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February 19, 2002
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August 4, 1953
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Approved For Reelease 2003/01/29: CI74-RDP80 b0926A005400040 . U. S, Of~f.icials Only SHOT ~~ . SECURITY INFORMAThON EL~~~H~l i~ 25X1A CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY INFORMATION REPORT Hungary Paratroop Training Center,at Pape, PLACE ACQUIRED (BY SOURCE) DATE ACQUIR;~D (BY SOURCE) 25X1A THIS DOCUMENT CONTAINS INFORMATION AFFECTING THE NATIONAL DEiENSF OF THE UNITED STATES. WITHIN THE MEANING OF TITLE i9. SECTIONS 793 AND 794. OF THE U. S. CODE, AS AMENDED. ITS TRANSMISSION OR REVE? CATION OF ITS CONTENTS TO OR RECEIPT BV AN UNAUTHORI[ED PERSON IS PROHIBITED BV LAW. THE REPRODUCTION OF THIS REPORT IS PROHIBITED. THIS IS UNEVALUATED INFORMATION RESPONSIVE TO 1 2 CD N0. 00/C N0. ORR N0. DAS N0. OCI N0. DATE DISTR. N0. OF PAGES N0. OF ENCLS. SUPP. TO REPORT N0. 25X1X 1> During Warld tidr~x~ II Hungarian paratroops were headquart~;~ed. a,~ a brand new base . at Papao This vase had facilities for one paratro?p regiment and a -Very compllete training program d``~~x? the traops'~ all of ~~~2om were volunteers o 20 The location was excellent for s9~ch training because the t~rr~ain was absolu,t~;l.;~ flat9 except for the Somlo Mou~ata,in9 ~, ~ro~.c~ic_+~bnemshaped mountain sbo~at a thousand feet in ~ltitudea located i5 miles due west of the Papa airfield ~A~railable on loan from the CIA Library is a copy of the technical manaaal in Hungarian9 aTR jt?ernyos ~Szolge,lat A Ta on training and equipment of Hungarie.n paratroopsa This . brochure is profusely illustratedo~ Available for inspection and selection at the CIA C:~?aphics Register are numerous photographs showing training and. equipment of Hungarian? paratroops stationed a~ Papa A ~.~ well as phota~graphs of camouf~r~ged buildx.ngs and ~ installations on the 'base ~ "CIA 7681+-76j12 Also available on loan fr~~z3 the CIA. Iibxa:~y is a translati~~n off' the above mentioned manualo Certain of the less i,mpo~?tant photographse to which reference is made in the document9 ~ve~?:r not accessioned by the CIA Graphics egistaer but they a?,y be vie~~ed if desired. in this original ~nual,~ ~~(~ ~~E~~~)~ ;laS ~if ('r!SI~s``rl~iF ~ii~~{il{F~? ~ ~o~ c~r~~~l~ DISTRIBUTION ? STATE ARMY EV (~~P~ NO"! ,~ ,SERIES U. S. Officials Only SECRET SECURITY INFORMATION AIR EV Y FBI li"~ Approved For Release 2003/01/29: CIA-RDP80-00926A005400040001-9 Approved For Release 2003/01/29 :CIA-RDP80-00926A005400040001-9 Approved For Release 2003/01/29 :CIA-RDP80-00926A005400040001-9 j - ~ ~i4pproved For Release 2003/01/29 :CIA-RDP80-00 QL1~-IH1~tTI~L ffunt~ax~y Paratroop 3`rsia3a~ Center at Papa 25X1A 25X1A 25X1X 'Available un loan fro~a the CIA Library is a espy of the Lectulical m+srul-1 in Hur~arian, "&,jtOernj~q~ Siol~+tL1t," on trsinind and erge~~w c of Buagarisn paratr+pops, This br+aciazra is prntusaly illurLratad.] Available fcvx inspeebicx~ sad selectioa at t3~ CIA dra~iicr Ragirstear ara nns~axous pbotsr~r~2u shcsrit~g Lrainit~g a~act aquip~eat pf ~lungariin paratrosps statiOmad at Papa, Os wall as p~otogrsp?~s at camoufls~ed iraiidia,~s and other laet,allstions a~- the bake., 1. auri~~ World War II Huagarian pazettroops were hea4.quarterad at a bra~eei nev bast at Papa. 3~ie use had tacilitie? For ane psratroop ~egis~eat anC~ a very co~tplete trainiz~ prograu f?r the troops, all at khoa were volunteers. ?. The location xas excalleat for such trainir~q because the terrain was sbeoluLely tLt, except for the 3osnl.c O[ountain, a volcanic cone-shaped mouatain about a tr~ouaanfl feet in mlrit~e, located 15 a~iles due trseat of the paps airfield. Ap~;rared For Release 2003f01Y. , Approved For Release 2003/01/29 i.,,CIA-RDP80-00926A005400040001-9 I THE PARACHUTE 1. Use and Description IIse of the Parachute The parachute enables yon to descend from the transport plane slowly to the ground, together with your equipment, for the purpose of combat. If the parachute is packed and attached to your body carefully according to regulations, you may always depend on it to open safely. Consequently, you moat acquire a thorough knowledge of how to pack a parachute and how to attach it to your body. The training which you sill receive in these matters will be very thorough. Chapter II of the Manual contains a des- cription of the use of the parachute in actual 3wgps. If the parachute is packed carelessly, it will open with a delgy You will pack your owe parachute yourself. The parachute which you will use will be assigned to you personally. The packing of the parachute mast be done quietly. Training in pars- chute packing will be given in a comradely spirit. It is forbidden to dis- Curb you while you are engaged in packing your chute. You moat not be called away from this work and your attention must sot be diverted from the Sob on hand. You will enter the time used for packing your chute in the Ncontrol book? (~l,lenor$o 8oayv). The control book moat be countersigned by your platoon commander after yon have completed the'paeking of your chute. The packing of your parachute will be entered by the parachute handlers of your company in the +~parachute bookM (R3toernyo Torzakonyv) on the basis of the control book, You will pack your parachute under the supervision of an officer or noncommissioned officer, who wi1T also be your instructor is this work. each parachute is assigned a separate parachute book and a parachute number. ]Qitries will be made in your parachute book of the ~umpa rich you -_--..~.,-_.,,.- .-. - :, ,.a~eGng the n:.'ion3ixde{e.:_ This ma`.:i_I cc-~. :. _ ...,..... .? N 1 M ..,_. ?`i :.,~.rcr . i., ci fh~ Espionag? laws. of tho Unit^~ Titls i^, USC, ` ~ ~ . d .: 2 t' ,r ^^: scion or revr`latior ~,,, ~ ~.., ,` ~ ~ ~. - .: Parson is proi~:L-[:~r Approved For Release 2003/01/29x: CkA=RD @''r~b928'Ab?~~d~~'4`00`0'~-9 by law. ...._ ,~..,..- ,,,,. __ _.,._,_~..~ .~...N...~,,. _.: ~... ~...~ perform, repairs. packing, unpacking, exchange of sparse, and other details. Your parachute book will be inspected and signed. by your com- pany commander Once every month. He is responsible for the proper handling of the chute; his execnti~e organ it the noncommissioned officer in charge of parachutes. The H. 39 T3roe Deal Purpose Parachute Your chute is part of your personal equipment. It is a mesas of combat, which you will use to descend to the ground, in most carer be- hind the enemy liner, to accomplish your combat mission. The dual purpose chute consists of two parts: (1) the back para- chute and { 2) the front parachute. (1) The back uarachute has the following partsi ~~with the center of the shroud linen of the main canopy by means of Approved For Release 2003~IU'~/2~,:CIA-RDP80-00926A005400040001-9 ,-. Tha canopy and the pilot parachute. both of rich are constructed of natural silk. Your own wei~t, together with that of your combat equipment, recta on the canopy of your back parachute. tihen opened. it resembles an umbrella. It consists of long. triangular ~rores. The canopy is composed of 24 gores and each gore has four panels. The panels are stitched diagonally to the length of the gores; as a reaalt, testa are isolated in the event that the silk of the canopy should be damaged. The canopy has a surface of 64 square meters and a diameter of 9 meters, The gores are numbered inside their bottoms. Rh? fabric of the canopy has 80 kilograms tensile strength. The silk of the gilot chute is mounted rigidly on two ribs arranged crosswise. The #hnction of the pilot chute is to speed up the unfolding of the canopy. However, your parachute is in perfect operating condition even without the pilot chute. The pilot chute is equipped with eight shroud lines which are anchorod ~in one central point. The shroud lines of the pilot chntd are connected ,i ~~ ~~36-centimeter-long canopy shroud lines. The.ehroud lines of the pilot chute are made of natural silk, The pilot chute has eight gores. Hach Approved For Release 2003/01/29 :CIA-F~QP~~~26A005400040001-9 Approved For Release 2Q;Q~~01-(~9~ CIA-RDP80-00926A005400040001-9 shroud line is 76 centimeters long. The pilot chute is 80 centimeters in diameter. Each shroud lin? has 5tJ kilograms tensile strength. B. The canopy shroud lines are made of pare flea. There are 2~ shroud lines, which constitute the elastic fPama of the canopy sad terry the actual weight. The bottom ends of the shroud lines are connected in groups of six with each point of of the six pointed shoulder rtrap of th? harness. From here, the shroud lines pass through the seams of two canopy gores, then cross one another on the peak. of the canopy, and, finally, run back to the other end of the harness. Each canopy shra~~ line has 200 kilograms tensile strength. C. The harnesses are made of flax. The regulating clasp in the back of the harness enables you to make any adjustment you please. Smaller ad- ~~astments are made by means of the regulating chain in front. You may widen the leg ht~rness by means of their regulating steel nieces. The harness is fastened on your chest and thigh by means of snap hooks which, due to their elastic mechanism, can be easily opened even under the maximum load. 'i'ho snap hooks can be worked rapidly and easily. IInder each snap hook you will find a leather pad. On the left-head. harness the casing of the release handle is visible flush with the locking snap hooks The harnesses branch out three ways on the shoulder. Tyro branches run to the back parachute one and/ runs to the front parachute. The shoulder wads are made of plastic sponge. Each harness has 1,?00 kilograms tensile strength. D. There are two kinds of re ease operated and mach C g ~ _ ~ T~ On one end of the manual release steel cable is the handle and on the other end are three welded ~Qcking rips at intervals of 13 centimeters from one another. To guard against sliding, the steel cable is fastened to the handle by means of small rings. The flexible meta, housing which encloses the steel cable is sewn into the cotton harness to prevent stretching. One end of the flexible metal housing is fastened to the ~~ 1?ft-hand shoulder of the harness and the other end to the upper flap of the container. ~` "~` Approved For Release 2003/01/9 ~ "G~~-~`1~P80-00926A005400040001-9 Approved For Release 2003/01/29 :CIA-RDP80-00926A005400040001-9 Mechanical release is effected by means of the 6-meter-long static is line. It is made of flax, and~bc 9 millimeters in diameter and has 500 kilograms tensile strength. One end of the line is equipped with a ayrln~ cla and the other sad with three welded locking pins. ~. The ~ntainer is made of brown tarpaulin canvas and has a rigid steel frame in the rear of its bottom. It has four a s which close in the form of a postal envelope. Under each of the two longer flaps there is a protective sheet which serves to enclose the pilot chute. On the bacl~.of each side of the long flaps there are three elastic band$ and their hooks and on the back of each side oP the short flaps a release elastic and its snap hooks are visible. The long left-hand flap has three 1Qckin~ rines and the short left-hand flap has two pnrin~ lockir~ cones and one locking ring, Ee~ch corner of the container has a flap. After the extension of the ,left-hand flap is lockedfit can be bent backward to cover the locking pins, 'this extension is provided with automatic snap hooks to gaard against opening. On the outside of the left-hand flap a white linen square con- twins the following datai contents, sample, manufacturing number, weight, date of manufacture, machine, parachute anmber, type of parachute, and the manufacturers stamp. The upper side of the right-hand flap has a ocket to house the release cord. The total weight of the back parachute is 13-14.5 kilograms. (2) The front uarachute is not used under normal conditions. Its function is to increase your safety. It is constructed essentially in the same way as the back parachute, Differences in Constrnctio~ Ths front parachute is not equipped with a pilot chute. It has 44 square meters surface and only 20 gores :,and shroud lines, respectively. The shroud lines are anchored in four points. Two anchor points each are connected with one harness branch. The front parachute is attached to the regulating chain of the back para- ~~chute by means of the svrine snag hook on the rear of the container, and ' . > :~ .the harness sewn into its lower left-hand corner attaches it to your body. -'- ~, ., ~, Approved For Release 2003/01/29 : CIAtRDP~0~00926A005400040001-9 Approved For Release 2003/01/29 :CIA-RDP80-00926A005400040001-9 A clamp on the lower right-hand corner of the container serves to attach the harness- in such a manner as to permit releas? by a single down pall. The steel cable of the front parachute, used for manual release, is equipped with only two locking pins. Accordingly, the flaps of the con- tainer are also equipped with only two spring locking cones. The long 5 flaps have .two release elastics each. The front parachute weigh 7 kilograms. Accessories (1) Too s: One three-part canopy-smoothing tool; T~ ballast bags containing 1.5 kilograms of shot; Two wooden folding cools; Two temporary locking pins; One pnlT-in hook (2) S1~are PartB 50 folding cords for packing; One complete pilot chute with silk cordage; 30 e$tra release elastics. CLR - ~b+~89 CiA -7GYg0 Bignr~ 1 Parachute Packing Tools (3) Maintenance Material s One kilogram of soap slakes; One cleaning brnah for the harness. (4) Repair Accessories: One small spool of Number 5 line-n~thread; One envelope of sewing aeedlea. II (5) One copy of inetructicns. List of ~InventQr~ VAe ,BilOTr CI11iTi@j r~ ~~~' .\c~ One front parachute canopy; ~; ~` ,>~ ;~ One double harness with shoulder pads;: ~,, ~~~~~~' Approved For Release 2003/01/29 :CIA-RDP80-tiQi~~6A~05400040001-9 Approved For Release 2003/01/29?~`~I~c I~DP80-00926A005400040001-9 i~~~R~(~~4N One back parachute container; One front parachute container; One 6-millimeter release cord for the back parachute; One manual release handle for the back parachute; One manual release handle for the front parachute; 12 packing cords; 14 extra. release elastics; One parachute book One set of inetruations. Storage and Maintenance Correct and perfect service can be expected only if the maintenance of the parachute is adequate. Por this reason, the maintenance inatruo- Lions moat be followed conscientiously. [Then stored, the parachmte must be opened once a month for airing. ilhen gacked~ both in storage and use, dust, dirt, or grease may get into the parachute. ?lthough these will not handicap the parachute in operation, the material can be conserved and its usefulness may be lengthened by keeping all impurities out of the chute. Strong acids, ails, or chemicals ruin the fabric of the chute. Generally, it is not desirable to wash the parachutes. This is particularly true when you want to remove harmless dirt stains. Greasa, oil, and other harmtlal, stains can be removed by the appli- cation of chloride methane. However, if washing becomes necessary, use soap flakes dissolved in lukewarm water. wet If the parachute is rained, or becomes,.for any other reason, rinse it in clew water and dry it immediately. Never remove the water by wringing. AYter a parachute has become wet Several times, send it to the repair shop for acheck-up. Dry the parachute is an airy, dry loft and expose it to sunshine and a draft of air for a short time. Replace the release elastic annaallY, because it is a vitally im?. port~,nt paxt of the chute. por the same reason, the release-elastics should be kept loose when not in use. When storing the parachute for a longer period of time, remove it from its container, roll it up loosely, and keep it in a dry place. ~~ ~.E~_ f~ _x ~. Approved For Release 2003/01/29 :CIA-RDP81~Q(t9'~6A005400040001-9 Approved For Release 2003/01/29 :CIA-RDP80-00926A005400040001-9 Stored parachutes must be inspected every 6-8 weeks to see whether they did not absorb moisture. Properly stored and maintened parachutes have 5-6 years of usefulness. cS~- '1(0 ~F t 1 figure 2 Proper Landing Mith Damaged Canopy You are not permf.tted to repair your parachute, but must Bend it to the repair shop. The Parachute in pAeration (1) Packinrts Before you pack your parachute, examine it The examination will includes the silk, the shroud lines, the harnesses, the container, the steel pieces, and the release elastics. It is of the utmost ia[portaace to check both the manual sad mechanical release attach- ments for proper functioning. It may happen that the flexible metal hous- ing of the manual steel cable release has become detached. The parachute will then open by itself when you lift it by the harness. The mam3,a1 re- lease is properly installed whew the packed parachute does sot open, even after you have given the harness several yanks. Otherwise, tha para- chute may unfold in the aircraft and may cause an accident. It is forbidden to pack the tiarachnte in a wet or dammed condition. If a parachute is wet or damaged, it must be a red sign. Inspection is usually performed on the ~ac~dn~ table or on the taraavlin carnet. If necessary, you may also perform the inspection oa a smooth cover Laid over a fiat surface. The inspection will' be performed by you and a helper. (2) Insuection: In case the canopy was turned inside out prior to Approved For Release 2003/01/2 :CIA-RL~~>~~c~~16A005400040001-9 Approved For Release 2003/01/29 :CIA-RDP80-00926A005400040001-9 :r~~~~ #~t~'tt~fo- ~s~ the inspection, turn it right aide out. Yon may identify the right side by the fact that Tong the bottom seam the gores are mambered.on the ia- Bide; Furthermore, the pilot chute should also bs inside the canopy. Lift each gore by its shroud line high enough to sapose the entire surface of the gore to Fall vier. (gee Bignre 3.) cT A- ~~ yc9z Inspection ofathe canopy Your helper will lend you a hand by lifting the same shroud lines. You and your helper rill perform the same operation on all 24 gorse (20 gores on the front parachute). Auer you have inspected the fabric, stretch and lerY out the canopy. Figare 4 'Ilse Canopy is Laid Out You rill' check the shroud lines, the harnesses, the container. the release elastics, acid the release attachment. Your helper will check the pilot chute. Approved For Release 2003/01/29 :CIA-RD~$pDD~26A0O5400040001-9 Approved For Release 2003/01/29 :CIA-RDP80-00926A005400040001-9 f~t If the shroud lines are tangled, rearrange them by combing theme the with^~e fingers of your right hand. starting at the bottom seam of the canopy and contimxing to the container. Pass the container and the harnesses through the shroud lines until the shroud lines lie parallel to one another. aigure 8 Passing the Container Through the Shroud Lines '1~-e packing is performed by yourself and your helper. (See Figure 6. ) Figure 6 Packing the Canopy Gores (1) Hold the shroud line of gore Ho 12 (No 10) in your left hand. Lift the shroud lines on your right side with-your right hand and pass them into your left hand, so that the various gores will pass to the left oP gore Ao 12 (So 10). -- 9 -- ,,I. ~c, U'.=. ~ c?. ~ _ ~ p=rsua is prohibited _~?_, .c_ ~ , ~~ ~n ,r iii in .~nY n.~ Approved For Release 2003/01/29 : CIA ` ~P~0-00926~OQ5,~0004900*~=~'"""~ 4 .y~.~k?;~ ~ .. Approved For Release 2003/01~"~(CIA-RDP80-00926A005400040001-9 (2) After you have rearranged the 24 (20) gores, lay cut the canopy, folded in the width of one gore, on the table or carpet. You will then refold the canopy in the width of two gores by laying 12 (10) gores to the left and the Same member of gores to the right of the shroud lines in the center. then this rearrangement is completed, the marnufao- turer~s stamp, which is placed between shroud lines Bo 1 and No 24 (bto 20), will appear oa the upper rightr?hand panel. You and your helper gill then smooth out the gores and check that the various layers lis properly over one another. (3ee Bigure ?. Figare 7 The Gores Laid Oat (3) The gores will then be folded over one another (See Figare 8.) First, fold the gores to the right of the center shroud line in the width of one third gore. Then, lay the left-hand gores on top of them in the same width. Sinally, place the shot beg on the top. ~- ~.~...__,~__~. .~.,~.,_~._.._,._.~.___, _. r _ __ .. ._, _ _. ~r.._~_..~_. _.. Figure _8 ~.~.,,_.-_- Folded Gores Approved For Release 2003/01/29 : ~QA-RDPB'0-'b~A005400040001-9 ? Approved For Release 2003/01/29 :CIA-RDP80-00926A005400040001-9 (4) Place two branches of each harness into the container (see Figure 9) and tie them loosely to guard against stretching. Figure 9 The Harness Is Packed (5) Start packing the shroud lines on the bottom of the container. Bunch them,by using the pull hook or your finger, underneath the elastics. Figure 10 The Shroud Liaes Are Packed (6) Lay the canopy in layers on top of the shroud lines in the bottom of the container. Perform this operation marnially or by using Titre 1l;, USC, . _ , i ; ,..-. , .. .~ tr ;sr.....ion cr rc..:?..c Approved For Release 2003/Q142~ ~~If~[~'~'~~0~6g~'6it1~6~~'d~0~~~00'~=~'~"? `S ~`'~ ~' ~. ~~ x. L ~ ~Y i .~.,. Approved For Release 2003/01/29 :CIA-RDP80-00926A005400040001-9 a folding tool'. c zq- 74 yy~ .~ A Figure 11 Figure la The Folding of the Gores T'h.e Folded E3ores (T) Place the txo opposite long flaps over one another, takdng care that the protective sheets umder them are laid out smoothly. men pees the locking cones, by means of their pall cards, through the opposite locking rings sad. fasten them ix~ this position by the locking pins. (Sse Figure 13.) Figure 1S Beginning of the 6losing of the Contaia?r Finally, close the shoat flaps on the side of the manual relents in a similar manner. (8} gow, only one of the long flaps of the coffitainer is still loft open. pass the pilot chute through this flap ~est of senteaae oblitar- atec~' .... Approved For Release 2003/0: us ma' oei _ :~ ri :i~s~' c' .enc oP rk~e L ~ .: `7~ {. ' arra h~.s nzx::~l uk ~ hcU It ~ ~ ~~ ~ e ~ ~- a foldre exeszke~junk s ott a hw~:ro;::fv ~:f`Nk.e ~ju?~ Ha az ernyr~t az eloixG~ou ~.~3.1,_j_i me~^{~~f;e~; ?^~t~~?- tas~.~~.1 go.i~osan r~~kjuk ossze~ firrr~~e~:~,..,~:;n ~.i1.~~: / ~`2'.~r1a- ! ' ~ ~.`~~}1~";~.1 1'~ ~l~? `.~.rE~~ ~:~:.~:::r?':t'rJ .;a` ~`:~ ry J 1 -. i- ~~ , 1- CS~.~i~.Y'~~,}i'~rcl~ ~~~.T~,Vi1.l.i.u~';;.7.~ ii'"~i'? i-~.1;tV~.'~,~~-'z:~ .- ,, e~~.}`~~c:!;, r?1 ~T r11~~ ?'rr' ?- .?. ~9 ^I ~:~'j,, ~C ~~::1i 1i~.+a,!.l. _!i ..?~ ~'~% f.-r~ 1 ~ 45."..'rJ. .. ,~11. r ;7.. .._ _ t-s~.~ ~C1 Y 1.i iJ ~.', i..4.i.. ?ii,~ {/':.: ~_`F ~:.6.J li~ t V n f F i ~., ~ +' ~.n n ~'S Y.1 V Vi~ T`L. 1J "~r~.t f+F,~ ~1 ~1 ~x?Y]. t3 SZc.~I'Z~~~SI~,1?, ti~~e ~.C?:S, ,~~rara.u :~ R '.F.: n~:~pf~ta~T~:ri, vY 1~~:~,;tal vc~~~;ezzi,~;,o . ~ vis ~L~~at1tU `;',,1)11 ~?. I..~~`~,..r,?;~~:~- ~it1S3(~u;l ~-"d~;)t'-}.i %~i~-~ 'c_ ~ .~.,w,._,,_,................R,...., vetlen~al c~erc:l jia'.f, }r~e~rt ezek az ems;; o nyrit~~.s~r~a?~ ~.~;erc ~~r.~. tau ~zerveia ~ppen ez~xt a haszll~~.iatol~ k:ival ~.11~'~ err~~Tc}~ visszar~~t~ gu.miszalagj~a.t f~;s~t~lenitsak,_ . Ha az errl.y6t hos~,zabb idci~; t~~.rvljuk, 1 gy a ~1`~.~ x~?~z5~jabbl kiveve, la.aaz~. lE~l~~on,~- IitveQ sz~.r< z ~i~ly~n a tartsuk. Az ~bY taroit ejt8erny~ket ~-~ heterll~ent neg keli ,rvzsg~lnunk, hogy n~~ sziQtak~-e mag~akba nectvesseget. Approued;for Release 2~'a3101~"29_ CI"~-RDP80~00926A005400040001-9 to -. Approved For Release 2003/01/29 :CIA-RDP80-00926A005400040001-9 ~i helyeaen taxoit ~s karbantartott ejt~ernydk ~lettartama 5-~6 ev. 2 , s z ~ abrc, . 5~rult kupolaval is s~rtetlenul ~rhe- t a f ~ l.dre w iZ ejt~,~err~yok ~avit~,sat a csapatok nem ve~ezhe- tlk; ebb~l ~~ c~lb~=t az eji,uerasciket min~iig jav{t6muhelybe ke11 k~aldeni. ? ? N 4: ~~ _~~z_ e:,ieernyo m odeseb ..~ .., a/Az e i tfScrnya osszerakasa~ - ., _~_` t'iz ejtonrnyot osszerakas elott gondosan meg kell n~Srok~ a hevederek, a bor~t6zs~.k, a vasalasok ~s a ,~,tm.Z= vizsg~.'lni.~ A vizspalat ter~ed;~en gki~ a selyem, a tart6zsi- rr .; ,~?~~, szalaQok ~.llapat~xa~ I;~~;en f ontos az on-~ es k~zikiolc~~ he~ t~~ lyes szerelesznek vizsgwlata. ~~ldfordul, hogy a kezikiol- ~-qur~olata zevatzK ereCe- _ __ _ . ti hely~rdl; ennek kovetkezteben a~heveYder~~~~ ~f~va me f7.iggeszt~se ds szerel~se akkor, _ha~ a heveder r . atdsa emelt e~t~ernyo megatbl kibomolhat. Helyes_a k~zikiold6 k~zben a zrt .er o n.em n ilik rkii Ellenkez6_ esetben _e Approved For Release 2003/01/29 :CIA-RDP80-00926A005400040001-9 ~ hat ho ~ az er--~y~ a repiil~~;~pben f F:, ~;~~ 1~ ~ ^ b:~:ir.. f or Sul gy 33. esetet okoz. Serul~ va~,y nedves_e~tSern a tilos?_ Ezeket Aires tablaval ke]~1 megjelolni. 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