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December 12, 2016
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August 21, 2000
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January 12, 1953
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Approved I release 2001/08/31 : CIA-RDP80-01Q?A090400060002-6 Security Tnfarr_3I,tion $ CRET AIT! A 1,i'I? t, to FS B D-35 (1/5/53) January 12, 1953 ILM, C , r?,F J FC ;ATIOU RcGI1 b (Prepared by tho Departieut cf' Slate) I. During the period under roviewt the Department of State continued, through the foreign information and educational exchange prog- grams conducted by the International Information l"~drainistration, to seek the fulfillment of the mission clefiped in Annex V to 1 SC 68/~ and the exeoution of the tasks set forth in An-,sex V to iSC 14/20 2,, The mission was defined as follotwrs: "The frustration c the design of the Izromlin will result primarily from concrete decisions ta'_:en and vigorous me, .urea executed ir, the political,, military an(,. economic fields by the peoples and the Bove niionts of the free world under the leadership of the United States. The task of the United States foreign informa- tion and educational e,-,change programs is to assure that the psychological irtplic?.tians of those actions are, first, fully devel- oped and, second, effectively conveyed to the minds anc the enotion0 of groups and inc ividuw,ls who 1.kay importantly influence governmental action end popular attitudes it other nations and among other peoples." The tasks were set forth in order of priority as follows: "The first U s% is to multiply and to intensify psychological deterrents to aggro: si b.n by* Soviet Ccrinunisrl, whether in the form of outright action by the armed forces of the Soviet Union, of Carmunist China or of the satellites of the Soviet Union? or in the form of the subversion of e..i ting free governments by civil forces e.cting on behalf of 'oviet Corm=ism? "The second task is to intensify and. to accelerate the rowth of confidence In and among the peoples and the governments of the free world, especially in 'rostern 3 urope, including ?,rostern Germany Security Information SCR. Page 1 of , , Pages State Dept. dec~'grgjrcaio~eea?s811I1Si1'UCtIO11S6cr~??i(+e?~aq Approved kL2elease 2001/08/31: CIA-RDP80-01%#A000400060002-6 Security infrorrnation si:= 10 At Ill A to 8 p~3i f ,/5/5 ) January 12., 1953 Germany, in their capability successfully to C.eter aggression by Soviet Ccmr nisn or to eefoat it should it nonetheless occur and to inspire concrete international, national and. individual action accordingly,. "Tho third tae c is to cc bat, particularly in tho Foar and riddle Fast enc South anc' southeast Asi_c'?. ::idle , c;st and southeast Asia. They further it cluc'ed the dissoiainatiozi to other countries in Latin l ierica frets r entina of ,are ~E:yar~c a hostile to lxe United Stctes contiimino politier.:1 insthbil.,ity and econcra3,.c dotteriota.,. tjon in sone countries in 1,4tin 2.r. erica., i in :ll~s: the unresolved eonfl.,t.cts in Iiores., Indochina cnd fl 1ayc, continued. to klipore strains on the conficonce and the cohesion of the free world, 6. Propaenndi is in the service of soviet Co iuniszz un5.ertr4ce rigorously to exploit all such di fforerc es within the free world vne. partictzic rl. r et?reen the triter. `::t, tes and he rest of the free, chief ins tru:.en? .o.lity was the cats rign of hatred e.gG inst the United i t tc c, which co::>sisted of three prur!:.ry elements, allegations concerning its ir~iperialistic c'osi.-ma, allef-c:.tions eoncernin; the bc.r'br