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November 9, 2016
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March 18, 1998
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May 23, 1958
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Approved For Release 1999} p-0144, 00010005, OE' 0,. Z3 May 1958 FOR-. De rector/ latellige SUBJECT; Speca l*t as the Ocoee of tk t5,. to forecast at follows: The DC will worse than expected, and may lase as r; as a percentage pow. The PI SDI hold its ,. The linked Republican astd Radical tickets wUl at least , a the P may gain sharply. lies will Mott the 300 Off' . `y" for seats; Olivetti wfl:l be elected to the Senate. The narnarc st and o-fa ciet Parties will hold their unemployment sit a on class. ed largo eternents of the working The relative improvement of the mac, d only a small part of the class from whi Q"UY has come. In y c advance. a the" a who have benefited substantially DC dOadn&ted regimes to i prove the r to keep up presses S C Approved For Release 19'99 DP60'=044 *06100054'0dt4z, Approved For Releasq l QQQIfl9/08 : CIA-RDP80-01446R000100050002-0 Thee who ggradum" f f The CG : a wovival of at a" the a&MO-Vat Muu-CGI t $ Cx wor ands f aaa tau$ Ba e r * e do _. '1411 the The striking afteoone* of r**tu Co erg e V 4 U tic mmtuy might and pWV(*WAIy .ctuaa i e ff* t. The PC WWI" leftist J ;rem ce. w , Will t vise * 4 *ce agar w *ad centers *Vol tho US recta home by PICJ Area e e a-du c a, d e _ mothise of 14 s aU a Approved For Release 1999/09/08 : CIA-RDP80-01446R000100050002-0 Approved For Reilease 19 80-0 1.446 R000100050002-0 predictions should - o !cts wed include: V - P"Va At beat a rather lame reacoatructt at the tripoW qu*dripattite regi with o rtmally 1t- . At worst conVIe+ probability of elections with a year or tw, of .el d Mince:' ax=erb!al ti between the t blip air: woad be a pressure for Socialist ermal. might be We to eager iaab r Within or or if the DC anon pressure from the PCI. for a United with all Under most of wee a uciee: increased p owe eoing of . "tayA'e position. 25X1A9a Approved For Release 1999/O9/08 D1A=RDP80-01446R000100050002-0