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December 9, 2016
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July 24, 2000
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March 22, 1961
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Approved For Release 2001/09/04: CIA-RDP80-0124OA000100140031-3 UNITED STATES GENERAL ACCOUNTING OFFICE WASHINGTON 25, D. C. CIVIL ACCOUNTING AND AUDITING DIVISION Colonel L. K. Wb Deputy Director (art) Central Inte:3.1i a Agency Door Colonel i oft (1) eigency cam=nts on the material pre- Referee a is made to nr letters, dated January 11, 1961, and February 2 1961, tr+a ateeitting for agency review and comants the first two portions of our draft report on review of meted activities of the Central TAtei.ligence ncy. *ubnttted to you, and three copies of a draft ae copies of our completed draft report, including As stated in the January 11., 1961, letter,, it is our plan to issue the coe plete rgpwt o if r uested by the Special Subcomittees Central InteUi ce Agency, Coacmittee on Avead Services of the Bones of Be tati ,, and, if issued, to liadt the distribution to this Subcot tttee and to the Agency. We beliewt at this tom, that it `would be appropriate to Issue a sue ry letter report to the Subcom- mittee prowating our general conclusions., and our spy coaamenta as to the findings of: our review of Intelligence Co t activities. that V e son butl are furnished for low de led review so losed drafts. mid I will be pleased to discuss idth It is requested that your written cc, nts on these drafts be furnished us no later than April 13, 1961?, Sineemely y# t is put in final foams, (2) the prqW security ? and (3) any liatations on the dietri- to the interested part es. Jkrch 92, 1961 amaetlt air, ~- #v A this dn o#MAk+I iy il $dl3 +!~#eml*df* rte a m eblatlfott + ; Ef is ONI AA 1014-Tr tiv" of 81A it GI knig- Zu4pas / L.. Tau ervist,>ry Accu' Enclosures ,stated D !t cosoajtts tI best a4 C14 iittC&*V j oat 2~~ ~ fl tte+~ret I TI Approved For Release 2001/09/04: CIA-RDP80-0124OA000100140031-3