINTL name (IA Board) also continued in use in :2-ro-iposed and STATINTL which were coordinated durinL, the latter -i-art of 1955 and. early 1955, but not yablished before certain ciicy changes made them obsolete. A Staff Study ayoroved by Career Council and DDCI Si March 1955 recommended changing the name to Su,sgestion - Awards Cazaittee. A new ReL,u2.ation (tentatively nuM,pered R LO-6S5) uses the latter (SAC) and will ?robabl.y be authenticated and -published soon. "The idea had merit and 1.-richt have been adopted if the -::)rogram had sat still lens enouc,th for the name to remain as Incentive Awards Committee for the necessary lenth of time. Security considerations were raised by a member of OS as raalzingit impractical to use such a surestion. "Recommend non-ado-Lotion as the idea cannot be used." C. Recomendation of the 1,P;I:ecutive S'..cretary: Disa?Proval CIA IiMiliFAL USE 0= Approved For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RDW-09832A000300010020-1 0(4, Approved FoOelease1061/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A00030064020-1 CONFIDENTIAL Suggestion No. 1650 Date of Suggestion: 17 March 1955 25X1A FI/RI Analyst GS-9 A. Summary of Suggestion: The suggester proposes that a personality file (201) Biographical Data Sheet be attached to the inoide cover of each personality file (sample attached) in order te gain the following advantages: L. Elimination of the time spent in the charge out and re- view of entire personality files to determine whether or not the individual of the personality file is identical uith the subject of interest on the basis of biographical data contained in differee4 doculrente throughout the folder. 2. Increase the avalability of personality files needless- ly charged out before it was realized that the subject of the file was not identical with the subject of interest. 3. Decrease the work of requesting officers by the elimina- tion of personality folders not pertaining to the subject of their request thereby allowing them more time for more impemtant references and duties. D. Evaluation. of Concerned Office: The Chief, RI evaluated on 6 April 1955 this suggestion end recommended approval as follows: "The subject suggeetion has been reviewed in RI and is considered to be worthy of favorable consideration. The itecerds Integration Division is agreeable to the development of the neceesary form and regulation to put the subject suggestion into effect. However, this suggestion is not orig- inal with the suggester but 13 being done at the preeent time 25X1A in the FE area as a result of the initiative of one . "In view of the above, it is recommended that a dual award be made in connection with this suggestion, one 25X1A award to go to CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000300010020-1 25X1A Approved For Releasave601/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A0003CTIO0020-1Le CONFIDENTIAL Suggestion No. 1650 Cont. Incentive Awards Note 1. This suggestion was deferred from 26 October 1955 Committee meetino. "to determine if award could also be 25X1A given to 25X1A 25X1A 2. Telephone conversation with Deputy 25X1A ChiefoRI/FI on 23 March 1956 revealed the following: a. This suggestion is definitely not considered within the normal job responsibility of suggester. b. feels that previously recommended 45 was not enough award as this suggestion saved time for a great number of people in the Clandestine Services; none of whom would be clerical. c. RI did not me1.4 to imply by their 6 April 55 evaluation that the suggester got the idea from Mr. d. The idea has-been adopted. C. Recommendation of Executive Secretary: Approval and cash award of 00 based upon intangible benefits Recommend disapproval of dual award as suggested by evaluator. Previous application of this idea was not submitted as a suggestion, was not adopted for what in effect is general Agency Headquarters use, and would require additional determination of the innovator's duties, etc. A policy of equating informally adopted innovations with for- mlly submitted suggestions could creat extreme difficulties in administering the IA Program. CONFIDENTIAL -18- Approved For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000300010020-1 25X1A Approved FReIeasQO1IO7I31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000309410020-1vet, SECRET Suggestion No, 1621 Date of Suggestion: 8 March 1955 os-9 25X1A A. Summary of the Suggestion: Suggester proposed a box to be used as a gauge to cut 2x0s for transports (see attached diagram) B. Evaluation of the Concerned Office: The Office of Logistics evaluation of 4 April 1956 stated: "The suggestion has been-reviewed aniit has been found that this gauge is still used in the Depot. The type storage container referred to in the previous reply to the suggeotion is one of the two standard box -pallets used at the Depot which will eventu- ally be completely replaced by the Department of Defense approved pallet (container) as mentioned in the first paragraph of the original reply. "Therefore, a re-evaluation is believed ao:propriate. The &auge is presently used and will be used until .:his type pallet is no longer available. A saving of approximately two hundred fifty dollars annually is estimated. This can only be an esti- mate as it is based upon repairs necessary on existing pallets which are accompli.thed on a "needed repair" basis only. ed." "The issuance of an appropriate monetary award is recommend- Incentive Awards Note This suggestion was evaluated by Logistics on 22 April 1955 and disapproved for adoption. On 9 November 1955 a letter was sent to the suggester stating that the Incentive Awards Committee had not adopted his idea. In March 1956 suggester sent a letter to the Incentive Awards Staff stating that his idea was and is being used. Subsequent followup with the Office of Logistics resulted in evaluation quoted in B above. . Recommendation of the Executive Secretary: Adopt. $15 award based on tangible savings of $250.00 annually. SECRET 16 Ape ed For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000300010020-1 ILLEGIB Approved For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000300010020-1 Approved For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000300010020-1 STATINTL STATINTL Approved Folltlease /061/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A00030040020-1 14111# 3 March 1955 CIA INIhRNAL USE ONLY Suggestion No, 1611 Office of Comptroller Area Records Officer GS-12 A. Summary of the Suggestion: The suggester proposed that Agency Regulatory Issuances of temporary value be printed on colored paper with the expiration date of applicable issuance noted thereon. It is maintained that the printing of such issuances on colored paper would facilitate in removing inactive material from the current files. B. Evaluation of Concerned Office: On 16 March 1955 ) Chief) Regula- tions Control Staff) recommended disapproval with the follow- ing evaluation: "The attached suggestion has been considered by the Regulations Control Staff) and it is not felt that its adoption is necessary at this time. Each Agency notice of a transitory type now carries an expiration date) and a reviewer must read the date regardless of the color of paper the notice is printed on) if he is to keep the book current." On 2 August 1955)Acting Chief) STATINTL Regulations Control Stalsaecil "This suggestion has been adopted partially. Tentative regulations are now appearing on blue paper. Notices bearing expiration dates appeared for some time before this suggestion was reviewed. Colored paper for these publications is not thought feasible. It is possible that expiration dates for tentative regulations may be required at some future date, through the force of circumstance rather than as a result of this suggestion." CIA IN TERNL USE ONLY Approved For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RD -00832A000300010020-1 STATINTL STATINTL STATINTL Approved*Or Releaw 2001/07/31: CIA-RDP80-00832A000410010020-1 CIA INTWAL USE ONLY Suggestion No. 1611 (Continued) IA Note: This suggestion was considered by the Committee at its meeting of 26 October 1955, Executive Secretary had recommended approval and a minimum cash award of 510.00 for intangible benefits to accruethrough partial adoption of the suggestion. However, the Committee deferred action in order that the Incentive Awards Staff might determine from Regulations Control Staff the actual value of the suggestion. This suggestion has been discussed with y current Acting Chief, Regulations Control Staff, who stated that he could add nothing to the previous evalua- tion, but seemed to be in the best position to advise the Committee concerning the value of the contribution made by this suggester. stated that he still felt a minimum cash award of 410.00 for intangible benefits represented the most appropriate recognition. He feels that it is still impossible to state more definitely the value of this suggestion. Ho reported that although the idea was not original, part of it had been adopted and it did make a useful contribution. The use of blue paper to signify tentative regulations was implemented for a period of several months. It now sooms that very few, if any, tentative regulations will be published and distributed in the future. C. Recommendation of Executive Secretary; Approval. Award of 310.00 for intangible benefits. CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY Approved For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RDPical0832A000300010020-1 STATINTL STATINTL Approved FaKeleaseQ001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A0003006.3020-1 CY INTERNAL USE ONLY Suggestion No. 1584 Date of Suggestion: 23 February 1955 Office of the DD/I Secretary GS-7 A. Summary of Suggestion: Establishment of a clerical pool of part-time employees drawn from the ranks of former Agency personnel who have resigned because of household duties. B. Evaluation of Concerned Offices: Office of Personnel dated 29 March 1955: "One of the main problems in the use of a typing pool in this Agency would be the tendency to breakdown the security compartmentalization principle. Furthermore, pool arrangements do not provide for continuity in work which is an important ingredient to production and job satisfaction." Security dated 4 November 1955: "Inasmuch as there appears to be personnel and manpower control problems involved in this sug- gestion, generally revolving around Table of Organization ceilings for the Agency, it is felt that those offices should determine whether or not the suggestion is workable within these frameworks." Management Staff, 086M (DD/S Area) 23 November 1955: "The sug- gested 'part-time' employment of clerical type personnel to be administered on a pool basis is not considered to be a satisfactory solution to the labor problem of the Agency. part-time positions are authorized and it is certainly unwise to obligate full-time positions to part-time employees. ...normal strength accounting practice would reflect such part- time employees as full-time employees. "Persons (generally wives and mothers) usually try for part-time work because their outside lives and circumstances demand so much of their time and thought. ..There is no possibility of developing pride in their position and performance since they know that they have no continuing position or future within such an arrangement. "The entire tone of the suggestion is toward giving such persons money-e.g., tit is money they want and it is money they will get.' It appears unlikely that the Agency could expect much in return." C. Recommendation of the Executive Secretary: Non-adoption. CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY Approved For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RDFIV32A000300010020-1 STATINTL STATINTL STATINTL STATINTL Approved F*ReleasiNe001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000301,00020-1 111111 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY Seggeston NO. 1584 1. See atbaeea. brief shich was presented at 8 March 1956 meeting, At that time the Committee deferred action and requested that it be referred to the Office- of Personnel and Management Staff, Organization. & thods Staff for joint study and reevalua- tion. 2a The Office of Personnel evaluation of 7 May 1956 is as follows: "In accordance with your memorandum dated 23. March l956 this Office has reevalaated eubject suggestion in consultation. with the. Management Staff, STATINTL This reconsideration leads as to the conclusion that our origi- nal, evaluation was valid, a, view shared Illy repro- STATINTL senting the Managemenb Staff, *We have discussed the problem, particularly the RI, situa- tion with This Office has been working on a special assignmeat for producing extra clerical. support end, in so doiae, is tapping the former employee cate- gory as a source for temporary employees both for regular' tours and part-time night work. This action is 1.ndepend.nt of the- suggeetion at hand. "Inasmuch an the proposal for a general clerical p still not considered worthy of adoption and current effor use former employees as a recruitment source have been est hed independently, it is our view that this suggestien has made no contribution," 3. In view of the above evaluation the Executive Secretary recemmeads non-adoption of this suggestion, - CIA II T UE ONLY ,zAA-te-et Approved For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-ISF:?832A000300010020-1 STATINTL STATINTL STATINTL Approved AN/Releatia4001/0763A:EMangraff0030010110020-1 11"1* Suggestion No. 1516 Date of Suggestion : 9 February 1955 GS-5 Logistics, Admin. Staff Career Mgt. Asst. A. Summary of the Suggestion: The suggester proposes that Standard Form 7D (Position Identification Strip) be printed in performated sheets to facilitate its preparation. B. Evaluation of Concerned Office: ??????????????????????? On 2 May 1956 the Office of Personnel stated: "Employee Suggestion No. 1516 proposes that Standard Form 7D, Position Identification Strip, be printed in perforated sheets to facilitate its preparation. Our original evaluation of the suggestion was that it had merit for adoption by this Agency and _possibly for other Government agencies. Accordingly, we recommended its referral to the Civil Service Commission for further consideration. "The Office of Personnel has not adopted the suggestion be- cause a more effit.ent method of recording the required information was devised. Rather than manually typing the SF-7D, we are having the in- formation printed on flexoline strips from punch cards whenever any significant number is required. However, since not all agencies have mechanized their personnel records to the extent that we have, it is still likely that adoption of the suggestion might be useful in some installations. "It is accordingly recommended that you continue processing this suggestion to the U.S. Civil Service Commission for evaluation. Your transmittal might explain that it has not been adopted by this Agency because of our use of machine techniques but that we believe it might be helpful in those installations in which the form is now being prepared manually." 15 June 1956 -- Discussion with and Chief, RMD reveals that CSC, who would get this suggestion if referred interdepartmentally, would not adopt it. MIIIIIIMMIlis in charge of Basic Personnel Records and File Systems for Federal Agencies. Recommends non-referral to CSC. C. Recommendation of the Executive Secretary: Disapproval CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY Approved For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-R131140A132A000300010020-1 STATINTL STATINTL STATINTL Approved Fv...Releaseligth1/07/3CLCIAMDIRK6008321001130010115020-1Lie Suggestion No. 1508 Date of Suggestion: 7 February 1955 Communications A. Summary of Suggestion: G3 7 Admin Assistant The suggester proposes that a coffee dispensing machine be installed in Building 11. L. Evaluation of Concerned Office: The Administrative Staff, Office of Logistics,6 February 1956 stated: "Ehployees are requested to sample the coffee from a recently installed "brewed" coffee machine at North Building. Employeesi Building #11 indicated that the "brewed coffee" at North Building was entirely satisfactory. Based on this, installation of the vending machine was requested through PBS. The machine was installed and put into operation on 16 January 1956. C. Recommendation of Executive Secrs.aln: Adopt - no award. CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY Approved For For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000300010020-1 Approved Pe Releas:1601m7/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A0003011e0020-1 1,S STATINTL STATINTL STATINTL 4 February 1955 uggestion to, 15c, 4 Office of Training Sup-21y Officer Gb-11 A. Sumary. -of the Suggestion: Suggestor proposes that permanent wooden dollies pc constructed to facilitate storage of chairs under the .2_13 Auditorium stage. . Evaluation of Concerned Office: On 21 February 1955 the Office of Eogistics stated: "ahis Office is of the opinion that a :;ood sugzestion has been offered, and a-ppro7riate action is being taken to acquire the so-called dollies. As a matter of record, the supply of foldinF; cairs ordered initially we 100, and we do not believe that the sup7ay has been aumonted. Cost of construction for tne dollies is estimated to be ap.2roximately v160 .0:i. It appears that this cost would be amortized in about four months on the basis that. the movers are utilized thrice monthly, and require only one hour instead of two after the dollies are availaJle. A yearly savings of approximately J4O5.00 is indicated." On 23 hay 1956 the Chief, i3asic Cchool stated; ui am advised by the Personnel Officer, OT:, that this suggestion is not within the normal job responsibility cf the suggestor, IMMIMIMINIMW and therefore he is oliglJle for consideration for an award. The suggestion has boon ado-,Dted and has been in effect for severol mouths with good result:J. $o f r as I ,Ha ale to determine, the estimate of adventaes and )robaJle savin,s s-ar]itted by Le,isties is va7,1d, J. recommend that Co given an ,7-)ro)riate arard in accordance with the usual scale." Approved For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RDP8200832A000300010020-1 Approved 0.6- elease W01/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000300*020-1 CIA U,SE SLig30,73-b:lon C. necommendc'tion of tde .;xecutive ,YJcret,)ry: ? Ado)t. Award of -J,20.00 'osod on tanjiao salrins of iJj00. 00 /20 ?e,I.,??..e.-W I die ? ? 72, iff7Lic, 00 ?,\ Approved For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RD400832A000300010020-1 Ned Approved ForKelease /fr61/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000300V6020-1 CIA INIMNAL USE ONLY Suggestion No. 22 31 January 1953, STATINTL Su-.2ervisor GS-9 A. Summary of the Sliggestion: Suggester :prol)oses that small stic:zers be placed on the tele-,Dhones with the phone num:Der to call in case of fire. B. .valuation of the Concerned Office: Evaluation of the Office of Security dated I May 195; states: "Although this office is in co1r2lete agreement and symathetic to the basic conce-Dt of the attached :2,moloyee Suggestion, the subject can not be adoyted as a result of information received from the Telel-fhone Branch of the Office of Logistics and frat the Telphone Com:-oany. In essence, the information states that no stickers, signs, or attachments will be -21aced uoon telajhone equi)ment since this egy.iDment is rented and belongs to the Tele2hone Com)any. As a result of this information, the attached EqDloyee Su:,gestion can not be implemented and further research will not be done touard implementation. C. Recommendation of the Ilzecutive Secretary: DisaIDIiroval ?1r CIA INTERFAL USE ONLY "E1,2 Approved For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RD91,00832A000300010020-1 Approved FoZelease *1/07/31 : CtiMR9.191.192A000300610020-1 Suggestion No. 1502 Date of Suggestion: 27 January 1955 25X1A GS-9 A Summary_2f the Suggestions Suggester proposes that the deed bolt locking device on combination locks be modified in the following manner: A floating cup arrangement encompassing the tumblers of the lock so that any pressure exerted by punching or drilling from the top, bottom or sides in an attempt to open the lock would be sufficiently strong to overcome the counter-balancing action of the retaining springs; and would activate one or both of the dead bolt releasing devices located on both sides of the cup. B, Evaluation of Concerned Offices: Physical Security _Division dated 10 March 1255: A similar idea was proposed by a lock company several years ago and was not adopted due to the cost of modification and maintenance thereafter. "The modification calls for a much larger lock case, which could not be installed on present safe files without completely reworking the back of the lock drawer p installing new hard plate and reworking the insulated cover on the back of the lock drawer which would necessitate further testing to see if the safe file would still pass the required fire classification. "It is the opinion of this office that the suggester should be highly commended for his initiative and thought on this suggestion. This idea is entirely out of line with his normal duties; and a good deal of his own personal time was used in the development of this idea." Ing.etAtiy.p Awards Note: (1) 29 March 1956 discussion with 25X1A 25X1A of the CIA Patent Board revealed that rights 25X1A have been determined as far as the Government is concerned, (2) 29 March 1956 telephone conversation with Chief, 25X1A Physical Security Division, revealed that if the idea was used it would be incorporated in the safes by a "safe compan7" and the Government would benefit in that manner. C. Recommendation of the Executive Secreta: Non-adoption. CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RQP80-00832A000300010020-1 -)5- Approved RapReleaseQ001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A0003004110020-1,40 CONFIDENTIAL Suggestion No, 1477 Date of Suggestion: 27 January 1255 25X1A Medici Chief, Immunization Branch GS-8 A. Summary of the Suggestion: The suggester proposes that a master immunization record be set up for the Medical Office, 25X9 Evaluation of Concerned Offices: gedice.1.5t0-4 Chief, Technical Services Divisionevaluation of 3 April 1956 gives an analysis of the effect of the establishment of the Master Card Immunization Record which revealed the following: "Tangible aesults Personnel Time Before Use (Iledical Staff) Approximately twenty (fUT phone calls daily between the Immunization Branch and the ii.edical File doom; average time to locate record and relay required information was 10 minutes per call. Personnel lime After Use (hedical Staff) Phone calls eliminAed. Savings - 200 minutes per day or 32 hrs4 per day or approximately 833 hrs, per year (200 working days), :Based on two GS-5 personnel minimum, this represents a cash saving of........, v2,900.11 per year After Use (Processing Personnel) Elimination of phone calls saved processing per- sonnel the same amount of time (833 hrs, per year). Based on GS-9 minimum (average grade of overseas traveler), this represents a cash saving of.... GuNFIDENITAL 13 Approved For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000300010020-1 42,182.46 per year Approved RuvRelease4001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A00030041,3020-1 tear CONFIDENTIAL Suggestion No. 1477 (continued) 25X9 ent were It is esti- mated that these records would require seven four- drawer safes if filed separately; hence, with a cost of 238.00 per safe, this represents a cash saving of....... ***** 4..e..........e. 00000000 666.00 This estimate does not include the savings repre- sented by the release of floor space square footage - estimates of the cost of such space is unknown. Intangible Results "Crash" cases had to be identified by phone as to name and assignment in order to provide proper infJrmation. The use of the haster Card eliminated this security risk and eliminated the pw,sibilities of name erro or error in relaying immunization histories. In addition to the immunization data, the Laster Card provides for notation of current medical &vall-,ation status and eliminated the necessity of verifying the status of an overs-eas candidate during the 48-hr, pre-embeation check- out. Also this device acts as an indicator to the Immuniza- tion Branch that the overseas candidate will need a medical examination prior to travel so arrangements can be made for this at the time the traveler commences his immunizations. This has eliminated the cancelling of overseas trips at the last minute due to failure of the traveler to have a medical examination when one was required. Prior to the use of the card, there was an average of three sah cases per month and in each case, travel for the employee and his dependents had to be delayed, which represents a serious morale problem and frequently a financial burden to the employee." Chief, Records hanagement Staff evaluation of 14 hey 1956 states: "This Office concurs in hedical Offices evaluation of 3 April 1956. However, we might note that the replace- ment value of the safe files mentioned is 031.00 each totaling '20317.00. This is :,451.00 more than hedical Offices estimate. Also, the savings on floor space released would be as follows: COisiFIDENTIAL 14 Approved For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000300010020-1 Approved PgrooReleaseVe01/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000300410020-1 tiod CO OIDEN MAL . Suggestion No, 1477 (continued) a, Square footage per safe b. Total square footage for 7 safes - c. Estimated cost of floor space, per square foot d. Total savings from release of floor space IWO 7.5 52.5 413.50 40-83.75 "It is recommended that the suggester be considered for an award based on annual tangible saving of ,,,7,583.32.11 C. 'Recommendation of the Executive Secretary: Adopt. Cash award of f490.00 based on tangible savings of 67.,583.32. CO I FID DIT MAL 15 proved For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000300010020-1 STATINTL Approved-Ur Release4a901/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A00030W002040 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY 685 submitted on 6 January 1954 DDP/FI 1844 submitted on 31 May 1955 b Management 08-15 1980 ,submitted on 19 August 195 E. RQM/OIS 089 A. Summary of the Suggestions: Part of suggestion f685 proposed that cards in the window of the buses be colored and that colors indicate destination i.e. red for Quarters Eye etc. L_ Suggestion #1844 is basically the same as #685 above except that it recommended use of bright luminous colored paint. Suggestion #1980 proposed that colored lights be mount- ed on buses and colors indicate destinations red for Quarters Eye. B. Evaluations of the Concerned Office: On 14 November 1955 Logistics reported: "This suggestion cannot be adopted due to limitations imposed by the District of Columbia traffic code. Under the provisions of this code, the only lights which may be used on front of vehicles, with the exception of emergency vehicles, are white and amber, with amber lights permissible only as marking lights or turn indicators. "Although this suggestion cannot be adopted per se, it has served to re-emphasize the problem of providing ade- quate identification for Agency busses, and after further consideration of this problem, it has been determined advis- able to use larger signs with larger lettering on busses operating between North Building and Quarters Eye. "While no monetary savings are involved in this change and although this Office instituted colored signs in busses prior to 1954, it is believed this suggestion, as well as suggestions 685 (January, 1954) and 1844 (June, 1955), may be considered as having made a limited contributicm for the improvement of opera- tions. It is therefore recommended that the three suggestors concerned be commended for their interest in improving Agency operations." C. Recommendation of the Executive Secretary: Adopt. Letter of thanks to suggesters of 1844 and 1980. No further recognition is recommended for suggester of 685 as he has already received an award of $10 (28 November 1955) for that portion of his suggebtion proposing pull cord buzzer system for Agency buses. (Note: Suggester of 685 resigned 11 February 1955) CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY Approved For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RDP803-00832A000300010020-1 Approved Fi:UeleaseVe01/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A00030601/0020-1,me CONFIDENTIAL Suggestion No. 1439 nate of Suggestion: 31 December 1954 25X1A Military Personnel Sgt. A. Summary of Sugzestion: The suggester proposes adding pyschological weight to the normal "dry" regulations by the formation of teams of Security personnel who would act as if they were foreign egenelis who had slipped past the guards, and would acquire through observation and technical means all the information they could; and general knowledge of employees that there was such a system to detect their negligence would promote better security. B. Evaluation. of Office Concerned: Office of Security evaluation on Ilarch-19Btates that it believes adoption of the cuggested system would work to security disadvantage. The Present security system is designed to provide a security framework within which the work of the Agency can proceed with confidence that so long as its employees adhere to security requirements, its activi- ties are reasonably snfe from penetration or unauthorized disclosure. The establishment of the suggested system, which actually is a.provacat4ur-type operation, would tend to con- fuse employees to the point where they might'not-renort security incidents because of a belief that they could be Agency-sponsored acts. Security recommends disapproval. C. Recommendation of Executive Secrvrria.: is approval CONFIDENTIAL Approved For For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000300010020-1 STATINTL STATINTL *moo Approved Fihr?Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A00030041#020-1140 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY Suggestion No. 1368 Date of Suggestion: 24 November 1954 Training &soCS? 7 A. Summary of the Suggestion: Suggester proposes that all requisitioning offices be supplied by the appropriate Logistics Office component with a copy of any and all purchase or letter orders resulting from a properly approved and coordinated request to the Logistics Office. B. Evaluations of the Concerned Offices: The Office of Logistics evaluated this on 7 January 1955 and stated: "This suggestion is sound and implementation action, is being taken." While no estimate can be made as to estimated savings involved, it is believed this process will aid in accomplishing the points listed in xparagraph 2 of suggestion." The Office of the Comptroller evaluated this on 12 April 1956 and stated: "The Subject paragraph states that the forwarding of a copy of all purchase or letter orders to the requisitioning office would provide the budget officer of that office with a means for maintaining a more accurate running account of expenditures for supplies, equipment and services. "Since the implementation of Property Author- ization Control Procedure tha budget officer of the requisi- tioning office encumbers property authorizations on the basis of priced requisitions, and adjusts these encumbrances on the basis of either the issue documents or the Finance Division Status of Funds and Property Issues Reports. The actual record of expend. itures for supplies and equipment in this situation is the responsibility of the Office of Logistics budget officer in his maintenance of the Obligations of the bulk stock accounts. "In view of the foregoing, it appears that this suggestion would only be of nominal value to a component budget officer." On 19 October 1955 the, Office of Trainings.eNaluation I stated: "This suggestion has been in effect for several months and CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY Approved For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RDP3Q-00832A000300010020-1 Approved Nar,ReleaseV01/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A00030041.0020-1 Suggestion No. 1368 Continued is serving a useful purpose in OTR. No dollar value in savings can be placed on it, but it represents a contribution to effic- iency and as such is considered worthy of an award." Incentive Awards Note: 1. This suggestion was deferred from June 1955 Agenda to determine whether it had. been implemented in OTR, the Office from which the suggestion was submitted. 2. *Paragraph two of the suggestion: WHAT THIS POLICY WOULD BE EXPECTED -TO ACCOMPLISH: It would provide the Budget Officer of the requisitioning office with a means for maintaining .a more accurate running account of expenditures for supplies, equipment and services. It would provide the Logistics Officer of the requisitioning office with a means for determining whytti-or or not action is taken on the request and would enable him to reevaluate more accurately the procurement lead time. C. Recommendation of the Executive Secretary: Award. $25. based on intangible benefits, 2-- CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY 12 Approved For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000300010020-1 25X1A Approved Fc?Release*61/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A00030001106020-1Ld 4CRIE Setggestion No: 3357 Date of Suggestion: .18 November 1954 A. Summla_of Supgestion: Comptroller's Office G9-5 Stat o Clerk-Typist To have Building Supply Offices Stock commercial and legal size Letterex Paper. B. Evaluation of Concerned Office: Records Management Divieion, Management Staff 13 December 1954 stated: "The price of Commercial Letterex is 3.50 per box of 500 sheets, Legal Letterex is ;13.63 per 500, and Govern- ment-size Letterex io :4)1.84 per 500 sheets. The use of commercial siee Letterex would result in a caving of $.19 per 500 letters as compared to the saying of 40.69 thru use of Government size Letterex. We believe this 'saving outweighs any Objections typists may have to using 3!' X 10L" Letterex in conjunction with di" X 11" bond. There would be a saving of 2.03 per 500 letters by using legal-size Letterex. Annual savings are estimated to be 4)490.45 based on the use of Letterex in 120,8M letters. It is therefore recommenCed that only that portion of this suggestion pertaining to legal-size Letterex be adopted. C. Beeommtpliation of the Excutivq_aectgtaey: Award of25 Based on tangible savings of 4)+90.45. InceeM e Awards -Note: In a recent cUscusslon with Mr. 25X1A Records Management Staffhe stated that this been adopted and publicized:- Approved For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000300010020-1 Approved Fil&Release*/61/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A0003064141020- 1 LkIggeeitton No. 132.1 Dete of augsestion: 29 October 1954 25X1A Comptroller OPT". /7/Ad. /4/ ? .Acer B.- ? . ?o r PuziiVr The maggestor proposes the revision of Form 33-9, Notification of Transfer. of Funds or Accoantr,3 dated February 1953. Lssiat in an accurate and rapid processinp, of Time and Attendance Leports Tho new form would provide thoe additioual fetur-ps: Pimployee Payroll Number (if applicable) Travel Order Number (if appliedble) TransactishbcrAption, broken-down. by calvary-. Space for rse by. Area Division Budpet and Fislul, Office. Space for use hy Finance- Division Certifying Officer. Facsimile of the card field. In p.roviding a printed spate for the payroll number it is .felt that the-44.tation. will supply the number,? This vtil assist in the accurate iden-Uicatien of individuals and. provide thi.. payroll number. which ie necessary for the processing of payroll T/A,s. The field ham b*en. requested to inlicate? the tfavel order naaiber (when available) for all. travel performed. This order ar.a1N-... is used for cross, reforence pulposes whan Ute travel. vouchr clearing an z...tdvance is processcdt The. transaction desoliption vpacep. broknn 6own b itciy will. enable the station. to indicate by a chock: mark and arative description the exact nature? of the transaction as recorded on the ptationls books, The-. apace prorlded. for the use of the Budget and Fiscal. Office 74111. 5iTDW' the obligaticn. reference nuthier,. allohthent account number and signaturtss of. the Authoriv,ing end. Approvinc Oficers (if ;..ipplicable). A spae a.t3 been provided for the signature of the Finance Divj ion Ocqtifying Officer also. The t tho facsimile of;the Ink card field-will: (1) eliminate the 1.).-osittlity of erm-r>.:.iiiHbrancribitg. posting data from. the T/A document to a pof.sting vcuchs:;... (2) and will eliminate oLe posting ent, At present the accoanting data iz written on the T/A document, 'arit to the Certifying Officer for csrtificatien und returned. to .Accen.wth for. postin,T, and then sent to IBM for The poLtine 011 the facsimile will furbisu. poAini.!,. data for the CertA..f.-,,tin7 Officer and, ITti. punching by one posting operation, The T?Ais will be attched to a blue posting voucher (one ntation. 011 P, vouuher) and sent to Ia.. 5112,1in Approved For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000300010020-1 ,r5,1.1x ? :AO p 9WRe lease 1 /0 7/3 1 : CIA-RDP80-00832A00030001502071(.4 ? 3ECAT Suggestion No. 1328 (Pape 2) H 4 1vq1lAcit1on of CorwerneLOM52! 25X1A Deputy Comptroller, recommended 26 January 1955; The suggeRted foIA1 if accented, will atminatc numereus personal contacts, which are required in the use of the present T/A form to obtain information necessary for the proper handling of transfer items. The l'orm, as revised, will. include all iiformation necessar- for. Headqurters1 Arca Division. 'Eudget and Risc5I?OlTices, Hoadquarters, Finance Division, and . cluarterst Pachine Records Division. it is estimatod that the tine . saved ify use of the suegested form would represent avin*s. to the Government of tram four to six thousand. dollars per WaMM40 "It As therefore, recommended. thatEmployee Suggestion.. NO. '..!.328 be, adopted." incentiNe Award .fote 'Telephone conversation on 7 March. 1956 1th Fl iii 25X1A Division. Office of Comptroller reveals that suggestion he been adopt-- , ed and dayings. WET' 8,a1 recommended. lrh original e'valuation, Approval.. of an award of $150. haned on the estimAted savings of 0,000 (mid?way between limits of Gomptroller'E estimate of r,000 to 9'..,?000). SLCIUT 71, Approved For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000300010020-1 ILLEGIB Approved FqateleaseN118b1/07i3114.: elTA4460801008?242a5003004144)020-1,400 Date: 21 October 1954 Suggestion No. 1290 STATINTL GS-5 Photographer A. Summary_2f the aEggestion: The suggester proposed that a member of the Microfilm Office be sent to a manufacturers repair school. The suggester felt that having a qualified person to repair the microfilm machines who was also a member of the Agency would allow for future repairs, control security, and less expense. B. Evaluation of Concerned Offices: 1. LO/Admin. Staff commented as follows: (22 November 1954) 1, "In connection with last para. on attached routing sheet, a check by this Office reveals that: a. Printing and Reproduction Division is equipped to handle only minor repairs on their machines on site, Major repairs require the service of a commercial representative. b. Supply Division is not equipped to handle any kind of repairs on these machines. 24 Suggest that comments of CCD and TSS be solicited." 2. TSS advised the Committee as follows: "I deem it sound judgment to have on hand a combination operator/repairman who is well trained in the servicing of all types of Microfilm equipment (cameras, readers, printers, enlargers, and recorders) in any area or station where a large capital investment has been made in such equipment, "However, in this writer's opinion, due to the many various types of Microfilm equipment, (unless limited to 1 or 2 specific machines) it miaht prove to be a yen= tedious and intensive course. "I am in accord with any suggestion that would cut the "tapes-of-delay" to a. minimum in getting emergency service on machine repairs. "Basically, it sounds good to me." (14 December 1954) 3. The Chief, RI, advised the Committee that: "The subject sugges- tion has been reviewed in RI, and is considered to point out a problem which has caused RI much concern, The proposed solutio_a has a great deal of merit and is worthy of adoption. "It is recommended that this proposal be adopted and that RI be given authority to begin scheduling its microfilm operators for appropriate training." (2 November 1954) 4. CCD comment is quoted below: "We agree with the suggestion. CD has the capability of servicing and repairing the Microfilm equipment installed here, This equip- ment includes Recordak Cameras. Diebold Film Processors, CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY Approved For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RnP80-00832A000300010020-1 .711- Approved For Relea?.02001/15U311#11)158g0684-34A000315015100204io Noe Suggestion No. 1298 (Contld) Nicrotronics Film Printers, Filmsort Film Mounters. Photostat Expediters and several makes of Viewers. The Machine Division has several people who have had factory training and rather extensive experience with. the above equipment so that a call for manufacturer's service is very rare." (6 January 1955) 5. OTR comment, given by telephone by 1111111111111111i as follows: "provision for such training through OTR is feasible" (20 January 1955) 6. (30 September 1955) Business Machines Staff/Management Staff states: "A definite need exists in the Agency for well trained microfilm equipment repairmen. Their greatest contribution would be in preventive maintenance servicing, thus preventing major breakdowns," 7. (8 March 1956) RI's evaluation states: "The Records Integration Division is initiating the necessary action to implement this suggestions- .The monetary savings resulting from subject sugges- tion are difficult to estimate.. STATINTL STATINTL Incentive Awards Staff note: Deputy Chief, RI, in a telephone conversation on 6 March 1956 stated that this suggestion is not within the job description of any of his employees including microfilm personnel. C. Recommendation of the Executive Secreta: $20 based on intangible benefits. CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY -12- Approved For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000300010020-1 Approved Figr,Releaset401/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A00030641p020-1 ? CONFIDENTIAL Suggestion No. 1218 Pate of Suggestion: 23 September 1954 25X1A Drp/RI Intelligence Analysis GS-7 A. StImmary of the Suggestion.: The suggester,proposes a revision of a check sheet method employed by Record Integration for the checking of addressograph addresses, as a part of the daily outgoing pouching procedure. Examples of the present and suggested revised check sheet are furnished. Suggester anticipated saving in labor time, material (paper) and storage space for the suggested new form is smaller. B. Evaluation of the concerned Office: On 13 December 1954 the Chief, FI/RI evaluated the suggestion and advised the Incentive Awards Staff that the suggestion is a practical one and will be adopted. He estimated savings and benefits at (1) 20 Man hours per week at as-4 level; (2) release of one drawer of needed file space; (3) less margin for error in pouch material due to specific indicators which are written on the check sheet; (4) a reduction by i of the mimeograph paper now used for this purpose. On 23 April 1956 the Chief, FI/RI stated that savings are as noted on his evaluation of 13 December 1954. Incentive Award Note: 25X1A On 2 May 1956 Chief, FI/RI stated that this suggestion definitely not within Job responsibility of the suggester. C. Recommendation of the Executive Secretary: Adopt. Cash award of 400 based on tangible-savings And intangible benefits. $70 for Tangible Savings computed as follows: itime of GS-4 (3415) = $1707.50 Saving of mimeograph paper ,$18W2 Total $1726.22 $10 for Intangible Benefits is as follows: Saving of one drawer of file space Less margin for error. CONFIDENTIAL 10 Approved For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000300010020-1 STATINTL Approved FoReleaseQ401/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A00030044p020-14.0 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY Suggestion No. 1179 TSS Support Specialist GS-7 Date: 2 September 1954 A. Summary of the Suggestion: On 31 August 1954 the suggester requested that his previous suggestion of piped-in music in the Washington Depot be reconsidered. He made a few substitutions and additions to his original suggestion. He supported this effort with a questionnaire survey which reflect unanimous approval of 23 Section Chiefs at the Depot for piped-in music. B. Evaluation of Concerned Office: Office of Logistics evaluation of 13 March 1956 states: "In July 1955, music was transmitted through the already existing speakers in the Washington Depot and has proved to be an excellent morale booster since that time. No additional expense was incurred in that the equipment was already installed for inter-office communications and the music utilized was, and is, that of existing local musical programs. "While reevaluating this suggestion, it was found that the credit belongs to the suggester for providing music through the inter-office communi'cations system and that our previously voiced objections can no longer be considered valid. Action should be taken to insure that the personnel folder of the individual reflects proper credit and that any papers indicating contrariwise be withdrawn or negated. Such award as considered appropriate should be made to the suggester; however, we are unable to give monetary value on improved morale as savings reflecting there- from are intangible and cannot be measured. C. Recommendation of the Executive Secretary: Adopt. award for intangible benefits (improved morale). fi5o CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY 9 Approved For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000300010020-1 A Approved Figokeleaseii/a101/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000300448020-1 - CONFIDENTIAL 'Suggestion No. 1169 Date; 30 August 1954 25X1A DDP/RI Analyst GS-7 A. Sunmary of the Suggestion: Suggester proposes that Form No. 867 (previously 59.-)-i-2) and Form No. 137 (previously 59-34) be preprinted with the security classification "Secret". B. Ev aluation of Concerned Offices: Chief, RI/FI evaluation of 1 July 1955 states: "The suggestion has: been reviewed by appropriate officials in RI. As a result of this review it appears that the suggestion has merit and a new form has been designed incorporating Forms 59-34 and 59-42 into a single form. The new form will have preprinted the classification SECRET as approximately all forms bear this security classification." The Chief, Records Management Staff evaluation bf I May 1956 states: "This office considers the suggestion to have merit and is implementing its adoption. Annual tangible savings by use of preprinted classification are $158.30." C. Recommendation of the Executive Secretary: Adopt. Award of $20.00 ($10 for tangible savings of $158.30 plus $10 for intangible benefits for stinulating a review of the forms which resulted in combining two forms). CONFIDENTIAL 8 Approved For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000300010020-1 CONFIDENTIAL Approved EzReleaNs601/079LURIfs.7gM9-Opia392A00031519610020-414,4 Date of Suggestion: 25 August 1954 25X1A Comptroller A. Summary of the Suggestion: aesponsibility of Locator Information File be assumed by Security Office, B. 7;valuation of Concerned Offices: The Chief, Physical Security Division,. Office of Security, stated: "The Office of security has been studying the advantages and disadvantages concerned wish the location and relocation of the Locator Information File, "The above mentioned studies began some months prior to the sub- mission of employee suggestion 1159, therefore, this suggestion is already in effect and no part of suggestion makes added contribution." The Chief, Telephone Section, evaluated this suggestion 11 January 1955: "This suggestion is impractical in that, an employee information locator file is an integral part of any telephone (PsX) Private :branch Exchange Service. "The statement made that the Telephone section is responsible to determine what information will be released to an outside caller is incorrect, This determination is made by each .1c.iministrative Officer through submission of the personnel listing which clearly define the action to be taken by the telephone operators. "The possibility of an error made in reporting a status change by an Administrative Officer or failure to report changes immediately is acknowledged and do, on occasion, result in the disclosure of semi- covert personnel. Any situation of this sort which is brought to the attention of the telephone supervisors and is reported to the respective Administrative 0:flficer for immediate action," Incentive Awards Staff Note: This suggestion was deferred from the December 1955 Incentive Awards Committee meeting for further checking with the O&M Staff to determine results of their survey on this subject. 25X1A of the OLli Staff evaluated the suggestion on 20 Larch 1956 and furnished the following information: (1) The survey is not in final form; (2) The suggestion is already in effect and no part of suggestion makes an added contribution - (The Wil Staff initiated the survey on 24 August 1954 and Incentive Awards staff received the suggestion on 26 August 1954); (3) The Chief, all Staff (ED/L Area) stated 20 Larch 1956 that: -"An examination of pertiment records reveals that (a) the survey was initiated by the Lanagement staff on 24 Lugust 1954 and (b) the basic report was completed on schedule, Numerous difficulties were experienced in obtaining five concurrences. These were not only the occasion of a series of long delays but actually con- fused the issues and complicated the possibility of obtaining final iboblbwyb,2i in suspense -32- CONFIDENTIAL CONFIDENT1!,L SugghefORIgF9,14**??01/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A0001116010024 lue pending completion of more important assignments ? In view o the prior ctifficulties, the establishment of a suspense date would be impracticable," Recommendation of LXecutive Secretary: Disapproval, Lven though the survey has not been put in final form, the suggestion duplicates an excerpt of a memo from Chief, Lachine ii.eoords Division to Assistant Comptroller dated 6 .August 1994, This is the memo which was sent to the Lanagement Staff and resulted in the survey by Staffs, CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RD510-00832A000300010020-1 Approved ForReleas'84001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A0003fte100204id CONFIDENTIAL Suggestion No. 1156 Date of Suggestion: 25 August 1954 25X1A GS-13 A. Summary of Suggestion: The suggester proposes that the proper security classi- ficaLion be printed on the Lhployee's Suggestion BlenN first part. This classification should be at least "CIA INTEML USE ONLY," if not "CONFIDENTIAL" when completed. A warning should be printed on the center portion to classify properly the information contained in the suggestion. The bottom portion of the form is considered to be unclassified unless code words or other classified information is used in the subject line. STATINTL B. Evaluation of Office Conerned: The Office of Security on August 24, 1955 stated: "Suggestion 11,1156 has been generally incorporated in Para 6, ab and lOe, the total accumu- latiOn of information and type in any one file would ,control classification or assignment of control statement such as "CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY". Responsibility falls on originator of suggestion and ultimate repository of material as to security controls reclassification and storage required." C. Recommendation of Executive Secretarli: Disapproval. CONFIDENTIAL Approved For For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000300010020-1 STATINTL ApprovedWorReleasglig601/07/31 :ClitfORNAM142,40003dten0020414, Suggestion No. 1153 Date: 25 August 1954 25X1A Resigned (Logistics--Assistant Chief for Operations) A. Sunary of the Suggestion: "I suggest that official Notices, Instructions, etc. (especially) those in a numbered series), be duplicated on paper which is already punched with three holes. "Each time one of these papers is filed, it is necessary to stop and punch the margin on a 3-hole punch. The majority of people who file these papers file them in a binder. Having the paper punched prior to distribution would be a time saver for them and would not be an inconvenience to those who do not use binders. This would also be an aid to neatness in that all pages in the binder would (presumably) be punched uniformly. "This observation was made in the Logistics Office but probably applies to other Offices also. "Some papers have been duplicated so close to the left hand margin that parts of words are punched out in preparing them for binders. This situation would be eliminated if pre-punched paper is used. B. Evaluation of Concerned Offices: Regulations Control Staff evaluation of 1 September 1954 states: "Agency issuances (which are the only category controlled by this staff) are, as a matter of policy, issued on paper pre- punched with seven holes so that they will fit any type of binder. "There is no uniform control over intra-office issuances of various typed. It may be possible, therefore, that the issuance the suggester is referring to is an issuance of this type, published by one of the subordinate offices of the Agency which have not established policy in this respect." Evaluation of Office of Logistics dated 16 September 1955 states: "Office of Logistics regulatory material is issued pre- punched to fit a three-ring binder. Insofar as this Office is concerned, the suggester is referring to instructions issued at the Division level. At this level, the suggestion is appropriate for adoption, and necessary implementing action has been taken. 'Within this Office the suggestion will lead to limited improved operations and as such, a minimum cash award is recommended. "Since this suggestion may be appropriate for adoption by other Offices, additional evaluations should be obtained. By CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RDPJ30-00832A000300010020-1 Approved FteriReleasetWil601/07/31 : CIA?19FfspEREIN3A000300100020-1t,s, Suggestion No. 1153 (Cont'd) this process a more accurate determination may be made as to the suggestion's value and the amount of award to be granted." Evaluation of Records Integration/FI dated 23 November 1955 states: "The problem set forth in the subject suggestion does not exist in the DD/P area to the knowledge of RI. RI concurs in 25X1A the evaluation made by for the Regulations Control Staff." Evaluation of Office of the DD/I dated 31 January 1956 states: "If this suggestion is of value to some other office in the Agency we have no objection to the suggester receiving a nominal award. However, I do not envision the DD/I area adopting this suggestion for use." C. Recommendation of the Executive Secretary: Adopt based on implementation by Logistics within their Office. Award of $15 based on intangible benefits. CONFIDENTIAL V"-Approved For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RDP8C7-00832A000300010020-1 STATINTL Approved For Releaglik001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A0003/11191510020 .410.4 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY Suggestion No. 1105 Date of Suggestion: 2 August 1954 DD/P, FI/RI GS-13 A. Slasia_of SpAkstion: The sw;gester proposes increasing efforts for the better trainiv and coordination of personnel assigned :to the Building Emergencies Organization. Specifically it is suggested that all rosters be maintained currently and that monthly sessions of instruction and rill be given to the emergency crews because of the turn over in personnel. B. Evaluation of Concerned Office: The Director of Security recommends disapproval on the basie that: 1. Rosters of Building Emergency Officers and staffs are maintained on a current basis. 2. Training in emergency first aid is currently being given to first aid teams. 3. Arrangements have been made for additional courses in emergency fire fighting and light rescue techniques. C. Recommendation of Executive Secretary: Disapproval. CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY -.30- Approved For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-10832A000300010020-1 Approved For Releaw2001/07/31 : CIA:RUFT80-00832A006381501002Q3i, Date: 27 July 1954 Suggestion No, 1099 25X1A DDF/FE GS-12 Budget & Fiscal Office Summary_of the_allggestion: Suggester proposes wider use of petty cash funds. B. Evaluation of Concerned Office: On 16 February 1956 the Comptroller stated: "In order to comply with your request for our evaluation of the subject suggestions, as set forth in the reference memorandum, it is desirable to outline the background of events that relate to these suggestions. "Petty cash funds were originally established to provide an economical method of payment of small expenses. It was considered advisable for administrative reasons to limit the use of such funds to the payment of certain expenses, This view was held when Employee Suggestion #318, the first submitted pertaining to a wider use of petty cash funds, was evaluated, and also when the second. suggestion on this subject, #1099 was evaluated. "Subsequent to the submission and evaluation of the subject suggestions a proposal was submitted by the Chief of Administration, Dr/p, with respect to the wider use of petty cash funds, It was concluded that this proposal should be accepted and the Chief of Administration, Dr/p2 was advised that the various offices in the clandestine services should submit requests for extended use of petty cash funds withincertain limitations as specifiOally set forth, In view of this conclusion based on the DT/P proposal, that petty cash funds should be utilized to pay additional types of expenses and the relation of this conclusion to the subject employee suggestions, you were notified of this matter by my memorandum of 8 December 1954. You request advice as to the extent that the initiative and personal efforts of the auggester of Employee Suggestion #1099 affected the result of our reconsideration, The initial review by the Technical Accounting Staff of this Office of the proposal from the Chief of Administration, DT/F, was made independently and without knowledge of the employees suggestions that had been previously evaluated and rejected, Therefore, we do not feel that any credit should attach to the suggester from that standpoint. In this connection, however, it was obvious, upon making a comparison later, that the accepted proposal from the Chief of Administration) DD/P) was almost verbatim with Employee Suggestion #1099. This fact may well justify a further review by your Committee of the circumstances relating to this proposal to ascertain whether the basic idea originated with the auggester or otherwise. STCRET -9- Approved For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000300010020-1 Approved Foftgeleasell161/07/31 : CIA-1748430832A000300600020-1 Nwe Suggestion No, 1099 (Con-Ltd) "The components of the Dr/p which have been granted authority to extend the use of petty cash funds were listed in my memorandum dated 3 March 1955 and no other components have since requested such authority. As a result of a review made of recent accountings covering these petty cash funds, it is estimated that savings will accrue in operations carried out within this Office through wider utilization of these funds of between $800 and 01000 annually. We regret the delay in replying to you concerning this matter and trust that the foregoing information will enable you to make final disposition of the employees' suggestions," Incentive Awards Staff notez 1, This suggestion originally disapproved for adoption by DDP-Administration on 3 August 1954. 2? On 19 October 1954/ the Chief of Administration, DPP/ sent a pronosal to the Comptroller for a Division petty cash fund, This proposal had been initiated by the Chief, FE Division, who stated that it had beencrepared by a member of his Division, 25X1A 3. y Chief, Budget and Fiscal of FE Division, stated on 26 March 1956 that it was idea that was sent forward by Chief, PE to Chief/ Administration/DDP. C, Recommendation of Executive Secretaa: Adopt -- award of 545 based on annual tangible savings of .900 (between $800-1000), This award is based on the finding that 25X1A it was idea that was adopted, SECRET -10- Approved For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000300010020-1 25X1A Approved For Re!eat...2001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A0003?110010020.41, Nre STATINTL CIA. INTERNAL 'USE ONLY Suggestion No. 1068 Date of Suggestion: 16 July 54 Editorial Clerk DD/P FI 06-7 A. Summary_o the Suggestion: The suggester recommends a general overall revision of the routing and record sheet along the following lines: a. Elimination of unnecessary instructions, and the placement of essential instructions where they are more apt to be noticed. b. Reductions in the number of lines for addressees from fifteen to eight. c. Rearrangement of the "Form," "No." and "Date" blocks. d. Provision for more space in the "To" column. e. Placement of comments at the bottom of the form rathlr than to the right of the routing ladder. B. Evaluglon of the Concerned Office: Records Management Staff on 25 November 1955 stated: ("This evaluation concerns only the suggester's recommendations for improving Form No. 610. That portion of her concerning dispatch forms will be evaluated upon our completion 'ff-Tiffeaffrolr' of a study on Agency dispatch forms and vo.r!gledures. ---.00a9Noznosice "In response to one of the suggester's recommendations, we have provggazglw room in the "To"colnun by elicainating the column for telephone extensions7rainEwhas not been used extensively enough to justify its continuance. "Other improvements in the design of Form No. 610 attributable to the suggester are: c a. The placement of instructions in the column headings ( where they are more conspicuous. b. The elimination of non-essential instructions which provided space for a "Subject" box. CIA INT=AL USE CINLY -7-- Approved For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000300010020-1 Approved ForipeleaseVni1/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000300410020-1 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY Suggestion No. 1068 Continued. "We have not included in the redesign of Form No. 610 the suggester'e recommendation for rearranging the "From," "No.," and "Date" blocks. Placing these items all on one line would not provide enowve snace in the "Free block. "While we have not been able to adopt all of the suggest eros ideas, we feel that her contributions justify an award of :,20.00. This emount is based principally on her ideas which, indirectly, resulted in space for a "Subject" box at the to of the form. The Office of Personnei-UIII-U-S-6-10576TEm" 5,000 Routing and Record Sheets annually in procescing appli- cations for employment. Raving the applicant's name In the "Subject" box te,=1:el fteetlitate processing his papers by providing a ready reference to his name. Other headquarters components will find the use of this "Subject" box helpful in processing papers. About one million Routing and Record Sheets are used annually. The amount of processing time eave4 per Form No. 610 used, and the ..:umber of times that the sub- ject of a per will be included on Routing and Record Sheete cannot be determined. However, the potential of the employee's suggestion justifies the award recommended above." C. Recommendation of Executive Secretary: .20 based on intangible benefits. CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY Approved For For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000300010020-1 Approved Foreaelease*01/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A0003008013020-1 _ CONFIDEMAT, 25X1A Suggestion No: 1029 Date of Suggestion: 23 June 1954 (DD/P) GS-9 Area Ops Officer A. Summery of Suggestion: When headquarters ships simple administrative forme to the field the following method of packaging is used: The outside cover is a double cover of heavy paper tape) next is a cover of impregnated water-proof cheese cloth; then a heavy cardboard box) following this is a cover on two (Oes CO the forms of cardboard as heavy as the outside box,. To make the wrapping complete, there is lastly a parer wrapping of heavy manila paper sealed with tape. There is also a cheesecloth-tinfoil covered bag which covers the cardboard folder holding the forms in the cardboard box. "This seems to be a flagarant waste of money. A card- board folder wrapped in heavy manila paper would suffice adequately to get the forms to any overseas station with no damage by air pouch. If the forms are shipped by sea pouch, one covering of waterpreofing in addition would suffice. "It would be a great savings of U,S0,dollars and time if this method of packaging was looked into with the idea in mind of changing it. If regulations dictate that forme be handled as described in para 0 then it is time that the regulations were changed," B. Evaluations of the cpnceKagl!QffieeB: 29 October 1954 The Administrative Staff/LO stated: "This method of shipment was independently placed in effect by Packaging and Packing tiemerandumli2, dated 1 September 1954. 21 February 1956 The Administrative Staff, OL stated: "It cannot be determined at this the that this suggestion d0 net influence the publication of packaging data pr ant- l7 in effect. Discussion was taktmg place to effect a change in packaging methods at approximately the time that this suggestion was in process. "In view of the fact that substantiating evidence in not CONFIDENTIAL Approved For For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000300010020-1 Approved FocVleaseNt1/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A0003001015020-1 CONFIDENTIAL Suggestion No. 1029 Cont. available to correlate the suggested changes to changes adopt- ed in packaging of administrative forms for chipment over- seas) a token award is deemed advisable. The final approved method of packaging is presently the same as outlined in the suggestion." Incentive Awards Note. The suggestion was submitted on. 22 June 1954 and Packaging and. Packing Memorandum % Oeptza!,!M,1254$ tho Office of Logistics was queried as 4'Ic possible contribution. C. Recommendation of the Executive Secretary: Award of for intangible benefits. CONFIDENTIAL- -4- Approved For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000300010020-1 Approved FreeReleaseVe01/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A00030011A020-1 CONFIDENTIAL Suggestion No. 1019 Date; 18 June 1954 25X1A Personnel PRD Clerk GS-6 The attached suggestion brief was processed and approved for an award at the January 1955 conuittoe,- meting. A 520.00 award check was sent to suggester on 3 February 1955. :25X1A ? On 7 March 1956, of ORB Admin Office called the Incentive Awards Staff and reported that the suggester had raised the question of whether the award was not too low based on his original estimate of savings. On 9 March 1956 the suggester was referred to DD/I (Admin) to determine if idea is considered deserving of additional award. On 20 March 1956 Chief, Geographic Research evaluated-as follows: "The Incentive Awards Committee asks for a re-examination of whether or not the Geography Division .was, at the time this suggestion was made, in the process of considering single spacing for its reports. I wish to assure the Incentive Awards Committee that this was the case. As a matter of fact, the Geography Division had, since 1948, given periodic consideration to a single-space format but had declined to change over because of the difficulty involved and time consumed in preparing reproduction master copy. The problem is especially critical for geographic texts because of the large number of diacritical .marks, accents, etc., found associated with geographic matters. It should also be pointed out that the suggestor was in error in basing his suggestion on 75 reports for the year 1954. For the 25X1A record, the Geography Division sent 20 reports to the Reproduction Plant with an average of 68 pages per report and the average number of copies reproduced was 343. Each one of these figures is in substantial contradiction of those Given in the suggestion and should be taken into consideration by the Incentive Awards Committee at the time an increase in the award is considered. "It is my recommendation that the savings to be realizedfrom the adoption of this suggestion be made a matter of study by the Reproduction Division of the Logistics Office. A part of this study should include the Geography Division to ascertain whether or not the processing of reports for single,space reproduction takes more time than double-space preparation; this should be balanced off against any savings in actual printing by the Reproduction Division." DD/I (Admin) recommendation was to get new cost and savings estimates from Logistics on which to base a decision. On 24 April 1956 the suggestion was sent to Logistics for evalu- ation. The Chief, Printing and Reproduction evaluated as follows: CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RDFX0/00832A000300010020-1 Approved hifReleaseV01/07/31 : clA7FilF?0/99,832A0003061100020-1*11# Suggestion No. 1019 (Cont'd) 'Generally speaking, single spaced reports will cost about one- half as much to print as double spaced reports. This takes into account materials and labor. The reports referred to in memo (24 reports, 68 pages, 3)3 copies each) would cost approximately $4,000 if double spaced and about one-half that amount if single s-oaced. This estimate is based upon the reports being printed 8 x loi on both sides of the sheet." 25X1A On 21 May 1955 the suggestion was referred back to DD/I. DD/I (Admin) evaluation of 5 June 1956 is as follows: /.? "In view of the savings indicated by that will result 25X1A from this suggestion, I believe that the suggester should now receive an additional award to make up the difference from what he was pre- viously paid and the full amount for a savings of $2,000. In other words, he should receive .i55 moreir Recommendation of Executive Secretary: . Additional award of $55. This 55 plus the original--award of 4;20 equal the proper award for a $2,000 tangible saving. - Although this figure is the best we have been able to obtain, it still represents a rather rough approximation. Following factors offset each other so that this is probably the fairest decision possible without a more exhaustive study of costs and savings than seems justified; a. C/GR cites extra costs of preparing reports for single-space reproduction which should be deducted from savings in printing. b. Suggestion seems to have contributed to a solution or decision which had been under consideration since 1948 in Geography Division. Suggester's original award of $20 was based on intangible bene s and approved before the IA Committee was using the newand more liberal scale of awards for tangible savings authorized by PL 753 and CSC. d. In interests of equity, this particular case should be reconsidered. However, Committee should permit reopening closed cases only in exceptional circumstances such as these. CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RD089,410832A000300010020-1 Approved FoirKelease *1/07/31 : citksftpmrpfym2A0003ooNotb2o-i '419 Suggestion No. 1019 A. Summary of the Suggestion: The Suggester proposes that reports published by the different components of the Agency be single-spaced on apage in contrast to the :resent method of double-spacing. It is estimated by. the Geographic Division, ORB, that during the Fiscal Year they pUblished 75 reports containing an average of 175 pages for each report. There is an average of .-25 copies of each of these 75 reports printed for a total o-i2 5,573,000 pages of reports produced by one Division with over ;,-,789,000 actual sheets of paper used. But, by single-spacing it would be necessary to use only sheets instead of 4 to effect a savings of 25% on the overall amount of paper used. During one year this would mean a savings of 697,266 sheets of paper. Further, reduction in the number of pages printed would, of course, reduce the printing cost. Time savings would also be realized in layout, camera work, plate making, press time, and bindery. As a point of interest, Report ? No. ER-9 was forwarded on 21 September 1954 to Reproduction for final :)rinting. The Report contains 253 pages, 166 copies of eachfor a total of 41,993 printings. Should the same Report be printed as suggested, the amount of time and cost would be reduced accordingly. B. Evaluation of Concerned Offices: The suggestion was initially forwarded to the Chief, Management Staff, 20 June 1954, to determine what reports might be involved, and that office replied that "a cursory check with some of the publication staffs in the overt offices seems to indicate that the usual format for overt office publications is single spaced. The Geographic Division of ORB turns up as the one exception to this." With this information, the suggestion was referred to the DD/I and the Executive, ORB advised the Committee, 8 November 1954, of the following: "This suggestion has been given very careful consideration. The Geographic Division is making arrangements in the future to single space all of its reports with the exception of those for which the process of typing masters is already under way. While the change is not due entirely to this suggestion, the Suggester should receive credit for the prodding which brought about the final decision to make the change at this time." 25X1A DD/I (Admin), further advised that review with the above mentioned disclosed that, although the idea contained in the suggestion was not original, the Suggester did cause a review of the existing practice and a determination to change from double to single spaced reports by the Geographic Division. C. Recommendation of the Executive Secretary: The Committee may consider an award for sparking the action which took place as an employee contribution of a suggestion with intangible Approved For Release 2001/07/31 : CM31:1011PAA32A000300010020-1 ?tiN3 Approvecivrrer Releas-*14001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A00030110T10020-1 CONFIDEPTIAL Suggestion No. 1019 (Cont'd) benefits or an award on the basis of the tangible savings resulting even though the suggestion was not original. - If the latter course is followed, it will be necessary to secure some estimate from the Logistics Office. However, it is believed by the azecutive Secretary that an equitable award may be made based on the information at hand. COliFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-432A000300010020-1 Approved kiip Release tfifil1/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A00030040020-14i STATINTL Date of Suggestion: Cl/ INTERNAL USE ONLY Suggestion No. 799 25 March 1954 Operations Asst. Chief Control Operations Info. Control Clerk A. Summary of the Suggestion:- Suggcster for forms and B. Evaluation of GS -7 co -4 proposes the use of No Carbon Required (NCR) paper correspondence in the Agency. the Concerned Office: Records Management Staff on 4 April 1956 stated: "A detailed technical analysis,of NCR paper is attached. The following evaluation, coverXig both tangible savings and intangi- ble benefits, is based on this analysis and the results of exhaus- tive ox-the job tests of the 12 forms, a. Tangible Savings. The cost of procuring these 12 NCR forms (800,000 sets) was $42,552.46. The same quantity of carbon inter leaved forms, obtained under the same procurement conditions wouleaave cost $40,505.64. We therefore paid $2,046.82 more tb print these forms on NCR paper, However, thru elimination of one- time carbon paper from the sets, 8 seconds per set is saved in the decollation and disposition processes by not having to destroy any used carbon paper. This will save 1772 man hours per year. Based on an average salary rate of $2.00 an hour (05-2 to GS-14) $3,544.00 will be saved annually. Net tangible annual savings will amount to $1,497.18 ($3,544.00 man hour savings less $2,046,82 added procurement costs.) Recommended award for tangible savings $65.00. b. Intange Benefits. The main intangible benefit stems from the assurance that elimination of carbon paper definitely precludes any security violation thru failure to properly handle and dispose of used carbon sheets. For example, 529,000 of the total 800,000 NCR Forms sets are being used in the most sensitive areas of headquarters and field where a security violation would be extremely serious, Other intangible advantages arc: 1. NCR paper sets are 1/3 lighter than cartcatitwterleaved sets. Ices storage space is thus required and shipping costs will be reduced by a like amount. (when sensitive forms are used overseas in large quantities and must be shipped by air pouch, weitsht becomes an imprrtant factor) 2. NCR:raper is cleaner to handle than carbon CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY Ii. ApprovedFor Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000300010020-1 ApprovedZpr Releasp.0001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000304p100204160 .CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY Suggestion No. 799 Continued paper. 3. It has special applicability in 'Flow Systems', that is, instances in which a form flows thru several offices with each office adding something to the finished document and removing one or more partially cOmpleted parts as the form is processed. c. Based on these intangible benefits the extended degree of application and moderate degree of benefits warrants recommen- dation of an award of $175.00. "This suggestion has been adopted. NCR paper will continue to be specified for Agency forms whenever economically and proced- urally feasible. Based on the tangible savings and intangible benefits previously mentioned a minimum award of $240.00 is recommended. Further recommend referral to other Security Agencies as FBI, AEC, NSA, STATE, and the intelligence components of the Army, Navy, and Air Force, Until NCR paper costs less, govern- ment-wide use is not recommended." C. Recommendation of the Executive Secretary: Adopt. Award of $240. $65 for tangible savings of $1497.18, $175 based on intangible benefits noted above., Referral to other Security Agencies such as FBI-, AEC, and STATE etc.. ad- CIA.INTERNAL USE ONLY 5 Approved For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000300010020-1 Approved For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000300010020-1 MUM,cNIIGRUMORS OF TWO IlLesnauat =MAL CONLMICS nesiesua Approved For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000300010020-1 25X1A , Approved For Reled,W2001/07/31 : MRDP80-00832A000310501002044 Suggestion No, 741 Date of Suggestion: 16 February 1954 TSS Photographer Summary of the Suggestion: Suggester proposes that a person who is authorized to send material to OCR Reproduction have a direct contact with his Document Procurement Officer or the OCR Liaison Officer. This would permit predetermination of the availability of extra copies from other sources prior to approval of the reproduction request. D. Dvaluation of Concerned Office: 2 March 1956 - Chief; Records Management Staff, 1.ianagement Staff: 25X1A CIA Librarian on 27 April 1954 evaluated this suggestion and recommended that a statement be incorporated in the Instructions printed on Form No, 36-2, "Reproduction Requisition," which would urge the requester to employ reproduction as a last resort after checking with the issuing office, 25X1A "On 17 June 1954 Chief Forms -i..anagement iranch, re- viewed the suggestion; concurred in recommendation and stated that the following statement would be added to Form No, 36-2 when it was revised. "Do not request extra copies of printed documents without first ascertaining that the material is unavailable from other sources." ' "Form No. 36-2 was recently revised and redesignated as Form l'k)? 70. The above mentioned statement has been added to the Instructions printed on the revised form. "While the addition of this statement to the Form 70 is not exactly what the suggester proposed it should result in the accomplishment of his aims - elimination of needless reproduction of documents already available through other sources. "Had the suggestion not been submitted neither this office, the Library or OL/PAS would have been aware of the existence of this - problem area. Consequently) no corrective action would have been :baleen. Therefore; it is recommended that the suggester be considered for an award based on undetermined; intangible savings." Adopt for Use. C. Recommendation of Thcecutive 6ecretary: Award of Tl based on intangible benefits. ,K;CIoT Approved For R le se 2001/07/31 : CIA-Rd'10-00832A000300010020-1 25X1A STATINTL Approved Pe:ReleaseV01/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A00030 0020-1rd CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY Suggestion No, 1450 Date of Suggestion: 10 January 1954 Management Staff, Records mgt. Div. Analyst GS-7 A. Summary of the Suggestion: Suggester proposes that FLUORESCENT papers, cardboards and silk screens be used where visual impact is essential* A few specific applications are as follows: 1. Open Safe Signs 2. Air Raid Shelter Signs 3. Restricted Area Signs 4. Fire Alarm & Exit Signs 5. Classified Waste Signs 6. Bus Signs 7. Priority, Expedite etc. Slips 8. Passes 9. Posters 10. Danger B. Evaluations of the Concerned Offices; The Assistant Management Officer, DD/A Area stated on 28 January 1955 the following: "The suggestion is a good one but must be considered in relation with the additional cost, if any, "It is suggested that this suggestion be sent to Logistics Office, Printing and Reproduction Division for their consid. eration with particular reference to the comparative cost and any special equipment or skills required." The Office of Logistics on 25 February 1955 stated the following: "It is doubtful whether the desired results, over and above those obtained under present materials, can be justified in view of the additional cost and work involved in processing these materials. "A rough comparison with materials presently used reveals that those suggested cost up to as high as twenty times as much. In addition printing with fluorescent papers and inks becomes a speciality. Speciality printing always involves additional cost in terms of lost time and less production. "Applicability as enumerated in the suggestion is negligi- ble and would not warrant a set up to accomplish this type of work." CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY Approved For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RD380-00832A000300010020-1 irp STATINTL Approved Farkeleaseht1/07/3ticlOW2eitOp3000020-1 The Office of Personnel on 28 November 1955 stated the following: "The Office of Personnel is using fluorescent gummed paper on an experimental basis to determine whether it will aid in visually flagging classified manuals, small file boxes, etc., which might be overlooked during daily security check. Reports received thus far indicate that it is useful in pro- viding the needed visual impact. "The idea for use of the fluorescent was obtained from furnished this Office, upon request, with samples of fluorescent colors. eased on the samples, an order was placed with the Office of Logistics for a limited quantity of fluorescent gummed paper. "Although we agree that evaluation by the Office of Security should serve as the primary basis for action on this suggestion, we would recommend adoption based on our experience." The Office of Security on 29 May 1956 stated that: "In our original reply to this suggestion, we concurred in the suggestion that an added visual impact could be achieved if signs or notices, etc. were to be printed on fluores- cent papers. We recommended, however, that the suggestion be forwarded to Office of Logistics for evaluation from the standpoint of additional cost's, if any. "The reply from the Office of Logistics indicates that the use of the suggested materials would cost up to twenty times as much as materials presently used. Further, this process is considered to be a 'speciality' type of printing which re- quires more time for less production. The Office of Logistics advised that it was doubtful whether the desired results could be justified 'in view of the additional cost and work involved in processing these materials;' also, that 'applicabi- lity as enumerated in the suggestion is negligible and would not warrant a set up to accomplish this type of work.' "While we agree that an added Impact could be obtained through the use of the suggested materials, we do not feel that the added impact, or the increase in security, is commen.- surate with the added costs and work involved. We, therefore, reaommend that the suggestion be disapproved for adoption." C. Recommendation of the Executive Secretary: Adopt. Letter of thanks in view of the Office of Personnel's adoption. No cash award can be given as suggester is a member of Records Management Division, Management Staff. -2- CIA INTRNAL USE ONLY Approved For Release 2001/07/31: CIA-RDPW00832A00030001001- 6 STATINTL Approved Fora5pleaseire61/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A00030015013020-1 L CIA INTERNAL USE OM Suggestion KOv', Date of Suggestion.: 20 May 1953 Personnel Olk.-Typist GS-4 A. Summarv of Suggentione That employees be supplied with individual) brightly colored classified trash containers. Markings in large letters saying "CIASSIFIETP would make it practically impossible to leave them out of the safe- at night. B. Evaluation of Concerned Offi.ce: Office of Security, 23 January 1956, reevaluated the suggestion and stated: "The presently used white paper bag bearing the inscription "SECRET - CLASSIFIED WASTE ONLY" was originated by the office of Security. This parer bag will serve two purposes. One) provide a receptacle that can be sealed and eposited into the large collection bags or into the classified waste vaults that have been con- atructed in a few of the buildings, The red and white colors were selected for thee bags because of their contrast with the usual office surroundings and thus may be readily seen when an office is being secured. The size of the bag) 25 pounds capacity) was chosen as an approprialle size to secure in a file drawer until filled for disposal. It is recommended that the writer of subject suggestion be granted a nominal award." C. Recommendation of Executive Secret: An award of f25 for a suggestion having intangible bene- fits. Our records indicate that we received about 8 suggestiins on this subject. However) none of them proposed the design presently used by the Office of Security. This suggestion is recommended for award as the original suggestion on. this subject. CIA INTJRNAL USE ONLY PAGE Approved For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000300010020-1 Approved FOPIKelease4101/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000300V020-1 *4 I WI CIA =REAL USE ONLY Suggettion No. 193 Date: 23 March 1953 STATINTL SR Intelligence Officer GS-9 A. Summary of the Suggestion: Suggester proposed fastening security.,check sheets to safes by corner holders rather than by scotch tape. Evaluations by offices of Security and Logistics were submitted to IA Committee on 14 February 1955 with recommendation for disapproval. However, the Committee deferred its decision and requested referral to RMS for more conclusive study and evaluation. This suggestion was studied along with many others which proposed various modifications in the format and methods of securing Security Check Sheets. B. Evaluation of Office Concerned: Records Management Division evaluation states the cost of adopting this suggestion , processing a directive to implement it, procuring and stocking these corners, and replacing them when necessary would far outweigh any savings which might be realized in scotch tape. The time consuming operation of changing sheets every 30 days is not as profound or time consuming as the suggesion infers. This operation is usually accomplished by clerical personnel as time becomes available or even prior to wark hours if necessary. This office recommends disapproval. C. Recommendation of the Executive Secretary: , Disapproval f< CIA INTERVAL USE ONLY Approved For Release 2001/07/31: CIA-RDF,0019832A000300010020-1 Approved Vikp ReleaseW1/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000300&0020-?? SECRET Suggestion No. 140 25X1A Personnel Analyst GS-11 Date o? Suggestion; 3 March 1953 A. Summary of the Suggestion: The suggester proposes the addition of Personnel Information to the Standard Form 52, Request for Personnel Action which would eliminate the need of procetsing Standard Form 37-50, thereby effecting savings in clerical and typing man hours. This suggest The was deferred from the February 1956 Committee r-FN meeting. e ommittee recommended that it be referred to Chief, Machine Records Division, to determine if suggestion was considered to be within job res on ibility of suggester. In a memo dated 27 March 1956 stated the following; "At the time this suggestion was submitted, was a GS-7 Tabulating Equipment Operator Supervisor in the Machine Records Branch, which at that time was a Branch under the Office of General Services. His principle duties were comprised of Supervision of the Personnel Section and the responsibility for Electrical Accounting Machine functions in'tecacing the reporting needs of the Office of Personnel. The addition, deletion, or revision of Agency Forms was not included as a responsibility in his general duties. It was through the evaluation of existing source material that he noticed the over.lap of information and therefore submitted the subject Suggestion." B. Recommendation of the Executive Secretary: Adopt. Award of $75 based on tangible savings of $1814.00 ($700 Office of Personnel, $8.00 Office of the Comptroller, and $314 for saving safe space). 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A IA Note: SECRET ty Approved For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RDP$0-00832A000300010020-1 Approved For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000300010020-1 SAMIT Suggestion tft). 140 Date submitted: 3 larch a953 A. Summary of the Suggestion: ? The suggester proposes the addition of ?ersonnel Information to the Standard Form1.52, Request for 'Personnel Action which..,ruld eliminate the need of processing Stan4ard Form 37-50, thereby effecting savings in clerical and typing man hours. B. Evaluation of Concerned Utica: . Internal instructions (Office%of Personnel libmorndum_No. 20-645-9, Recording Service Computati4r Date (SCD), dated 13 July 1955) renders the PersonnelfData Form, Form 97-50, obsolete. .The fqllowing savings are anticipated in the Office-of Personnelt22 PY 1,J a. Approximately .5 minutes 0.erical time to initiate the i'orm .7-50 fot each individual entering on duty. The entrance on duty rate for theUstssix months average approximately 200 per month, , b. Approximately 5 minutes time on the part of thu- 4.11&4t,'/Id?aC. ento7.,h0 r Cuty formerly consumed in completing the Foirm o. The average grade of those entering on duty' ,? Cap base of the' GS-3 level and the clerical support indicated in a. is at the GS-5 level. d. At the Currently hourly rate of the base level of G-5- grade ($1.76) it is estimated that.tSis office will realize a. savings of about $700 per year. ? The evaluation of the Office of the Comptroller states: '.;e haw evaluated the effect 'of the adoption Of this suggestion, upon procedures in the ia.chine Records Division, Assuming an average of approximately. Forms 37-50 per month, we have estimated that.a total pf 30i man hours are saved each month in the receipt. and control, coding, filing, punching, and machine. processing operations. In addition, approximately 3'5.-hoUrs of time on various igm macnines are saved. The value of these :Jqvings is estimated at about O0 peryear. G. Recommendation 9f the 4ameutive gegretarv: Rased upon tangible savings of 1.700 by the Office of Personnel and 5800 for the Office of the Comptroller.for a total tangible saving of sj:,1500, an award of $65 is recommended, 04 SECRET Approved For Release 2001/07/3.1 : Cy4-19P80-00832A000300010020-1