Executive Order 10825

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November 11, 2016
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March 26, 1998
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June 13, 1959
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Approved For Release 1999/09/22 : CIA-RDP80-0124OA000500060022-8 TAB Approved For Release 1999/09/22 : CIA-RDP80-0124OA000500060022-8 Approved For Release 1999/09/22 : CIA-RDP80-0124OA000500060022-8 Taken from Federal Register, Vol. 24, No. 116 Saturday, 13 June 1959 Executive Order No. 10825 Executive Order 10825 EXCUSING CERTAIN FEDERAL EM- PLOYEES FROM DUTY ALL DAY ON JULY 3, 1959 WHEflEAS the Fourth of July, the anniversary of the signing of our Decla- ration of Independence, is a day of deep- est- significance to our Nation; and WHEREAS it Is appropriate that we pause from our labors to mark the be- ginnings of our heritage of liberty and freedom; and WHEREAS the anniversary of our Na- tion's birth this year falls on Saturday, a non-workday for many, employees of the Federal Government, it is appro- priate that those employees who do not regularly work on that day-be given an alternate day in special observance of this anniversary: NOW, THEREFORE, by virtue of the authority vested in me as President of the United States, it is hereby ordered as follows: SECTION 1. (a) Except as provided in section 2, employees of the several execu- tive departments, independent establish- ments, and other governmental agencies, including the General Accounting Office, the Government Printing Office, and the field services of the respective depart- ments, establishments, and agencies of the Government, whose basic workweek includes Friday, July 3,. 1959, and who would ordinarily be excused from work on a holiday falling within their basic workweek, shall be excused from duty all day on Friday, July 3, 1959, the day pre- ceding the Fourth of July; but such day shall not be considered a holiday within the meaning of Executive Order No. 10358 of June 9, 1952, or,of any statutes so far as they relate to the compensation and 1e4ve of. employees of the United states. (b) Any employee of the several de partzhtuts, establishments, and agencies Mtntiozied, in subsection (a), whose workday (as the term "workday" is de- fin i see Q. 2(b) ofExecutive Order No 10358 of June 9, 1952) covers portions of two calendar days including Friday, July 3, 1959, and who would ordinarily be excused from work scheduled for the hours of any calendar- day on which a holiday falls, shall be excused from work on his entire workday which coUU=ces on July 2 or July 3, 1959, as may be cater- . mined by the head of the department, establishment, or agency conc;d, or his designee. SEC. '2. (a) This order shall -14t be construed as excusing from duty (1) those employees of the Department of, State, the Department of Defense, or other departments, establishment,, or agencies who for national security or other public reasons should, in the judg- ment of the respective heads thereof; be at their posts of duty on July 3, 195; or (ii) those employees whose absence from duty on July 3, 1959, would be inconsist- ent with the provisions of existing law. (b),, This order shall not apply to (1) any employee who receives holiday or premium pay or compensatory time in lieu thereof, for work performed qn $at- urday, July 4, 1959, or any part thereof, or (ii) any employee whose basic Work- week includes Saturday, July 4, #059, or any part thereof and who is excused from duty without loss of pay or leayg on a workday which includes all _ 'part of that day: SEc> 3. Any employee of the "s7!iral departments, establishments, and agen- cies mentioned in section 1 who,.wo l ordinarily be excused from work- on a holiday, but who (i) is not excuse from duty all day on Friday, July 3, 11050, or from duty on a workday which includes portions of that day, or (ii) whose basic workweek does not include July ..$, 1959, or any portion thereof, shall be OxwUsed from duty, without charge to leave pr loss of pay, on one other workday`.in the fiscal year 7.960, at such time as maybe requested by the employee and ap-. proved by the head of the department, agency, or establishment concerned or his designee. SEC. 4. This order shall not Ue,con- strued as providing a'basis for granting holiday, premium, or overtime pay for Friday, July 3, 1959, or any portion of such day. Heads of the respective de- partments, agencies, and establishments are requested bo arrange their affairs in a manner which will permit them to excuse employees from duty on that day, or to grant compensatory time in lieu thereof, without the need for additional appropriations. DWIGHT D. EISENIIOWER 't'he White House,. June 12, 1959. (F? R. Doc. 59-4992; Filed, June 12, 1959; 11:58 a.m.) Approved For Release 1999/09/22 : CIA-RDP80-0124OA000500060022-8