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December 9, 2016
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July 19, 2000
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September 8, 1950
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' Capacity ruing XUDA-RK Vas ty 1) Invited 25X1A2e a a t& brit4j" 25X1A6a tiummia.1 pr ce raes 2. Identity A has been furnished the C at Matim's m me and has re+pm to contact him identity A is meat seed conscious and m cognizes be must sit off from the i t alun group for the rp of this briefing. The warp's sche"ed Umo of arrival In ~ is I October, 25X1A6a and arrangements have been naN for m to artery at the 25X1A6a Their time at departure from - to 5 October. If no woed is received 25X1A6a 25X1A2ewithin the first 4W of arrrri 1, it is s arm that -Coaftei IdegAity A. 25X1A2e has been briefed by and will be able to 25X1A2e furnish a"tiamml mead t ien. For gwaral guidance md background *" flan 4 ch ma- and -No. 11411. Headquarters, every effort bo made to give IdeWftv A as thareUtt. died a Approved For Rele 001/07/31 : CIA-RDP80-01370R000e00040-5 Chief, FE Trip of .identity A possible without dives is of somaitIvo operations. Ia tit is not authorized to receive Information co e w g CO I 'T and C i A LT E by folleving h. (Ua r Separate Cover): ,- I - IC I - DD/S 1 - Comptroller 4 C+slr l 2 e WOMP 25X1A 25X1A I - Fla' chrono 1-AC/PEI DDFI FEl b 25X1A2e 3. Please advise Headqm 25X1A6c 1`i' ,, ]~'~ ' '-- oft e3a itt" an as with Or" as er r of Eur"o, tip 0? PI V 4-% cS Q 1/ "e H: Ht ;74 Approved For Release 2001/07/31 : CIA-R , 80-01370R000100200040-5