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December 9, 2016
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July 24, 2000
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October 7, 1959
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Approved ~For e1ease 2OTYT/09iO4` -'FOR Z rim With Mr. Robert Keller not with Col. L. Y. White, I. Oates Lloyd, and Lamnoe Eouston at CIA concerning a proposed extension of the audit at CIA in the light of the sugpsted ,limitations stated by Allen Dulles in a draft of -& letter heretofore furnished to the Camptroller General. . In particular there was discussed the second and third pars: of this proposed letter relating to the extent of review in the area of sensitive, security operations. This disc ssion indicated that the audit of Central wat1Q ha t b limi to woeted regain outside of sensitive, secuHjr operations on (1)' szaditures rnd on ,,!'al .t~ lle Act of J R Vq- Cd _ a 2 aft, ., ..,.n activities in the ,. . . H.. t w. ..o,.,>.eri~ m , r of confide ial operations protected by t,. t.. hi s :utb co a subs antJal expai i th nsonne current audit activities of G. in a. considerable portion of the agency Pros thi di . s scussion it eras ladioe-ted that w. P994d esrdae, actie s the : o esa oai;ut tha ilrctire so-called vauebered tares. Based on this discussion, also, it that vs could of sc . vs], end oosstructivel, accomplish comprehensive audit objectives in cost, if net all, administrative operations as well at in the functions baring to do with intelligence evaluation. We viotild not be. gives access to activities involving iatelli ce ODsratiaas A. P. 8isnslsos = V>i Ddrsator, Civil Accounting e,-1 .Auditing Division 'Document No, Review of this do uc ment 6 h determined that D Cm pa's nu cbectian to declass Ld/tt co"s' i tts is`r.man i:t3at t'.J; of CIA c, r?ust remain a,f Tr S C t!:aiily, I'R C~ If co111.;., 79.2 nat,hin Daf ~~ _ b of CIA interest The nesting concluded with an agremsnt m our part that ar would consider the matter further end vs would let thei know on our decision within a mw or two. Reviewer I r Release 2001/09/04: CIA-RDP80-01