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December 19, 2016
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August 31, 2005
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June 16, 1977
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Approved For Release 2005/11/23 : CIA-RDP80-0096003000.10013-4 Calls----- 11 In--------0 Out-------1 JOURNAL OFFICE OF LEGISLATIVE COUNSEL Thursday - 16 June 1977 1. (Unclassified - MLG) LIAISON I received calls from Betsy, in the office of Representative Norman Mineta (D., Calif. ) and Peggy, in the office of Senator Ernest Hollings (D. , S. Car. ), concerning CIA tours. I told them that nothing had been confirmed yet but hopefully the tours would begin in July and we would put their names on a list and would be back in touch as soon as we had firm information. 2. (Unclassified - MLG) LIAISON Anya, in the office of Representative Jonathan Bingham .(D., N. Y. ), ealled to request general information on the Central Intelligence Agency for their constituent, The material was forwarded to her. 4. (Unclassified - CM) CONSTITUENT I called Arthur Bryant, of the staff of Representative Allen E. Ertel (D. , Pa. ), apropos his 15 June call on a constituent's request for information on how covert activities are authorized. I read Bryant the language of the Hughes-Ryan Amendment and referred him, by United States Code citation, to the same item. He found it in his copy of the Code, and said that would satisfy his request. 5. (Internal Use Only - CM) BRIEFING I sat in on briefings for Senate Select Committee Walt Ricks, Barbara Chesnik, and Don Sanders, and procedures as given by Administration Branch/DDA. The three staffers expressed a desire for briefings from records officers of other directorates--DDO, DDI, and DDS&T--and we tentatively set 22 June as a date for such briefings. At request, on Intelligence staffers, on Agency filing. systems Records Approved ForiRelease 2005/11/23 : CIA-RDP80-00941 A0 0300050013-4 Approved For Re' Journal - Office of Legislative Counsel Thursday - 16 June 1977 Page 2 7. (Unclassified - CM) BRIEFING After checks showed that records officers of the DDO, DDI, and DDS&T would be available and agreeable to brief Senate Select Committee on Intelligence staffers on records on 22 June, I confirmed the date with Don Sanders, Senate Select Committee on Intelligence staff. Walter Ricks and Barbara Chesnik, Senate Select Committee on Intelligence staff, will also participate. 8. (Unclassified - LLM) BRIEFING I asked Clara Buchanan, Senate Foreign Relations Committee staff, to pass a message to Norvill Jones, Staff Director, who was on the Senate floor at the time, that Admiral Turner would be sending to the Committee an intelligence assessment on the Korean situation which is being provided in connection with briefings of the Committee on this subject. 9. (Unclassified - LLM) LIAISON provide a rundown on their session with Mike Glennon, Relations Committee staff. NSA, called to Senate Foreign 10. (Unclassified - LLM) LEGISLATION Spoke with Brian Atwood, State Department, (who was in the Vice President's office) concerning the McGovern amendment. Approved For Release 2005/11/23 : CIA-RDP80-00941A000300050013-4 Approved /11/23 : CIA-RDP80-00941A000300050013-4 Journal - Office of Legislative Counsel Page 3 Thursday - 16 June 1977 11. (Unclassified - WPB) LEGISLATION Talked to Sherry Latz and Allen Platt, in the Office of General Counsel of ACDA. I alerted them to our activities on the Derwinski amendment. They informed me that ACDA was taking no position on the amendment but supported us in our concerns. They were planning to become more active in the Conference stage in seeing that the Senate version was adopted over the House version. EO GE L. CARY Legislative Counsel cc: O/DDCI Mr. Lapham Mr. Hetu DDI DDA DDS&T SA/DO/O IC Staff NIO Compt Approved For Release 2005/11/23 : CIA-RDP80-00941A000300050013-4 Approved For Release 2005/11/2 ~1 1 P80-00941Conta 0050013-4 ~'~~~~,, ~' Contact 10 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 1. LIAISON Mailed two copies of the Agency publication entitled "The International Energy Situation - Outlook to 1985" to Luann Ridgeway, in the office of Representative Harold L. Volkmer (D. , Mo. ), per her request. 2. LIAISON George Cary and I met with,Representative Louis Stokes (D. , Ohio), Chairman, House Select Committee on Assassinations, to deliver a letter from the Director of Security to the Chairman regarding the clearance status of certain HSCA staff members. (See Memorandum for the Record. ) 3. LIAISON Visited Mr. Stephen Fallis, Deputy Chief Counsel, House Select Committee on Assassinations, to provide him with copies of a Memorandum of Understanding and a Non-disclosure Agreement for his review. (See Memorandum for the Record. ) 4. LIAISON Called Mr. Richard L. Barnes, of the Subcommittee on Government Information and Individual Rights staff, House Government Operations Committee, to inform him that we were in receipt of Representative Richardson Preyer's (D. , N. Car.), Subcommittee Chairman, letter and that the response was being worked. on and we would have the information to them by their 15 July deadline. He thanked me very much for the call and said that no interim response was necessary. I gave him my phone number in case he wished to contact me in the future. ADDENDUM TO JOURNAL OFFICE OF LEGISLATIVE COUNSEL Thursday - 16 June 1977 Call 13 In 1 Out 4 5. LIAISON Received a telephone call from John W. Nields, Jr., House Committee on Standards of Official Conduct staff, who wished to inquire into the security clearance status of three of the HCSOC staff. I was able to acquire the information from our Office of Security and call Nields back with it on this date. Approved F or Release 2005/1 4 A-RDP80-00941 25X1 25X1, Approved For Release 20051IA-RDP80-00941 A000300050013-4 Addendum to Journal - Office of Legislative Counsel Thursday - 16 June 1977 Page 2 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 7. LIAISON Received, a call from Rick Grawey, staff member of the House Government Operations Committee, who, on behalf of Chairman Jack Brooks (D., Texas), has been following the problem of eligibility of reemployed CIARDS annuitants for further retirement benefits. He expressed his appreciation for the letter I had written explaining the complexity of the Agency's handling of the Civil Service Commission?s new policy granting eligibility to reemployed CIARDS annuitants for benefits under the Civil Service retirement system. I told him that we hoped to get to him a copy of the letter that Personnel is sending to all annuitants and a copy of the legal brief on waiver by Monday of next week. The Office of Personnel and OGC were advised. 8. LEGISLATION Hilda Schreiber, OMB, called inquiring as to when she would be receiving the Agency's comments on the proposal now before the Domestic Council to strike mandatory age requirements from all Federal programs. They must submit the comments to the White House by this afternoon. I told her that the Agency's response was with the Director for signature. She asked for an advance copy today in the event that it is not received in time. She made clear that she would be careful in any comments she made to the 'White House on our report until she received the final version as signed by the Director. A copy was sent by courier. 25X1 For Release 200!1.1 11 . CIA-RDP80-00941A000300050013-4 r tUL,I Approved - r Release 2005/1 SEC T-RDP80-00941 A000300050013-4 Addendum to Journal - Office of Legislative Counsel Thursday - 16 June 1977 Page 3 25X1 11. I BRIEFING Accompanied Stan Taylor and Tom Moore, Senate Select Committee on Intelligence staff, to a meeting with OP, on the. subject of the Agency's recruitment, hiring and placement policies. Taylor and Moore indicated there would be some additional follow-up requests for statistics but the meeting provided a solid foundation for the Committee's interest in this subject. 12. LIAISON Howard Liebengood, aide to Senator Howard H. Baker (R., Tenn. ), Senate Minority Leader, called to say Senator Baker had been asked to co-sponsor legislation on computer fraud and security. Liebengood noted some potential problems for the Agency in his review of the legislation. He asked me to come by this week to discuss the draft bill with him and I agreed to do so today or tomorrow. 13. LIAISON Talked with Audrey Hatry, Clerk, Senate Select Committee on Intelligence staff, and Sally Watanabe, Senator Daniel K. Inouye's (D., Hawaii) personal secretary, and made final arrangements for Senator Inouye to appear tomorrow as CIA guest speaker. 14. LIAISON Called Elliot Maxwell, Senate Select Committee on Intelligence staff, and confirmed his speech to the Mid-Career Course on 17 June at 10:00 a.m. AdAdFor Release 2005/ A-RDP80-00941A000300050013-4 25X1 25X1 25X1 For Release 2005IA-RDP80-00941A000300050013-4 I . AppFGYel Addendum to Journal - Office of Legislative Counsel Thursday - 16 June 1977 Page 4 15. LIAISON Talked with Chairman Daniel Inouye (D., Hawaii), Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, regarding his talk with Agency personnel in the Auditorium tomorrow. I told the Chairman that one of us would be picking him up at approximately 2:15 p. m. Approvs 25X1 Approve For Release 2005/11SGARDP80-00941A000300050013-4 Addendum to Journal - Office of Legislative Counsel Page 5 Thursday - 16 June 1977 17. LIAISON Chuck Snodgrass, House Appropriations Defense Subcommittee staff, called to say that Chairman George Mahon (D., Texas) wanted to speak with me but in my absence Snodgrass talked tol and asked for the Director's phone number. The Chairman then tried to reach the Director who was in a meeting at the White House. On my return to the office from the Hill, I attempted to reach Snodgrass but was told that he was in a private meeting with Chairman Mahon and could not be interrupted. I later called Snodgrass again and reached him. At this point he said that the matter they had called about had passed and there was no need to discuss it with us. I asked Snodgrass if Chairman Mahon still wanted to talk to the Director and he said he thought not. I suggested that the Director pursue the call to Chairman Mahon, however, and later learned that he talked with Chairman Mahon by phone and in a social contact later in the evening but the Chairman indicated that Snodgrass said the matter had passed and was of no consequence. UhURUh:. :> Legislative Counsel cc: DDCI D Ex. Sec. DDI DDA DDS&T Mr. Lapham Mr. Hetu SA/DO/O IC Staff Comptroller NIO 25X1 25X1 pprnved Fhr Release 2005/~,k6fi A-RDP80-00941A000300050013-4 aL IL