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More comfortable than the most lux- urious automobile, fast as an airliner, cheap asa rail- wayjourney-thatdescribes the new Czechoslovak'?Aero45"aircraft (or 4 to 5 persons. Absolute safety, durability, high per- formance, general economy, easy servicing and main- tenance makes it an excellent sports, tourist, commercial, postal, light freight, or ambulance plane. It may also be used as an air taxi. Its all-metal construction makes it resistant [o all climate condi- tions. It will give you valuable service in all branches of your enterprise, is will enable you to make better use of your time and to enloy all the pleasures of flying. LIMITED Approved For Release 2002/07/24 :CIA-RDP80-00926A003300020005-0 IN EVERY INCI-I AND OUINCE _sn..:~. Approved For Release 2002/07/24 :CIA-RDP80=00926A003300020005-0 FOR CITY SHOPPING, TOWN DELIVERIES, AND EVEN SPORTS AND RECREATION RELY ON THE CZ 125 RICKSHAW (UTILITY UNLIMITED) EASY TO HANDLE ECONOMICAL MAKES LIGHT WORK OF CONGESTED CITY TRAFFIC KOYO LIMITED, PRAHA ? CZECHOSLOVAKIA SOLE CONSESSIONNAIRES FOR U. K. AND NORTHERN IRELAND INDUSTRIA (LONDON) LTD., 24, LIME STREET,LONDON E. C.3 Approved For Release 2002/07/24 :CIA-RDP80-00926A 25X1A CLECHOSLOVAK.F_'XPOR'P REVIEW. PUBLISHED BY CHAi~IB~ER-O.F-COD?INIERCE OF CZECHOSI:OVAKI9 'SF,PTPITLBF.R 1950 VOL.ITI ? Published quarterly. - Single copies Kcs .z7, inclusive of wrapper- and postage, banking charges extra; for other countries equi~alcnt in ex- change ~*aluc. Send remittance to the %ianostenska Bank, Prague Ac- count No. 4416 ? Editorial and publishing offices U Obecniho domu 3. Prague I. Telephone No. 6oo:It-46 ? Responsible editor: Radovan Simacek ? Graphical layout by: J. Bohuslav ~.' ? Printed by: Statni tiskarna-Unie, Prague CON 1' E N'1' S : Queen Fashion 5 Centrotex F_lports Czechoslovak \\%oollen Yarns 6 \F%oollen Fabrics for E~-erc Occasion 3 \'el~-ets and Corduroys for Everyday \\%ear Ne~c Features in Czechoslovak Cotton Goods to--t r 'Che Bcrct = rln F.,ffectivc Head;gcar r z Czechoslo~?ak Linen - :1n Ornament in I?cerc Household ~ i+ Carpets and Furniture Coverings to 'Add Your Rooms i7 Czechoslovak Felts and Technical Fabrics ., t8-tg 1-luw Do l'ou Likc Fashion Buttons? zo 1'~\PCO, the Sole Czechoslovak Export Company' for Paper and Papcrwarc 36-37 11Tusicae Bohemicac Anthologia -Anthology of Bohemian lllusic . . 4b LIGNA Products for the Home . ~:}o-:}t The Optical Tndustn~ in Czechoslovakia . :}8-:}~ Ccresin-Ozokerit . ' . 5 t Short Notices 5=-i4 Approved For Release 2002/07/24 :CIA-RDP80-00926A003300020005-0 Approved For Release 2002/07/24 :CIA-RDP80-00926A003300020005-0 The favourite that never disappoints. Original designs in fashionable colours, high-grade material carefully finished are the principal characteristics of the exclusive Czechoslovak prints, which we have prepared for our prospective customers. CENTROTEX LTU. Approved For Release 2002/07/24 :CIA-RDP80-00926A003300020005-0 _~ ~rr~e~L ~dz ~~ The previous number of the Czechoslovak Exporter was devoted in the main to capital goods; the present issue is concerned principally with those over which the Queen Fashion rules -clothing and footwear, the output of the textile and leather industries. Our pages to-day display for you in particular the new features which are the pride of the Centrotex Company that exports the products of the textile industry, and of the Exico Company which now has charge of the export interests of the leather and rubber in- dustries. Several other companies are represented by ac- cessoriesthat go to make up the world of dress and fashion. We present a selection of woollen, linen and cotton fabrics, velvets and corduroys, and add a number of art- icles dealing with other products of the textile industry. Illustrations of shoes and gloves give you a hint of what the skilled hands of the workers in the leather industry can turn out for Queen Fashion. Then there are the objects produced by the Koh-i-noor Company, those small wares of no mean importance, that in the form of buttons, hooks and clips, of needles and of pins render such service to the clothing industry. We have no desire, of course, to leave other branches entirely aside, so that even if the bulk of our issue to-day is devoted to Fashion, you will none the less find some pages that deal with our metalworking industry, our car- dinal branch of export, with the glass, ceramics and other sectors, without which the picture of Czechoslovak export trade would be incomplete. It is particularly our wish that the Czechoslovak Exporter should represent the whole scale of the country`s exports, even if each issue pays special attention to one particular branch. King Steel who dominated our previous issue is to-day succeeded by Queen Fashion, and in forthcoming numbers it will be King Wood or Queen Glass. The manifold varieties of Czechoslovak export goods with which we wish grad- ually to acquaint you will all be dealt with in turn. ? '? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ~_ ~~ZECHOSLOVAK i~XPORTER Approved For~Release 2002/07/24 :CIA-RDP80-00926A003300020005-0 Approved For Release 2002/07/24 :CIA-RDP80-00926A003300020005-0 ~~4 1V ~~L?~~~i ~~~?~~~~ ~V~ ~ ~ ~J ~ 11J 1V 11T~ LLl1 1V 1y The manufacture of woollen yarns in Czechoslovakia is based on long years of tradition. The Czechoslovak spinning mills that were already well known to foreign buyers have been now combined with many others to firm one huge concern which to-day turns out every kind of woollen yarns fox handknitting and for industrial use. Added to this there is the very favourable climatic location of the spinning mills where the yarns are under the constant supervision of experts. `Chew experts devote their attention to purely production problems, improve the working processes, and raise the quality of the output, so that the result is a product as near perfection as possible. The yarns are made of the best raw materials, and exceptional care is devoted to their manufacture. During the production they pass through a number of severe controls and tests so that the buyer has the cert- ainty that he is purchasing faultless goods. Wools for handknitting are turned out in all fashion- able colours and shades, and are thus excellent material for knitting pullovers, sweaters, gloves, socks and dres- ses. The Czechoslovak mills also produce woollen yarns for turn_ng out handmade carpets, and fox technical pur- poses. One of the outstanding features of the Czecho- slovak woollen yarns for handknitting is their fast co- lours which are unaffected even by frequent washing or by sunshine. To meet the requirements of every class of customer abroad, the collections of samples include both simple wools and a large selection of highly effect- ive patterns. Attention may be drawn in particular to mother-of--pearl and cable yarns which are specialities of the Czechoslovak mills. A large number of spinning mills have switched their output over to industrial yarns for the weaving, knitting and hosiery factories. In addit- ion to the ordinary kinds of yarns, crepe; boucle, frise, and others are turned out. A complete collection of samples will be submitted on request to any prospective customer, or all necessary information and any specific samples he may require will be posted to him. The exclusive sale of Czechoslo- vak woollen yarns is in the hands of the CENTROTEX LTD., DEPT. 720 (WOOLLEN YARNS) PRAHA V, JOSEFOVSKl6- 6 Approved For Release 2002/07/24 : ~~ 926A003300020005-0 elease 2002/07/24 :CIA-RDP80-00926A003300020005-0 The whole world smiles at you when you are wearing our knitwear and hosiery. The trade-mark CENTROTEX is a guarantee of high-class quality and excellent finish. CENTROTEX LTD., Department 580 -Knitwear and Hosiery, Prague f, Narodni t"rids c. 25, palac Metro Approved For Release 2002/07/24: 0005-0 Approved For Release 2002/07/24:,CIA-RDP80-00926A003300020005-0 pS~pN ,~~c The woollen sector is one of the most extensive branches of the Czechoslovak textile industry. For many years past the Czechoslovak mills have been turning out woollen fabrics which, under the trade-mark of "Made in Czechoslovakia" are well-known throughout the world. That mark is a guarantee of excellent quality, careful fin- ish and reasonable price. The mills of the Czechoslovak woollen industry are scattered over the entire Republic, and every day hundreds of cases of woollen goods pass through their gates on their way to all parts of the world. Everyone who buys woollen fabrics to-day looks for perfection not only as regardes quality, but also in respect to colour and design. And it is precisely this per- fection which is the hall-mark of Czechoslovak woollen fabrics. Tasteful finish and elegant design have opened the way for Czechoslovak woollens to countries in which there is no lack of high-quality woollen goods, but where the artistic sense and refined taste of the Czechoslovak designers win the day by reason of the simplicity, ele- gance and artistic quality of the wares they turn out. Every year the Czechoslovak woollen manufacturers assemble new and extensive collections with attractive and striking designs, and in the fine shades of colour which - at least in respect of ladies' dress materials - are dictated by Dame Fashion. This year, too, the Czechoslovak woollen manufac- turers are anxious not to disappoint the thousands, of heir customers, and have devoted especial care to com- piling comprehensive collections of materials. These collections axe assembled at the sample rooms of the C:entrotex Company for the Im~iort and Exj~ort of C~echo- .r,iovak Textiles and Clothes, Woollen Gaods Dept., Brno, ~~hich has been entrusted with the exclusive sale of these f cbrics. What categories of goods are represented in these collections ? In the first place there are materials for men's suits, made from combed and carded yarns. Then there are reversible cloths, woollen corduroys, pointille, raye cotele, patterned afgalain material for tropical wear, gabardine for suits, herringbone pattern suitings, fash- i~~nable striped fil a fil, men's suiting nouveaute, bird's eye, fresco, patterned weavings, and a whole range of other styles. Of the men's carded suitings we may ment- ion at hazard donegal, cheviot, check afgalain, etc. The selections for ladies are likewise most extensive and include raye and pepito for ladies costumes, raye onde f'or ladies' dresses, Prince of Wales for ladies costumes, onde boucle and coachman for ladies' dresses, fashionable tweeds for ladies' cloaks, rough-pile cloth fox coats, corduroy for ladies' coats, carded wool materials for costumes and dresses, Shepherd's plaid in a new colour finish, fashionable compose, changeant novelty for cos- tumes and raincoats of pure combed yarn, attractive double woollen crepe in fashionable pique finish, and e;o on. It is not necessary to occupy ourselves with a de- tailed enumeration of all the other qualities to be found in the collections, but we would recommend prospect- ive buyers abroad. to apply to the Centrotex Company which, on request, will be pleased to summit appro- I~riate collections. Approved For Release 2002/07/24 :CIA-RDP80-00926A003300020005-0 VELVETS AND CORDUROYS FOR EVERDAY WEAR The fashion of the season has decreed that these soft and supple materials shall be worn on nearly every occasion. They are the last word for morning wear and not out of place in the glare of electric light. Czecho- slovak velvets have gained for themselves awed-deserv- ed reputation on the world market, not the least of the reasons for their excellent qualities being the com- position of the water in the district in which they are turned out, containing as it does certain minerals which are highly favourable to the manufacturing process. One of the excellent qualities which distinguish them from competitive goods are their rich colours which have been attained nowhere else and which mark them at once to the expert as being of Czechoslovak origin. Among the products of our factories we may mention as specialities silver-printed velvets, hand-printed velvet- scarves and shawls as also velvets for footwear uppers. Approved For Release 2002/07/24 :CIA-RDP80- ~ ' "0~20~05-0 Approved For Release 2002/07/24 :CIA-RDP80-00926A003300020005-0 Centrotex Ltd. which has been entrusted with the .sole export and import of textiles and ready-made clothing, in its department for corduroys and velvets at Varn.r- dorf, had no difficulty in satisfying the most exacting demands of present day fashion in this branch of its business, for it could look back on a tradition extending over i6o years. The Company is in the position to offer prospective customers attractive and hard-wearing duventines at most reasonable prices. These are the very thing for sport-vests and dress-accessories. Then fash- ionable corduroys with stripes variyng from i/i6" to ~O I r/8 in width and finally the finest of velvets and vel- veteens in all fashionable colours, also such with lovely painted patterns. In the corduroy section we are offering a special line, a novelty introduced by the Czechoslovak mills -nursery motives such as hobby-horses etc. The a~llections of the Centrotex Company are completed with a wide range of corduroys for ladies' wear as also washable corduroys and corduroys for riding-breeches. We are entrusted with the exclusive sale of all these goods and are ready to supply prospective customers with sample collections covering all these items. ~he first -glance at the output of the Czechoslovak cotton mills shows us that there are four predominant articles in cotton fabrics. They are, first and foremost, fine poplins for shirting and pyjamas, bright-coloured fabrics for ladies' dresses, terry cloth and damask. The quality of Czechoslovak poplins is determined by three factors. On the one hand there is'the long trad- ition in manufacture, then the high quality raw cotton, ~ and finally the character of the region in which Czecho~~ Slovak poplins are made and finished. The finishingniil~ s ~ for .poplin are located in close proximtt o mountain ,t. ~ streams, so that the fabrics are and washed in On the new colle~~~a~cards of the Centrotex Company which has th fright to export the output of the Czecho- slov ~ xtile and clothing industry you will find; a num- ~ er of new features for the present season. These include in particular colourful woven poplins with a background. of jacquard designs, which may be used as exclusive ma- terial for ladies' dresses and as airy, porous shirting. In addition to unicoloured dress fabrics for Summer wear there are notably bright-patterned woven fabrics of highquality cotton. New features in this particular sector may be found, for instance, in several Gordon dress fabrics, conspicuous by their large irregular checks in the bright= est of colours. This gaily woven dress material made from simple macco yarn in warp and weft is patterned and coloured according to the taste and the require- ments of the individual markets. Of interest, too, is the check-patterned Midi dress fabric, and finally the Gaby, a fashionable dress fabric for ladies'wear made exclusiv- ely in striped patterns. The outstanding features of these and the many other kinds of Czechoslovak cotton dre they can be washed and ironed. Of the terry cloths we~may mention in particular the material for towelfl ready O Approved For Release 2002/07/24 : CIA ~de sets, cleaning rags, and looped mater' is for bathing gowns which take high rank by reason f their quality, colours, high and even loops, and the' fine patterns. Finally, let us take a look at the col ctions of damask in the form of table sets and individ 1 articles as well as material which is sold by the metre this latter especially for bed linen. This brief outline an a few illustrations, do not of course by a long way exhau t the list of new features which are produced by the C choslovak cotton mills, and which figure in the collec ons of the Centrotex Com- pany and exported exclusiv y by that Company from its Dept. S io, (Cotton Fabrics), Ndchod, Czechoslovakia. Approved F R~:a /07/24 :CIA-RDP80-00926A003300020005-0 ~~ FF~~rITT V~ The beret is steadily growing in popularity as a headgear. It is popular with children and grown-ups, with men and women alike, not only on account of its practical character but also because it snits every face and lends the wearer a youthful appearance. It prov- es aperfect protection for the head on occasions when a hat would be unsuitable or inconvenient, as for example in factories or on the fields, and on journeys whatever means of travelling we use. Of special importance is its practical character during work in factories where it protects the hair and prevents accidents. It is also very suitable for wearing in workshops where cleanliness is of the highest importance. In the world of sport the beret can be used on every occasion. In Summer it protects the head from the heat of the sun's rays, and in Winter it is the ideal headgear for ski-ers. These are onl}~ a few instances of the practical character of the beret. To-day many people throughout the world know the n;ime of the makers of this head covering. Nevertheless, we should like to speak a little about them in the following lines. The types of berets which are best known and most in demand are those which bear the trade-mark of "FEZCO-BEKET"which has won the appreciation of buyers in every corner of the globe. The manu- facture of these berets at Strakonice in Czechoslovakia has been proceeding for years, and the makers have acquired a wealth of experience of which they now avail themselves for improving the quality and appearance of their output. That output has increased parallel with the spread of the fashion of wearing berets. To-day the capacity of the factories is such that they can keep pace with the thousands of orders which are constantly arriving. FEZCO berets, manufactured at Strakonice, are made of the best quality wool, so that like every other woollen material they shall be elastic and fit well on the head. FEZCO berets are made in various sizes and many types. They may be ordinary ones, or decorated with a badge, may be unlined, or again have a silk lining, may have a leather border or be without such border. All types are turned out in a great variety of colours from the most delicate pastels to sober classical shades. It stands to reason that everyone who buys a beret wishes to get a good quality article for his money. How to recog- nize quality? Well, the beret must be elastic, it colours must be fast and not run. At Strakonice these desiderata receive very special attention, and so foreign customers can be sure of getting a really high-quality article for their money. Everyone who wears a beret certainly appreciates its practical character. If we look back a little into history we find, for instance that King Edward I/II regarded the beret as a useful and very practical head cover. It has always been very popular with the broad masses ;and Barque peasants have worn it for centuries. Finally, we would point out to foreign buy- ers that the exclusive sale of all kinds of berets has been taken over by the CENTBOTEX Co., for the Import and Export of CZecho- slovak Textiles and Clothes, Dept. Fe~e.r and Berets, at Strakonice, and that in its collections of samples it has prepared a wide choice of all the different types of "FE7_CO" berets. Approved For Release 2002/07/ 9~ Approved For Release 2002/07/24 :CIA-RDP80-00926A003300020005-0 ? s ? ? s ? ? ? ? ? ? w ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? - ? You'll look your best in attractive slips, brassieres, ? ? girdles, garter belts and pyjamas CENTROTEX LT U. ~ CZECHOSLOVAK IMPORTERS AND EXPORTERS O F TEXTILES AND CLOTHING, ~ D E PA R T ~~~'aV~C~ ~csr ~~e~SEeR~~~/2~ RLI~-I#IgPga-0~~2e~1Q0~33b~(~0~O5-0 Oo ~I Q ~ An Ornament in Every Household Linen is a textile fabric which rapidly won great favour among the broad masses of the people. The linen fibre possesses many properties superior to those of other tissues. Tt is long, and its ends do not protrude from the fabric, nor collect so much dust, so that it does not get soiled so easily. In Czechoslovakia the manufacture of linen has several hundred years of tradition behind it. Tn the moist mountainous regions with their suitable climatic location, flax has been cultivated for ages. Its quality is controlled by hundreds of experts on the staff of the flax research institutions. The flax mills in Czechoslovakia manufacture all kinds of linen goods. One of the most important categories is that of table and bed linen. Damask of Czechoslovak make, handsome table sets aizd practical bed linen sold by the metre, to-day enjoy an excellent reputation in the textile markets of the world. Linen goods always give the impression of absolute cleanliness, and therefore they are to be found wherever cleanliness is a fundamental requirement. And so, high grade Czechoslovak linen has become an essential item fox hospitals, sanatoria and operating theatres, not only as bed linen but also as material for doctors overalls and for surgical tex- tiles. In the household we meet in increasing measure with Czecho- slovak linen sets. They consist not only of the table and bed linen above-mentioned, but also of towels and dusters which demon- strate the advantages of this fabric in not leaving any fluff on uten- sils and in very rapidly absorbing all moisture. This last-named property of flax has also destined linen for the making of Summer dress material which to-day is without a rival for practical wear in view of its numerous advantages. In the select- ions for men's wear attention is above all attracted to linen for tropical wear, while in those for ladies there is a very wide range of fashionable designs, the work of leading Czechoslovak artists who, with their pupils, have placed their services fully at the disposal of the textile mills, and have thus to be thanked in due measure for the progress, the taste and the perfection displayed in the outfitting sector. Wherever the sun shines, and especially in tropical regions, people are well acquainted with the priceless properties of linen dress material, its coolness, its strength, its capacity for rapidly absorbing perspiration, and its infinite renewal by simple washing., In the past this material has looked, as it were, with envy on its sister, the always-tidy woollen dress material. Uncrushability had been discovered also for silk, cellular material and cotton. Onlv linen held out and revealed thousands of creases immediately it got crushed. The Czechoslovak manufactures have, however, succeeded in reducing the crushability of linen dress material to a minimum by a new process in the course of manufacture. This new process prevents ,linen dress fabrics from creasing, and even? if they do crease a little, the creases very quickly vanish of their own accord, and the dresses are as nice and trim as before. Thus, to the previous excellent properties there has been added another very valuable one which is contributing greatly to increased popul- arity for linen dress material. In the meantime we hope theat the last word has not been. said in this matter, and that further improve- ments will be registered in reducing the liability of linen dress ma- terial to crush. Recently use has also been made of linen fabrics as upholstering and covering material, And it is, above all, the really artistic and fashionable patterns produced by Czechoslovak designers that have given Czechoslovak linen the foremost place in respect to these cover fabrics. To the list of the best known linen products turned out by Czechoslovakia may be added mattress material which is exported from the Republic to all parts of the world. The sole export of Czechoslovak linen products is in the hands of the CENTROTEX LTD., DEPT. 530 (LINEN FABRICS), TRUTNOV, SLEZSK/~ 14, CZECHOSLOVAKIA Approved For Release 2002/07/24 ~ ~~II~I~IE~'~ ~I~YIID IFNII~I~YII~`~TI~,I~ ~?~IEIl~III~Y(~~ ~? ~~DIID IL~T~~II~IE ZP? ~?NII~, II~??tviI~ The proud housewife has always an eye open when it is the question of providing the proper furnishing of her home. However attractive the furniture itself may be, it alone does not suffice to give a distinctive air to a house. To make our flat or house in which we pass the greater part of our free time really pleasant and comfort- able it is essential to purchase the right sort of carpets as well as suitable upholstery so as to give the furniture a proper setting. This being so it is our intention to intro- duce you to the carpets and furnishing textiles that are being produced by the highly-developed textile industry of Czechoslovakia. Carpets and upholstery coverings bear- ing the trade-mark TOKO are at the time of writing in ever increasing demand in all countries of the world. They give a distinctive air to the dwelling rooms of many prominent personalities in innumerable countries, in official reception rooms, as also in a great number of hotels enjoying an international reputation and finally in the homes of thousands of private individuals. Last. year Czechoslovak carpets were enthusiastically received wherever they were exhibited -carpet lovers recognizing immediately that they were being offered goods of rare distinction and originality. The carpet expert of Centrotex Ltd. which is entrusted with the import and export of Czechoslovak Textiles and Clothing (The Department for Carpets, Furnishing Fabrics and Wool- len Rugs) with offices at Vratislavice nod Nisou -the section which has been entrusted with the exclusive sale of this class of goods for the whole of the republic, succeeded in booking an order for the Royal Palace at Kabul, Afghanistan, this order having been placed by His Majesty's Court Chancellor. We should like to state in this connection that this order was given in the face of keen international competition =both the quality as also the design being found superior to those offered by all for- eign competitors. The renaissance design is worked nn a gold ground itself being also in gold tone, and accords remarkably well with the style and general furn- ishing of the Royal Palace, this being one of the rea- sons for it being selected as the most suitable. Tavelve factory girls carried out the work which totalled no less that r,~oo,ooo knots. The entire carpet weighed 23o kilo- grams -that is well over 4 cwts. The question of trans- port presented great difficulties which were, however, successfully solved owing to the particular care which was exercised. This success led to further orders. Centro- tex supplied some magnificent carpets to Siam for the coronation of the ruler, as also to the Royal Court of Saudi Arabia and a TOKO carpet was also laid down in the Ducal Palace at Luxembourg. Approved For Release 2002/07/24 :CIA-RDP80-00926A003300020005-0 Felts, and .articles ,made of felt have to-day become indispensable in all, lines of, industry. Where everything in this line is produced from polishing and grinding discs to .wads for cartridges. To facilitate contacts with customers, the entire export of felts and technical fabrics ?has ?been?entrusted to the Centrotex Co., Felts and Technical Fabrics Dept., Prague II, Soukupovo nam. z f. This Com- pany can offer foreign buyers all the products of the felt industry in high-class finish and quality. Saddlers' Felts are supplied, according to requirements, in full-wool or half-wool qualities, of a width of'i8o centimetres and a weight of iooo to 7000 grammes per metre. These felts are'used for making pads.for saddles, for the body side of horse collars and harness, for stuffing seats for motor vehicles and aircraft, for chair-seats, for pads for typewriters, and for foot and hand protectors in different sports, for the manufacture of packings and rings for various technical purposes, etc. Thinnish felts of up to zooo grammes weight are used for making hassocks for churches, decorative cushions, etc. Saddlers' felts. are ,supplied in a wide range of colours, the most usual being: yellow, brown, red, dark brown, dark blue, green, black and natural white. Collar-lining Felt is made in three types : uni-colour on both sides, mele=both sides mixed material, and double, that is, one side mixed, the other coloured. This type of felt is used in the ready-made- clothing-industry for finishing collars of men's suits. It is turned out in a width of i 8o cm, weighing from 3 5 o to 40o grammes. The felts for Toymakrn~ have the excellent property that on?being cut they do not form rough edges like other fabrics. This property is availed of in the manufacture of-toys, dolls, figures and decor- ative objects such as cushions, artificial flowers and other ornaments of a modern home. Felts for toymaking are manufactured in the current width of r 8o cm, and have a weight of ;oo. to 5 0o gram- mes per metre. Felts for linings and vateline felts are in general use in the clothing and footwear in- dustries. They are supplied in widths of i 6o to i 8o cm, weighing from z f o to 5 0o grammes per metre. Dress Felts and Felts for Footavear Uppers are supplied in all-wool and half-wool qualities accord- ing to customers requirements. Dress felts are used for trimming and ornaments, for making. ladies, fiats, children's hats, caps, berets, for the manufacture of fancy vests, coats, etc. They are frequently Approved For Release 2002/07/24 :CIA-RDP80-00926A003300020005-0 Approved For Release 2002/07/24 :CIA-RDP80-00926A003300020005-0 used in industry for lining cases, baskets, cupboards, in the furnishing industry, for the manufacture of orna- mental objects; handbags, highclassed .dolls, toys, etc. These felts are supplied in a width of r8o cm weighing from g So to Soo grammes, and in the width of i4o cm, of a weight from S s o to z zoo grammes. Felt for Uj~per.r is employed in the boot and shoe in- dustry for making cloth shoes, slippers, boots, top boots, etc. It is also used for making gaiters. For these purpos- es' felt is supplied in a weight of 60o to i S oo grammes and width of i4o cm. The colours are all darkish and may be chosen from a colour scale. Felt uppers are like- wise supplied in all-wool and half-wool qualities at the customer's wish. For linings white or brown toughened felts known as "leather felts" are used and in footwear act as excellent insulation against cold. Tl~oven Felts are used in paper mills for covering the rollers of the papermaking machines. The current kinds for the paper industry include ordinary, fine and extra- fine drying felts, all-wool and half wool draining felts for the manufacture. of roofing, cellulose and eternite roofing, woollen drying felts, asbestos wool and cotton felts, woven tubular felts, and the'special Czechoslovak LEV tubular felts. Technical Cloths are made for every sector of industry in all-wool and half-wool -cleaning cloths, roller cloth, sizing cloth, filtering cloth, bottom cloth, tubular felt- ing for tanners, cotton flannels and cottonized steaming cloths, lappings, technical plushes, etc.). An important aid for large ready -made clothing concerns and tailoring establishments are the HAENSEL interlinings which are elastic, airy and retain their shape permanently. Sole export by Da ~ac~- ~Ua ~~cc. ~~lee ~cz~.G~u~r~. ~13u.~t~-~.~? How do you like the fashion buttons which the KOH-I-NOOR. Export Company has to offer you from its most up-to-date selection of horn, salalith, polystyrene, and mother-of-pearl lines, that iu beauty and elesance compete for popular favour with filisree and Slass buttons? Every imasinable colour and shade is represented in the most varied combinations, and the finest decorative desisns make Czechoslovak fashionbut- tons really excllusive products of the hishest art- istic level. At the same time it must be remembered that all Czechoslovak fashion buttons despite their exclusive character, are mass-produced in bis series, and are therefore buttons that are cheap enoush to make them available to thewiclest ranks of consumers. It is not the material of which they are made, althoush a number of rare raw materials such as gold, platinum, etc, are used in their manufacture, but the perfect workmanship and finish put into them, and above all the special care which is de- voted to Czechoslovak fashion bulaons on the artistic side by the KOH-I-NOOR Company, that wives them their outstandins value. A special staff of artists, members of the `~1~rt ~~entre for Fashion Buttons~~ established by the I:OH-I-NOOR Company at their headquarters, sees to the brinsins out of new models of buttons, and puts forward countless orisinal sussestions which, on bein~O carried out, place Czechoslovak produc- tion in this line hish above the current ranke of the output of competitors. All this has made Czecho- slovakia in point of fact the leadins country in the world for buttonmakins, and she is also, so far, the only country which lives such comprehensive and systematic care to the manufacture of buttons. It stands to :reason, then, that ~~zechoslovak :Fashion buttons are in demand throushout the world, ;xnd that they are employed not only in the dress- ,uakins industry severally but also by the leading Houses for their latest models. Approved For Release 2002/07/24 :CIA-RDP80-00926A003300020005-0 elease 2002/07/24 :CIA-RDP80-00926A003300020005-0 ? Approved For Release 2002/07/24 :,~ L~-00926A00330.0020005-0 '6ATEST FASHION BEAUTIFUL DESIGNS ~~ ~~.. Approved For Release 2002/07/24 :CIA-RDP80-00926A00330002 005-0 , PERFECT QUAII'TY ~ KOH-t-NOOK C LTD., EXPORTERS & tMPORTERS OF' SMALLWARE AND OUTFITTING-ARTICLES t-IYBERNSK,~ 24, PItAHA II Telep~one: 25974, 22514, 24254, ,Cables:. 7 KOHINOOR PRAHA CZECHOSLOVAKIA KtJH~1-N~t3O L7D., SXppR"fERS & #hIPC7RS~R5 ?F SMAGLWARE AhW OU7FlT7'#NGrART#CG~5 a tiYBERNSPC/ri 24, PRAHA ## ~'ELEPHCNE: 255!'7#, 2251. 2#254 ~A81.ES: KOH#NdOR PRANA #ZEGHWSlt1YAK1A Approved For Releas TO KND OF C1E~HMARKET gy?. ITS SMART BUSIN1 S ANAL QU?OI SHE WORLD ' TRAD ABO CH ARE gE1NG OFFERED WNI ldov: BO Office, G o tt w a lets line of footwear, ~ E- o s Central A comp Exlc .~,,. doves, Rl ~..~cY K pROOU~TS W OSLOV A Technical leather p~~~-- GAI-A oods, leather fancy 9 KAIETO th age , fibre lugg ' book-binding clo Vulcanized making loth and n- oil-c and carto Artificialleather, rubber-working Shoemak~ng~ tannery, machines, SVIT Tyres, BARUM UM roducts, BAR Technical rubber D BARUM ds o , Hygienic rubber g BARUM oods, rubber g Surgical UM ubber, BAR hard r products of IT Cellophane, PROSV All types ?f toys Approved For Release 2002/07/24 :CIA-RDP80-~0926A003300020005-0 Approved For Release 2002/07/24 :CIA-RDP80-00926A003300020005-0 9~~aV~~4~;i~`'A?~i!~4a~~;X~d-R?mt3A'40YilfJQ~~~a"5a~i1~~~1nY~.~s~`9d~~rY'}':k~~l~}~r~ r`'~~y~i'~t riifyi~~I.~f e~K~,s+.... p..n.,.~ry br?.r ~~ : tcrirvSKt'~G:m k g- .ny,a~~?{,,r,z.nt+g;R* ~ V3titiw'14x1 Kr("~ad rl H... _"k b r.~.?iA t~t'rn+6? O=.4 ~'~ F:~~~Gl ~~. r44~ .'l~.t.}~ ~ ~~iA .e. V',r..i k4~ .'tr"vr.; ic;,._!,f k ~,~? ~1~5 ~~ ~ ,. ~ ~ ~~x~ ~,~ , ~~ '~~~~CO.$L1~D~~~ ~ ~Qttw:aldoii~C`aechosfoiiakia~ ~i'?k:R}~'~1~*e~d~1~;;>7?~ fib''t"?di~'~~~4''41~;folf~~'~~i Approved For Release 2002/07/24 :CIA-RDP80=00926A003300020005-0 proved For Release-2002/07/24 : CI Approved For Rele 07 ~. _ ? ? the value of _ -- recogn~,ce ? _~ In all countr1eS ~ 1D., Go~Waldov' ur Spec~ai-sts .ed by EXICO ~0?-`- ade pelts and F supple h~ h gr g KpRp furs, that only . e rantee ,can g~V the gua have _- rkmans ~p ? -class wo f-rst --~~ ~, Approved For Release 2002/07/24 ? echoslov ak furs . CZ 2002/07/24 :CIA-RDP80-00926A003300020005-0 It's more fun to walk than to ride when you're wearing CE-~0 shoes W E'.aC.ILO CO. LTD. of Gottwaldov supplies a complete line of footwear in the most up-to-date fashions and of the finest manufacture, two qualities which have helped to make Czechoslovak shoes world-famous e 2002/07/24 :CIA-RDP80-00926A003300020005-0 L T D., G O T T W A L D O V- C Z E C H O S L O V A K I A Approved For Release 2002/07/24: C For gala occasions GALA goods W C 0. LTD. of G o t t w a l d o v can satisfy Wide selection of GALA leather fancy goods designed for today's fashion can satisfy the most discriminating taste Pa ~t..0 Q4~pro~,ec~ Fjpr Rede~eT20r02,~Q7~24~: ~I~RpP_8~OQ9~6,(~10~3~042Q0~5-Q A K ~ A Approved For Release 200 It's a pleas re to ravel with KAZETOIuggage because It's light-weight, elegant, durable and inexpensive besides CO. LTD., Gottwaldov, is the exporter .Approved For Release 2002/04,: CIA- ~ ~ - ~ ~ ~0 Approved .For Release 2002/07/24 :CIA-RDP80-00926A00330002U005-0 Approved For Release 2002/~ CIA-RDP80-00926A003300020005-0 Fine gloves can only be made from prime kid and by skilled craftsmanship You will soon be persuaded that RZ Czechoslovak leather gloves ARE fine gloves Exported by: ex.ico CO. LTD., GOTTWALDOV-CZECHOSLOVAKIA Approved For Release 2002/07/24 :CIA-RDP80-00926A003300020005-0 Approved For Release 2002/07/24 :CIA-RDP80-00926A003300020005-0 Heavy-duty tyres In the African desert as well as the Arctic region; They satisfy everywhere e X p QA~p~o~e~ Fq~ Flea A-r-~I~o oo~2sp~o~33ooo~c~5~ T I$ L A V A? -`C uy ~ The BA R U M cup was awarded to Manzon and Meisl in their Simca-Gordini: Riding on BARUM tyres, they Place'cl 2nd iii their category and 9th in the ~ entire classification ?" BARUM tyres place first on motorcycles also. Here is the team winning the Silver Vase in the 1949 FICM in England -naturally using BARUM tyres BARUM tyres designed to win .. . The 1950 Monte Carlo, Rally was held under conditions which eliminated along the route all but 47?/0 of the entrants. Despite the bad weather and difficult terrain -especially the snowstorms in the Alps - 75?/0 of the cars equipped with BARUM tyres finished the race - a record for all the makes of tyres used in the Rally Approved For Release 2002~~A-ReP~O-OQ,9~6~033400~0~0~-0~ S ~ A V A 1 i ? ~ 1 '. . ~ I . . 1 11 ~ ~ I 8 4 ~ 1 ' ~ Approved For Release 2002/07/24 :CIA-RDP80-00926A003300020005-0 The Wap Santa Claus Can Bring You Increased Profits Faihe~ Christmas would not think much of a bare Christmas tree and neither would the childeen. Thai's where the Czechoslovak glass industry comes in. Expe- rienced dealers know that Czechoslovakia is an uncontested leader in the variety of patterns of glass Christmas tree ornaments, plain, colored and decorated. It is no idle boast Thai nowhere in the world you will find such a wide choice of Christmas free decorations. Czechoslovak designers are simply brimming with ideas. To the imposing standard collection new designs are added every season. All of them are original and attractive and they make an imposing array of best-sellers which it will be profitable for you io acquaint yourself with. Do not disappoint Santa Claus, the children and their parents, who expect ~ much of their retailer. A wise dealer chinks of the Christmas market as early as Spring. Place your order now wish GLAS,SEXPORT? Czechoslovak Glass Export Company Lid. "KORUNA" PALACE, VACLAVSKT; n. 1, PRAHA II, CZECHOSLOVAKIA Approved For Release 2002/07/24 :CIA-RDP80-00926A003300020005-0 Approved For Release 2002/07/24 :CIA-RDP80-00926A003300020005-0 S In June and July the woods are alive with girls wearing kerchiefs and women in aprons; from everywhere the high voices of boys resound. Jug's clinking may be heard from the undergrowth and nimble fingers become blue and violet from the bilberry-juice. The jugs are replenished up to the brim ries are taken over by the employees of KOOSPOL and after an hour the airpla- ne leaves. Thus within 24 hours have the bil- berries from Czechoslovakia come to you -and when eating them you will still feel the sun's odour and the sweetness of summer mornings. That's the odour of the sun, the sweetness o(a summer morning and the roundness o(per(ection! Bilberries are very wholesome as they contain vitamin C, A, D, B, iron and other ingredients promoting digestion and formation of tissues. For your tongue, however, the main argument will be their taste which truly makes them a savoury dish. HOPMALT CZECHOSLOVAK MALT AND HOP EXPOIRT COMPANY LTD. DEPARTMENT MALT: TROJANOVA 7, PRAGUE II CABLE-ADDRESS: TCHECOMALT PRAGUE Agricultural Products and Implements Import and Export Company, Ltd., Perlova 1, PRAHA I. SOLE EXPORTERS OF CZECHOSLOVAK ? PILSEN ? MUNICH ? COULOUR ? CARAMEL Approved For Release Z002/0~/24 %~C1A-RDP80-00~2~A003300020005-0 Approved For Release 2002/07/24 :CIA-RDP80-00926A003300020005-0 ~ EXPORT AND IMPORT LTD., ~ 1, V JkME, PRAGUE II, CZECHOSLOVAKIA MILLIONS O F P E O P LE B U Y WITH CONFIDENCE CZECH PORCELAINWARE WHICH IS RIGHTLY CONSIDERED A S ONE O F THE BEST I N T H E WORLD ITS E X C E L L E N T QUALITIES ARE D U E T O A COMBINATION O F T H E BEST RAW MATERIALS AND HIGHLY SKILLED CRAFTS- M A N S H I P ~DP80-00926AQ033000705-0 The dense forests of Czechoslova- kia have long been the source of supp- lies of valuable raw material for the paper industry, which in this country is highly developed and ranks among the oldest in Central Europe. Records proving this date back to the Middle Ages. Even prior to the Second World War Czechoslovak paper output was not only able to meet the requirements of the home market but considerable quantities of paper were exported to all parts of the world -among other des- tinations to Great Britain where a market was found in particular for va- rious kinds of paperware and cardbo- ard. Numerous English textile mills imported Czechoslovak jiapertube.r and .rpoolr, which are distinguished by se- veral notable properties that are lack- ing in tubes and spools made of other material. They are, in particular, light, do not break or curl, and consume very little motive power. fed For Release 2002/07/24 :CIA-RDP80-00926A003300020005-0 FOR PAPER AND PAPERWARE Approved For Release 2002/07/24 :CIA-RDP80-00926A003300020005-0 . Czechoslovak impregnated filling liner find general use, and range from containers for jam, honey, syrup, and the like, to tasteful cups for ices and innumerable kinds of pots for scent and other pharmaceutical lines. All these filling lines are perfect from the hygienic stand- point, and are without taste or smell. Czechoslovak luxury cardboard boxes suit the refined taste of English women. Beautiful standing boxes for carrying scent bottles, tasteful powder boxes, elegant caskets with original gilt ornamentation make a delightful accessory on every dressing-table, and cleverly designed bor. bonnieres are suitable packings for the output of the English chocolate factories. In numerous offices in the West we also meet with Czechoslovak office regui.rite.r, whet- her with practically designed letter files of the most upt-o- date type, or portfolios, blocks for notes, and the like. Millions and millions of Czechoslovak copyGook.c are exported to many countries. Our paper mills turn them out in exact accordance with the wishes of the countries importing them, especially as regards the print on the covers and the arrangement of the pages. . The same may be said of Czechoslovak writing paper. It meets the requirements of every consumer in the mat- ter of appearance and price, for Czechoslovakia exports the most varied kinds, shapes and quality, from paper de luxe in handsome cardboard boxes to the most simple of writing blocks. Envelopes are also exported of all types, from the de luxe categories with tissue linings to ordi- nary business and air-mail envelopes. Czechoslovak photo albums with covers of imitation leather and richly ornamented give pleasure to ,every amateur photographer and make suitable presents for the most varied occasions. Celophane corners, the most up-to-date and ideal means of fastening photos in albums make an excellent acces- sory and are unmatched for this purpose. For foreign housewifes the Czechoslovak paper in- dustry turns out tasteful .rerviette.r, and paper lace of deli- cate finish for household use. Carnivals "in all parts of the world are enlivened by paper decorations made in Czechoslovakia. Crepe paper in beautiful rich colours, made up is rolls, and with an elasticity of 3o to ioo%, is also exported. All these products, as well as all kinds of paper, card- board and roofing material, are exported by PAPCO C~echo.rloUak~ Paper Trading Company, Ltd., Prague II, P. O. B. 8zs. The PAPCO Company, during its short existence has succeeded in renewing the pre-war contacts of the Cze- choslovak paper industry with abroad, and in acquiring numerous new markets, so that to-day its export's ,go to more than ~o countries, nearly ~o of them overseas. After the Scandinavian States, Czechoslovakia is one of the biggest exporters of paper. It is not without interest to note that in the first half of 1949, exports of Czecho- slovak paperware increased relatively more than the ave- rage for the Scandinavian States in that period. Their representatives of PAPCO F. Mackaey & Co., 64 Fountain Str., Manchester z (harid made card- board). The Maepherson Trading Co., Ltd., West Bridgford, Notting- ham (tubes and spools for the textile industry.) C. S. Oiserman Ltd., 34-4o Ludgate Hill, London E. C. 4. (wrapp- ing papers, nesprint, writing and printing papers cardboard) Winteco, Ltd., z4 Northumberland Avenue, London (articles made of paper and cardboard), will be glad to supply detailed information. Approved For Release 2002/07/24 :CIA-RDP80-00926A003300020005-0 The picture on the cover of the catalogue of the bfusirae Bohem icae Anthologia is taken from the Olomouc Bible of the year 1417 - - D~J B ~ ~~ ~ ~aamo~-cm The Musicae Bohemicae Anthologia collection of gramophone record labels his Supraphon anthology of fifty records is the most ambitious effort yet made to make known to the world the richness of old Czech music. The issue was made on the occasion of the booth anniversary of Charles Universiy in zy?8. It includes examples from various epochs of music, beginning with the oldest extant songs and ending with the work of young Smetana. Most of the compositions were previously unknown, having been dis- covered in archives, many in foreign countries in which the Czech compos- ers lived abroad. Few of the compositions have been published or recorded previously, in spite of the fact that some of the composers -such as L. Myslivecek, J. V. Stamic and J. L. Dusik -achieved international fame in their own day. By making these recordings available, Suprajihon affords the public an opportunity of becoming acquainted with music of great intrinsic and hist- orical interest. The actual recording is of the high artistic and technical level that has now come to be expected of Suj~ra~ihon. Approved For Release 2002/07/24 :CIA-RDP80-00926A003300020005-0 x ~tid For Release 2002/07/24 CIA-F~B~Bm _ .y 9 Via. n~-0 ? . ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? s ? ? ? ? ~ EXPORTED BY ? ? LIGNA LTD. KOH-I-NOOR L. & C. HARDTMUTH Approved For Release 2002/07/24 :CIA-RDP80-00926~Q~~lQA,2~Q~-~ L O V A K I A Approved For Release 2002/07/24 :CIA-RDP80-00926A003300020005-0 All the export of timber and wood products from our c~~untry is centralised in the hands of LIGNA. Co. Ltd., a:n arrangement which ensures optimal service and stan- dard minimum trading prices, and serves the interest of customer and prodcicer alike. Our representatives inyour country are always ready to provide that instant contact between buyer and maker which smoothe:> the course of trade, and will enable your special require-ments to receive the personal and expert attention they deserve. LIGNA wood products include not only complete F'REFABRICATE:D HOUSES but also a wide range of goods for the interior of the home and fox everyday use. Czechoslovak BENTWOOD FURNITURE, of spec- ially processed beech, provides one answer; bentwood is lighter and stronger than other types, and chairs and tables can be delivered in component parts economically backed and simple to assemble at the customer's end. :>TEEL TUBE furniture, painted, oxydised or chrom- ium-plated, is another speciality, and our I-IOSPITAL EQUIPMENT in this line is as invalualble to modern health services as our domestic metal furniture is chic send up-to-date. VGe also supply the finest materials for joinery; plywood and superb veneers fxocn native Euro- pean and from African and Asiatic timber, and block- l~oards for making doors etc., - with a light softwood ;~txucture covered with luxurious mahog:~ny or Cembra pine veneers. PICTURE FRAMES and FRAME 1vi0ULDINGS in dozens of artistic designs, colours and. finishes prov- ide you with the correct setting for Old Masters and I~ubists alike; our period style gilt and salver decorated mouldings are as faultless in style as the austerest mo- dern examples from our lists. SOLO SAFET`.~' MATCHES have long been known ;~11 over the world. as perennial competitors with Swed- ish and other makes ; LIGNA ensures that not a single match among millions exported each month falls below the standard quality. Matches lead us to smoking, and :here, in the production of SMOKER'S :REQUISITES, ~~zechoslovakia is clearly without a rival. Cigarette and cigar-holders in every material, wood, metal or synthe- tic, and in any combination of colours and shapes ; - we specialise also in supplying goods made to custom- ers' own specifications. A joy to the connoisseur are our pipes, above all the carved and decorated peasant pipes, (the so-callc;d "Bohemian pipes"), genuine folklore articles in one of Europe's oldest artistic traditions. KOH-I-NOOR is perhaps the world.'s best known trademark in the field of stationery. KOE[-I-NOOR pro- ducts include the l:amous HARDTMUTH pencils, scien- tifically constructed, tested and graded for every consu- mer, from the schoolboy to the artist or industrial draughtsman. Po:lycolor and Technicolor CRAYONS afford a unique range of guaranteed shades, and KOH- -1 Y,4 ~. ~-~ _ J. cry __ _ Approved For Release 2002/07/24 ? ? I-NOOR fountain pens are made with all types of nib (including ball-point), ? U external finish and filling-system. And all stationery equipment for home and ~.~ ~., ~~... >~, ~l ~ ~ ~. ~.~~.,~ .. a w a y ~ ,,.,.,..