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December 14, 2016
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June 11, 2001
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September 13, 1950
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Approve For Release 2003/06/12 : CIA-RDP8 INFORMAL MINUTES OF MEETING OF IR CT{ R ,A NS LTA TS NTERDEPARTMENTAL FOREIGN # 1 FOR IATZO2 UA M ITI. - September 13, 1950 at home of~the L3fr?ector Department of State - Mr. Barrett, Director Mr.. Stone, Executive .Secretary Mra Sergeant Mr. . Phillips Mr. Oechsner Department of Defense - General Magruder joint Chiefs of Staff - Admiral Stevens National Security Resources B Sheppard Central Intelligence Agency - 25X1A Economic Cooperation Administ-vanvia .. e The following questions were discussed: 1 ~ Use of balloons for propaganda purposes 2e Countering Soviet propaganda. 'With respect to balloons, it was agreed; L(a ) 'hat use of balloons directed against. Iron Cur- tain areas would not at this time achieve any important propaganda or technical a vantagees, but might on the contrary lead to serious soviet countermeasures; (b) That the potential value of-balloons as a propaganda device is sufficiently established' to. justify.. the further development and stocking of balloons for use in a major emergency or in time of war; l SP should be responsible to the Psyc4o- Ec) That J logical Strategy Board for'the developing and stockings of suitable types of balloons for use : i.r emergency or war?25X1A D undertook to assign a. qualified expert to head this project and indicated that ,CIA would be in a position to make funds available. Detailed specifi- submitted to the catioa$ and terms of reference will be , Boardo Mr. Barrett indicated that the' State Department 7 would be prepared to contribute funds to the project.' With respect to item two on the' agenda, the discussion brought out a clear distinction between the .techniques employed. in propaganda directed to areas under Soviet SECRET State Dept. declassification &pprove d For . y nstru ase E6i ~S6?i' ' lA-RDP80-01065A000500120026-2 a ease .Approved For Release 2003/06/12: CIA-RDP - - A00055000Q120026-2 control and areas of. the non Soviet wurld'o In output to Iron Curtain areas, it was agreed that VOA and other rgedia should answer $ of Soviet propaganda by means which would "keep the rece d straight" without giving the propagartc initiative to Moscow? It was suggested that a tpeci4l,.'Section of VOA might be set up for the specific purpose of keeping the record straight/\ The following. additipnal Cutters were) discussed briefly: MMr,, Barrett propose% tha, a r port n priv&&te psychological warfare efforts woul t 'ruseful and requested to report'dn covert efforts and bra Stone to report on oven efforts, both to report at the Board meeting on"i+onday, September 250 25X1,A study on the present availability of small,, cheap radio receivers for distribution in both eastern and.western Europe, with the view of the appropriate political desks on the introduction of these sets by infiltration and other means. IFIS was assigned the project of preparing a staff IFIS.:WTStone: with Approved for Release 2003/06/12 : CIA-RDP80-01065A000500120026-2