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November 17, 2016
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July 19, 2000
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July 16, 1958
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i AML Approved For Release 20 .. -01370R000200070004-9 Chief, Management staff SUBJECT Revision of Form No. 540, Travel Order FENCE Your memorandum to this office dated 1 July 1838, Same Subject 1. The referenced memorandums submitted the subject Form to this Office for concurrence. 2. A review reveals that certain revisions are es- sential, namely: a. Place the box captioned "Natimated Cost" underneath the Travel Order No. box and divide the box to show (1) "Estimated Cost of Travel" and (2) "Estimated Cost for Shipment of Effects." These changes were requested by budget and fiscal officers for their convenience in processing; the separate estimates are required because different allotment accounts are involved. b. Place the boxes relating to "Certification of Availability of Funds" underneath the Estimated Cost" box and provide typing space in the box "Charge Allotment No .. " for two lines of 18 figures each, or 3/8 =. high x 1 1/2" wide. c e Change the caption of the box "Grade- to "Grade or Sank." When travel involves military personnel, the rank is shown in lieu of the CS grade. The insertion of a military title will also serve as a flag to route the travel order to the Military Personnel Division for review. d. Following the statement in italics You are authorized to travel and incur .... etc." add, 'This travel, or change of official station if so designated, is made in the interest of the Organi- zation and not for your personal convenience." This change will obviate the necessity for each travel reimbursement voucher to contain a certification to the effect indicated, 4/ s 3 Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-01370R000200070004-9 Approved For lease rRnP8 01370 R000200070004-9 e. Eliminate the vertical and horizontal lines, and the headings "From", "To", "Node'', and "Purpose" appearing under "Itinerary." Read the resultant blank space in the upper left corner, "Itinerary, Rode of Travel, and Purpose (Indicate the soft applicable to each segment of itinerary when varying modes of travel are authorized)". This change will permit more flexi- bility in the preparation of the travel order. f. Eliminate the box captioned 'Other (Specify)" under Per Diem allowance - Foreign" inasmuch as in- sufficient space is provided to indicate the alternative to be applied. Any deviation from the maximum will be stated in the space captioned "allowances and Special Provisions with Reasons". g. The bows provided for "Certification (Central Processing)" and "Remarks" may be eliminated. This Office has discussed with CPB the proposal to eliminate the provision for certification by that Office. The certification was originally requested by the Co ptrolier when copies of travel orders were routed to this Office with illegible authorizing signatures. Procedure has since been revised to route the original order to this Office, consequently the certification is not necessary and CPB concurs. h. This Office requires information relative to the procurement of transportation which can be provided by a box headed "Pre re Transportation By" with two sub-captions to be appropriately checked, Trans. Re- quest" and ? Gash". i. A box should be provided to furnish informa- tion relative to an advance of funds with the caption "Advance of Funds Requested" and sub-captions to be appropriately checked "Yes" and "No" and an additional sub-caption to read "Due Date for Accounting". J. Space should be provided to denote that travel orders of military personnel have been re- viewed by the Military Personnel Division. Insert a box headed 'Travel of Military Personnel' and pro- vide spaces to record: (1) Signature of reviewing official (2) Title (3) Date Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-01370R000200070004-9 Approved For Release 2000/08 0-01370R000200070004-9 3. Proposed Travel Orders, now under- going final revision in this Office, will refer in particular to the requirements stated in 2a, 3e, 2f, 2h, 2i, and aj. The regulations will carry Form No. 540 as an attachment. Accordingly, the proposed revision should be expedited to permit concurrent issuance of each. E. R. S.AUXDXiS Comptroller TAS/ELU/mla(16 July 1958) Distribution: Orig. & I - Addressee 1 - Signer's copy 1 - TAB Subject 1 - TAB Reading 1 - TAS Chrono 25X1A Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-0137OR000200070004-9