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December 9, 2016
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July 18, 2000
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May 28, 1958
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25X1A 25X1 Approved For Release 2002/05/02 seiget mom= Ice THE RECCED ISM Chief, BIOKO ALvIsimi SUBJECV:! Construation DP80-01370R0003000700434: DrEN-111-V ge 167 3958 //fg/7 1. A meting was held on *Way, 26 Rey 1958, at vbich time Mears. May and Raker of the Budget Division were briefed. by MO. Silowd And the undersigned concerning the construction of a 140t X eCts at an estimated cost of 00,000, as it laboratory and workshop for activities. Questicms Mimed bar the Bureau of the Budget representatives involved primarily the following a. The need for a separate building in view of the CIA building at Langley; b. The need for a shop install* the TSS installAtion; o. The reasons vhy provision had not been made for the construction of the building in the budget for Meal Bear 1959) and A. The character of the qez*timie aM their relation- ship to the activities of NSA. Llawd outlined that during the current year programming of funds it bad been determined that this could be financed from within ataileble Agency funds. Mr. Baker pointed out that the Agency had Stated that to the maximum extent possible, the amounts released from the Reserve its Contingencies you-Ube absorbed and that if ftnds were divertmdftr this purpose the Absorption would be reduced bgrthat amount. Wring the course of the discussions the recommends, time of the Bilker Committee were discussed and it was agreed that ferther lutcrostion concerning these recommendatices would be Obtained. The title of the land on which the' sae constructed and the right of the use of the land ves also discussed in some detail. W. 'guy stated that an attempt would be ad* to get a copy of the Baker reccessendations and that be would sill 'Uri on the subject. Approved For e eas 4/9-1/pz-, DOS sty / 0-18-9- OM SOAPQPt TT-ILE ? 0146 WAS PAGES ? Aret MASS. _ NEXT REV g?e-Z_ 25X1A 25X1A ---I II lie ee, 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A Approved For Release 200 NMIP, calhailar fit. IA-RDP80-0137V00__. ? e. Om Tuesday, May 1958, Mk. Baer and the undersigned conceming the fluid extracts of the Baker Committee rec &own to Mr. Baer and these recommendations were some detail. A set of detailed plans and specifics, tained from the Office of Logistics and the general building and the character of the building were metiers:hie detail. During the course of the ecurity, the urgent need for the space, the considera- suited in proposing a separate building (from the large tiding), the timing of the proposal, the relationship Division D activities, and other related problem discussed. Mr. Baer stated that he would discuss Mr. Mix and would advise the Agency on the 71 Staff Baer called Mr. Lloyd and informed him terpose no objection to the proposed that the approval was granted very reluctantly. that'll* had not convinced the Bureau that the tion was conpletely justified but that they believed that the eney e 3udgement should be accepted on this reeommendation due to the apparent and sensitivity of the activity involved. Distribution: ? Otegtroller 2 Beiget Division Approved For Release 2002 IA-RDP80-01370R000300070043-5 25X1A