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December 9, 2016
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April 10, 2001
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May 25, 1964
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Approved For Release 2001/07/16 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000400010016-5 TAB Approved For Release 2001/07/16 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000400010016-5 STATINTL Approved For Release 2001/07/16 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000400010016-5 Approved For Release 2001/07/16 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000400010016-5 Approved For Rase 2001/07/16: CIA-RDP80-00832A000400010016-5 STATINTL 3TT:i:1ARY APB tECO ti_~ "dI]11TI0'1 FOR THE CET.AI-11wi UGGESTIOTHH NO. 62-207: Dated 2-;' October 1961 GS-7, Supply Assistant -Dos/ OC STATINTL 1. ; uiunary of Suggestion ;:;See attached report of action taken on this suggestion at Mini- mal. Awards Meeting 29 June ?.'~0'2 at which an interim award of y$100 was .aid. In February 1964, aza her award of $525.00 was paid. In circularizing this lolea through the other departments, the T`?Ta:ry has decided that an award of $25.00 is due this suggpester for the benefit to the Navy. 3ununal:y of Evaluation This $25 award from th Nwiy should be paid out of our funds in order to conserve the adnin t..3trative costs in transferring money. C. iecoiiunendation of Executive aecletary I. Not in line- of -dut-,,. ;_'. $25.00 Award based on advantage to the Wavy. D. Decision of the Chairman Chairmanuggestion Awards (yauirnittee Date Approved For Release 2001/07/16 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000400010016-5 Approved For Release 2001/07/16 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000400010016-5 AMP 25 May 196LE S J vIARY AND RECOPIIfl NflATION FOR THE CHAIRtW SUGGESTION NO. 62-260: dated :1z:> February 1962 25X1A 25X1A A. Operations Officer, G3-11 UDP/ ra'E;`~ Summary of Suggestion This su.gester proposed, in 1962, that a section be provided on the Form 362 which will include names of auxiliary indices available to the tracer, together with a little box that could be used as a check-off list. Thus, RID i-mme trace section could check the auxiliary indices at the same time the RID Index is checked. B. Summary of Evaluation In November 1963, as a result of a subsequent suggestion (63-102), a name-trace stamp was designed and made available to personnel tracers. This accomplishes the same result as the proposal contained in 62-260. It was adopted in August 1933, for which the Suggestion Awards Commit- tee paid $150. As a matter of fact., this 62-260 did get waylaid over the months, and the evaluations did not come in. This administrative error is to the advantage of the CI Staff, because the suggestion 63-102 is more complete and serves a better purpose. However, the suggester considers that her idea was adopted--AND IT WAS. Therefore, the Secre- tariat is inclined to request a small award. C. Recommendation of Executive_ Secreta: 25X1A 1. Not in line-of-duty. 2. $25.00 Award based on Inta::ugible Benefits (SLIGHT/LIMITED). Decision of Chairman Chai rmaf, Suggestion AwarA~:s Corznitte Approved For Release 2001/07/16 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000400010016--5 25X1A Approved For Release 2001/07/16 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000400010016-5 Approved For Release 2001/07/16 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000400010016-5 3 A Approved Forelease 2001/07/16: CIA-RDP80:Q083,2AQg1(9 400010016-5 Ran 2j y 1;)614 SUMMARY AND R ECOTv 4 ;NDATION FOR THE CHAIRMAN SUGGESTION NO. 61+-56: dated 20 August .1963 STATINTL Intelligence Officer, Co :,o ;rapher, GS-12 Dull ORR/ DG SUGGESTION NO. 64-237: dated 2_12_- January 1 64 STATINTL Alien Affairs Officer, GS-13 DDS 03 A. 3urnmaY^y of Suggestions These su gesters proposed that signs be put on the doors at Langley to indicate "Pull" or "Push", as a matter of safety and convenience. Summary of Evaluations On 9 September 1963, OL :abated that it was impractical and estheti- cally undesirable to stencil the glasses of doors or any of the hand plates. On 20 April 1961+, OL reports that the signs "Pull" and "Push" were put on t !e doors at J.e, ,dq sartcrs as a result of a suggestion by a .T3 employee. C. Recommendation of E ecutivee Secretary 1. Not in line-of-duty. 2. Certificates of Air oreciation for both of these men. D. Decision of Chairman STATINTL Chairman, S ggestion Awards jommittee Award Approved For Release 2001/0711L CIA-RDP8D.-00832AJ0400010016-5 Approved For.Re. ease 2001/07/16 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000400010016-5 25 may 1964 STATINTL SUP1dARY AND 13ECO EENDATION FOR THE CHAIRMAN SUGGESTIOTT NO. 64-86: dated 1=1 September 1963 Offset Press Operator aS '_ equivalent) _D3/OLD'P3iJ A. ;uinirnary of Suggestion .,his has to do with a new way of transmitting CS reports. The s _zgrester states that customer components furnish PSD with a listing of the report number and nu.-umber of pages of each report sent. This could be done on a transmittal foxm similar to Forra 902 (attached) which would be submitted in duplica,e, one copy going back to the customer to verify PSD's receipt of the reports and the date received. This would facilitate checking the reports that are in progress and the date received, and would save many hours in verifying that the report has been received. Turthermore, better security control of the material would be achieved. STATINTL B. Summary of Evaluation This proposal was evaluated by FI/INT/RC and the PSD. The con- census is that this is a useful receipting system for CS reports be- tween the operating divisions and PS3D, with little modification. Form 898 is a usable form for the receipting mechanism and is already in use by two operating divisions as a result of the suggestion. PSD is very much in favor of this improvement. C. Recommendation of .Executive Secretai 1. Not in line-of-duty. 2. $50.00 Award based. on Intangible Benefits (SLI HT/EXTENDED). D. Decision of Chairman Chairman, Suggestion Award.s Committee Award Approved For Release 2001/07/16 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000400010016-5 Approved For Release 20/07/16 : CIA-RDP80-00832A00040001Df16-5 Central Intelligence Agency Date REPORTS RECEWT ^ OCR ^ DEPARTMENT OF STATE The Director of Intelligence and Research ^ IRC/CC ^ DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY AC/S, Intelligence Attn: Collection & Evaluation Section Attn: Reading Panel ^ DEPARTMENT OF THE NAVY ONI OP 922 M3D ^ DEPARTMENT OF THE AIR FORCE AFCIN 3 D1 ^ NSA ^ USIA ^ Staff Communications Office Office Chief of Staff Department of the Army ^ Receipt is hereby acknowledged of the following reports RECEIPT AND RETURN DUPLICATE COPY TO: ^ DD/P, 4C17 ^ DD/P, 1A53 ^ PSD, 0156 DATE RECEIVED RECEIVED BY -np n-nnRS2nn nod00010016-5 A FORM 898 USE PREVIOUS EO ITIONS Approved For Release 201/07/16 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000400CI 016-5 DATE 00 EPORT TRANSMITTAL R S REQUISITION NO. TO: JjoL/PSD FROM: IcD/oo Q'OCR/DOC. DIV./PROC.BR. STATIN T L OCR/GR Q FDD/00 Q ORR/MAP LIBRARY =SOVMAT/00 REPORT NO. NO. OF PAGES NO. COPIES TO BE RUN IIO. OF ATTACHMENTS EVALUATION REQUESTS TOTALS DATE RECEIVED SIGNATURE OF RECIPIENT Approved For Release 2001/07/16 : CIA-RD 8O-OO832A000400010016-5 FORM 8.57 902 USE PREVIOUS EDITIONS. (20.47( Approved For &lease 2001/07/16 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000400010016-5 L USE ONLY 25 1,y 196L- sui m,1A iY AND RLC.,Oi''it _'TT ATION FOR THE CHAIRMAN STATINTL SUGGESTION NO. 64-102: dated. 1) Octobe: 196 iJDP FE Intelligence Officer, GS-12 A. ; urm ary of Suggestion Su.-ester proposed luminous arrows be painted at hand level in the stairwells at Headquarters which would point the way from the exits toward the landings. He also proposed that each floor be identi- fied by luminous numbers. '['his evolved because he noticed a complete power failure on one occas-;nn makinrr the staircases extremely dangerous to use in the dark. D_ Summary of Evaluation The Safety Officer die not see this as a safety measure because he said that each floor useu.for evacuation purposes is clearly marked. But the Office of Logistic did see the numbering of the floors as a matter of convenience. OL. in developing its case, stated that in- stantaneous lighting of stairwells in the Headquarters Build3n by means of be ttery power or automatic generators was considered at the time the building was plannc~ 1. It was disapproved as an unnecessary exuDense (twelve to fifteenLousand- dollars). A recent estimate of twelve thousand dollars for trickle charge battery-operated emergency light units has been obtained from PBS. bighting fixtures in a?.l. stairwells are connected to the 5000 KU emergency generators in the power house, and. there is a delay of some 15 minutes between failure omx?erriai- power and activation of gen- erators before the light cone back cn. Instantaneous lighting, of stairu:aells has been suggested and con- sidered several times. but a'ways vetoed as prohibitive in cost; and an an unnecessary e;pense. l osnver. with regard to the numbering of the floors, they could sense that this would be an improvement and would eliminate much confusion and save many unnecessary s tees . The floors have been numbered i,r ;1 1n the ,tai t.rlth standard interior build%n signs. C. Recommendation of E;rcecuztive ,_r'.~et Lry TTot in line-of_c l_ut-r. 2> .00 Award based on Tntan~j.ble Benefits (SLIG~P_P/LOCA.?,) Approved For Release 2001/07/16' : ttA DP80- 2A000400010016-5 Approved For Iease 2001/07/16 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000400010016-5 ?I I -T?TI3TIZATIVE 17TERNA, USE ONLY D. Decioion of Chairman ':CT IST~AMJ VE 1T ~' TAL USE ONLY Approved For Release 2001/07/16 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000400010016-5 Approved For--lease 2001/07/16 : CIA-RDP80-00832A0Oe400010016-5 25 May 1961+ SUMMARY AND RECD,'' 'TDATION FOR THE CHAIR N STATINTL 9UGGESTION NO. 64-1_Lr3: dated 1_-) December 1963 Budget Officer. G;-7 ,JAi. _l Ua A. ;IUYi7rYAJ Yof ;: u e s ti of 'z-;ester proposec:_ to ir, taU.l_1-Ation of door holders for the double doors leading into restricted areas in 1Tead.quar_ters Building;. Moving crews have had to as: i_ ,n a man. to this detail. Yurther. he s"I-es ted that durin;~r a mown either the thresholds be removed or a light-weight metal sheet h o made to fit over the threshold to facili- tate the move and to preve. r the furniture from falling from the loaded dollies as they stra_':e the threshold. STATINTL f . Sum m?ary of ET,raluati on OL reports that the me.-al thresholds in all double doors leading to the restricted areas in -ieaclquarters Building have been removed. The l ency' s moving crew c_'.aiins a saving of time and !"or. C. Recommendation of necutive Secretary 1. Not in line-of-duty. 2. p"50.OO Award baser on Intangible Benefits (SLIGHT/LOCAL). D. Decision of Chairman Chairman, S. ggestion Award Corm-ttes Date Award Approved For Release 2001/07/16,.: CIA-RDP80-00832AOOAA00010016-5 Approved Foelease 2001/07/16 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000400010016-5 25 may 1964 3U44ARY AND RECOPJW ENDATION FOR THE CHAIRMAN ,SUGGESTION NO. 64-158: dated l' ranuar 1964 25X1 A Instructor, OC School, GS-11 A. Surrunar. y of Suggestion This suggestion is to -modify the CO-8 coder unit of the AS-3 systera. It has to do with re-wiring and re-setting the sequence a- round the dial plates. The Office o:' Communications has declined this suggestion, but asked -Liat we send the suggester a letter of appreciation because he did show, ini-~iative although he did not know that OC was about to abando-.- the CO-8, as they found it unsatisfactory. B. Summary of F aluti on '.['his is not being ado-ntecd. C. Recommendation of the ExecutiiveSecretary 1. Not in line-of-dut=~r. That the Chairman _gn the s.ttached Letter of Appreciation. D. Decision of the Chairman Chairman, Suggestion Awards Committee - t-E-T Inc; teU trcri t ar.e ~:ativ Approved For Release 2001/07/16: CIA-RDP80-008324O0rb'4Op!6iOC16-5 lease 2001/07/16 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000400010016-5 Ap IDES KEYS FUTURE STATINTL STATINTL CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY WASHINGTON 2!5. D. C. OFFICE OF THE SUGGESTION AWARDS COMMITTEE 1 oom IIeadquarters Your suggestion Awards Coinu'.ttee is most appreciative of your sug- gesti_on No. 64-150), and of your efforts to improve :;ency activities. As you know by now, your proposu~_ has been overtaken by events, accord- ing to the remarks furnished us `hy the Director's representative on our Committee. I would like to quo-;c the technical appraisal of your idea: "It is regretted that the office of Communications has no plans to adopt the suggestion made in Sar;restion No. 64-158. The suggestion repre- sents a slight modification of an e_istinZ device which had been developed by OC some time ago. We have nrr:_; been satisfied with the CO-8, on which .the suggestion is based.. and the ;,:u, geste:r's proposal would inherit the undesirable features of the CO-P. The suggestion is also bas: -! u,,-)on the COD-8 mode of encipherment. The system is slow and error proo-? during operation. In a literal system these shortcomings may be acceptiule in preference to the memorization of hundreds of 'triads' where the r.' training time is limited. However h , oncirjhermen.t via a numerical system does not pose the same memorization roblern. Tvo g ain would be real. i : ed because errors in 'false would occur no more or less free2zenti subtracting' tthan errors made in operating the device. We have found these o:n euiences to be supported in our use of the CO/B-8 and CO/C-8 coders or_: u':ose d.ial_s the numerals 0-9 are arranged in adjacent positions." You are in a singularly privileged position to give the Agency the benefit of your innovations and. creative thinking, and we urge you to continue to send in your ideas or that the;T can be evaluated to the ad- vantage of all the Agency and; in ?act. of the Intelligence Community. Bo try main. STATINTL Very truly yours, Approved For Release 2001/07/16 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000400010016-5 Approved Focelease 2001/07/16 CIA-RDP80-00832A000400010016-5 Irw SUNMPLRY All 1ZECOM' I'IIDATION FOR TIIE CHAT MAN STATINTL SUGGESTION? NO. 64-1.62: dated T' January 19611. Personnel Officer, GS-12 ?)UP/E .':?ersonmel. A. Summary of Su ;,e s ti on Sugester proposed that sa:'ety belts be installed in the front seats of the eleven-passe.: jer ll_mou ines . T. 3unumiary of Evaluation The Safety Officer a1,_?r ed with this recommendation, as did OL. The seat belts have been in,tal_led. C. recommendation of E ecutive Secretary I. Not in line-of-du--I-,. y 25.00 Award based on Intar. ible Benefits (SLIGIIT/LOCAL). D. Decision of Chairman Chairman, Suggestion Awards Cormnittee Award Approved For Release 2001/07116 CIA-RDP80-00&32 00400010016-5 Approved For Release 2001/07/16 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000400010016-5 May 1964 SUMMARY AND EE CONPJENDATION FOR THE CHAIR W 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A SUGGESTION NO. 64-165: dated. 2 January 1964 , Clerk-Typist, GS-5 DDP,~ A. Summary of Su,rgestion Suggester devised a L3e-~urity aid for quickly identifying classi- f ied publications so that they would not get filed in an unclassified bookcase by mistake. The -,?roposal is as follows : Place a black mark one-half inch wide about d inches from the bottom across the bound end of each piece of material. When the marked unclassified material is placed- inside the bookcase, there is a black line running from end to end. If the line is broken because some classified material is put in by mistake, the security checker can quickly identify this. Summary of Evaluation The Office of Security interposed no objection to this procedure and did take steps to info:ir~a all Area Security Officers of this "trick of the trade . " C. ecotxunendation of llcecutivE~ Secretary 1. Not in line -of-duw`j. 2. Advisory Award nt" based on Intangible Benefits (SLIGHT/LOCAL). D. Decision of Chairman Date O-N-F-I-D-E-N-T-I-A-L Approved For Release 2001/07/16 : CIA-RDP80-00832A0004000 Exciudaa t0 aeioma' Approved Forlease 2001/07/16 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000400010016-5 25 may 1964 SUZ IARY AND 1tECOO-HI?DATION FOR TI-3I+ CI- IR4AN 25X1A SUGGESTION NO. 64+-172: dated. + February 1 64 25X1A D)CI/Ca 7_e Secretariat A. Summary of Sut,gestion If a cable of more thilw ; one pale is received, the second page, after it is cut, is pasted on another form, i.e., the First page is on one form, the second pa; ;N on another form. The suggestion is to print the second form on the back of the first. 19. Summate of Evaluation The Cable Secretariat E,t:itcd that on the basis of the intangible benefits, this suggestion been aiopted. The effect has been to simplify their stock control of internal forms by reducing the number to half. The technique of ?r!ntin.,- the second page on the reverse of the first aaage automatical.Jy ensures a perfect balance in maintainin? -cock labels of both oar-es aad_ precludes exhaustin, the stock of either pa.-e. The su..-ester remar?red about the ad.vanta;es of handl_in; the pro- duct by the analysts, t isis. and the oDerators, plus the saving of aper. . C. , . Ie;comtiiendation of the Exec a i_ve r c1-'c-~tary 7.. Not in line-of-duty. 2 $20.00 Award based on. Intangible Benefits (SLIGHT/LIMITED). D. Decision of Chairman JTlJ. miian, /Suggestion A:Ja7.'cLI 'ci.mni_ttee A,rar. d GROUP 1 - EXCtuded trc:n a:!tamatlc L!-.v nming and - ~[?tlCn Approved For Release 2001/07/16 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000400010016-5 Approved ForRelease 2001/07/16 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000400010016-5 25 May 1964 STJ 2ARY AND RECCI?1 /L TDATION FOR THE CHAIRMAN SUGGESTION NO. 64-175: dated 3.1 January 1964 STATINTL , Chief, USSR Unit, GS-12 urator, Oriental, GS-11 A. Summary of Suggestion The Machine Division/OCR suppl'Les a complete set of 5x8 cards for subscriptions entered. This card (1395D - Attachment 1) is coded to provide the basic information required. By designing a card to accommodate required entries and by transferring the title from the center of the card to the lower left-hand corner, a record card was created which now serves as an excellent serials record card. (Attach- ment 2). This procedure was adopted in the beginning of 1963 for all serials record keeping in the Foreign Section. From 1952 to 1962, dissemination operations in the Foreign Sec- tion, Acquisitions Branch, CIA Library utilized preprinted record. cards to control newspapers and journals received from world-wide sources. Such record cards required typing in the title, place of publication, ordered date and consumer designations. Several hun- dred hours were expended by several disseminators each year to pre- pare such cards. It is no~,i estimated. that over $1,000 was expended annually for this.activity . (Attachment 3) B. Summary of Evaluation This suggestion proposes a change which, on the basis of testing by Acquisitions Branch since early 1963, is an improvement in the serials recording operaticnrin Foreign Section. The proposal makes greater use of machine ca;-abilities, reduces the amount of typing done by serials disseminators at the GS-6/7 level, and eliminates the .7urchase of preprinted serials :-ecord cards from a commercial suDplier. It is therefore recommended for adoption. Net annual saving is, iowever, only approximately one man month per year and about $30.00 in materials (6000 cards Q $5.40 per thousand), which is considerably less than estimated by the suggesters. The de- g;ree of intangible benefit is slight and the extent of application limited. since the change f`'ects o::il_y 8 people in Acquisitions Branch. In view of the fact the s-..ggesti o:n transfers workload to OCR/MQ.chine Division, the "ollowing calculations have been considered in this evaluation: CIA I:'T.E 3 AL U3E ONLY Approved For Release 2001/07/16 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000400010016-5 Approved For Release 2001/07/16 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000400010016-5 NW I. In FY 1963, Machine Divisionprepared 13,000 cards--1 for each subscription, which is the only practical way it can be done-- at a cost of 26 man hours- man hours per 1000 cards.) Cost of the materials was nominal.. 2. Acquisitions Brant. used 6000 of these cards--1 for each title--and discarded the ba'.ance. i'yping time saved was approximately 32 man hours _,per 1000 card or 192 man hours. Materials saved were 6000 commercially preprinted. cards. Net annual savi1a?? is therefore 166 man hours, or about 1 man month, and approximate:_-, :;;30.00 for 6000 cards. C. Recommendation of Ei_ecutive Secretary 2. X30.00 card to b shared equally by the two sug;gesters based on Tangible Savings of about $500.00. (SLIGHT/LIMITED) D. Decision of Chairman STATINTL Chairma:/; Suggestion A?,aids Committee Award Approved For Release 2001/07/16 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000400010016-5 Approved Four Release 2001/07/16 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000400010016-5 ,4 TT, /Vc, I STATINTL 92 4300 001 I 193 Approved For Release 2001/07/16 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000400010016-5 Approved For-Release 2001/07/16 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000400010016-5 STATINTL 92 4300 001 I I 93 Approved For Release 2001/07/16 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000400010016-5 Approved FormRelease 2001/07/16 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000400010016-5 0 STATINTL Approved For Release 2001/07/16 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000400010016-5 l T, iVo, I Approved Foc~e lease 2001/07/16~i cIA RQP$o-R. " 000400010016-5 25 I,ay 1064} SUNTvIARY AND RECOi'i4EMATION FOR THE CHAIPJAM SUGGESTION NO. 64-185: dated 23 Februa:^.y 1961+ STATINTL Records Clerk, GS-4 Records Clerk, GS-1+ A. ;summary of Suggestion These su ggesters proposed an acministrative aid for their files; namely, a divider flag of a different color to be conspicuous when copies of documents have been extracted temporarily for reproduction bar the Copy-1+_Lo Section. D. Summary of Evaluation The suggesters pointed out that this simple aid would eliminate many filing errors in the Didex Section. SID adopted this idea because it contributed toward a more ac- curate refi_l_ing of index card;3. C. lecormnendation of Executive Secretary I. Not in line-of-di ty. 2. ;20.00 Award to be divided between the two suggesters, based on Intangible Rene,- i_ts (SLIGH'T',/LIMITED). D. Decision of Chairman STATINTL Ch .- , ., gges ion A war . ,o.nm!.ttee Award Approved For Release 2001/07/16: CIA-RDP80-00832. 000400010016-5 Approved For Release 2001/07/16 : CIA-RDP80-00832A000400010016-5 Now 25 may 1964 25X1A 25X1A SIJMMA.:TRY AND RECOMPZM7 DATION FOR THE CHAI iMAN SUGGESTION NO. 64-139: dated -i_ .Februar 1964 Personnel Officer, GS-10 DDP A. Summary of Suggestion ;_iugester proposes that a handbook be issued for the processing of Contract Personnel by the Case Officers. The Guide that this per- son compiled directs the user on a sequence of actions relative to Personnel, Finance, Security, and Medical and Training requirements. F. Summary of Evaluation Chile it is recognized that the "Guide for Processing Contract Personnel.." is a compilation of existing regulations and requirements, it serves as a ready and useful working tool for persons who employ individuals on contract. ADVANTAGES: All existing instructional. material is under one roof. Although this material is in uncondensed form, it is preceded by a good functional table of contents. . DISADVANTAGES: Its uoe is limited by the interest of the user in keeping the book current. The above evaluation :^eDresents the combined views of the Chief, Contract Personnel Division and of the Chief, Clandestine Services Personnel Division. C. Recommendation of Executive Secretary 1. Not in line-of-dut'r. 2. $2 .00 Award based on Intarr.rible Benefits (SLIGHT/ LOCAL). D. Decision of Chairman Chairman, Suggestion Awards Committee Approved For Release 2001/07/16 : CIA-RDP80-0082AG00400010016-5 Approved For Release 2001/07/16 CIA-RDP80-00832AO 0400010016-5 w 7, 71 . " 7 , . . r iwo -,day i96la- SLZIA(ARY AND RECD lL NATION FOR THE ClA.IR1~A.N STATINTL SUGGESTION NO. 64-201: dated March i;64 Intelligence Officer, GS-13 DDI/OC:C A. Summary of Suggestion 3ug ester proposed tha, the illumination in the Headquarters grounds be better controlled, and that the lights not be turned on antil. they were needed. In other words, he proposed a savings in electric light" bills. STATINTL Chairman, Su gestion wards o z ee Award B. S>nmary of Evaluation The lights were controlled automatically, but the PBS took steps, as a result of this suggestion, to re-program the clocks so that the lights would not go on until there is a need for them. C. Recommendation of Executive Secreta:^'y 1. Not in line-of-duty. 2. Certificate of Arpreciatio:n. D. Decision of Chairman Approved For Release 2001/07/16": CIA-RDP80=00832 A000400010016-5 Approved ForRelease 2001/07/16 : CI''A-RDP80-00832A000400010016-5 "Ui ;ABLY AND RECOILi RATION FOR THE CHAIRMAN STATINTL JGGESTION NO. 611.-221: dated ?_.? June 163 Clerk-Typist, GS-4 D7 DP/Ccsr:rt Action Staff A. Stu=sr of Su estion 1o611- Gu ;pester proposed a Sauy to demarcate the cable form so that the typists could establish the pro-.Der al i gmnent and would kno-., precisely 11 there to start to type the _iuaes of the coordinating officers. This .could save the time and tr. of _ble spent in turning the cable form W-1- the way to the bottom, lin:1g it up, and then rolling it back to the proper space. B. $ ary of Evaluation The suggester stated -;'-:at in mcst instances the typist starts ul.l over again rather than. try to realign a form already in the type- w:rciter. . This idea was adopted in the CS Information -Reports Form. The Cable Secretariat sees thi,; idea as having merit, and will continue to adopt it on future pre-p._-inted fcrms, wherever feasible. STATINTL C. Recommendation ofecutive Secretary 1. Not in line-of-dit.v. 2. 4l_5.00 A~yard bused on Intangible Benefits, (SLIGHT/ LEAITED) . D. Decision of Chairman Ch~ rrnar~, ug;ge sti on Award ,Committee Date Approved For Release 2001/07!: ~w CIA RbP80-00832A0J0400010016-5