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December 19, 2016
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September 23, 2005
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March 3, 1977
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Contacts Calls Approved For Release 2005/11/23: CIA-RDP80-00941AO9s300020021-8 - t Out s JOURNAL OFFICE OF LEGISLATIVE COUNSEL Thursday - 3 March 1977' 14 23 0 4 1.1 ~ AGENCY VISIT Received calls from Susan, on the staff of Representative Lamar Gudger (D., N. Car.), and Mrs. Turner, on the staff of Representative Donald Pease (D., Ohio), accepting the invitation to the 15 March Freshman breakfast/briefing. Both Members will require transportation. 2. I AGENCY VISIT Clara Buchanan, secretary to Mr. Norvill Jones, Chief of Staff, Senate Foreign Relations Committee, called to say that Mr. Jones will not be able to attend the swearing-in ceremony for Admiral Turner next Wednesday. 3. AGENCY VISIT Received word from Senator John McClellan's (D. , Ark.) office that the Senator regrets he will not be able to attend the swearing-in ceremony for Admiral Turner next Wednesday. 4. I I LIAISON Doris Connor, Senate Armed Services Committee staff, called and said Clark McFadden, also of the Committee staff, would like a set of maps of the world similar to what we had previously provided to Mr. Ed Braswell, formerly of the Committee staff. I told her we would get such a set together for McFadden. 5. FBIS Jim Southerland, in the office of Representative Claude Pepper (D., Fla. ), called and requested a subscription to the FBIS Daily Reports for Latin America, the SubSahara/ Africa, and the People' s Republic of China. I called I FBIS, 25X1 and gave her this information plus the room number, 2239 Rayburn House Office Building. 6. LIAISON Per instructions, I sent via courier a copy of Admiral Turner's confirmation hearing transcript to Sam Hoskinson, NSC staff. Approved For Release 20 Diu 1~1 : CIA-RDP80-00941A000 25X1 Approved For ReI4 ase 2005/11 / DP80-00941 A000300020021-8 ws Journal - Office of Legislative Counsel Page 2 Thursday - 3 March 1977 7. LEGISLATION I talked with Ron McCluskey, Assistant Counsel, House Post Office and Civil Service Subcommittee on Retirement and Employee Benefits, and asked him what action was scheduled for H. R. 3793, a bill that would provide Federal employees under investigation for misconduct the right to representation during questioning. He replied that hearings would be held sometime in the summer or fall of 1977. 8. LEGISLATION Along with 1 -1 25X1 OGC, met with Roger LeMaster, Legislative Aide to Senator Walter Huddleston (D. , Ky. ), to discuss proposed sources and methods legislation. (See Memorandum for the Record. ) 9. 1 -j LEGISLATION Discussed with Nanette Blandin, OMB, our proposed letter to Senator Daniel K. Inouye (D. , Hawaii), Chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, on S. 305, Senator William Proxmire's (D., Wis. ) bill that would expand reporting requirements and outlaw corporate bribery. Ms. 13landin had a couple of questions about the bill and suggested that we include in the letter proposed amendatory language. I told her I would send her a new copy of the letter with a few additional changes for OMB clearance. 10. LIAISON Received a call from Mike Madigan, Minority Counsel, Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. Madigan wanted to know when he could interview F- I I told Madigan that Mike Epstein, "Stan Taylor and Paula Schwartz, of the Committee staff, had interviewed the officer on 24 February and that the officer had left town after the interview. Madigan was disappointed and said he would speak to Epstein about the interview. Approved For Release 2Q: CIA-RDP80-00941A000300020021-8 25X1 Approved or elease 2005/11/2 DP80-00941A000300020021-8 Journal - Office of Legislative Counsel Page 3 Thursday - 3 March 1977 12. LIAISON Called. Elliot Maxwell, Senate Select Committee staff, who informed me that Senator Walter D. Huddleston (D. , Ky.) had cancelled his plans to visit the Dominican Republic. 13. LIAISON Received a call from Hal Ford, Senator Adlai E. Stevenson's (D. , Ill.) designee on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, who asked whether Gil Keyes, Staff Director, Subcommittee on Science and Space, Senate Commerce Committee, would be able to sit in on the briefing of Senator Stevenson on 7 March on the Intelligence Community - NASA interrelationship. I informed Ford that Keyes had all the appropriate clearances; therefore, we did not object to him participating. 14. ADMINISTRATIVE DELIVERIES A courier delivered a package of Agency atlases and maps to Mark Hoffman on the staff of House Minority Leader, John J. Rhodes (R. , Ariz. ). 15. ADMINISTRATIVE DELIVERIES A courier delivered an Agency map of Brazil to Scott Dwyer, on the staff of Representative Philip E. Ruppe, (R. , Mich. ),per his request. 16. LIAISON Charles Sorrels,of the Congressional Budget Office staff,called to request a briefing on the logistics requirements involved for the Soviets in transferring military units assigned to the Sino-Soviet border, to wage warfare along a European front. Mr. Sorrels had. requested this briefing earlier and had cancelled out on a few previous occasions. DDI/CPS, advised that Mx5X1 OSR Theater Forces,would provide the briefing on Tuesday, 17. LIAISON Jean Evans,of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, called to request a second meeting with Chief, CI Staff at 9:00 a. m. on Monday, 7 March, to discuss the outline of the annual CI report. The arrangements were made through SA/DO/O, office and I later called. Mr. Evans to confirm the 25X1 Approved For Release 2005/11/23 : CIA-RDP80-00941A000300020021-8 Approved For Re ease 2005/11/23 : C1 IJ{00941 A000300020021-8 Journal - Office of Legislative Counsel Page 4 Thursday - 3 March 1977 18. LIAISON Spoke with Martha MacDonald,on the staff of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence,to inform her that we are still working on a request which Chairman Inouye had made concerning Italian press allegations that two communist members of the Italian Parliament were receiving classified NATO information by virtue of their membership in the Defense and Armaments Committee of the Western European Union. I told her she could expect our reply in about a week. She appreciated our providing her with an.interim response. 19. LIAISON Received a call from Chip Ingram, on the staff of Representative Ken Holland (D. , S. Car. ). Mr. Ingram requested that we provide an Agency speaker for a group of about a dozen college students from Presbyterian College in South Carolina. They will be in Washington for a seminar on foreign policy on 31 March. Arrangeme nts OTR, to speak to the group from 10:00 a, m. to 11:15 a. m. in room 340, Cannon House Office Building. Mr. Ingram was availability and the time of the briefing. 25X1 21. I I BRIEFING Attended a briefing on significant foreign intelligence developments worldwide before the Senate Armed Services Committee. (See Memorandum for the Record. ) Review, called stating that he was working on declassifying a transcript of a hearing before the House Appropriations Committee on Soviet capabilities and intentions during which a Representative often referred to CIA testimony on the same subject but in :a different hearing. Monahan wanted CIA to revieQ5X1 those portions for possible declassification or excision. After checking with CPS, and OSR, I gave Monahan 5X1 Approved For R lease 2005/1#. I-RDP80-00941 A000300020021-8 Approved For R4 SECRET Journal - Office of Legislative Counsel Page 5 Thursday - 3 March 1977 23. LIAISON I talked with Chris Vosberg, of the office of Representative Robert Dorman, (R. , Calif. ), who called to inquire about an article in the Baltimore Sun of 3 March 1977, quoting the West German magazine Der Stern, "a U. S. Central Intelligence Agency report on I I" Vosberg wanted what CIA could give him as an unclassified comment on the article. I said I would check. I am referring the matter to DDI/CPS and SA/DO/O. 24. BRIEFING I accompanied 25X1 D/DCI/IC, to a hearing before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence on the Intelligence Community FY 77 Supplemental and FY 78 Budget. (See Memorandum for the Record of this date. ) 25. LIAISON I received a call from 25X1 Intelligence Community staff, stating that DoD legal liaison had advised him that the NFIP budget hearing scheduled for late March or early April, had been moved back to the afternoon of 16 March following the 25X1 hearing in the morning. I called Charles Snodgrass, House Appropriations Committee staff,to check on this and was advised by Snodgrass that no change had been made. I so advised 26. LIAISON I received a call from Richard Schmidt, attorney for John Wiley & Sons, publishers. Schmidt wanted to know when he was going to receive an answer to the issue he raised regarding publication of Chile's Marxist Experience. I said I would get to him shortly. (See Memorandum to of this date. ) 27. BRIEFING I sat in as OER China specialist, discussed with Richard Kaufman, staff chief of the Joint Economic Committee, topics for the annual world briefing of the Committee which Kaufman thinks should occur in mid-May. Approved For Release 12005/1' _f RDP80-00941 A000300020021-8 Approved For Releas 2005/11/23, '80-00941 A000300020021-8 Journal - Office of Legislative Counsel Thursday - 3 March 1977 Page 6 28. I LIAISON Jack Ticer, Senate Armed Services Committee staff, called to tell me that W. E. Cresswell, Administrative Assistant to Senator John Stennis (D., Miss.), had dropped by during the course of this morning's hearing and had asked Ticer if he would have me see him before I left the Hill. Unfortunately, Ticer neglected to pass this message to me and he: wanted to be sure that I was alerted to it since Cresswell was now going to give me a call. Following Ticer's call, I placed a call to Cresswell by way of follow-up of his attempt to see me this morning. Cresswell told me that he wanted us to look into a personnel case of interest to Senator Stennis. He gave me the details which I have passed on to DD/OP. 29. LIAISON I and I attended 25X1 a meeting in the White House with Rick Merrill, White House Legislative Liaison staff, Jerry Schecter, Sam Hoskinson, Bob Rosenberg and Jane Pisano, all of the NSC staff, on the subject of select committee legislation in the House of Representatives. (See Memorandum for the Record.) 30. LIAISON I and I met 25X1 with Chairman Clement Zablocki (D., Wis.), House International Relations Committee, and Jack. Brady, Chief of Staff, to discuss the Chairman's letter to the White House, especially his statement that he did not recall being briefed on the matter. (See 25X1 Memorandum for the Record.) 31. HEARING AccompaniedrX~ D/DCI/IC, John McMahon, AD/DCI/IC, andjX Chief, IC Support staff, to a hearing before the Subcommittee on Budget Authorization, Senate Select Committee: on Intelligence, on the supplemental and FY 1978 budget for the Intelligence Community staff. A transcript was taken and the hearing went very well. Senators John H. Chafee (R., R. I.) and Richard G. Lugar (R., :Ind.) were the only members in attendance. Subsequent to the briefing, I met with Dan Childs, of the Committee staff, and Bill Miller, Staff Director, on= the delay in getting together with them on their request for further details on a. covert action program, explaining that some material decisions were in the process of being made and it would take several more days before we would be in a position to discuss these matters with them, including the amount of detail which it is profitable to examine and the conditions under which such examination shootparffaiP9 FpRra please 2005/11/23 : CIA-RDP80-00941A000300020021-8 I V Approved For Relea$ e 2005/11/2S e1i4~' P80-00941 A000300020021-8 Journal - Office of Legislative Counsel Page 7 Thursday - 3 March 1977 32. I LIAISON Advised Sam Hoskinson, NSC staff, of my scheduled meeting with Chairman Clement J. Zablocki (D., Wis.) on his 25 February 1977 letter to the President. We also finalized arrangements for Mr. Cary and myself for the session at the White House later today with Jerry Schecter, Congressional Liaison, NSC, Rick Merrill, White House Congressional Liaison staff, and othersto discuss legislative oversight arrangements. E .GE L. CARY Legislative Counsel cc: A/DCI Ex. Sec. DDI DDA DDS&T Mr. Falkiewicz SA/DO/O IC Staff Comptroller NIO 25X1 25X1 Approved or Release 2Dq/1 CIA1 41 80-00941A000300020021-8