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December 12, 2016
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September 8, 2000
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QNI DECLASSIFICATION/RELEASE INSTRUCTIONS ON FILE Approved For Release 2002/01/30 : CIA-RDP80-01237A0000040015-6 SECRET DEPARTMENT OF THE NAVY ESTIMATED FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE COSTS FOR FISCAL YEAR 196D Line I a - Comint: Comprises a number of definitive improvement projects directed toward maintaining a capability against the latest communication innovations through adjustments in the quantity, type, and deployment of collection activities, development, procurement and installation of specialized intercept, processing, and communications equipment, and increased exploitation of mobile collection techniques. Line I b - ELINT: Covers the detection and surveillance of electromagnetic emissions through the installation of high gain antennas and more modern equipments at existing sites, and the operation of special mobile collection facilities. Line I c - Other Interception: Covers the costs for intelligence operations conducted by two VQ Special Mission Squadrons overseas. Line I e - Other Non-Overt: Covers submarine reconnaissance (visual, sonar, photographic) and HFDF operations. Line I f - Foreign Service and Attache Reporting: Includes the overall cost of the military attache system, in those areas not listed above, and that portion of State's overseas Foreign Service costs directly attributed to the collection and reporting of intelligence information. Line I g - Publication procurement: Includes all costs for foreign publication, and for personnel and logistics support of their procurement. Line I h - Other Overt: Covers administrative support to the Defectors Reception Centers, the processing of requests for intelligence information which is obtainable from other U.S. Intelligence agencies, and special photographic requests. Line II a - Military Intelligence: Includes primarily military aspects of finished-intelligence production and its dissemination - including such matters on military organization, equipment, training, deployment, TO's order of battle, and logistics capabilities. It covers that finished in- telligence for which the Department of Defense has production responsibility under provision of NSCID No. 3; and the integration of various aspects of military estimates. Line II d - Scientific and Technical Intelligence: Includes the production and dissemination of finished intelligence on: (1) The progress of foreign scientific research and development, and achievments resulting therefrom - affecting the military, economic or political potential of a nation. Approved For Release 2002/01/30 : CIA-RDP80-01237A000100040015 6 9EMET ECR roved For Release.-2002/01/30: CIA-RDP80-01237A00014*040015-6 SECRET (2) Technical devices, equipment, and process; and scientific or technical aspects of foreign structures, installations, equipment and weapons. Line II c - Geographic Intelligence: Includes the production, cartographic preparation and dissemination of intelligence on the natural features of foreign areas. Line III - Management: Includes Rear Admiral Lowrance, Rear Admiral Frankel and their immediate staff who are responsible for the supervision, planning, and policy formulation for the Office of Naval Intelligence. Line IV a - Administration: Includes the costs attributable to the Office of Naval Intelligence in the budget and fiscal operations, travel, inspection, and auditing. Line IV b - Communications: Includes all traffic costs attributable to the Naval Security Group. Line IV c - Security: Includes both physical-security and personnel-security measures related to the foreign intelligence effort. Line IV d - Training: Includes direct and indirect cost of the Naval Intelligence School and language courses at civilian schools. Line IV e - Research and Development: Includes the costs relating to the development of Electromagnetic Passive Intercept, Shore Electronic Reconnaissance, Intelligence Research, Shore Fix (BORESITE), and Photo Surveillance. Line IV f - Screening and Distribution: Covers the handling, screening and distribution of information received from collectors. Line IV g - Translation and Exploitation: Includes translation, abstraction, and summarization of foreign language materials of intelligence interest. Line IV h - Reference Facilities: Includes libraries, collections and registers, containing primarily intelligence materials. Line IV I - Printing and Reproduction: Includes the printing and reproduction costs of finished-intelligence reports, bulletins, briefs, maps, collection manuals and forms. Line V - Additions to Capital Equipment: Includes the cost of a special non-passenger carrying vehicle, the procurement of electronic equipment, and the Sugar Grove contract costs. SECRET Approved For Release 2002/01/30 : CIA-RDP80-01237A000100040015-6`'