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December 9, 2016
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September 24, 1998
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May 16, 1951
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Approved For Release 2000/ DP80-041446R000100140026-4 16 my' 1951 "psychelogical operations - Per s letter defined the term to incl It includes "all aetivities c warfare) envisioned under NBC 59/1 and MSC 2." political warfare" since it includes not nprely do (openly or otherwise) for a desired en we do it. The understanding of this broad scope on of the proposed organization and staff. It arrangements of the individual devartments Although logically speaking one should e putting it to work, in this case we cannot nt in waiting for the appointment of a Director n the detailed organisation of the Staff. xperience with a specific problem may help organization we need. Inventory of present activity - The first batantive step to provide three papers for the information of the Board: A general world-wide rouna-np of present and planned psychological Objectives, policies and programs. Thin would be cursory survey in 5-10 pages and would include a very brief breaL- down by area and then by country. b* /Icre detailed reports on certain gronps of countries (see TAD A for suggested gronping) including a discUssiOn of each These reports should be submitted se as they are finished, beginnlek; with the "Iron Curtain countries. c. Detailed reports giving all pertinent details on our objectives, policies and programs in selected countries, beginning with Iran. It Is suggested that the S partnent be asked to t preparing these three pavers working with Defense and CIA as appropriate. A deadline (perhaps ten days off) should be agreed on. 4. Planning function of the Staff - In order on the organizational problem, one of the main issues ne cation is the role of the Staff in initiating and planning pa Objectives, policies and programs. .'d trt,t4 V ML,),L1.) j if 4: ___&,..1.3_suggested that (a) encouraging the responsible aenctes to come Iv with ideas; (b) co- ordinating as necessary the planning and implementing of policies and programs; (c) initiating and formulating proposals, which would be referred directZy to the responsible agencies for development and (after approval) execution; (d) general evaluation of current anti pro- posed operations to suggest gaps, changes in emphasis, and improvemen in execution; (o) te o; kNI ?a efeeA I ie.be tse rkJel *re owe Le 42. ved4lica\Rei9 gow s ipt4n6TpturtrociM413`62b24''''.., ., e uld limit itself to: 4 Approved For geilease 2000/08941:p1A-RDP801,t446R000100140026-4 U.8.BJ. 0 B121,2a ungmry North Korea Manchuria Poland Rumania Tibet ghanistan Vest Germany Iran Austria Viniflud South Torea Greece Japan Turkay Trieste rugos/avia India Pakistan Ceylon Indonesia Philippines Argentina 1nitec1 K1ndorn Brazil Netherlands Chile Belcium Mexico Denmark Venezuela Norway Guatemala Sweden Eire Portugal spein Iceland Switzerland InxeMbeurg Malan of outh fr1Ca Approved For Release 2000/08/30 : CIA-RDP80-01446R000100140026-4 SEW Approved FQAIRelease 20 RDP80=01446R000100140026-4 French West Africa trold Coast Paraguay Honduras Salvador Costa Rica Nicaragua a state Departna Approved For Release 200pir3rcjir RDP80-01446R000100140026-4