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-Approved For lease 2000/08/15: CIA-RDP80" 41 A000100020001-7 COMPTROLLER INSTRUCTION NO. SUBJECT: Office of theComptroller Career Service 1. General This order defines the policy, organizational structures and procedures within the Office of the Comptroller for administering the Career Service established under CIA 2, Policy The Office of the Comptroller Career Services is open to all staff employees and staff agents who have been designated "BFrr. 25X1A 3. Purpose The purpose of the Office of the Comptroller Career Service program is to establish a group of specially qualified indididuals who desire to devote themselves permanently to performance of budget-fiscal functions in the intelligence service of the United States GovernmSnt, and who are willing to accept the obligatiors and conditions in that service which are essential to the planning, establishment, operation and maintenance of the good budgetary and financial administration of this Agency. Organization a. The Office of the Comptroller Career Service Board is composed of the following i. rdividuals : (1) The Comptroller and the Deputy Comptroller, ex officio. (2) A chairman and four members selected from along the staff or dividion chiefs of the Office of the Comptroller and a representative from the kkkK Deputy Director Plans. The members are rotated so that two are scheduled for each meeting. 3) Executive Secretary, an Administrative Staff member (non-voting). Approved For Release 2000/08/15: CIA-RDP80-01341A000100020001-7 Approveg44 or 2Q0QljQ J?raq QRWP4 41, A0001 00020001-7 (5) Placement Officer, Office of Persomel (non-voting). 5. Responsibilities and Functions 11 a. It is the responsibility of the Office of the Comptroller Career Service Board to: (1) Advise the Comptroller on matters affecting career management in his Office. (2) Monitor the application and functiordng:bd of the Career Service program within the Office of the Comptroller including: (a) The system of rotation within the Office of the Comptroller. (b) Scheduling a periodic review of all individuals assigned to budget-and finance duties in the Agency to insure that they are not overlooked for warranted promotion. (c) Review of all applications Sxxmx BF personnel for membership in the CIA Career Staff. (d) Reviewing conditions of service and duty and making recommendations based on that review to the CIA Career Service Council concernirg working conditions and benefits that would serve to strengthen morale and increase esprit de corps. (e) Executing relevant decisions of the CIA Career Service Council and making recommendations to that Council for improvements of the Career Service. (f) Reviewing Fitness Reports and proposed plans for the utilization, development or separation of Career employees. (g) Insuring that career employees on rotation from other parts of the Agency are assigned duties providing experience commensurate with the objectives of their rotation plan and that Approved Fo'1$'Wa s64? -08145bbCI44R1 1) 3'414 OOlt(O02O064-7ponsoring Approved For Reese 2000/08/15: CIA3RDP80-1A000100020001-7 component in accordance with current Agency regulations. (H) Participation in the development and execution of rotation assignments of p career employees to other parts of the Agency, insuring that they are not overlooked for.rranted promotion. (i) As required by the Comptroller, review files of prospective employees of the Office of the Comptroller in order to assure acquisition of individuals having potential on,a long- range basis as career employees. in this Office. 6. Scope of Action Author Authority for action within the Career Service Board system for the Office of the Comptroller is as follows: a. The Career ServiceBoard will review promotion actions., rotation actions, and applications for the career'staff of personnel holding grades GS-through GS , and will investigate and recommend changes in conditions of services for personnel of all levels. b. Promotions will be based on qualification and demonstrated ability to perform work in an approved available position at a higher grade. Grade promotion steps as approved by the Classification and Wage Division, Personnel Office, Amixixx will be used by this Office. c. Individuals normally will not be rotated to a slot the grade of which is more than one step higher than that held by the individual. 7. Appro tied Forms The following forms are approved for rotation and promotion actions within the Office of the Comptroller: Approved -Fc AN 5.AADP $Y41 ~0 O661 7 t~. Attachment b, Career Service Board Action -1- -- r n , .. - _c. A_ w- (t_.4-. ~.c_~ t-g: Approved For Re 2000/08/15: 'CIA-RDP80-01IA000100020001-7 8. Review Schedule a. Rotation assignment action will be initiated six months prior to the A end of a duty tour. b. Individuals will be considered for promtoion in accordance with listings for each grade group arranged in order of anniversary date of grade. he review cycle for each grade group is established as follows: c. If an individual is not promoted at t'e time he is considered in accordance with the above schedule, his case will be reviewed automatically every twelve months thereafter, or at any time upon receipt of a recommendation by his supervisor. d. Exceptions to the normal promotion progressions listed in paragraph 6. (b) and the time in grade requirements ixxpg kx will be made only when it is clearly established that: (1) An employee was initially employed at a grade belothat for which he was qualified; or (2) An individual is properly qualified for promotion based partly on his experience prior to his entry on duty; or (3) Such exception is necessary to recognize and utilize an employee's outstanding ability. 9. Adminis'tion at the Administrative Officer is responsible for providing essential information which will insure efficient handling of rotation, promotion and Career Staff Application review actions by the board including:. (1 A table of organization for the Office including personnel Approved For Release 2000/08/15: CIA-RDP80-01341A000100020001-7 assignments. Approved For "se ase 2000/08/15 : C A-RDP80-0#i41A000100020001-7 (2) A listing of individuals)holding grades through ]in order of anniversary date of grade within each grade series. (3) Summary of personal history data. (L) On individuals subject to rotation, the Administrative Officer will furnish the Field Reassignment Questionnaire and relative information from the field, which will include: (a) Assignment preferences to be submitted by the employee. (b) Supervisor's evaluation and recommendation concerning employee's new assignment. (c) Recommendation by the Chief of the Area concerned. b. Recommended actions prepared in accordance with the authority under k6.ap b, and c. wuixkkR will be made on a standard form providing for rotation, promotion or career service applications as ;kppropriat.e, made up in two parts: (1) Part I will include data on the present station, the proposed q station, present grade, date of grade, the T/0 slot including grade of that slot, the proposed grade and slot, calendar months in grade, age of the individual, number and age of dependents, education beyond high school level including military training, promotion and. employment history including military service. (2) Part II of this standard form action will include appropriate recommendations by the division or staff chief. This portion of the action will provide convenient check-off facilities to insure that appropriate training records and "fitness reports" have been reviewed. Further, it will provide for concurrences-by the Board members and the Deputy Comptroller, ankapproval by the Comptroller. The following instructions are issued to assist division and staff chiefs in the preparation of Career Service actions: (1) Information necessary for the preparation of Part I of the App dr of Re eb20O08M6i:1CIAbR[PP 341M0 146020001-7 --II - - 4 - Approved For F lease 2000/08/15: CIA-RDP80-0 t 1 A000100020001-7 (2) The standard form will be forwarded to the appropriate division or staff for completion. (3) The division O r staff chief will complete Part I of the form and make an appropriate recommendation on Part II of the form and return the completed form to the Executive Secretary for scheduling for review by the Board. (ti) The following factors will be carefully considered as appropriate and fully developed in discussions supporting rotation recommendations and position assignment: (5) (a) Needs of service. (b) Career development for the individual. (c) Desirability of retaining individual under his present cover. (d) Individual's preferences for reassignment. (e) Present supervisor's comments. (f) Number and age of dependents. (g) Working and living conditions at prpposed station. The following factors should b e carefully considered and fully developed in discussion justifying promotion recommendations: (a) Individual's performance of duty as related to the duties and responsibilities of his position. (b) Individual's growth potential for increased responsibility. (c) Personal history and the "Fitness"Report. (d) Slot availability. (6) The following factors should be carefully considered in recommending acceptance in the Agency Career Staff: (a) Job Performance On the basis of his prior record with the Agency and the recommendations of his current supervisors, is the job performance of ApprovedeF tR ei2QG tO /45o GIA-I Pf0 34194? O D&91o ffered career status? Approved For Ruse 2000/08/15: CIA RDP80-0484v1A000100020001-7 (b) Personal Conduct Are there any indivations that'\the individual's on-the-job conduct (i.e., inter-personal relationships, maturity, stability, judgment, security consciousness, etc.) is deficient or would be unbefitting a member of the Career Staff: Are there indiaitlions that his off-the-job conduct is such that it might attract unfavorable notice to himself or to the Agency;: (c) Training Record Is there evidence of unsatisfactory performance or conduct in the individual's training record (including, assessment records) which reflects adversely upon his suitability for an Agency Career? (d) Evidence of Intent Is there any evidence of lack of intent to reamin with the Agency on a long-raib basis or lack of sincerity in the individual's expressed willingness to fulfill the oblicrations of career service? (e) Evidences of Inconsistency Are there inconsistencies in the record of the individual or in the recommendations of supervisors that require clarification and might lead to evidences of unsuitability after the facts are fully developed? Approved For Release 2000/08/15: CIA-RDP80-01341A000100020001-7 IN STRUA'I`pSpvggEFE~1%'iudse 2000/08/15: CIA-RDP80 1A000100020001-7 CAREER PREFERENCE OUTLINE FORM NO. 1030 CAREER PREFERENCE OUTLINE GENERAL DEFINITION: A Career Preference Outline for an individual is a documented description of his career interests and proposed career activities for an appropriate speci- fied time, to which are appended the comments of his supervisor and his Career Service. DESCRIPTION: The proposals in an Outline may include suggested retention in present position, reassignment, or training. Such proposals may be specific or general in terms of time and place. Continuity of career interest and consistently sat- isfactory performance rather than rotation from area to area or function to func- tion are basic in career progression. Career planning does not imply that pro- posals for reassignment or formal training are inherent or must be included in a Career Preference Outline. PURPOSE: The Organization, through the career planning program, maintains an inventory of employees' preferences for use in planning utilization of manpower. Preferences are reviewed. and evaluated by the employee's supervisor and his Career Service in terms of his potential and. the needs of the Organization. Individuals and supervisors must recognize that the needs of the Organization necessarily have first Priority. After the needs of the Organization have been met, the interests of the individual will be given full consideration. INSTRUCTIONS FOR EMPLOYEE IMPORTANT -- Read These Instructions Carefully and Complete Items 1 through 14. PREPARATION: An employee is encouraged to discuss his career interests and proposals for training with his supervisor, Career Management Officer, and/or Training Liaison Officer. Specific instructions are listed below: Items 1 through 4 -- Self-explanatory. Item 5 ORGANIZATIONAL TITLE -- Indicate the title you use in signing official correspondence. M.icate "None" it no organizational title is assigned to you. Items 6 and? POSITION TITLE -- OCCUPATICNAL CODE_-- Indicate position title and code, e.g., Administrative icer GS-0301.03. Position title and code appear on the -TO" side of SF-52- Item 8 OFFICE OF ASSIGNMENT -- Indicate component, Division and Staff, and Branch or Section, e.g., OF/PAD/Support Branch. Item 9 GENERAL TYPE OF ACTIVITY -- Indicate the general area of work in which you are interested, e.g., rocuremen and upply, Communicating, Personnel Administration, Reports analysis, etc. Item 10 SPECIFIC TYPE OF ACTIVITY -- Indicate the particular type of assignments which are your an and ong-range objectives, e.g., Case Officer, Radio Operator, Placement Of- immediate ficer, Finance Officer, etc. (Use the Occupational Handbook of Classification Titles and Codes, HB 20-220-2, if available.) Item 1l _QT EXTERNAL AND CT -THE-JOB TRAINING -- Indicate what training you believe you s o~ uld have in or er to increase your value to the organization. For organizational training use OTR Catalog of Courses, if available. Example: Basic Orientation B-3, Reading Improvement I=7, Operations Familiarization 0-2, Effective Writing B-2. For external training give name of course and location. Example: Advanced Management Program (Harvard University); Executive Developm6nt Program (Stanford University); Chinese, Army Language School, Monterey, California. Item 12 ADDITIONAL c( JNQVTS -- Include any information not given elsewhere which might he useful App ss-20OO PV5 tC1A-nRIP8O'0'T341 0to100020001-7 Items 13 and 14 -- Self-explanatory. INsApIxrwved FsoiRlease 2000/08/15: CIA-RDP80-01341A000100020001-7 CAREER PREFERENCE OUTLINE FORM NO. 1030 INSTRUCTIONS FOR SUPERVISORS AND CAREER SERVICE OFFICIALS Supervisors and officials assisting in the preparation of Outlines or reviewing pro- posals for future personnel actions should ensure that the real needs and potential of the individual are coordinated with the present and future requirements of the Organization. Specific proposals for reassignment and training included in Outlines are not to be considered as commitments on the part of the individual or the Organi- zation. The expression of the individual's career interests and proposals made in the Outline is a guide for future major personnel and training actions affecting the individual and must be subsequently considered by officials when approving such ac- tions. This is not intended to restrict desirable flexibility of action but rather to ensure that major actions which deviate from the proposals in an Outline are taken after serious consideration of all pertinent factors. In linerwith this requirement, Career Preference Outlines are made a part of an official record (i.e., placed in the individual's Official Personnel Folder) so they are available to all officials .responsible for initiating and approving subsequent actions affecting the individual. COMMENTS BY SUPERVISOR Items 15 and 16 - The supervisor should comment on the employee's statements of his career interests and desired training. He will include specific recommendations, if possible, for the employee's future utilization. The Outline should serve as a basis for a discussion with the employee of his strengths and weaknesses. The Career preference Outline with items 15 through 20 completed should be forwarded to the Head of the employee's Career Service promptly. Items 17 through 20 - Self-explanatory FOR USE OF CAREER SERVICE Item 21 - Career Service officials will review the employee's statements of preference and the super- visor's comments in terms of the needs of the employee and the Organization. Items 22 through 25 - Self-explanatory DISTRIBUTION The original of the Career Preference Outline will be forwarded to the Director of Personnel and filed in the employee's Official Personnel Folder. Copies of the Outline may be shown or distributed, subject to the approval of the Head of the employee's Career Service, in other Career Services who may be concerned with his development and utilization. to officials Approved For- lease 2000/08/15: CIA-RDP80-01341A000100020001-7 swo, %W N.44 Approved For Re 2000/08/jh5s FAT R9P80-1000100020001-7 CAREER PREFERENCE OUTLINE This Outline, when completed, is a documented description of the individual's career interests and proposed career activities together with the comments of his supervisor and his Career Service. The original will be filed in the employee's Official Person- nel Folder and will serve as a guide for future personnel actions affecting him. Im- plementation of career preferences must depend upon the needs of the Organization. - CONSULT ATTACHED INSTRUCTION SHEET PRIOR TO COMPLETING THIS OUTLINE - SECTION A. GENERAL 1. NAME OF EMPLOYEE (Last-First-Middle) 2. DATE OF BIRTH 3. SERVICE DESIGNATION 4. GRADE 5. ORGANIZATIONAL TITLE 6? POSITION TITLE 7. OCCUPATIONAL CODE B? OFFICE OF ASSIGNMENT SECTION B. CAREER INTERESTS 9. GENERAL TYPE OF ACTIVITY 10. SPECIFIC TYPE OF ACTIVITY (Including assignments) A. IMMEDIATE (Within next 1 to 2 years) B. LONG-RANGE (Within next 3 to 5 years) SECTION C. TRAINING 11. ORGANIZATIONAL. EXTERNAL. AND ON-THE-JOB TRAINING A. IMMEDIATE (Within next 1 to 2 years) B. LONG-RANGE (Within next 3 to 5 years) 12. ADDITIONAL COMMENTS I RECOGNIZE THAT THE IMPLEMENTATION OF MY 13. DATE COMPLETED 14? SIGNATURE OF EMPLOYEE CAREER PREFERENCES MUST DEPEND UPON THE NEEDS OF THE ORGANIZATION. 1 UNDERSTAND THAT MY ~I Por 2000/01 3/15: CIA-RDP80- 1341A000100020001-7 v D T INTERES ~'}~_ GI EN DU FORM NO. 1 AUG 5e 1030 SECRET Career Outl ine 1 5? R E L AAPpt~oal R IA rE Sp COM P B S 16. RELATIVE TO TRAINING FOR EMPLOYEE 17. TYPED OR PRINTED NAME OF SUPERVISOR 18. SIGNATURE 19. TITLE 20. DATE SECTION E . FOR USE OF CAREER SERVICE 21? COMMENTS 22. TYPED OR PRINTED NAME 23. SIGNATURE 24. TITLE 25. DATE LEAVE BLAN/C sEGKET When Filled In) Approved For-Iease 2000/08/ivtc!iIA-RDP80-01341 A000100020001-7 i coxrmFNr Approved For R 44e s 2000/0 / W8O-0434000100020001-7 The primary objective of personnel management in CIA is to develop a group of permanent employees who will be effective in carrying out the wide range of activities which are necessary to accomplish the Agency's mission. The members of the Career Staff are the nucleus of this group in the sense that they are the ones on whom the Agency depends for the long-term conduct of Agency activities. Staff employees and staff agents are hired with the expec- tation that they will develop into effective career members of the Agency. After three years of experience in a variety of assign- ments., they have opportunity to express a desire for a career in the Agency. The Agency reviews its observations of such indi- viduals and selects as members of the Career Staff those who have performed effectively and have both the desire and capability for a long-term career. This resulting agreement between the in- dividual and the Agency forms the basis for a relationship of mutual interest and confidence. Since the Career Staff was established by administrative action of the Agency., there is no distinction between the legal rights of members of the Career Staff. and those available to other staff employees and staff agents. Membership in the Career Staff offers an employee the opportunity to express his desire for a career in the Agency and the satisfaction of being recognized as a career member of the organization. This atmosphere of mutual confidence is necessary in a personnel program designed to develop and maintain a group of employees who will be effective over a long period of time.. The Agency has a special interest in the personal development and progress of Career Staff members and must plan their training and assignments from a long-range point of view. Thus., a member of the Career Staff can expect the kind of consideration and assistance which will foster his.continued interest and progress in a career with the Agency. Approved For Release 2000/00N 0-01341 A000100020001-7