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November 9, 2016
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March 18, 1998
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September 16, 1957
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Sanitized - Approved Fore : CIA-RDP80-01446R000100060018-2 16 September 1957 SUBJECT: Suggested Reorganization of Research Functions in CIA 1. The prospective move to a single building presents CIA with a unique and (hopefully) non-recurring opportunity to carry out major organizational changes. In planning for the future, it would seem advis- able to consider, if only on a purely exploratory basis, even the most sweeping and fundamental proposals'. 2. This memorandum addresses itself to two basic problems of the Agency in which, it is submitted, improvements of economy and efficiency are desirable. The first problem is the organization of intel- ligence research.. The second is the relationship between the clandestine service and the intelligence components of the Agency. 3. The research function is widely distributed throughout the25X1A8a4 entire Agency. Within DDP, substantial staff elements perform research as. a basic part of their charter Even beyond these authorized research elements, a considerable amount of potential or actual research talent exists at the level of the geographic branches. Thus it would not be an exaggeration to say that a paper on German elec- tions or on French problems in Algeria could be prepared almost as satisfactorily by the operations branches for those countries as by their counterparts in DDI. Moreover, this could probably be done within the limits of existing manpower without seriously affecting operations. It is recognized that this research talent is maintained, whether in an active or an inactive status, by the DDP staffs and divisions in order to meet certain support requirements for their operations. It is frequently argued that this support cannot be procured by DDP from DDI because of the priorities levied on the latter or because of operational security consider- ations. An unfortunate aspect of this situation is the sometimes not unjusti- fied suspicion of research elements that the clandestine service is not disseminating all the material it collects. (This is a perennial problem, going back to the early days of (ASS. The undersigned was the first Liaison Sanitized - Approved For se :CIA-?~8,'041~0~~1h18-2 A- 11 M 1), r.;;:,. O !s Sanitized - Approved For CIA-RDP80-01446R000100060018-2 CONFIDENTIAL Officer between the SI branch and the R&A. branch in 1942, prior to which there existed virtually no communication between these two basic elements - East and West Pakistan I) - 4. One consequence of the diffusion of research within the Agency is the maintenance of several sets of files covering much the same material. This practice is legitimate under the present organization, but it increases the costs of storage, personnel, and security. 5. In attempting to resolve these twin problems of mutual support between DDI and DDP and rational allocation of research talent , two schemes suggest themselves. The first and more radical would be a merger of the clandestine service with the basic research elements of DDI. Such a merger could best be accomplished on a geo ra hic area 25X1A8a basis. Thus the Eastern European Division and within it, 25X1A8a- would come under a. single line of command having jurisdiction over both research and operations. It is submitted that such a branch with proper staffing would be less cumbersome than the present distribution of 25X1A8a personnel in the - field. In such a merger it would be necessary to maintain certain staff elements derived from the present senior staffs of DDP, but it is believed that these could profitably be reduced greatly in size and concentrated on advisory, coordination and liaison roles. (Judging from the undersigned's experience in the clandestine service, such a move would be desirable even without the broad merger discussed above). 6. Many elements of the Agency are of course not susceptible to geographic area organization, but their specialization of functions is such that they could be continued. in something like their present form outside 5X1 B4d this broad area complex. For example, the Industrial Register, 25X1 B4(OSI, OBI and other units could be maintained under a separate line of authority as services of common concern to the intelligence community. The proposed concentration on a geographic basis would be confined to those elements concerned with the specific functions of CIA. Presumably the chain of command within this complex would be unitary from a general Deputy Director for Operations and Intelligence to Division and Branch Chiefs, with each of these having two deputies specializing in research and operations functions respectively. 7. A less drastic and probably less effective approach would be to maintain the separate identity of DDI and DDP, but to establish much closer working relations between opposite numbers on the geographic level, so as Sanitized - Approved F ~A r DP80-01446R000100060018-2 Sanitized - Approved F .fie :CIA-RDP80-014468000100060018-2 nn~tt-4~1C11tF4d~ to enable virtually all research functions to be withdrawn from DDP. This would bring it closer to the goal of a compact, specialized clandes- tine service. It might also simplify and further the program of career rotation between operations and research which is rather difficult to implement under existing procedures and priorities. S. If a general consolidation of Agency research functions were unfeasible, it would seem desirable at least to consolidate existing research within DDI primarily on an area basis. Thus, political, economic, socia.~5X1 B4d and other intelligence research on the Soviet Union would be performed a single division. Again such specialized functions as OSI and b -would be under separate jurisdiction. Consideration should also be given to the position and function of research elements in OCR. 9. A small superstructure would be sufficient to perform the IAC functions of the DDI complex. The Board of National Estimates, for exam- ple, would derive its staff support from designated research officers of the various area divisions and branches. The publication functions of OCI would be carried out by an editorial board, drawing their daily and weekly items from the area branches. 10. It is recognized that this general outline leaves many details untouched. If it appears to have merit, however, the undersigned would be glad to submit a chart illustrating the general outlines of this proposal. Chief, SRS/DDI Sanitized - Approved For R .',,CIA-RDP80-01446R000100060018-2