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December 9, 2016
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December 29, 2000
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April 14, 1972
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Approved For Release 14APR1972 JACK ANDERSON - Jukremhnto The Kremlin has asked Cuban dictator Fidel ,Castro "to try to regain control over Latin American revolutionary movements" and has promised "to pay all the costs involved." This is the secret finding of the Central In- telligence Agency (CIA), which has put together the jigsaw pieces from its agents in Europe and South America. In an earlier column, we reported that Cas- tro had moved his Latin American liberation center from his embassy in Paris to his em- bassy in Santiago, Chile. His ambition, ac- cording to the CIA, is to stir up "revolution everywhere in Latin America." . This clandestine operation, says the CIA, will be financed by the Soviets. CITING INFORMATION that came indi- rectly from Cuban intelligence officer Enrique Benavides Santos in Paris, the CIA reports: -"Benavides said that through Cuba, the So- viets will support armed revolution or political struggle, whichever was deemed appropriate in given countries throughout Latin America. ?'According to Benavides, the Soviets have told Cuba they will 'pay for everything' in helping all revolutionary groups, even Catholic radical groups. "Benavides strongly emphasized that Cuba has not changed its line but still favors armed revolution everywhere in Latin America." THE NEW liberation center In Santiago, says the CIA, "will receive Soviet funds via Cuba and play a large role in the new Soviet- Cuban strategy for Latin America. "Representatives of Latin American revolutionary groups now. in Chile," the CIA adds, "are currently preparing a campaign of Increased revolutionary activity with the sup- port of Cuba." ay for,'Reyolufion's, At least one revolutionary group, according to another CIA report, is receiving funds directly from the Soviet Union. A source inside the Guatemalan Communist movement told the CIA that "the Soviets were giving $100,000 per year to the Guatemalan Communist Party (PGT)." From a member of the Cuban delegation at the United Nations, meanwhile, the CIA learn- ed that at least some Cuban leaders "are doing some rethinking on basic revolutionary tactics. "There Is some theoretical opposition to the 'Che Guevara' theory, which favors supporting native insurrectionists and anarchists in poor countries," reports the CIA. "Instead,. support is growing for the Chilean formula, which maintains that traditional democratic procedures are the best means of socialist power in weak, backward countries. "It is in countries like Brazil," the CIA quoted the Cuban delegate as saying, "that stronger active measures should be taken." WHEN A self-styled consumers group in New York City tried to keep Sen. Frank Moss, D-Utah, from talking about "no-fault" insurance at their inaugural meeting, Moss angrily cancelled the speech. The "consumers group" Js made up of wives of members of the American Trial Lawyers Association. The Association is busily lobbying against "no-fault" because it will reduce lawyers' fees by an estimated $1 billion (b). But the wives have agreed to back product safety bills which don't cut into their fur coats and their husbands' Cadillacs. So they wanted Moss to speak. Footnote: "No-fault" is scheduled for secret hearings in a few days before the Senate Com- merce Committee. Approved For Release 2001/03/04: CIA-RDP80-01601 R000300090001-2 a BALTH!OOR NE +a AMERICAN Approved For Release 200170 R 9: 81AI-RDP80-0160 HE, NR Y J. TAYLOR Color-blind Senate Foreign Relations Commit- tee Chairman J. William Fulbright, with an assist from. Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, Is powerfully sponsoring behind the scenes another giveaway to the glee of the Reds. This plum involves the great Panama Canal. Led by able Rep. Daniel J. Flood, }Pa., more than 100 congressmen publicly protest any major concessions to shaky dictator Gen. Omar Torrijo's Republic of Panama regarding the U.S. Canal Zone. Fortunately, these protesters have some force. A new treaty with Torrijo requires approval only by the Senate, not by the Ilouse. But changes In the U.S. Canal Zone's sovereignty would require House approval because the House votes the funds for the canal's operations. ' ' Behind closed doors, and with our public unin- formed, Senators Fulbright and Kennedy are urg- ing that Panama get greater income from our canal, control of our zone's collateral land and water areas, and that U.S. businesses in our zone be replaced byiPanamanian enterprises. Sitting like presiding Buddhas, both confidently say they can handle its Senate passage. OUR TAXPAYEItS have invested more than $5 billion in the Canal Zone and this giveaway package is bad enough, but it is only a part of what should be called a Red blackmail and ex- posed as such. Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Elmo R. Zum- walt Jr. could review the great canal's global strategic importance with his eyes shut. So could the general staffs of the world. Moreover, in Latin- American terms, about SO per cent of Peru's and Chile's imports and exports pass through it, with equivalent dependency on the canal among the entire Pacific side of the continent. Certainly, the Fulbright-Kennedy pair should know, for everybody knows, that Panama (population 1.4 million) is chaotic - and is a lightning rod for Red assaults. Did they not find anything instructive in the January, 1.964, riots when Red wreckers contrived a devastating, full- scale attack against gur Canal Zone and brutally killed four U.S. soldiers? The attack was led by Cuba-trained Panama- nian Communist Thelma King who precipitated the iron-fisted demands which these senators are sponsoring today. TIiEY',IIUST KNOW ALSO that Panama is still a faction:ridden political jungle. Its demagogue4 of all stripes (including Torrijo) employ the canal to pressure-cook the population, realizing full well that more than half of Panama's true need is for betterment in agriculture and animal husbandry and the development of light industry. It's easier for the Panamanian demagogues to roar at the United States - the country's only feeding hand. These'senators should know, too, that Gua+ temala. El Salvador, the Dominican Republic,. Haiti. Honduras and Colombia, which' boil! Panama, are likewise chaotic. COLOMBIA PRESIDENT Misael Pastrara Borrero, enforcing martial law, has told our CIA that there are Castro-backed infiltrators by the thousand in Colombia's universities, communica- tions media, transportation facilities and trade unions. The police actually discovered clandestine, weapons being manufactured in Colombia's Ministy of Public Works in Bogota. Guatemala President Carlos Arana Orio told the CIA: "We have been in a state of seige for nearly Me years, with no end in sight." The Dominican Republic, where only our land- ing of 14,000 American troops stopped a Red' takeover a few years ago, nervously remains an armed camp. I DINED IN NEW YORK with Nicaragua President Anastasio Sonoza Debayle. He told me: "Castro has made 22 armed attempts to invade Nicaragua." Except for Nicaragua, Dur 10-mile-t,?ide Canal Zone is the only zone of stability in the region. All Communists see this situation with the for- bearance of a fox in a henhouse.. It is tragically ironic that we should give abroad $148 billion in economic aid, support NATO in Europe 3,500 miles away and have fought in Vietnam 9,000 miles away to contain Communist expansionism, while we allow ourselves to be talked out of the secure Canal Zone and Panania Canal in our own back yard. The real question is not the surrender of U.S. sovereignty in the U.S. control of the great canal- versus Panamanian control. It is U.S. control which the facts have been withheld will support versus Communist control. We can only hope that an alarmed public frotii Rep. Flood's House group and blow the Fulbright= Kennedy Senate putsch right out of the water. v/ n/ STATINTL Approved For Release 2001/03/04: CIA-RDP80-01601 R000300090001-2