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December 19, 2016
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August 31, 2005
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June 20, 1977
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Approved For Release 2005/W2.4A-RDP80-0094'fla388150040-7 25X1 Calls 47 In Out 8 JOURNAL OFFICE OF LEGISLATIVE COUNSEL Monday - 20 June 1977 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 1. LIAISON Called Nell, in the office of Senator Clifford P. Case (R. , N. J. ), and informed her that the tours of the Agency are not scheduled to start until late August and therefore, we will not be able to accommodate the Senator's nephew on a tour 23 July. She had called earlier and asked if the tours were in operation by that date if we could make a reservation for the Senator's nephew. She appreciated the information. 2. LIAISON A staffer, in the office of Representative James Weaver (D. , Ore. ), called to request one copy of the Agency publications entitled, "Prospects for Soviet Oil Production" and "The Soviet Economy: Performance in 1975 and Prospects for 1976. The publications were forwarded to the requester. 3. LIAISON A staffer, in the office of Senator John H. Glenn (D. , Ohio), called to request one copy of the "Handbook of Economic Statistics 1976. " The publication was forwarded to the requester. 4. LIAISON Phyllis, of the office of Representative Bud Shuster (R. , Pa. ), called requesting information on the- CIA tours. I told her that nothing has been confirmed yet, but hopefully the tours would begin in July. I asked to take her name and number in order to call her back as soon as we had more information. LIAISON Janet, in the office of Representative John E. Moss (D. , Calif. ), called to request employment information for their constituent. I :A of this office, 6. David, in the office of Senator Henry Jackson (D., Wash. ),and Becky, in the office of Representative Donald Pease (D., Ohio), concerning CIA tours. I told them that nothing had been confirmed yet but hopefully the tours would begin in July and we would put their name on a list and would be back in touch as soon as we had firm information. 25X1 25X1 Approved or Release 20p, %/1 /2 CIA-RDP80-009 lA000300050010-7 Fear Release 2005/11tftRDP80-00941A000300050010-7 Journal - Office of Legislative Counsel Page 2 Monday - 20 June 1977 7. LEGISLATION Talked with Phoebe Felk, OMB, concerning S. 555, the financial disclosure and special prosecutor bill. I told her that and I were going to talk with Senate Governmental Affairs Committee staffers concerning the bill on Tuesday, 21 June, and forwarded a copy of the fact sheet and suggested amendatory language for her review. After reviewing the fact sheet and attachments, she called back and asked that we only discuss with the Committee the question of where financial disclosure reports should be filed. 8. LEGISLATION Called Tom Smeeton, on the staff of the House International Relations Committee, and told him that we had no problem with the bill H. R. 7738, a bill concerning removal of national emergency powers under the Trade with the Enemy Act. 9. LEGISLATION Called Hilda Schreiber, OMB, to explain our actions on the alien compensation section of the State Authorizations bill, H. R. 6689. I told her that our problems on the bill could have been avoided if the provisions had been coordinated with the Agency in the first place. She in turn reminded me to coordinate fully with OMB in the future. 10. BRIEFING Called the offices of Senator Patrick Leahy (D., Vt.), Representatives Olin Teague (D., Texas), Representative John Wydler (R., N.Y.), Representative Don Fuqua (D., Fla.), Representative Mike McCormack (D., Wash.), and Representative Walter Flowers (D., Ala.), to invite them for individual breakfast briefings with the Director at their convenience. Babs, in Representative Wydler's office, tentatively set 14 July for the Congressman to have breakfast with the Director, and Charlotte, in Representative McCo:rmack's office, tentatively set 21 July for the Congressman to have breakfast with the Director. 11. BRIEFING Mark Moran, newly-designated staffer of Senator Frank Church (D., Idaho) on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, called to ask if we interposed any objection to his attendance at the DCI's briefing of the Committee this afternoon, given that his clearances may not yet have been updated. At the direction of I called back 25X1 to say that Moran's attendance and the question of his current clearance status, were matters for decision by the Committee, and he should consult with Staff Chief Norvill Jones. Moran again asked about his request that we approve his effort to get SI/TK clearances, which I said I had referred to the Legislative Counsel. Approved Fo Release 2011 TCIA-RDP80-00941A000300050010-7 Approved For Release 2005/qA-RDP80-00941A000300050010-7 Journal - Office of Legislative Counsel Page 3 Monday - 20 June 1977 12. BRIEFING I called Dr. Len Weiss, Senator John Glenn's (D. , Ohio) staffer on the Senate Governmental Affairs Subcommittee on Energy, Nuclear Proliferation and Federal Services, and reported that we would be pleased to brief Senator Glenn on the diverted shipment of nuclear fuel at Senator Glenn's convenience. Weiss said he would get back to me on that. I also asked Weiss to check with Harvey Lyon, of ERDA, on his "Apollo-NUMEC" inquiry, which he said he would do. (See Memorandum for the Record. ) 13. BRIEFING At request, I talked by phone with F. Keith Adkinson, Senator Sam Nunn's (D. , Ga. ) staffer on the Senate Governmental Affairs Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, to follow up George L. Cary's recent conversation with Senator Nunn. The subject was an investigation by the Subcommittee of terrorism and the restraints on the Intelligence Community which have followed public criticism and congressional action and inquiries. (See Memorandum for the Record.) 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2005/1'1/23:CIA-RDP80-00941A000300050010-7 Approved For Release 200UrIA-RDP80-00941A000300050010-7 Journal - Office of Legislative Counsel Page 4 Monday - 20 June 1977 15. BRIEFING Norvill Jones, Chief of Staff, Senate Foreign Relations Committee, called concerning the security level of the briefing this afternoon in order to determine whether S. Res. 60 designees would be permitted to sit in. The prepared testimony is at the Secret level but I got his agreement that if the Director felt it was necessary to get into compartmented data Jones would move to clear the room of those staffers who didn't possess the necessary access clearance, including all personal staffers. Moreover, Jones felt that this wide participation permitted to staffers in this instance is not to be considered a precedent for future CIA or DCI briefings. 16. LIAISON Sandy Carden, in the office of Senator Paul S. Sarbanes (D. , Md. ), called for assistance in replying to a letter from a constituent complaining about the CIA oil reports on the basis that the Agency had no business in such matters. I explained that such reports were in the process long before they were made public and that the Agency does have an interest in foreign economic developments as an important part of its foreign intelligence responsibilities. Carden had absolutely no problem with our reporting in this area. 17. LIAISON In response to her call, and based upon information supplied by Office of Security, I advised I NSA, of the scope of our briefing of David Bushong and Mark Gitenstein, both on the staff of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, on unauthorized disclosures, including the fact that we had provided the staffers with copies of our files on the cases. The latter was of particular interest to as she was in a quandary on how to handle a request for copies of such material. I. told her if she had any further questions to please give me a call or get in touch with directly. 18. LEGISLATION Had several conversations with Robert Hull, State Department, who wanted assistance in drafting an explanation for use in the conference committee to explain, if called upon, the difference in language between the House and Senate version (Section 202) of the Foreign Relations Authorization Act of 1978, dealing with alien employees. I suggested the following language: "This change is to account for those circumstances where employment is not effected pursuant to Section 444(B) of the Foreign Service Act of 1946 but rather pursuant to Section 8 of the CIA Act of 1949." He thought this explanation would be very helpful. DD/OP, concurred in the language. 25X1 Apprnvpd r Release 20;, CIA-RDP80-00941A000300050010-7 L. 25X1 Approved F-1 Release 2005/1 RDP80-00941 A000300050010-7 Journal - Office of Legislative Counsel Monday - 20 June 1977 Page 5 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 21. I BRIEFING Jack Brady, Chief of Staff, House International Relations Committee, called to raise the possibility of an update briefing under Hughes/Ryan for the Committee, explaining that such a briefing could not be limited to the seven members of the Subcommittee on International Security and Scientific Affairs but rather that all 37 members of the full Committee would have to be invited. We then discussed the fact that some of the House oversight resolutions would address this subject by defining for the purposes of the Hughes/ Ryan amendment that the House International Relations Committee means a subcommittee thereof and by providing the subcommittee with authorization to exempt such briefings from Rule XI. Mr. Brady will be back in touch with us. 22. LIAISON Jane Pisano, NSC staff, called to get a feel on what transpired at the Senate Foreign Relations Committee briefing this afternoon, which I provided to her based on inputs from EA/DCI. Executive Director, Joint Committee on Atomic Energy, called concerning a GAO report prepared about ten years ago for the Committee which is now being considered for public release. Although the report is unclassified, Senator Henry Jackson (D., Wash.) would like an Agency representative to review it to assure that none of our equities are at stake. I told Murphy I would see what could be done first thing tomorrow morning. 23. LIAISON George Murphy, Approved F Pr Release 20L2 CIA-RDP80-00941A000300050010-7 r Release 2005/11 .n DP80-00941A000300050010-7 Journal - Office of Legislative Counsel Monday - 20 June 1977 Page 6 24. LIAISON Pete Bonner, Senate Appropriations Committee staff, called to say that the issue involving assistance to foreign organizations was becoming a heated one in the Committee on the subject of jurisdiction between the Subcommittee on Foreign Operations and the Subcommittee on State, Justice, Commerce and the Judiciary. Bonner was concerned that our paper on this subject might get undue interest. In this connection, he mentioned an article by Evans and Novack on this subject in Saturday's paper. I told Bonner I would check on this and we would be back in touch. following up. 25X1 25X1 26. I BRIEFING Accompanied the Director to a briefing of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on the balance of military forces in Korea. (See Memorandum for the Record.) LIAISON Chris Cowart, Senate Armed Services Committee staff, called requesting a copy of a speech Admiral Turner had made approximately two weeks ago in which he made reference to military relationship with intelligence.. She is requesting the speech on behalf of Chairman John Stennis (D., Miss.). Ms. Cowart apologized for not having more specific information. After checking with DCI's office, I called Ms. Cowart back and told her that we were unable to locate a speech the Director made during that time frame but asked if it would be possible for them to see if the Chairman had any further information. She appreciated my checking and said she would see what she could find out and be back in touch. 25X1 A13pToved For lease 2005/11, RDP80-00941 A000300050010-7 Approved For Release 2005/ -RDP80-00941 A000300050010-7 Journal - Office of Legislative Counsel Monday - 20 June 1977 Page 7 25X1 29. LIAISON Jim Gehrig, staff member, Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Subcommittee on Science, Technology and Space, called and asked if we could find out why the Advisory Group on Space Systems of the President's office of Science and Technology Policy is having a closed meeting on 6-7 July. He wants to attend and is concerned that they are having a closed meeting since he feels their meetings should be open. I told him I would try to find out; however, the most we can do is certify his clearances to the Advisory Group if they check the CIA Central Registry for clearances held, but it is up to the Group as to whether or not they will allow him to attend. 30. LIAISON Called Hilda Schreiber, OMB, and informed her that the Director had signed the letter to the Director of OMB commenting on the impact to the Agency if the mandatory age requirements are struck from the CIA Retirement Act. Such a proposal is now being considered by the Domestic Council. The letter was sent by courier to OMB this afternoon. 25X1 32. BRIEFING Accompanied the security team and helped them set up to monitor the Director's testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in Room S-116 of the Capitol. Approved For R lease 200$/111 CIA-RDP80-00941A000300050010-7 25X1 Approved For Release 200SEO:TCIA-RDP80-00941A000300050010-7 Journal - Office of Legislative Counsel Monday - 20 June 1977 Page 8 25X1 25X1 25X1 34. LIAISON Per the request of Rick Grawey, staff member of the House Government Operations Committee, who, on behalf of Chairman Jack Brooks (D., Texas), has been following the problem of eligibility of reemployed CIARDS annuitants for further retirement benefits, left with his secretary, in his absence, a copy of the Agency's notice to all annuitants advising of the Civil Service Commission's new policy to allow CIA annuitants eligibility for further retirement benefits under the Civil Service system, Approved or Release , - 25X1 25X1 Release 2005/11-RDP80-00941A000300050010-7 Journal - Office of Legislative Counsel Page 9 Monday - 20 June 1977 25X1 37. LIAISON Called Howard Liebengood, aide to Senator Howard H. Baker (R., Tenn. ), to give him my preliminary conclusion that the Agency might have some problems with the proposed bill on computer security to be introduced by Chairman Abraham Ribicoff (D., Conn.), Government Operations Committee. I agreed to take this up directly with Philip R. Manuel, on the staff of the Senate Government Operations Committee, who is handling the bill. I then called Manuel but since he did not need any comments today, I told him that I of OLC, who was studying the bill, would call him on the matter tomorrow or Wednesday. 25X1 25X1 25X1 39. LIAISON Called Ed Levine, Senate Select Committee on Intelligence staff, to tell him DDO officials were ready to meet with him again regarding Portugal. He had asked last week for another meeting. 25X1 25X1 25X1 41. LIAISON Delivered an Agency seal to Sally Watanabe, personal secretary to Senator Daniel K. Inouye (D., Hawaii). Mr. Cary had earlier promised ~enator Inouye a seal. Legislative Counsel UEORGE L. cc: O/DDCI Mr. ~~LlIapham DDI DDA DDS&T IC Staff Compt Approved or te~ease 2005/11 T-&-%DP80-00941A&b00050010-7 n-i SEC fT 25X1 Approved For Release 2005/11/23 : CIA-RDP80-00941A0003(1t0-7 Call 3 In Out 25X1 ADDENDUM TO JOURNAL OFFICE OF LEGISLATIVE COUNSEL Monday - 20 June 1977 STAT STAT 1. (Unclassified - CM) BRIEFING I talked with Mark Borchelt, of the Joint Economic Committee staff, on arrangements for the Director's 23 June appearance before the Joint Economic Committee, Subcommittee on Priorities and Economy in Government, in 6202 Dirksen Senate Office Building, at 10:00 a. m. He said that probably two staffers would attend, General Counsel,Richard Kaufman,and Minority Counsel, George Krumbhaar. I advised 'Physical Security Division, of the briefing data and time. OLC, advised that the office of Colonel Steve Harrick, Legislative Liaison, Department of Defense, was working on final processing of codeword clearances for Kaufman and Krumbhaar. June Le Gates, of that office, confirmed this. Borchelt said that Independence Reporting would provide the transcriber, and said he would check on the transcriber's clearances. Later he called to say that Alderson Reporting Service would be used, but m.y checks with the Department of Defense showed neither proposed transcriber, Albert La France or Robert Thomas, has compartmented clearances. I so advised Borchelt. 2. I HEARINGS I talked with F. Keith Adkinson, Senator SamNunn's (D. , Ga.) staffer on the Senate Governmental Affairs Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, about Senator Nunn's interest in hearings on terrorism and how the intelligence agencies are being hampered by congressional inquiries, restrictions, etc. (See Memorandum for the Record.) STAT 25X1 Legislative Counsel STAT O /DDCI STAT NIO CA bved For Release 2005/11/23: CIA-RDP80-00941A000300050010-7 Mr. Lapham Mr. Hetu DDI DDA DDS&T SA/DO /0 IC Staff