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December 19, 2016
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August 9, 2006
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November 3, 1978
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Approved For Rase 700040018-6 Contacts - 2 Calls - 7 Ins - 1 JOURNAL Outs - 4 OFFICE OF LEGISLATIVE COUNSEL Friday - 3 November 1978 1.1 1 Per her request, I sent to Sandy Auman, on the staff of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, the publication entitled "A Handbook of Tutorials From the Office of Scientific Intelligence." This material is to be used by Mr. Grenville Garside, Committee Staff Director, who asked for this material to supplement his knowledge on nuclear energy. 2. 1 1 LIAISON Herb Romerstein, House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence staff, called to inform me that Representative John Ashbrook (R., Ohio) will be traveling as planned to Europe between 11 and 22 November 1978. I have prepared a draft cable to the appropriate European Stations. 25X1 3. LIAISON Received a call from Jean Evans, 5 na=5Z7e ittee on Intelligence staff, who 25X1 informed me Senator Charles M. Mathias (R., Md.) will be taking two trips abroad in the next month. He will be traveling from posse i i ies o pre-trip rie ings tor eac trip. I strongly recommend one for the Moscow trip. Evans also indicated that the Senator's personal staff member Casimir Yost would be traveling with him and that he had asked to review any relevant NFAC publications of the last six months on these countries prior to the trip. 4. I LIAISON Received a call from Audrey Harry, erc, Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, who said the Committee could use wall size maps of Africa and Asia. I said I would see if I could get them for her. MORI?CDF Page 1 only. Approved For Release 2006/08/09: CIA-R?P80-00941A0130700040018-6 Approved For Release Journal - Office of Legislativg Counsel Page 2 Friday - 3 November 1978 5. LIAISON Delivered to Senator 25X1 John Glenn (D., Ohio) a cons. uent'sletter for his district office. I explained to the receptionist that the constituent had written a letter about why he was not being accepted for a job by the Agency. I further explained that the constituent's qualifications were not what the Agency was,looking for. I asked her if she would relay this message to the district office and she said she would. 6 LIAISON Accompanied Sino- ovle p in-depth approach to this subject by He said that he25x1 would be calling on us for a briefing on ovie particle beams and other exotic weapons. I also delivered to Mr. Carbaugh several documents to a follow-up his recent briefing on Soviet research in weather modifications. ORPA/NFAC, and NFAC, to a briefing on People's Republic of China or o n Carbaugh, of Senator Jesse Helms' (R., N.C.) staff. The briefing covered the current political climate, a fraction of the Soviet threat, Taiwan issues, and S t border roblems Mr. Ca u h a reciated the 7. LIAISON Called Don Sarff, of Senator Howard e zen aum s ., Ohio) staff, in response to his inquiry for a constituent which had been referred to us by the Air Force Liaison. The constituent, Garland M. Wheeler of Toledo Ohio, requested an "'investigative report" concerning Francis Gary powers. I advised Mr. Sarf that the Senate Foreign Relations and House Armed Services Committees held hearings on the subject. I also provided him with the dates of the hearings and the testimonies. Mr. Powers'book Overflight might be of help to the constituent. Mr. Sarf appreciated our oral response and no written one would be necessary. 8. LIAISON Per her request, sent via mail to Suzanne oisc eir, Office of Technology Assessment, a copy of "The Scope of Poland's Economic Dilemma." 9. LIAISON Per his request of 1 November 1978, sent to John, in the office of Representative Thomas F. Railsback (R., Ill.), copies of two documents: "National Basic Intelligence Factbook" and "Research Aid - Handbook of Economic Statistics, 1977." 10. BRIEFING Judy Smith, in the office of Representative William V. Alexander (D., Ark.), called to ask if we could move his requested briefing on China from 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. on`7 No Member. We confirmed the change. Approved For Release 2006/08/09: CIA-RDP80-00941A000700040018-6 Approved For Release 2q Journal - Office of Legislative Counsel Page 3 Friday - 3 November 1978 11. LIAISON Visited Jim Fellenbaum, Senate Appropriations Committee staff, and, at his request, took a number of classified documents for return to NFIP elements. Fellenbaum still has more he wishes to return. 12. I I BRIEFING Called Senator Lawton Chiles' (D., Fla.) office o lowing up on the Senator's request for a briefing on MIG-23s in Cuba. The Senator will request the briefing when he returns to Washington, D.C. NFAC/CSS was informed. FREDERICK P. HITZ Legislative Counsel Approved For Release 2006/08/09: CIA-RDP80-00941A000700040018-6