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December 9, 2016
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January 2, 2001
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April 12, 1972
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12 APR 1972 Approved For Release 2001/03/04: CIA-RDP8 - 000 Chile prepares for attack Battle brews at OAS. meeti'ng By VIRGINIA 'PREWETT I3ATTLE lines of a sort are already drawn for the Organi- zation of American States As- day session here yesterday. S t a t e s it "cannot ignore" %4'. Washington's (alleged) schem- ing in 1970 to prevent the elec- tion of Dr. Salvador Allende to its presidency, as tenuously revealed in the Anderson-ITT scandal. The U.S. delegation to the OAS Assembly is prepared to assume a "statesman-like, digni- fied attitude," but if attacked hard will "reply in kind."' .down to work in committees and may again at the Assembly, where such are closed. Our Secretary of State, William Roger ob- viously does not want to become involved. Af- ter entertaining the visiting delegation heads at a luncheon today he will leave for a visit to Canada tomorrow. . LOUD, CLEAR SIGNALS The signals launched by the Nixon team to Chile on the Assembly eve have been loud and clear. They tell Santiago that Washington has detailed proof that President Allende is har- boring a Cuban embassy now trying to upset governments in both Bolivia and Uruguay. On Friday, April 7, the New York Times' roving columnist on foreign affairs published leaked information aim d t b h C e a ot astro and The Nixon Administration, from the highest Allende. It revealed that Bolivian exi'.es in level,. has signaled-to Dr. Allende what weap- Chile now marshaling to "communize 1; aivia" ons it has. But it is also clear the White House are directed by a Cuban mission in Santiago. wants to avoid a knock-down-and-drag-out Dr. Allende is pointedly tied into the affair by fight at the OAS with Chile. Our side has had the revelation that the Cuban who heads the good success getting complaining Latinos, mission is a Castro intelligence officer named ;Luis Fernandez Ona, "married to Allende's ,favorite daughter, Beatrice." AID TO GUERRILLAS Earlier, -an even more detailed leak of CIA information to Jack Anderson on March 30 had given chapter and verse on the way the Cu- -bans in Castro's Santiago embassy and, the 'Allendista Chileans are working to help guer- rillas trying to overturn governments in Boliv pia and Uruguay. Latin American sources had long since re- vealed this to me and it comes as no surprise to the well-informed. But the timing of the leaks, especially the one to columnist Sulzber- ger,.indicates the White House holds a strong hand and wishes it to be known. But this same White House, at the n oment, As in a bind on the issue, one it will not be free of until after President Nixon visits Moscow in May, if.then. The Nixon-Kissinger team wishes 'to keep its options wide, if possible. Depending on how Moscow is willing to deal; -the team might later want to make a 180 degree turn, specifically on Castro's Cuba. Other complaints against the United States 'besides Chile's, will be heard at the OAS as- sembly; echoing those sure to be voiced at this tweeks' Santiago meeting of the United Nations 'Conference on Trade and Development (UNC- TAD). And these complaints may become deeply involved in our domestic, election-year politics: For none other than the longtime Nix- on critic, the Senate Foreign Relations Com- inittee Chairman, Sen. J. William Fulbright, is meeting with the Latinos on April 14. '. ,.. Approved For Release 2001/03/04: CIA-RDP80-016018000200270001-3