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December 20, 2016
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March 6, 1998
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June 1, 1970
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Approved For Release 2007/02/16 :CIA-RDP80-01053A000100020032-3 25X1. , , .~Jw~,1~i"" Coznrno C>t t'.icer-Ch ,_._~..__~ ?'` 3.01~_1)~ _ LTrzcler ~,nno:t~a,J.. s~apL.rvision of an Of7'ice of Comnun:icat,ions Az ca Chief, scarves as th^ C;1ai~: of ono of Lhe ~imc~~11C'~~,.~s I~~;~or Cor;ununieati.ons Rase Stations which is geo~raiaha.cal.ly- roniov~wd from. the izaaTaec3.iate C,~~ea T-l~adq~uarters Sta:Cf locality anti involves znd.ependerzt apertzt:i.ari ~:_~~x}. ~;encra~l. zaaa,r~~,~,eanent, x~osporzsibil.it~y for planning, directing end supervis,a.ng one ofi tl~e ~_argc~r, znc~rc arti-v~,~ and .v.~Y.:~_ed tec:}~nic:a,:L communications stat:i.an support pros;rain :in 'cYzc ~l?'cncy j'~'oT'1r' netsv~ork _~.n.ca.udin ~ ra ~ ~~,1'}', c:i.anc3.e:~~tiz,e, a.nc} special coz.~riz~z_ica~tions activities, botlx .L'or t;'.;~ ~SgerzcV d.a~tc+ ot,I~.c r Gcr?~c~r.run~~.r3t ~epa,rtxnerits ~~.s reayuired, plus significant t)~C azld 1~{?;czncy s 4~'.~t'c: :t a.c>n =~~~~on,,:i_bila.u4~ w~.t,Yx>>,,*.a 'l,lae coca} area a.nd~oz associa~Led host stiapport :fa.ciJ_itics :r_:3 reJ_ated a.cLttza_nistrative rrza#,t;erc> for both etzpl.oyees e,nd dependents. I3espon5ih}_e; fo:*? ~~lar~nint~ and di.xectie~?, ~~ene:ral. station o}~crations, and. :interprGt~n~; ;;~c inrp_l..emc}ntn.~~ direct:ives~l>rocedL3xes n~ccssary to overa~_1 station a.E7era:tioras ~~.rad. ob~jcct; z j ~:, , inclt.idir:~f7 staff', clancLes~i.ne and spc.ci.al coznmunicatibns acti`r:ities, engineering, terhri.-ic;+~} ~.ns-tal~.~lt:a.oa.~ and mairrtert~nce, xa.d~~X~nd ancssage center. activities, security, t~>ciani.cal n::r aazd ar~~nixzis tratiora. Responsible fcl~ planning and directing the L3ase Station comniiznication op~_r_ations ~k~c,': rzc,eive:r and tx'an5?"?.}_ttex sites, t;echnica~_ cixcuit co.ritrol, mes.~age preparatiaz?~rautirr?~c:~~~ ca~,~~_.~ ....I _... _.._..~..~~ e ~_~ G~s~rrnt rio. 2M ~t ft7A f 3-E;'t ~ 93~ 6Are ~/z/7c? __~- L _ ~ _ - -~ ~~ ~riiio a~scr~sr~oN 25X1 Approved For Release 2007/02/16 :CIA-RDP80-01053A000100020032-3 Approved For Release 2007/02/16 :CIA-RDP80-01053A000100020032-3 OCC. CGD1;. APED GRADE _.~..___~..~_.-L_ Con_uuo''~3f'~'icer_-Ch __~ GS ~393.0_l-_l~- __~_~.___._ graphic operations, traffic ctmtrol, and systexr>s~equipment uti.nrzatian as relates to st.:>.ii', clandestine and spe~::ial cammunications for the area and~or world net support. Tn this ca:~~ nectian, must be -E,h~raughly fariil.ia:c with all. communications equipment and its operatin_- characteristics to insures ei?fective and efficient transmission, reception, slay and.r~rocr>c~r~. ' ing of communicatians (messages, data, .voice ciphony, facsimile, video, etc.) Example; i)i systems equipment uti.lizec~, include: low, medium and high frequency radio transmi.tter~, ~~ ~?~ IiF - VHP' - UHI' - Micrawa~re - Satellite, etc); communications receivers in their vast:ious r:.?c~?;:- binations as required in diverse receiption systems and .links; Madems; Mux; tecllnca,]. cJ~ equipment control facilities; manual~machine~ and automatic high speed cryptographic dc~~ r E??' terminal electro~meehancal equipment; camputerized message swithces; numeraus antennas ~:?it selector mechanisms; test equipment, power generating system, etc. 25X1 25X1 Respansible far establishing and maintai tinuin 1_iai.son with 1oca.l U.S. Court. ~~d~or cammercia:L officials a r lit i ~ ili i , y zn . a an v e and_ participates in meetings and resolves a var.:i.ety of prablea::.:~ relating to circuit di.st?~rtion~autages, increases in traffic lead, circuit changes, pracec:~.E- - .,...,,, ., ., .,....... ~ r-- - - - - ' - - - -- r - - -- - - Responsible for insuring the utilization of appropriate px?opagation techniques to c?rtat~ circuits to operate at mL?t~imum efficiency. Respansa_ble for establishing local operating procedures tCa insure the efficient oper.n`:.= of communications activities. Responsible for directing and. supervising an engineering staff which provides profcsi''` and tecY>ni.cal engineering support for the station engaged in field modification and ir:1p1.~'?''c't,al~~s recozrmend.ations to the Urea Chief regarding the necessity for new or additional equipment. Responsible for determining personnel assignments, shift rosters, leave, rotation?b~t- zix?ed t . ~,~een x?eceiver and ts?ansznitter sites, etc:. Performs related autles as rcp GATE _".~,.~.1-:_..~ PMCD 0~3?+7EF ~ 1 SCO 930 6,11/70 ~'~POSfiION DE=CRIPTION Approved For Release 2007/02/16 :CIA-RDP80-01053A000100020032-3 Approved For Release 2007/02/16 :CIA-RDP80-01053A000100020032-3 -; :.-:~. Cal?1.'?l0 ~I~1CE'_2"-Ch OCC. CODE AND GkADE Gs-~393.O1-1~-~- SU~1I~RVISTON: 1. Supervision Received: Tncuxnbent reports to and is under. the general supervision as the area Coni~nunications C~1'ficer wlza provides the general policy and objectives to be accam- pli_shed by the station. It remains with the a.ncumbent to plan and car~xy aut the station program with a minimum of guidance other than policy directi.c>n acid to insure that the statio~~~ operates effectively and. efficiently. 2, Supervision Given Others: .T_ncumlaent is responsa.ble for directing and supervising approximately ~+0 plus professional, technical, and administrative personnel. FIM. CODE o~7~E7~r 930 Approved For Release 2007/02/16 :CIA-RDP80-01053A000100020032-3