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December 12, 2016
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August 16, 2000
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June 24, 1953
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Approved For Release 2002/05/ N1'170R000500050161-4 SSerurdv Information MG1 Commissioner of it is now house in 28 different locations,,: but this is not on for the handling of the personnel of the agency that you and I T - BUREAU OF H BUDGE 25X1A .di s (Signed) 6i/2 vs attempted to -work out a solution in the Metropolitan Area of nusual as the State Department is in 30 different locations. I vast conclude: ,ore easily vacated permanent buildings are not rge enough to accommodate the agency. Buildings that vould be large enough are the Pentagon, Department of Cerce, and the General Accounting Office,. that we designate as Federal Office Build.- so knot as the Navy Annex, located west of the Pentagon, could accommodate a high percentage of the people involved, but the vacation of this building ,ly difficult* the `i n ttorxs nor the Navy F: ing can be vacated without a scattering of the people in the same finer as the agency under discussion is now. The only alternative to this would be to move portion of the present trk being done in Munitions Wither city, strongly opposed to the assigmeit of either 'Navy or Manitions to this agency since, as I understand, they ct to spend several million dollars on a building if assigned to them. These buildings are classified temporary buildings. Every effort has been made to re- move them and the expenditure of this amount of money would make the buildings permanent in character. This ..d be catastrophic for the planning of the City of ion to this problem due auch as particular use, security factors, e construction of a new building, ye have -c Roads *bout 2 miles up the River from Qaad .ous y suggested property owned by the I ireau of a an excellent location. Other proms exists s .le anti. ttl d., if the time element of .d Permit of these latter locations. Approved For Release 2002/05/0 ,-gip4 RDP$O Q.1370R000500050161-4