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May 2, 1949
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COUNTRY Approve8Mr04 CENTRAL I TELLIGENCE AGENCY INFORMATION REPORT International ?" it 100 0 'I "0" ? DP80-00926A040100030004-4 25X1A DATE DISTR. A, May 1.949 SUBJECT Cultural and Scientific Conference for World Peace NO. OF PAGES 1 PLACE ACQUIRED DATE ACQU I RED 25X1A SOURCE DOMENTARY NO. OF ENCLS. (LISTED BELOW) SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. 25X1X Available on loan frni the CIA Library are copies of the following material published or used in connection with the Cultural and Scientific Conference for World Peace at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel, New York City, on 25-27 Mar 49: "Cultural and Scientific Conference for World Peace, Final Program, Waldorf Astoria ,--March 25, 26, 27" Brochure on "World Coilgress for Peace .-Jaris - April 20, 210t 22, 23 ? ;j,9L49" -rpubli4eti by the American Sponsoring Committee, World Congress' for Peace, New'York Cite Placard announcing the Conferencels 27 Mar 149 session at Madison Square Garden "Prrogram the Cultural and Scientific Conference for World Peace" (inciddes a list of sponsors) "Program for Professionals, "published by the National Council of the Arts, Sciences and Professions "Joint Statement on the Cultural and Scientific Conference for World Peace, To Be Held at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel on March 25-26-27" - a protest against the Conference, signed by approximately 70 prominent US citizens Photostat of printed form used by National Council of the Arts, Scienms and Professions in soliciting persons to "join in issuing the Call -1611A Cultural Conference on World Peace" (i) Photostat of "Memo from John Lardner," an appeal written on the stationery of National Council of the Arts, Sciences and Professions, asking support of the Cultural Conference on World Peace and the Committee to Abolish the UN-American Activities Committee. -end- 25X1A Approved For Release 2002/01/10 :t CIA-RDP8O-BerktA0011 Oonsonne Committee WPRLDCONGRESS FOR PEACE o-Chairtnen BLSHOP ARTHUR W. MOULTON DR. W. E. B. DUBOIS 0. JOHN ROGGE onsors ELMER BENSON "RICHARD 0. BOYER JOSEPH BRAININ R. CHARLOTTE HAWKINS BROWN ANGUS CAMERON RABBI J. X. COHEN PROF. HENRY W. LONGFELLOW DANA OLIN DOWNES MURIEL DRAPER PROF. HENRY PRATT FAIRCHILD HOWARD FAST LION FEUCHTWANGER DANIEL S. GILLMOR SHIRLEY GRAHAM ADA B. JACKSON SAM JAFFE ALBERT E. KAHN ROCKWELL KENT JOHN A. KINGSBURY DR. MARY VAN KLEECK LEO KRZYCKI JOHN HOWARD LAWSON PROF. JOHN MARSALKA PROF. F. 0. MATTHIESSEN ARTHUR MILLER PROF. PHILIP MORRISON CLIFFORD ODETS MARTIN POPPER ---' RAYMOND ROBINS MAUD RUSSELL ROSE RUSSELL PROF. FREDERICK L. SCHUMAN ARTIE SHAW DR. MAUD SLYE MARY CHURCH TERRELL LOUIS UNTERMEYEk MAX WEBER DR. GENE WELTFISI. ELLA WINTER (Partial List) Picasso WORLD CONGRESS FOR PEACE ? PARIS April 20, 2 1 , 2 2 , 23 ? 1949 American Sponsoring Committee WORLD CONGRESS FOR PEACE Room 1111, 119 Vest 57th St. New York City 19 CIRCLE 7 - 3 9 8 7 -Ar -4110-85 Approved For Releas 2002/01/j0 : CIA-RDP80-00926A001100030004-4 Approved Fpr Release 2002/01/10 : CIA-RDP80-09926A001100030004-4 DURING APRIL 20-23, 1940, a World Congress for Peace will be held in Paris, France. The purpose of the Congress is to bring together leaders in the scientific, cul- tural, religious, labor and other fields, regard- less of individual political or religious beliefs, to examine at this crucial time the causes of the mounting war danger, and to project prac- tical measures for the preservation of world peace. The Congress is not being held under the auspices of any single organization. It is to be collectively sponsored by outstanding public figures and organizations in every land. Among those who have already under- taken sponsorship of the Congress are: Louis Aragon, Abbe Jean Boulier, Pablo Piscasso, Pierre Cot, Frederic and Irene Joliot-Curie, Eugenie Cotton and Paul Eluard of France; J. B. S. Haldane, D. N. Fria, M.P., J. D. Ber- nal, J. G. Crowther, and the Dean of Canter- bury of England; Pietro Nenni and Renato _ Guttuso of Italy; M. Sholokov, A. Fadeev, -Fedosseev and S. Vavilov of the U.S.S.R.; --Mrs. Agnete Olsen and M. A. Nexo of Den- mark; J. Borejsza, Dembowski and Mrs. Pra- guerova of Poland; Mrs. Hodinova and Jan Mukarowski of Czechoslovakia; Pablo Nemda of Chile; Heinrich Mann and Anna Seeghers of Germany; and Sean O'Casey of Ireland. The American delegation to the Paris World Peace Congress is now in process of forma- tion. Individuals and organizations wishing to participate in the delegation should contact the American Sponsoring Committee, Room 1111, 119 West 57th St., N. Y. C. Greetings and messages to the Paris Congress should be addressed to Frederic joliot-Curie. Congress Mondial des Partisans de la Paix, 2 Rue de PElysee, Paris 8, France. (See back page for American sponsors) The Call WITH EVERY DAY the threat to world peace mounts throughout the world. Instead of the decrease in armies and arma- ments which was to be expected at the end of World War H, a vast armaments race has begun. In some countries, the press, radio and political figures are openly sowing enmity and hatred toward other countries and are spread- ing propaganda for a new war. Military blocs which threaten the peaceful co-existence of nations are being formed. In some parts of the world the fires of war are still burning, lit and fed by the intervention of foreign powers and the direct action of their armed forces. But the people of the world do not want war. They do not want new slaughter, ruins and devastation. And the duty of all honest people, of men of art, science and literature, of all democratic organizations, is to work tire- lessly for unity among all peoples in defense of world peace. It is for this reason that we call upon those democratic organizations in all countries whose task is the defense of peace, and all individuals devoted to progress: labor unions, women and youth movements and their international fed- erations, peasant and farm organizations, co- operative groups, religious groups, cultural organizations of scientists, writers, journalists, artists and democratic statesmen. We call upon them to speak out for peace, and to rally their forces to convene a World Congress for Peace, which will have as its goal the uniting of all possible forces in all countries for the defense of peace. Liaison Committee World Peace Congress FREDERIC JOLIOT-CURIE President Approved For Release 2002/01/10 : CIA-RDP80-00926A001100030004-4 UNITE F JOIN THE eWORED0CpEAGE RDP80 ANA AT MADISON agim law SQUARE GARDEN SUNDAY NIGHT MARCH 27TH 7:30 P.M. DISTINGUISHED INTERNATIONAL GUESTS DR HARLOW SHAPLEY CHAIRMAN CZECHOSLOVAKIA REV. DR. JOSEF HROMADKA ENGLAND .1. D. BERNAL, LOUIS GOLDING' WM. 0. STAPLEDON FRANCE ABBE JEAN BOULIER MME. EUGENIE COTTON AFRICA DR. R. E. G. ARMATTOE .HUNGARY DR. ISTVAN RUSZNYAK ITALY MARIA MICHI NORWAY ERLING CHRISTOPHERSEN POLAND LEON KRUCZKOWSKI PUERTO RICO F. MANRIQUE CABRERA ROUMANIA MAESTRO EMIL SOCOR SOVIET UNION A. A. FADEEV A. I. OPARIN DMITRI SHOSTAKOVICH YUGOSLAVIA DR. ANDRIJA STAMPAR AND OTHER FAMOUS ARTISTS AND SCIENTISTS 6 AUSPICES OF NATIONAL COUNCIL OF THE ARTS, SCIENCES MID PROFESSIONS 49 W. 44 ST., MU 7-6275, 6089 AVAILABLE AT 4 'TS: Sae? pcattepliatip01/1/09 afeRDP80-00926A0011000MMR 133W. 44 ST. N.Y. C. 17-17000?0001.1.00V8Z600-09datl-VI3 : 0141?0/ZOOZ aseeieu JOd 130A0iddV Chairman: Speakers and Topics: PLENARY SESSION Ballroom, Waldorf-Astoria Sunday, March 27 1:30-5:30 P.M. HARLOW SH.APLEY I. Some Key Issues American-Soviet Relations FREDERICK L. ScnumAN Professor of Political Science, Williams College Soviet-American Relations INTERNATIONAL GUEST ( To be announced) Independence Movements in Asia ( To be announced) Independence Movements in Africa ( To be announced) II. Toward a Program for Peace A Peace Program for the United States REPORT OF THE RESOLUTIONS COMMITTEE Toward International Cooperation for Peace INTERNATIONAL GUEST ( To be announced) PROGRAM COMMITTEE HARLOW SHAPLEY Chairman DR. ALLAN M. BUTLER Harvard Medical School HERBERT JOHN DAVIS President, Smith College MARSHALL DIMOCK Political Scientist OLIN DOWNES Music Critic W. E. B. DuBois Writer and Sociologist LILLiAN HELLMAN Playwright HERMANN HEREBY Architect JOHN MARTIN Dance Critic PHILIP MORRISON Professor of Physics, Cornell University RABBI LOUIS I. NEWMAN Congregation Rodeph Sholom ANTON REFRECIER Artist 0. JOHN ROGGE Lawyer, former United States Assistant Attorney General CuY EMERY SHIPLER Editor, The Churchman LOUIS UN'TERMEYER Poet and Anthologist OLIVE VAN HORN Social Worker GENERAL INFORMATION Registration: Registration card included in the program should be signed and mailed with fee, to Suite 71, 49 West 44 Street, New York 18, N. Y. It must be in the mail by mid- night, March 19. After that date, registra- tion must be in person at the registration desk at the Waldorf-Astoria beginning March 25, 11 A.M. Credentials: All delegates, registered by mail or in per- son, must secure their credentials at the registration desk, Waldorf-Astoria. Any individual interested in the purposes of the Conference as expressed in the Call may attend as a delegate and participate in the discussions. There is no organiza- tional representation at the Conference. Fee: Three dollars ( $3.00 ) should accompany the registration card. This fee entitles reg- istrant to attend all program sessions. Registration Friday, March 25 ? 11 A.M. ? 8:30 P.M. Hours: Waldorf-Astoria, Astor Gallery, 3rd floor. Because of the interest in the Conference and the limitations of space, delegates are urged to report for their credentials at the Registration Desk early on Friday. There will be no registration at Carnegie Hall, Saturday Morning, March 26. Saturday, March 26 ? 9:00 A.M. ? 9:00 P.M. Waldorf-Astoria, Carpenter Suite, 4th floor. 85 Housing Information: Dinner Reservations: Conference Headquarters: Public Relations Headquarters: The Press: Speakers: Time: At Registration Desk. The dinner, in honor of our distinguished international guests, will be held Friday evening, March 25, 7 P.M., in the Grand Ballroom of the Waldorf-Astoria. Reserva- tions are $10.00 per plate. Send in your reservations early to Suite 71, 49 West 44 Street, New York 18, N. Y. Room 4V and Room 4U. Room 4J. Room 4F. MADISON SQUARE GARDEN MASS MEETING Unite for World Peace Our International Guests and Prominent Americans Sunday, March 27, 7:30 P.M. Price of $8.60, $2.40, $1.80 $1.20 600. Tickets: " Where to obtain tickets: National Council of Arts, Sciences and Professions Suite 76, 49 West 44 Street Also, at the Waldorf-Astoria, Registration Room, March 25, 26 and 27 CULTURAL AND SCIENTIFIC CONFERENC Auspices of National Council of Arts, Sciences FINAL PROGRAM WALDORF-ASTORIA ? MARCH 25,26 Chairman: E FOR WORLD PEACE DINNER Grand Ballroom, Waldorf-Astoria Friday, March 25,7:00 P.M. WELCOME TO OUR INTERNATIONAL GUESTS HARLOW SHAPLEY Chairman, Cultural and Scientific Conference for World Peace International Guests: Partial List* Canada: JoaN Goss The John Goss Studio Theatre, British Columbia STANLEY B. RYERSON Writer Czechoslovakia: JAN BOOR Member, Matice Slovenska, Slovak Cultural Organization FERDINAND HERCIK Dean, Natural Sciences School, Masaryk University PR rE aV gu.DeR. JOSEF HROMADKA Dean, Hus faculty, Charles University, JIRI HRONEK President, International Union of Journalists LADISLAV STOLL Dean, Academy of Political & Social Science England: T. D. BERNAL, F.R.S. Crystallographer, member, Ministry of Works Advisory Committee on Building Research and Development PATRICIA BURKE Actress J. G. CROWTHER Scientist LOUIS GOLDING Novelist WILLIAM OLAF STAPLEDON Philosopher and psychologist France: ABBE JEAN BOITLIER Professor of International Law MME. EUGENIE COTTON Director of Research, National Scientific Research Center PAUL ELUARD Poet French West Africa: DR. R. E. G. AnivuTroE Director, Lomeshie Research Center for Anthropology and Race Biology, North Ireland Hungary: India: Italy: Norway: Poland: Puerto Rico: Romania: U.S.S.R.: Venezuela: Yugoslavia: and Professions ,27 lug .